Angelina Jolie Says She Will Be A "Stay-At-Home" Mom!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has apologized for exposing her new son, Pax Thien Jolie, to the media frenzy that greeted them in Vietnam – and has vowed to focus on her growing family and be a stay-at-home mom.

“I will stay at home to help Pax adjust to his new life,” Angelina told Friday’s Ho Chi Ming City Law newspaper, according to a translation on the Associated Press. “I have four children and caring for them is the most important thing for me at the moment. I am very proud and happy to be their mother.”

Angelina and her new son went through an emotional introduction at Thursday’s formal welcoming ceremony, during which the 3-year-old Vietnamese boy started crying when his new mom knelt down to talk to him.

As for all the attention brought to her new son, Angelina tells the newspaper: “Photographs and press coverage will make him upset. I’m very worried about that. I would like to say I’m sorry for bringing this into Pax’s life.”

Since arriving in Vietnam on Wednesday, Angelina, 31, and Maddox, 5, have been followed by a horde of photographers and reporters.

But in answering those who have questioned the adoption, Angelina says, “Everyone would agree that children need to have a family. I have the ability to help children fulfill that desire. Why should I say no?”

Pax, whose given name before he was adopted was Pham Quang, is the fourth child for the actress and her partner, Brad Pitt. Their brood includes Maddox, who was adopted from Cambodia, Zahara, 2, who was adopted from Ethiopia, and 10-month-old Shiloh, who was born to the couple last year.

P.S. The above pic is an older pic of Angelina and Maddox! So sweet!


  1. Vkun says

    that ‘s a great decision of her humanitarian as the other mum on the world. there are many child that be need a brimful of parents at home and they wanna be call “mom ” everynight as the other very glad once while she continute to adopted her new Vietnamese’ son Pax ( that’s sweet little boy) into her family.i hopes them to be happy

  2. oriana says

    Why is N talking to me? I wasn’t addressing anything to her or him!

    And it is stupid to dress kids in Black all the time just because she has a weirdo hangup about it! I agree with her father, she did have mental issues and obviously still does, so “N”, if you don’t like what I write about what I think, too damn bad for you, and for your info, I am not the only person that has ever voiced their opinion about her wearing Black all the time, what is up with that? That seems very weird to me and yes, that is my opinion!

    Now go out and buy a new wardrobe of ALL black clothes and get some black dye, black nail polish, and paint your children’s nails black, dye their hair black and have a good time doing it!

  3. N says

    Blurb…. PLEASE SHUT UP. Angie breast fed shiloh so she had bonding time with her. Shiloh will not be the big sister she will still be the little sister…. PAX is 3 shiloh is 10 months…. that makes Pax older than shiloh. Although Shiloh has been in the family longer than Pax… she is not older than him. Per People magazine all of the children are with her….. But if they happen to be with Brad then that is not an issue either. Im sure Angie spends more time with her children than any working mom can ever say she has.

  4. N says

    Oriana you sound idiotic. So what if she dresses her children in black. At least they are blessed enough to have clothes. What she or her children wear is not worth a discussion. Think about something else to complain and bitch about. Something more meaningful. THIS IS MY OPINION OF YOU AND THIS TOPIC. If you dont like it Oh well.

  5. oriana says

    #59, now let me get this straight for I am unsure about you? Are you saying you find it normal for a five year old child to have his nails painted black? Do you do that to your kids? Are you saying you think it is normal to dress small children in black most of the time? Yes, we all know when she was using cocaine and cutting herself, contemplating suicide and in her goth period that she wasn’t “normal” acting, as she herself stated, but maybe YOU do think that is normal behavior, do you have all those habits also? I find that ironic for someone that lurks as you say, to think all of that is really normal behavior!

  6. Blurb says

    I am just wondering how much time in total, and also continuously, Angelina has spent with her biological child, Shiloh. As an infant, that child needs to bond in a way that older children don’t and it seems to me that her mother is always someplace that Shiloh isn’t. I wonder who Shiloh thinks “mommy” actually is. Grandma Pitt? Brad? A nanny? Now that Angelina has a brand new son to “focus” on, and Shiloh is a “Big” sister at all of 10 months having had virtually no time at all to be the baby or to be focused on, I just wonder what her bonding development will be with her mother. I’m not a psychologist, just a mother who spent a LOT of time with her kids and couldn’t bear to be away from them even to work part-time and here is Ms. Jolie on the other side of the world from her biological child (and from Zahara too whom she adopted at an extremely young age) every time you turn around! It just doesn’t seem normal.

