Meet The Newest Member Of The Brangelina Bunch!

Three-year-old Pax Thien Jolie (little boy on far left) is such a cutie!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Pax Thien Jolie was born Pham Quang Sang, but Angelina changed his name to Pax Thien Jolie which means Peaceful Sky – Pax is peace in Latin and Thien is sky in Vietnamese. He was born in November 2003.
Angelina and big brother Maddox picked up the little boy Thursday in Vietnam.

“They tried to make friends with the Vietnamese boy, who cried when he saw them because for him, they are strangers,” said Nguyen Van Trung, the director of the Tam Binh centre for orphans and abandoned children.

“Jolie was very moved. Both of them tried to comfort the little boy.”

Angelina tried some Vietnamese to comfort him, repeating the phrase “khong sao dau,” or “no problem,” to the boy.

The children and female staff at the orphanage “said farewell to Jolie and the two boys” and gave the actress flowers.

The little boy, abandoned in a local hospital when he was a month old, had to be soothed by orphanage staff who promised him a “fun excursion.”

Angelina’s rep confirmed that Angelina arrived in Vietnam yesterday and that the adoption became official today. Angelina, Maddox and Pax Thien will stay in Vietnam for another week until the boy’s passport is ready.

Brad was unable to go to Vietnam due to his filming commitments in LA.

Below Angelina and five-year-old Maddox are pictured in Vietnam yesterday.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



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  2. Valerie says

    I think Angelina Jolie should no be someone whome we admire and celebrate as she stole Jennifers hisband and broke up a woderful couple. When ever I hear the name Angelina Jolie I am disgusted in what she has done and even more so having a baby with Brad who should have been the father of Jennifers baby instead. Jolie is a cheat and husband stealer. She gets involved with any man, married or not she doesnt care about anyone but herself. she doesnt deserve to be a mother or a role model for anyone

  3. Origin says

    #26 ROCKS!

  4. R says

    This message is for the two who were discussing about “celeb gossip and minding their own business,” I just want to say that people are going to voice their opinion whether other people like it or not. The reason I even bothered to post my comment on this topic in the first place because I like what Angelina is doing, it is a good cause (saving innocent lives that deserves a better chance in ife)! The other reason is because I truly was pleased with her open-mindedness to go as far as doing the unheard of or the unusual, which is adopting a child from Cambodia. I was like Whoa! That’s my people, ah right, so mad props to Angelina. She isn’t just adopting needy children from other countries, but I’m sure she also did her research and wanted to express her appreciation towards diversity that probably drove her to want to do something out of the ordinary. Instead of adopting kids from the well-known countries such as China, Japan, or Africa, she took a different route, the one less traveled or less likely to be known for it’s existence such as Ethiopia and Cambodia, and made her decision to adopt accordingly within these two countries. As a Cambodian, I get really excited whenever I hear about my people being mentioned about, or spoken about by people because it seldom happens. So thank you Angelina, not only are you contributing to such a needy cause and help by adopting, but you are also helping to bring the Khmer society into the spotlight. This can be an educational learning tool, which could help teach those people who may be a litthe ignorant and may not know much about diversity, a thing or two about how diverse the Southeast Asian community are and that there are alot more different ethnicities besides the Chinese, Japanese, and Phillipines. Thanks to Jolie, now you can add Cambodia to your tiny list of knowledge, which I hope the knowledge will expand within time. But seriously, I’m not trying to imply anything bad towards anyone in particular. Those who are reading this right now please take what you will be reading next seriously and really try to help me to solve this issue (which isn’t much of an issue, but to me I am still bothered by it so here goes). I just want to express my feelings and let it be heard that sometimes it does hurt when the people I meet know so little about my ethnic background, and then try to sound smart or well-rounded by asking me this,” What nationality are you; Chinese, Korean, Philiippines?” Hello! Those aren’t the only 3 nationalities that exist on earth. If you paid any attention in your history class, you would know that there is also a Southeast Asian portion of Asia which consists of ethnic backgrounds such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. It is best for people to just ask the question,” What is your nationality?” and leave the answer options alone, because it will make you look a lot better, giving that you know very little about what you you are talking about. It is better to not make assumptions. You don’t often hear someone ask a Caucasian person, “What is your nationality? Is it French, English, or Scottish? If it was me, I would just ask the question and allow the person that I am asking to do he honor and educate me of my ignorance. Well all said and done have a terrific day at school or work and I hope you work on finding ways to help you to become more educated about diversity. It is inevitable and a need for somewhat a survival tool in school and work because we live in such a diverse country, it is more to our advantage that we learn to be more educated about differences within us all and to hopefully one day in the future, we will all be competent in diversity and be able to understand each other a whole lot more. Man how the hell did I go from Angelina Jolie and her babies to discussing about diversity. Man I guess this is a touchy subject for me. Lastly, anyone reading this and may be offended, I apologize I am not writing about this to piss off anyone, it is only simply my opinion on the issue, and there is no pain or harm intended towards anyone. So please do not take any of my message the wrong way and if you have a concern and would like to dicuss feel free to ask and I shall respond accordingly to whatever the question may be. If not, God bless. And peace out! Learn to embrace diversity, for it is a part of the world that we live in today. P.S. Do a stranger a favor today and take the initiative to be the one to make the approach and take a moment to find out who this beautiful stranger is. The reason being is it can be rewarding in a sense that today the stranger may be just a stranger whom you barely met, but down the line, you never know what the outcome of this newly established relationship may end up in. The possibilities of what this stranger can become are endless: the person can definitely be the friend you can wave at across the campus, which can help make you look cool instead of a loner as you are making your way passing on by the frats and sorior. handout spot all by yourself, they can be someone you can say “hey how’s it going?”, they could end up being potential bf or gf, a study buddy who you could copy their notes from (since you’ve missed all two weeks worth of work and in need of those notes from class that you missed), which can save you from failing the couse, or perhaps you were the one that made an impact on the stranger’s life. What if it was you who made them feel special, like they mattered, or needed that little something whatever it is: notes, buddy, someone to say hi to, whatever, and needed you to inspire them to want to continue on and not give up, what if you help take away that feeling of being so lonely. So think about this, the next time you see that someone might be a loner, be the brave soul and go up to introduce yourself to them, just in case that person might be shy! Seriously, nothing can beat this feeling you get from knowing that you just made someone’s day or were the one who made this person smiled for once in his or her life, or even worst, what if it was you who kept them alive and the one to help chase away that thought of sucide, of giving up life. As difficult and demanding our life may be, we are the easiest creatures to please because all we ever needed to keep us alive is food, friends, and a sense of belonging. So go out there and start being heros and save lives, you’ll never who’s life you will save next, for the person who was saved may never want to tell!

