Brooke Burke, David Charvet & Heaven Rain Out Shopping

Brooke Burke, David Charvet, and two-month-old Heaven Rain were snapped during a shopping excursion in Santa Monica, CA on March 12th. My god…Brooke is gorgeous!

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke


  1. Laurene says

    I’m sure that David is an excellent father. I love him and I wishes him all the hapiness of the world with her girlfriend Brooke Burke and his daughter, Rain who will be a beautiful girl, certainly.
    I hope see you soon David. 🙂

  2. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Wow! so ur gonna be popping out a baby. i can’t wait for mine to come. Thye are such a blessing. I have also been think about this- Madison Berlyn or visa versa. Our last name is Last so I don’t know how that goes with the names I chose. Funny thing, I didn’t know the sex of the baby last pregnancy and I was pretty positive it was a girl when I looked at the sonogram and I had a feeling too. I went all out and bought everything pink and Hello Kitty. Next thing you know, Jack is born! He was tormented with Hello Kitty the first week of his life. Now we can use the pink and Hello Kitty because we are expecting a girl. Jack’s starting to walk now and I am really worried he tries to do it by him self( he’s very very daring) and hurt himself. I can’t really do anything because I am put on bed rest and my husband is at work. Oh! Here he comes! gotta jet!

  3. ???* says

    Oh i like Madison…Im 9 months…I didn`t really wanna mention it but…ya….Its another girl!!! 🙂 anywho i really do like all the names though

  4. ???* says

    yes I really like the name Nevaeh!!!!
    her full name is Nevaeh Natalie Valenteene
    i just found Nevaeh cute!

  5. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Did you spell Heaven for your childs name backwardss on purpose? That’s scary!! My one year old’s name is Jack. Not too shabby. I have a girl on the way. I like the names for A girl:Casey, Madison, and Jessica. I am seven months. To be more specific, May 27th. Jack turned one last month. February 16.

  6. Lauren says

    I like the name Heaven Rain. It’s very femimine and girlie. Brooke looks amazing just 2 weeks after having her.

  7. ???* says

    I think its cute! my daughters names are Nevaeh (Heaven backwords) & Rain-Hope
    My sons name is Eden…(Not that weird…}

  8. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I personally think that the name are for attention. But other than that beautiful!! She lost the baby weioght really wuick. With my one year old son, ( he was born in October 2005) I gained 47 pounds and half of it still hasn’t come off yet! So true but emabarassing!!

  9. carleigh says

    Beautiful family w/o a shadow of a doubt…stipper pole names for all the girls is just tacky, tacky, craptastic. Hate the names, poor kids.

  10. Drea says

    where do these people come up with these totally stupid names. Notice the parents all have names that they can use in public.These poor kids have to live with the odd names and go through school with them…geesh…

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