  7. Blub says

    Hey! Miapocca – go buy a bar of soap and clean out your mouth – it’s like a sewer!!! If you’ve got nothing to spew but filth, kindly keep that trap of yours shut!

  8. N says

    Miapocca is definitely an immature person… Also… if you feel that you can judge others…. others will and can judge you. It goes both ways. So dont get mad when others bash you…. cause we can give an opinion of you just like you give of Angelina!

  9. TLB says

    #59 – well put…
    Why does everyone have to use profanity on this website? You can dislike someone or their actions without using profanity to describe your dislike. I hope that if you have kids you dont talk like that around them. It sounds like those of you who have to curse in your comments need to eat a bar of soap.
    Grow up…

  10. Attn Jackie........Oriana too says

    Jackie, you’ve got issue kid. I get people spending serious time on someone they DO like, I get that. What I find seriously strange are people who go out of their way in the 24hrs we’re alotted to live, work, love and rest, and to use a nice chunk of that time posting negative hateful, missenformed diatribes about someone who judging by the thinks you say, have chosen to spend even more time getting what you think you know of blogs and out of tabliods.

    I noticed you wrote about not believing that Angelina Jolie donated $2mil to the orphanage, and your reasons aren’t worth repeating here, but the point is someone posted the truth about the alledged money, but you didn’t bother to read that just as I’m 1000% sure you never read anything that spells trouble for your empty theories. You make all these claims that you have yet to back up with even a smidgen of real, irrefutable fact. You surmise that because a movie didn’t do a certain amount at the box office, then it must be because of one woman who’s in the film approx 30min? How ignorant, idiotic, and just reaching. Anyway, you and Oriana are very amusing. I lurk and just shake my head at the delousion of some of you, and how obsessed you are, yet constantly are pointing fingers at those you call worhispers. Do you not see the irony?

  11. :) says

    I would scroll past your posts if it wasn’t every other one fawning all over Angelina. It’s one of those situations that you can’t stand to read but can’t help yourself because you are so smitten with her it just makes me wonder…hhhhmmm. Oh and they will grow old for you to watch…just not together.

  12. rae says

    i hate what happened to Jen. she had her heart broken and it was not fair especially since she a kind and sweet person. i love her and i wish her the happiness she deserves.

    but honestly, brad and angelina look so hot together. and they seem to genuinely love their kids and they sincerely care about the rest of the world.

    shiloh is just about the sweetest-looking baby! i wish them happiness too and lots of love. i sure hope angelina doesn’t mess this one up (like she did the others).

  13. Nicki says

    #55–No one held a gun to your head and made you read my post or anyones post. And if you are still reading this without scrolling past it……..Let me say, I like the whole family. They make a beautiful couple, and have very cute kids. I enjoy watching thier family grow. I wish them nothing but happiness. Look forward watching them grow old and seeing thier grandkids. Wouldn’t that be all sugary sweet for me.

  14. :) says

    54 Nicki, you sure have a thing for Angelina Jolie. Sounds like you have a huge crush on her. Bet you’re glad she’s had a lesbian lover. Ya, I bet you fantasize about her and you together. I bet you are hoping one day her and you will get together. All of your sugar sweet talk about her is pretty boring and disgusting to say the least. Get a grip girl. She’s just a human being. She isn’t God. Stop the worship crap already. If she saw you on the street she probably wouldn’t give a rats ass about you. Get over her you moonstruck weirdo!!

  15. Nicki says

    I agree with neil, she is an icon………….and you will all see as time goes on. (not sure about the Marilyn M. comparison)….I think Angie is a person noone can compare too. She is fierce, independant, absolutely beautiful, and a force (without being “in your face”) people love or hate, but are always interested in. That is why she is #1 in any news report or (mostly tabloid…they make more money with thier fabrications)…..Why do you think they report on when she leaves the house?
    People who think she announces this are not reading the whole story……..A source , is not credible. Unlesss they nane a name, it is all BS.
    If anyone thinks she let her and Pax’s passport pics be allowed to be published are just nuts. She has had her passport for over 7 years, why are we just seeing it now………..Oh yeah the Vietnam officials SOLD the pics. Wow, what a great way to get anyone else to adopt from there. I would not even give them the time of day. Oh yeah and because they realeased the info about her adopting, and allowing the paps in there, they didn’t realize what a mess they created. Come quick and get your child. It wasn’t rushed…..they filled out paper work in June of 06. Please, I can say they will NEVER adopt from there again, after the mess the officials created.