  5. Roni says

    I just wanted to voice my opinion on the subject concerning 3 year old Pax from Vietnam in regards to the issue people seem to have with his name change. I can almost guarantee that the name change won’t effect Pax because a child at such a young age as pax’s, he won’t have much of a memory or won’t be able to remember much anyway. My own childhood experience of growing up as well as migrating to the USA at such a young age, I’m not sure how old I was when I first flew on a plane to come live here, but I am guessing I was probably between 2-3 years of age. Seriously, the furthest of my childhood memories that I can recall back were from my preschool memories, which honestly still seems real fuzzy and quite unclear. I can remember the songs we sang in class, however I cannot remember who my teachers were or my classmates besides my friends who were real close to me, other than that I can only remember the small glimpse and bits of pieces of memories in grade school from K-1 (which still seemed fuzzy as well). So Pax will be perfectly fine and he’s in great shape because he won’t be too old that his childhood memories will corrupt him since he probably won’t be able to remember much from his orphange days in Vietnam, but rather only know of the life he had with his happy family, not to mention have parents who are Hollywood Stars, rich, famous, and good looking. Best wishes to the Brangelina Family and I hope these kids don’t drive the parents up the wall, because there are more than 1 child living in the home, not to mention that they are all very young in age, so I can’t wait to read about their teenage life stories. Good Luck Angelina and Brad, you guys rock by the way! We need more people like you guys out there!

  6. Miranda says

    Well “jaja”, then you shouldn’t care about other people caring about Angelina Jolie, right? You say it’s a waste of energy, sure, but aren’t the rules the same for you? Didn’t you waste your time now? I’m pretty sure you wanted to know what people wrote, didn’t you? You shouldn’t care about what other people chose to do with their time, cause we’re pretty many people in this world, trying to live our lives in a good way! I am in here looking into famous people lives, read about their joy and happiness, why is it so wrong? Maybe you want to get away from you’re own life a couple of seconds and just do what you want to do.

  7. says

    WHY do all of you care to gossip about these people you don’t even know?! I just happened to come upon this site, blog, and can’t believe all of you take so much time to gossip about these people, whom the press feeds their egos (good or bad) like all of you are doing. Who cares what Angelina and Brad do, why do all of you care so much about their private lives? It seems all of you have too much time on your hands and need to get a life of your own, and not worry about people you don’t even know. Stop reading this stuff and watching the news and gossip mags, and all of you will have happier lives. Happily live your own life and don’t wonder what others are doing, it’s a waste of energy !

  8. Miranda says

    He’s such a cutie. 🙂 I hope he’ll be OK, but with his older brother I think it’s perfect. Maddox seems to be a very caring little person. And the name is great. First, I thought just like some of you, does she HAVE to take away the only name he’s ever known, just because it doesn’t fit with the other names? But then I started to realize, what if he would feel like an outsider in his own family, just because of his name? Pax is easy to say, he doesn’t have to tell his friends how they’re gonna pronounce it. And it starts with a P, which means he’ll listen to it even when he’s not used to it.

  9. Lacy says

    The name he has know will probably help him to better adjust to america. Pax is an easier name to adjust to in america than Pham Quang Sang. i had to copy and paste because i could not remeber it. Pax is easier to pronounce. It wil also make it easier for his new parents, family, and school. Imagine if your parents kept on mispronouncing your name because they didn’t know how to say it? I like Pax. It’s nice that Jolie learned some Vietnamese to help soothe him. She will be a great mother to him.