  16. Lola says

    Team Anniston I take it that you are hoping the Jennifer never ever marries or falls in love again. You must be wanting her to stop moving forward and just wait and wait in case Brad comes back. I don’t think that’s wishing the best for her. That just sounds like someone living in a time warp. I hope JA has a long and happy life. But that means moving on.

  17. oriana says

    #50, Neil, Icon is stretching it quite a bit! Please! She has done good, and saved three lives from possible even death so yes, that is a miracle, but not an ICON by any means, and neither was Marilyn Monroe.

  18. !!!!? says

    OK I CAN`T HANDLE YOU ANYMORE TEAM ANISTON!!!! OK WE ALL RELIZE ANGIE CALLED SHILOH A “BLOB” OK!!!! YES IT WASN`T THE NICEST THING TO SAY ABOUT YOUR BABY BUT WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO SAY THOSE RUDE COMMENTS!!!!Why do you hate her so much ? But an actual anser not [Cuz she is a hoe/whore/scank/bitch/home wreker ect….] SO JUST LAY OF YOU UNGREATFUL FUCKING BITCH!!!!rrrr…I hate it when people put-down other people for no reason AND never shut up about what happened like 3/4 months ago!!!!If you have children …[wich i hope you don`t …got only knows…]When they grow up they won`t be like the flipp`n so called Mother !!!!!!!People are so mean these days…And ya you are acting like a fucking bitch so….w/e

  19. neil says

    And I guess the resurgence of St. John’s just happened to occur despite Angelina. Sorry to dissapoint the haters but Angelina is to this era what Marilyn Munroe was to her’s. In short she’s an icon. Get used to it.

  20. says

    Oh please, “STAY AT HOME” like she can handle that with her bi polar disorder, instead of adopting her precious “rainbow” children why doesn’t she look after her own child…oh ya thats right she doesn’t like Shiloh!!!
    What the hell is she doing seriously, she needs to go into treatment and buy a damn puppy for flip sakes!!!!!!

  21. Julie says

    Miapocca, you are nuts! But what’s funny about your rantings is that it’s hard to take them seriously when you don’t even have command of the english language!! This website is not for people like you. Your vulgar language is offensive and your rantings are oftentimes senseless. This is a BABY themed website, and you post language that should never come out of someone’s mouth. Shame on you. Take your raging mind and filthy mouth away from this website.

  22. oriana says

    he looks so cute in his little yellow shorts outfit and I like the colors he wears. I hope she doesn’t start dressing him all in black and drab colors like she does Maddox and Zahara most of the time, I think children should wear bright and colorful clothing, not gray, black and more black 90% of the time.

  23. Jackie says

    The reason am writing about her now is because she is a woman poised for a fall and a bad oneat that! I like predicting and when am right, I rub my hands in glee.

    Like I always said, Brad and Jen would never last, after five years, every one had written off my prophecy, but am rarely wrong. I remember Jen saying in an interview when she was asked about Brad and AJ having an affair, that she trusted Brad implicitly, I said he will cheat with Jolie at best or run away with her at worst. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    I also said that despite all the hoopla surrounding them, their movies will bomb at the box office. I was right.

    The world is interested in Brangelina because they want to raise them as high as possible so that when they fall, it is not a thud, but a bang and we all enjoy scandle.

    Look, it is a cynical world, but that is life. Am sorry there are kids involved but for theirdemise, I would be a hypocrite if I said it was not the only reason I keep up with them.

    She has said she is going to be a stay home mum so all those so called projects and justjared posters inventions. The problem with you guys is you camp at and lie to each other about this couple. Then again if it makes you happy………………………it can’t be that bad..can it?

  24. Jackie says

    Nicki, #41
    don’t apologise for the typos, we understand any way and unless you are one of those who take a moral high to criticise spellings, you do not have to aplogise all the time. It is boring.

    Any way, that ‘changeling’ movie is a rumour and even IMDB does not have it. Besides A mighty heart was Brad’s aka pussy whipped (alias a man who ashames all ameraican men and we should petition for his and Bush’s withdrawal from the male species) project which am very sure she insisted on doing and as usual, his pussywhippedness had to oblige. (I am sure if they ever got married he would be the one who promised to ‘obey’ LOL).