  10. Kate says

    66. Chichi

    Chichi, you may be right. Brad and Jen’s marriage was childless and loveless. Hay, if Brad wants to go back to that 38 years old woman. It’s his choice. That would be interesting to watch.

    I’m totally fan of Angelina. With or without Brad, Angelina is Angelina. With Angelina, Brad is Brad the father. Without Angelina, Brad was the half of so called Golden Couple. Hmmm…… who knows? Brad may be more interested in the latter. How do you say?

  11. Debra says

    I found this website while looking for pictures of Angelina’s new son. I follow the life of the Angelina, Brad and their children, not because I hero worship them, but because I admire the fact that they are doing something about what’s wrong in the world. People are so quick to critizize the efforts of others while not putting foward any effort of their own. I was so surprised to see so many petty comments about such mundane things (like the little boy’s name change). I guess Angelina should have just left him in the orphange with no future and then he could have kept his name. People please look at the big picture. This little boy has a future now (whereas he didn’t have one before). Maybe with the future Brad and Angelina are providing for him he can one day become someone who can go back and help the people of his country. I believe God was looking down on that poor little soul and decided that his time had come to shine. I just want to end by saying God bless to Angelina, Brad and the kids. I hope everything turns out well.

  12. Niki says

    One more thing – I’ve been reading about how miserable people think the family looks. Well, your kids would probably be crying and crabby after travelling and having peolpe in your face all the time when you are out. Maddox has obviously learned to behave on these outings in an apropriate way for snapping cameras and nosey journalists. The media would just love to catch the Jolie kids spazzing out. I’m sure they’re happy enough in the private setting of their home.

  13. Niki says

    As a young mother of three I have constantly had friends kids over, making the numbers 4, 5 , 6 etc. It is so fun being a Mom. It isn’t fun being the maid, cook, etc. Angelina is lucky that she is able to leave all the mundane “chores” behind that have to do with child raising. She can focus on educating and having fun with the kids. It would be no problem managing and giving attention to the bunch she has, with the resources available to her. As for getting used to more siblings, every child wishes they could have tons of sisters and brothers. These kids are lucky. It would be nice if Pitt/Jolie would get married and teach the kids something about old fashioned values that go hand in hand with family life.

  14. traveller says

    The adoption agency that Angelina used issued the following response to clear up rumors regarding Pax’s adoption:

    “In applying to adopt 3-yr-old Pax Thien, Ms. Jolie followed the same course as all prospective adoptive parents who apply to our Vietnam program. Throughout her adoption process, which began in the summer of 2006, she has received no preferential treatment from the Vietnamese government or Adoptions From The Heart, and contrary to earlier reports, her application was not fast tracked.

    Despite rumors that she chose her child, Ms. Jolie received a referral, just like any other parent adopting from Vietnam. In late 2006, she was referred a child who had been legally determined to be available for adoption and who fit within the parameters for which she had been approved to adopt. She accepted the first and only referral given to her.

    In addition, we can confirm the statement given by Nguyen Van Trung, Director of Tam Binh Orphanage, that Ms. Jolie has neither made, nor promised to make, any financial contributions to his orphanage. Adoptions From The Heart celebrates the miracle of adoption with the Jolie-Pitt family, as we do with all of our clients, and wish them much joy.”

    – Heidi Gonzalez, Vietnam Adoption Coordinator for Adoptions From The Heart

  15. traveller says


    I’m the complete opposite. I rarely give money that goes to those in the U.S. Almost all of my charitable givings go overseas. My reason is quite simple. I feel that those in the U.S. (even the poor) are quite a bit better off than the poor in the third world. In the U.S., the government at least makes sure that you don’t starve to death. You can get welfare, food stamps, and government funded housing. Education in this country is free, so every poor child here has the opportunity to pull themselves out of despair and make a better life for themselves. Here in the U.S., there is hope.

    In the third world, the government does not help because they literally cannot afford to. Education is not free in the third world. If you can’t pay the tuition, you don’t go. How can a child hope for a better life when they can’t even read? In certain countries in Africa, people starve to death, not because they can’t afford food, but because there isn’t any. There is no industry and thus no job opportunities. In the third world, there is little hope.

    As for adoption, many do not like to adopt within the U.S. because of our country’s horrible adoption laws. In many states, the birth mother has up to a year after the adoption is final to change her mind. Most adoptive parents are not willing to take that kind of a chance. The laws are way to biased in favor of the biological parent.

    I for one applaud the efforts of Bono, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. This world is bigger than just the U.S. Everyone on this planet deserves help regardless of religion, gender, race, or country. We’re all human beings. The money should go to where the greatest need lies. And right now, that is Africa and Asia.

  16. Chichi says

    Jolie just wants to be famous- PERIOD.

    Iam glad after the hoopla of this one, her advisors will tell her that adopting another is not winning her any more favours. Word around in L.A is that Brad is on the phone to Jen 24/7. Thought I thought their relationship sucked, this will be intersting.