    Beuawolf has her in a voice role which is not even a project for this year. It was completed last year. Many people have four kids but the continue to act. It never stopped Kate Capshaw or Mia Farrow with her brood for that matter. She even has 7 year old traumatised by war but continued working after adopting them.

    Don’t get me wrong. It is her decision and a good one perhaps. My problem was with the reason she gave. Lets face it. She is box office poison and even DeNiro realised this that is why he went to promote the movie in Europe without her. Of course she said family commitments but unless you have an emergency, you are bound by contract to promote a movie. Of course for obvious reasons, they chose to waive these stipulations because her presence would have turned the promotion into a circus and all attention would be on her (she would do saome thing to ensure this: e.g announce a new adoption)and she is not exactly a favoutire of movie goers, is she now!

  25. says

    #33-I know Angelina is interested in a film portraying a Canadian woman who went the ends of the earth to get her 2 daughters back recently, as reported in our newspaper. And, as Niki pointed out, she is very much in the spotlight, whether it’s for her humanitarian efforts or her acting or simply being involved with Brad Pitt. She also happens to be a really fascinating individual, which is precisely the reason you are writing about her right now!!!

  26. Nicki says

    *sorry for the mutiple typos, not do- due, and Oh my, Robert- not rbert. I’m sure there are others, but those are typos……..not like spelling the word THE and AND wrong multiple times. (and do wasn’t a typo just not thinking and rushing).

  27. Nicki says

    33. JACKIE- Why is it Clint Eastwood is wanting to direct her in “The Changling?” That is set for 2008. And don’t worry she can take this year off. She has 2, maybe 3 movies to promote in 2007, so she will be busy with that. A Mighty Heart and Beauwolf are do out this year. Not sure when the are realeasing Kung Fu Panda, but she is with 4 young children at home, and movies to promote in 07, VERY busy, and oh yeah, very VISIBLE throughout the year.
    (By the way THE Rbert DiNero, hand picked her for her 30 minute part in The Good Shepard. UMMMMM, R.DiNero, C. Eastwood, boy noone want to work with her,huh?

  28. Chichi says

    Angelina is one of those people who when praised for her running skills, she runs past her home. LOL.

    Jackie #33. Good Point!!!!!

  29. Bea says

    Good riddance Miapocca. Please do not come back with a new Identity. I hope I did not give you the idea. This picture reminds me of the old happy Mad, befor Brad Pitt joined the them. They were so happy! Any one agrees?

  30. Eileen says

    #27Miapocaa – are you on drugs or drinking heavily? You seem like a psycho!!!! Please do not post on this website anymore.

  31. Nicki says

    ooops, typo error, *not form, it should be from. There is a difference with one or two typos and 5 or 6 words , especially a 3 letter word (the) typed 2 or 3 times wrong. Lay off the “happy syrup” and take a nap. Best of luck.

  32. JACKIE. says

    And do not believe that 2 million donation to an orphanage either. It is a rumor leaked by her people to make her look generous but she does not have that kind of money. I mean her worth is estimated at 15 million. If she gave all orphages that much and gave other charities too, she would not have any left, would she? It is like JLOs $1billion insuered butt when she is not even worth $50 Million. These celebrities!

  33. JACKIE. says

    Miappocca, while Angelina is buying herself babies, go buy yourself some class and manners. I actually liked your post#10, O.K some of it but subsequent posts are so classless and in bad taste.

    Any way, when I heard that Angelina is going to be a ‘stay home mum’, I laughed till my belly ached. Wow, Her PR people are rather GOOD! They are GOOOOOOOD!!!!!

    Stay home mum????? my foot, how many scripts have come her way since last year? I mean sensible ones. Even Sin-city 2 considered her for a while but after the good shephard bombed, they realised she was box office poison and discontinued talks with her.

    Stay home mum? Angelina is so scared of hollywood and staying home is just an excuse. She has no friends there and she has realised her career is dead. I mean she slept with all her film crew from diector to camera man and pretty much got her roles this way in what she called ‘adult relationships’. Even for TGS she had a thing with De Niro. Now she wants this Brangelina thing to work out and her usual route of getting movies has to be put off for a while. May be she turned a new leaf but she has never been box office gold anyway. She had no work lined up this year and believe me it was not because she wanted it that way.

    Stay home mum? May be jobless or out of work mum!

    These celebrities (shakes head) what they will make us believe!

  34. Nicki says

    27. Miapocaa – Well, good, by the looks of your whole #27 post, NO ONE here is drinking the “happy syrup” like you obviously have been. Please lay of the “happy syrup” and take a break form your vengeful hate blogging. You need a nap.

  35. Lisa says

    Thank goodness Miapocaa will not be posting on this website anymore. It should like she has severe emotional problems.

  36. Amy says

    Bye, bye Miapocaa!!! You sound like a crazy nut! Please do not come on this website again. No one wants to read your disgusting comments!!! You belong in a nut house!

  37. Karen says

    Miapoccaa, I suggest you seek help immediately. You sound like you have mental problems!! Is there something wrong with you?

  38. Miapocaa says

    Again..teh word class what exactly is class..sleeping around with marreid men, lying about it and buyign kids..while giving press conferences to teh world on our good deeds…./Mia Farrow, and other have done and continue to do mor eeveryday..the dont give press conferences on their adoption or their work……………….

    I am signing of from thi siste…its full of people drinking happy syrup..too unintelligent to question the news fed to you…..what ignorance….make my skin crawl…respect to those who actually think on here ans my apologies for the venoumous comment to those its not directed at……….

    What a dumb group of imbeciles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Adios for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  39. carleigh says

    Mia there’s no need to retaliate it’s only a website and you shouldn’t take things so personally. I’ve been attacked and used to do the same thing with profanity and spewing forth venom and hatred and it got me nowhere. It doesn’t matter in the long run scheme of things what you, me or anyone else on this BLOG thinks of any celeb…their life goes on and they don’t care what the public thinks of them on this miniscule little website. Hope you find some peace and balance and learn to enjoy this site. Nothing personal so no need to attack me back, ok.

  40. Miapocaa says

    nope ..because when someone attack you attack them back….if you dont want to get venom you dont go attacking people…now enjoy your lovefest over this useless people ……….

  41. Tara says

    #17 Miapocca, you are disgusting pig! Aren’t you the least bit embarassed by your childish behavior? Well you should be!!!

  42. Granny says

    #17 Miapocca. In my 24 years of working in a mens prison, you have showed less class and tact that most of them every did. Most people can disagree without being disgustingly disagreeable. To be taken seriously maybe you should try a little finesse..

  43. Christine says

    Miapocca, I hope that you do not have any children. You would be a terrible role model. You sound like trailer trash. I have reported you to the web administrator.

  44. Isabel says

    Another edition to the Jolie-Pitt family. Congrats to the couple and i hope that Pax is raised well and adjusts to his new life.Its too bad he doesnt like the media atention because hes going to be around it most of the time…poor guy. Was there video fottage of Angie taking Pax home? Id really like to see it if there is.

  45. Teresa says

    Hopefully the comment above mine will be found and deleted. How sad to ruin a precious moment…
    Anyway, Angelina and Brad have inspired me! I am convinced that the hand’s-on work they do to help poor and orphaned people in various countries…is God’s work. They are blessing people who otherwise would be in pain. When things like this happen in such a pain-filled world, we should all rejoice!

    May God grant exceeding blessings to your precious family…and may the love you give out come back to you 10 fold.

    (now get married already ;o))

  46. Essie says

    I doubt a 3 year old will be “confused” by a name change. Children are more adaptable than some people give them credit for. Pax will be just fine.

  47. Miapocca says

    What a narrow minded cunt licking bitch , angelina defintely pussy wiped you like she did to her other female lovers….
    Ass hole…you go take a look in your pathetic “live through angelina life.”…I bet looking in the mirror depresses you …………….Ass bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Miapocca says

    Vilma…we are all entitled to our opinion.,..a comment on AJ is not a personal attack on you…Youa re welcom to hero worshjip, but please keep away from insulting me since I have not insulted you in any way…any other comment directed at me will incure some very insulting comment fomr me…so make your comment, hero worship all you want, but ry to be a little more objective…a a foolish person.

  49. vilma says

    That is so mean of 10 making that comment of AJ.Did you see yourself in the mirror of who you are and you are judging other people of who they are?I dont know what past you have so just shut up and think of something that you can contribute to society.OK?