    I can’t wait for Jolie to come back and some ass kicking starts. The pussy whipped bro should know his place. Bare-foot and pregnant in the kichen. LOL

  17. says

    #63-I think Oprah defended herself really well when someone brought up this very point to her: She said the reason she does not donate nearly as much money to kids in the US as opposed to overseas is that the kids in the US actually have opportunities available to them. There are resources available there for them to someday, somehow take advantage of and make themselves a better life. The children she tends to help the most are the ones with no hope of ever overcoming the life they were born into. There is no one advocating on their behalf, whereas in the States, there are always people like yourself, who are kind enough to donate anything they can to help the less fortunate. There is no one able to do that in 3rd world countries.

  18. sherri says

    while I think it is wonderful that Brad and Angelina adopt needy children, I think it is unnecessary for them to always go to other countries to do so when we have so many children that are needy here in our own country. I also get sick of all these moneymakers ( Bono is at the forefront) who have multiple houses, cars, vacations, paychecks etc. most of which is made by the people in the USA or located here, and yet they champion the causes of everywhere except here. What about the poor and needy here in the US? I do not send any of my donated dollars out of the US anymore.Its bad enough our jobs are leaving the country, leave our $$’s here. Sorry to ramble on…this has been a thorn in my side for awhile…..

  19. Jackie says

    Miapooca, I didn’t mean to insult you, lol. It is just that I went to that scientology place because I remembered you dissing scientology a lot and like many people I wanted to know what was the catch! I mean what is the deal that it means so much to you to diss it on all blogs all the time?

    By the way, I discovered that xenu is not a god but an evil creature. And it was not real but just an imaginary Illustration by Hubbard. Also I noticed that all the celebs who are scientologists are the most sane people in hollywood. They are not addicts like Britney. Infact Britney should just become a scientologist for a while. organise her life and leave later otherwise she is gonna die from an overdose.

    I have no heart for religions but they have some pretty sensible advice. Look at me spreading a cult! LOL

    Miapocca, remember you got me interested in the first place! And every one on this site usually insults you and calls you crazy!!!!! I mean read what you write from an objective point and you will see why. You sound pretty strange!

    I agree with whoever said that the Jolie Pitt family looks very miserable. Something is amiss since Brad joined them. My worry is especially for Maddox. He looks so sad all the time. Different from the boy we knew.

  20. babySugs says

    i like likethatmatter. small detail: so let those ppl make it to the forbes – their money is usually denoted by terms such accumulation, surplus, and is pretty much linked to exploitation – and then ask them to redistribute a bit of it, after they’ve gone around the world and exploited ppl of all various shapes. likathatmatter has a point though: it’s better than nothing. and in that pic, jolie-pitts don’t account for much. but jolie hasn’t been able to articulate this yet. let’s see how far she’ll go

  21. Inna says

    Why can’t people say anything about Tori Spelling? I think she is more evil–she stole somebody else’s husband–while the ex-wife was pregnant. And has she done any humanitarian works? I don’t think so…

    Please don’t judge, and please respect, appreciate anybody who’s just trying to help out through adoptions, donations, counseling, personal visitations, community outreach programs, or any other supports–even a hug and a smile make a difference.

  22. says

    There’s a defnite them going on with the names of Angelina Jolies kids. Here’s a breakdown of their meanings:

    ~ Pax Thien, 3: The family’s newest addition name was changed today from Pham Quang Sang to Pax Thien which means “peaceful sky”. Pax means “peace” in Latin, and “Thien” means sky in Vietnamese.

    ~ Maddox Chivan, 5: Jolie changed her first child’s name from Rath Vibol to Maddox Chivan. Maddox is a Celtic word meaning “beneficent” and Chivan has no identifiable origin. The family uses his nickname Mad.

    ~ Zahara Marley, 2: Zahara was born with the name Tena Adam. Zahara means “flower” in Swahili and “to shine” in Hebrew. Marley is a reference to the reggae singer Bob Marley.

    ~ Shiloh Nouvel, 10 months: Jolie gave birth to the Shiloh last year in the African country of Namibia. Shiloh means “peaceful one,” in Hebrew. Nouvel is a reference to Jean Nouvel, a famous French architect

  23. likethatmatters says

    Check out the Forbes list of the world’s most rich 849 person, add their wealth together, and match the amount to the resources necessary to eliminate basic survival problems: the right to have food, the right to survive, the right to be secure. Assume that all names on that list donate 1/3 of only their “yearly income”. Also check the nationalities of these people and inequality and poverty inherent in their own countries. You will see according to that list, JPs are not “rich” or even “wealthy”. If my calculations are correct, with their current wealth level, Jolie and Pitt need to work 30 more years without spending a nickel to be placed in that list, assuming all else equal. Here is another question on amassing real estate wealth: Do you know the number of North Americans buying homes in Central Europe and Latin America as summer vacation homes for investment purposes?

    Your problem should not be JPs efforts, whatever they do, still their effort is not more than a drop. Your problem should be the redistributive justice in the world, and it starts from the Forbes list asking what these names give back to the deprived in the societies they live in. And for this reason, your outrage is misplaced and backfiring.