  50. says

    Such a beautifull family…I have so much respect for anjelina jolie she is truly trying to make a difference in these childrens lives ….I also think that it will help little Pax Thien to be aroung Anjelinas other kids because he is used to being surrounded by other children,I wish them much happiness……

  51. Lisa says

    I think its great that she adopts. I do question when people get several from different countries as if to habe a variety instead of three kids from the same country. Maddox might of liked to have a brother who had his culture in common. But I do not think she is doing it to collect kids. I truly believe she loves children. Brad and her could get married that would be nice but for legal reasons I am sure they would like to keep their money seperate and their names seperate too. I just feel sorry for His ex wife who has to constantly see them in the media. Poor Jennifer Anniston.

  52. Lauren says

    Congratulations to the happy family. I’m no fan of Brangelina but I think it’s wonderful they are helping these children. I wonder though by changing his name, the little one will get even more confused.

  53. Miapocca says

    This is what I find interesting about celebs…Does she really owe anyone an explanation for her choices apart from her “family”.

    If celebs stop issuing press releases concerning their personal lives, people will not expect it…if she was able to keep mum about her sand castle with Pitt for 2 yrs, I think she can accomplish a lot by keeping all things personal out of the press.

    I think she simply enjoys the attention surrouding her “good deeds”.

    I do not have anything against her, other than the fact that based on past behaviour and interviews she has given, I dont think she is stable enough to provide any kind of normal family for children…its really no better than an orphange other than the tons of money coming with the new lifestyle., So I guess Pax will enjoy the money, which is a definite plus to all this…hopefully not at the expense of a stable emotional and mental composure..In short welcome tp psycho mama’s abode Pax…

    Good luck to all involved….Having a child is quite a lot of work………….. As long as they keep her stable, ..i call it “buying someone to love me project”

    Who cares from what country they are from anyway…she obviously wants to set a trend and say she has a united nations at home, so there..instead of the latest louis vuiton Jessica Simpson will buy, Jolie gets a baby from some other country……..

    Hope it doesnt play out like Mia and Woody………..I think the ungrateful Soon Yi said her reason for betraying her mother was lack of attention, she is also from Vietnam, if I am not mistaken…….check

    One thing I am certain of , is that the sandcastle will be washed away and not even by a strong wave………………..

  54. Julie says

    Congrats Jolie-Pitt’s! And good move Angelina, that boy is going to need some nice quiet time for a while and lots of love!

  55. MommyDearest says

    I think that Angelina will soon find out that being a “stay-at-home mom” will be her most challenging, least paying, but most rewarding role ever! Good for her! I wish her all the luck in the world!

  56. Jennifer Oro says

    You’re the BEST ANGELINA and BRAD, congratulations on your new little one,Keep up the good work, MADDOX, ZAHARA,SHILOH AND NOW PAX are TRULY BLESSED!!!!

  57. traveller says

    The adoption agency that Angelina used issued the following response to clear up rumors regarding Pax’s adoption:

    “In applying to adopt 3-yr-old Pax Thien, Ms. Jolie followed the same course as all prospective adoptive parents who apply to our Vietnam program. Throughout her adoption process, which began in the summer of 2006, she has received no preferential treatment from the Vietnamese government or Adoptions From The Heart, and contrary to earlier reports, her application was not fast tracked.

    Despite rumors that she chose her child, Ms. Jolie received a referral, just like any other parent adopting from Vietnam. In late 2006, she was referred a child who had been legally determined to be available for adoption and who fit within the parameters for which she had been approved to adopt. She accepted the first and only referral given to her.

    In addition, we can confirm the statement given by Nguyen Van Trung, Director of Tam Binh Orphanage, that Ms. Jolie has neither made, nor promised to make, any financial contributions to his orphanage. Adoptions From The Heart celebrates the miracle of adoption with the Jolie-Pitt family, as we do with all of our clients, and wish them much joy.”

    – Heidi Gonzalez, Vietnam Adoption Coordinator for Adoptions From The Heart

  58. lou says

    i think its good that she has adopted again but i do wonder if she needed to change his name, at 3 years old surley having his name changed may confuse him?

  59. CTBmom says

    I think it is wonderful that she has adopted these kids….I have to admit, that if she chooses to adopt another child, I hope she will adopt one from here in the United States.

  60. boo says

    Good for her deciding to stay home while the little Man adjusts to his new home life…Maybe it will make his transition that much easier.~*

  61. KT says

    I know many don’t but I like her and I think it is great she adopts. There are so many kids that need a good home, which I think, her and Brad will provide. I also think it raises awareness on adoption which can only benefit the kids that need homes.

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