  24. Kate says

    Credits to Gussie on

    1. Pax was abandoned as a nameless new-born and registered as Pham Quang Sang by the whim of some bureaucrat in the Vietnamese legal system. The name was not the meaningful bequest of loving parents. If the kid was American, an identical bureaucrat would have called him John Smith. Or even John Doe.

    2. No American parents would keep this exact original name. In Vietnam family name come first, then a middle name chosen from a very short list of possibilities and at last the given name. So if AJ and BP had decided to keep Pax’s Vietnamese name he would in effect be called Smith Doe John.

    3. So I suppose all the onomastics experts (cof) who have been criticising AJ will graciously concede that she would at least have to change the order of the kid’s names – which gives us Sang Quang Pham.

    4. And the same onomastics and adoption experts (cof cof) will also kindly concede that she would have to change Pax’s meaningless surnames to those of his parents – which gives us Sang Jolie or, in the near future, Sang Jolie-Pitt (gosh, they will go cuckoo again next week when Brad and Angie petition the American courts to change the surname to Jolie-Pitt due to Brad adopting the kid).

    5. Those onomastics, adoption and child psychology experts (cof cof cof) will moreover benevolently concede that a toddler is not particularly attached to a middle name, which is usually more symbolic, frequently used to remember an ancestor, a patron saint, some cultural heritage. Thus accepting that AJ is not endangering Pax’s well-being by choosing a symbolic middle name, such as Thien – which gives us Sang Thien Jolie-Pitt.

    6. Now, dear beloved onomastics, adoption, child psychology and pedagogy experts (cof cof cof cof), we may surely agree that little Pax is going to grow in a western society, as a member of a western family, with at least (gosh they will go absolutely bananas when the next pregnancy is announced) three siblings who all have meaningful given names lovingly chosen by their parents?

    7. So, darling multi-experts, would you want little Pax to be the only Jolie-Pitt without a western sounding given name? The only Jolie-Pitt without a given name chosen by his loving parents? Tss, tss… and the trauma? The identity crisis? The horror! Therefore… I give you Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt!

    8. Finally, you multi-idiots, rest assured that the transition from Sang to Pax is going to be smooth. Little Pax’s mother took the trouble (as the most babbling orphanage director in the world informed us) to learn some Vietnamese, in order to ease communication with her new son. Do you think she is going to start shouting Pax! Pax! Pax! to the toddler until he identifies with the name? To induce recognition and identity in a 3-year-old (in every 3-year-old) is a daily task. And a very basic and straightforward one too. By the time the fifth Jolie-Pitt kid arrives, Pax will be Pax will be Pax – and won’t even remember he was once a Sang Doe in some orphanage.

  25. cherish says

    THE WORLD needs someone like Angelina.Shes true to herself and commited to help the orphans all over the world.
    I HOPE THAT AMERICA WILL SEE WHAT SHES DOING AND FOCUS ON HELPING HER FOR THE BETTER .TO THE WORLD AND HUMANITY.And I hope that some hollywood stars will follow her not for their publication but to help the problem of the present situation of the world.

  26. oriana says

    Angie would take all the kids but Shiloh with her probably, since those will be the main ones she will feel responsible for. Brad will be visiting and keeping them for her when she travels around the country as she does now if he is able to do so.

    And Brad’s mom will help him raise Shiloh, and Brad will happily be helping support them forever!

  27. Melissa says

    I just hope they don’t give Pax the same haircut as Maddox. The whole mohawk phase is is a little 80’ish to me. Let them look like normal children. Anyways, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shiloh has pink hair by the time she’s 2.
    I don’t know if its just me, but this family never looks happy in pictures. The kids, and the parents are never smiling. And what would happen with these kids if Brad & Angelina ever separated??

  28. Miapocaa says

    Jolie is hard to understand..she is not mormal, that said if you are looking for a playmate for your kids you send them to a diverse school and set up play dates..;.oops.oh forgot ,they dont really have nay friends to set up play dates with…

    If all couple want company for each and every child based on thier ethnicity , then it defeats the purpose of getting along in a diverse environment.

    That siad, ..I know a lot of Asians who have different names for each country they visit..Xiaopin is known as Grace in the USA and Marie in France..However is some African cultures , a name signifies a long line of ancestors.. Changing a name at 3yrs old is a bit tough, but as most say children adjust pretty fast, and I really do wish this child well and hope he can cope with the family….However in any event this child wants to track down his biological parents , he will have lots of press clippings to tell him his orphanage name as well as previous name…

    I have come to understand that the rich and fmaous have certain previledge, in these developign countries money talks big time and corruption is quite hey she can have her way..however the adopting as a single mom and wihtout Brad being involved in this whole pick smells a bit fishy….hhhahahah but hey they are both wierd, do it may b enormal for thier family

    What ever the psycho mama’s reason for adoption ..the children will be living in a lap of luxury, better than an orphange fo rsure, but is it really emotionally beneficial to be living with a mentally challenged mama or a host of other children in an orphanage….hmmm ,..I dont know..only the future MAY tell……….

    #5 that was hilarious!!!!

  29. Miapocaa says

    Here comes jackie..who is craxy about some scientology family and hero worships cruiseology but is taking issues with a name change …yikes you got you head majorly screwed up…and by the way thanks for the many insults on the tomkat blog………

  30. Jackie says

    Is it me or Maddox looks so sad these days. Gone is the boy who shot at the paps and was so cute and smiley. Now he looks like a sad little man and getting a new bro to steal away his lime light is not going to make him any happier.

    Every one has not considered all the changes he has had in the last two years. From being the centre of his mother’s world to having to share her with 4 new people. I remember being jelous of my husband and my daughter. I know it was strange but true. Even men get jealous when attention shifts from them to a new baby. Poor Maddox. He is going to be a troubled little tyke!

    On changing pax’s name, I think that was a wrong move. For such an ‘old’ child whose life is changing too drastically.

  31. Nicki says

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Pax. I’m sure Angie and Maddox have learned the basic words they need to know to comunicate with him. My cousins were born and raised in Central America, whole different language. But when they visited every couple of years, (and there were 7 of them) even the youngest would get thier point across with only knowing a few English words. Young children learn quickly. Maddox knows English and French and some Khmer. I’m sure they have someone helping with comunication between all three.

    Lots of people adopt children, even older, from other countries, they adapt and learn quickly. No need to worry. Angie and Brad have the resources to do whats best.

    Best wishes to Pax and his loving family.

  32. oriana says

    How could they be sure he was okay with the name change when he just cried when he met them and left with them? He doesn’t know them, they are strangers to him, a three year old doesn’t understand these things! Does he even speak English? How do you know he even understands what they say to him?

  33. says

    I honestly do not know why so many people are criticizing them for adopting yet another child. They are GREAT hands on parents, they love their kids, & they can provide for them. Why would you criticize wealthy people for adopting when the childs living conditions were crappy in the orphanage? Every child deserves a parent.
    As for changing his name..I say good for them! Its a new start for this little guy, he is three afterall, I bet you they made sure he was OK with the name change.

  34. Pia says

    It should be a joyous day, but sadly there is something that is disturbing with this woman . If i did not know her past maybe i would feel different. # 35 i too feel she needs to be stopped. In a few years we will hear about this family and it is not going to be pretty.

  35. lisa says

    Nonsence!!!!!!!!!! Is she going to adopt 20 kids and learn their language and culture. Give me a break lady, you cant save the world. Adopt a child in your own country and save them, there are tons, I have one of ours and he’s amazing!!

  36. Granny says

    I don’t believe the birth order is that big a deal. If it was then single parents probably shouldn’t remarry because the combined children would have their birth order altered. And every first or previous child loses his baby of the family status when his sibling arrives.

    Adoption is also another way for saying chosen. In the days of the ancient Romans you could disown a birth child but not an adopted child because adoption was serious. Adoption is another way of saying special too.

    And as for the name I am not certain that it is that big a deal. Look how many people go by a nickname ,a deriviative of their name such as Bob for Robert , change their name upon marriage, keep their name upon marriage, or use a different name altogether for their carreers such as actors and authors. If it is a big deal to the child he probably just will insist on the use of the first names in daily life. And kids can certainly mean business!

  37. Lila says

    Yeah, Brad was too busy!!!!!!

    Getting a new member of the family is an important occassion that should come before a movie schedule. I mean Tom Cruise took a weeks break from the promotion of MI3 suri was born!

    They should either have rescheduled the acquistion of this child to a time when they would be togather or he could have asked for time off, it is not like he is a desperate actor.

    I tell you something is just not right with this adoption. Next you will hear Brad did a runner with Shiloh. The signs are not good!

    #5 LOL

  38. oriana says

    Cute kid, cute name, I think this child will flourish and be just fine with them. Very lucky little boy!

    As usual she has on her black outfit, she really has a fascination for the color black still after all these years.

    Shouldn’t Maddox be in a regular school program before too long? Of course she can hire tutors for all of them and learning different languages is wonderful for them to be bilingual, I think that is really a nice thing for them.

    I think it was a very smart move on her part to take Maddox with her to pick up this little boy, good for both the kids, I would like to see them in a stable settled home though instead of being uprooted all the time from city to city, country to country.

    I think this transition period will go by quickly and the boys will be very happy together, will be interesting to see how jealous Zahara gets over the new addition.

  39. says

    Funny, Gina, that the way you describe Angelina “messing up” the birth order in her family could be generalized to include a huge population of people who adopt older children and have kids at home. It’s not quite that I am defending Angelina, as much as I am defending anybody who does the same thing she’s done everyday!! You are simply trying to find something wrong with this whole process, and unfortunately by flapping your gums too quickly you managed to insult a great number of people, not just my “hero”, Angelina.

  40. gina says

    Good God, Gina. According to you, no one should ever adopt if they already have kids at home unless it’s a baby?? Give me a break, you are hyper-critical and it’s so annoying. I think kids also identify with their parents bringing another human being into their family unit!! You are ridiculous.

    Simmer down, there “honey.” The way some of you over-emotional women take these things so personally is frightening. Take a step back from the computer and give your hormonal head a shake. Good God. You are NOT Angelina Jolie, no matter how much you hero worship her, so my opinions should not ignite you with this much venom. The fact that they do says a lot about you and has nothing to do with me or your hero Ange.

    Go have a good cry and maybe you’ll feel a bit better.

  41. celine says

    minnie, good point – not craddle, rather the end of history, the peak of civilization and quite the contrary thus to the dark, demised africa. as for the craddle, of the enlighted, therefore western world, that is greece. at least it is considered to be so. as for the rest of the naming business, it happened to other powerless ones too, such as places and places in india, africa, etc. angie should read some history of colonization together with international law that she has been doing. vietnam by the way, is one of those places that the superpowerful america has not resisted in meddling with, along with other places such as latin america etc. maybe their poverty and deprivation has to do with that bit of history too. again, angie should be more sensible in not flamming the old patterns of power of who does business where. such symbolisms are just too powerful, and exceed the mother-scale of angie’s love

  42. Monica says

    I am trying to understand Angelina but I really don’t. Please stay home and take care of the children you already have. Now she will have 4 kids. Will this be enough for her? She must be stopped!

  43. fee says

    People! Have your own opinions about Angelina Jolie, but can we at least acknowledge that she is doing something good! As far as the name thing goes, parents get to choose names for their kids when they give birth biologically, why not with adoption? The kid is only 3 years old, he will adjust fine. Children are very adaptable. Everyone seems to be making a big deal out of the fact that only Angelina and Maddox went to pick up the new child. When that entire family travels though, the paps. go psychotic for pics. It may be easier for the child to adjust to the cameras if there aren’t as many around. For all we know, maybe brad couldn’t be present at the adoption due to Vietnamese law. Congratulations to the family-he is a cute kid.

  44. joelly says

    #20 Meeka – I agree, I think AJ likes to “name” kids more than she likes to have them 🙂

    I can’t stand her but wish the best for all the children (current & future) being raised by this HO.

  45. Julie says

    He’s really a cute little boy. He’ll need time to adjust, so I hope that Angelina has set aside plenty of time for that. I think it was a great move to bring Maddox with her because he looks similar to Pax, which is probably comforting for him. Maddox can also be a big help just in the way he intereacts with Angelina. Sort of showing Pax the ropes. I think Maddox and Angelina are the closest in that family, so Pax will really be able to see the love they have for each other, and hopefully he’ll join in. I hope for great things for this family. Congratulations!!!

  46. celine says

    once upon a time, people grabbed other people and brought them over to america the craddle of civilization and in the name of showing them the face of civilization. they were called slaves. the owner were powerful. the owned were not. even to object to their names being changed – mainly because the owners couldn’t pronounce the original ones. despite her honorable intentions Angelina should shy away from certain gestures – even for the simple fact that they simply resonate with unfortunate and ugly ones.

  47. minnie says

    Lisa – I wouldn’t try logic like that! I completely agree with you but how does a well balanced argument help the terminally egotistical?!

    He looks sweet, I’m touched that she (allegedly) approached him slowly on her knees over 20 minutes and learnt enough of his language to comfort him. The fact that maddox was (apparently) so accepting suggests that someone has taken the time and love to introduce him to this new sibling with care and sensitivity.

    But the rules mean that people will pick a celebrity and bash them to fit their world view and not accept new ideas.

  48. traveller says

    What’s with the name thing? When my parents adopted my sisters and brother, they changed their names and they were 6, 4, and 2. They got along just fine. Kids adjust very fast.

    Birth order is not really an obstacle either. When the kids came into our family, my bio sister was the youngest and the 6 year old was the oldest in her sibling set. Both had to adjust to their new position in the line up. Both handled the change just fine. It’s an adjustment anytime a new child enters a family. Mad and Zee managed to adjust to Shi. I don’t see any major problems with Pax.

  49. Lisa says


    This poor boy has only existed in some god forsaken vietnamese orphanage, under a name assigned to him by the government and you are nit-picking about the name change. My father came to this country at age 11 from hungary and he chose to later in life legally change his name. So, this BS about how terrible it is that “poor” boy got adopted and about his name change is rubbish. My daughter has no memories of the apartment we lived in until she was three, never mind the beautiful life that awaits this poor orphan. Face it guys, Brad was not happy with Jennifer Aniston, their marriage ended and no matter how nasty your posts get about Brangelina it will not bring back your “golden” couple…

  50. Lucia says

    He is abosultely gorgeous. He does remind me of Maddox when he was that age. I am so happy for that little boy (any child that is adopted to a happy family) and I’m also very happy for AJ and BP along with the other kids. I wish them all the happiness in the world. as for those critizing her for changing his name…enough is enough…why can’t you people be happy for this little boy! He has A HOME!!! A LOVING FAMILY!!! you people are rediculous! I’m not a fan of AJ but I’m still happy for her and her family and most of all for this little boy. He’s 3 YEARS OLD for God sakes! He is going to adjust wonderfully. and in no time, he and Maddox will be great friends and even better brothers. Just be happy for them is that so much to ask for?????

  51. says

    Good God, Gina. According to you, no one should ever adopt if they already have kids at home unless it’s a baby?? Give me a break, you are hyper-critical and it’s so annoying. I think kids also identify with their parents bringing another human being into their family unit!! You are ridiculous.

  52. notabritfananymore says

    He looks a lot like big brother maddox maybe thats what made him stand out for Brad & Angelina! Hes Going to Have a Wonderful Life He Will Adjust Hes Only 3 So I Don’t think That will Be Much Of a Problem.congrats to them all!

  53. Nicki says

    gina–She upset the birth order? How?? Mad is still the oldest, Zahara is the oldest girl and Shiloh is still the baby.
    Maddox is still the big brother, now Pax is the younger brother. Zahara and Shiloh are still the little sisters.
    Best wishes to thie family.

  54. meeka says

    She changed his name because it wasn’t cool enough for her cool family. The ONLY thing that little boy had left of his “old” life was his name. His identity.

    But hey? It wasn’t as cool as ‘Mad’ or ‘Z’ so she had to change it.

    I also like reply #5.

  55. lala_brit says

    At least Angelina is trying to help by adopting orphans !!!instead of dropping tons of kids for the social paycheck with numerous fathers from one night stands……….

  56. gina says

    she’s also upset the birth order of her family. children very much identify with their birth order, it is a huge part of the family heirarchy and it isn’t smart to mess with it. kids identify themselves as little sister, big brother, younger brother … she’s upset that.

  57. comment says

    Maybe by changing his name she wants to signify that his life from here on will be a new, better life. I see nothing wrong with it. I like the new name now that I know what Pax means. Thien is a good name. A peaceful sky is bright and essentially that’s what his Vietnamese name ‘Quang Sa’ng’ alludes to. After the rain, the dark clouds are gone and the sun is out, the Vietnameses say ‘tro+`i quang’ (the sky is clear / bright). And when darkness is gone we say ’sa’ng ro^`i’ (there’s light). All in all, there is nothing to make of the changing of the name. His was not truly his any way since he was abandoned. A child can adapt quickly, especially when there are kids his age, even more so when there is one his gender. By next month I’m sure he’ll know enough English to let his new family know he’s hungry, thirsty, needs to go pee, and so on. A child born into a harsh world isn’t like one born into a country with massive welfare and social programs such as America. He or she will be just fine in the new environment.

    Angie did make an effort to learn some Vietnamese phrases so she can comfort the boy. That is commendable.

    I am just happy that she decided to adopt a Vietnamese boy. He is now saved from a life without education, on the hard streets of Saigon where he could be tricked into prostituting himself to survive. He will have education, dreams and very possibly have at least one of his dream fulfilled.

  58. boo says

    He’s 3 yrs old, he knows his name and has lived with it his whole life…I to think she could’ve at least kept it the same or the first name at least and changed the Middle…. Now he has to get used to being called a new name… I don’t think that’s right.
    At one year old or younger it would be an easier transition to learn a new name.. I think 3 years old is too old to be changing it.IMO

  59. Nicki says

    Meg Ryan changed her little girls name she was a year old. She had a new family, new language and a new name. She seems to be doing fine.
    A name assigned to you by staff mambers or one picked with love from your new family. I like his name. Maddox knows English, French and some Khmer. They will all learn a new language together.

  60. !!! says

    #9 if she did change maddox and zahara’s names they were babies less than 6 months old when she adopted them but this boy is 3 years old.

  61. dori says

    Why would she change his name? Wasn’t it cool enough for her? New family new language new faces and a new name? Is this for his benefit or hers? Her adoptions are becomming disturbing to me. If she actually cared about his well being she wouldn’t change his name. How confusing is that for the poor little guy>?

  62. chichi says

    Just looks like Maddox. Hope they can tell them apart. I would cry too if a crazed heroin addict came to take me to a foreign country whose president does not speak the national language.

  63. babySugs says

    new name, new language, new human beings around him. the pains of adjusting to being collected. the power of love that collects.

  64. babySugs says

    The Oscar-winning actress collected the boy from a Ho Chi Minh City orphanage after a short and tearful farewell. … Nguyen Van Trung, the director of the orphanage, said it was an emotional moment when she left with her new three-year-old son.
    “They tried to make friends with the Vietnamese boy, who cried when he saw them because for him, they are strangers,” he told reporters. “Jolie was very moved. Both of them tried to comfort the little boy,” he added.

  65. Terry says

    He is such a cutie pie, i think that he will be happy with his new family. It will take a while for him to adjust with his family, but i think everything will work out for him.

  66. says

    This is going to be quite an adjustment for this little boy, with all the attention his parents get. I hope it’s an easy transition for everyone. It’s really too bad Brad couldn’t be there too, I can’t believe his contract wouldn’t allow for him to greet his new son!

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