Jordan Crowned Celebrity Mum Of The Year In Britain!

Katie Price

Jordan (Katie Price) has been crowned Celebrity Mum of the Year today!

Jordan, 28, was chosen by the public and beat Jade Goody, Kate Moss and Heather Mills McCartney to the title.

She is mother to Harvey, four, and two-year-old Junior. And she pregnant with her third child.

“I’m so pleased to receive this award. Harvey and Junior will be so proud of their mummy,” she said.

Bringing up Harvey has been tough for Jordan. He was born partially blind and has a growth disorder. On New Year’s Eve Harvey was rushed to hospital with burns after an accident in the bath.

He is Jordan’s son by footballer Dwight Yorke. Jordan went on to have son Junior with pop star husband Peter Andre. Previous winners include Sharon Osbourne and Kerry Katona.

Other contenders this year included Victoria Beckham, the Duchess of York and Davina McCall and Jade Goody.

Congratulations to Jordan!

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  1. carleigh says

    I didn’t go off at “anyone” specifically so you have no grounds for making that broad reaching statement. I do not happen to agree with your assertions about this woman, so we can agree to disagree and leave it at that if you’d like. You can think I am a hypocrit, I don’t mind that is strictly your opinion, but I thought we were commenting about Jordan/katie price whatever her name is now? And not making things personal…? I respect your opinion, is that not good enough for you?

  2. hypocrite says

    She may very well be a tramp…and thats fine, I don’t care, I don’t like her. what I’m saying is that you go off at everyone for attacking at tori but you do the exact same thing to jordan, it seems very hypocritical imo.
    also, in a sense i do feel she’s deserving of that award, any mother who is strong enough to raise a child with as many needs as her son is definitely in my books a good loving mother, she may be a tramp, but she still loves and does everthing for her children, it can’t be easy having to do that in everyday life, “dealing with all the special needs I mean”

  3. carleigh says

    Tori Spelling wasn’t nominated for a “Mum of the Year” award to my knowledge. I actually read up on this woman who by all appearances has done NOTHING but promote her body and her boobs, admitted to sleeping around with multiple men and has made her entire fortune and fame based on keeping herself in the headlines in the UK for whatever reason possible. Are you defending her and saying she deserves to be nominated for mother of the year w/ her less than stellar background and her scandalous life? I would think Kate Winslet would be a more fitting candidate and that’s what my entire comment was about. This woman in MY opinion signifies everything a MOTHER should not do and she’s an embarrassment to her children, at least the one’s she didn’t abort…and you think she is a fitting role model???? OK fine that is your opinion and I respect that you have a right to it…as do I. My point is that I don’t know what portion of the British population would emulate a “woman” of Jordan/Katie Price WTF ever her name happens to be…that to me is just kind of jacked. You want to quote me fine, then I should be flattered I suppose, but maybe you would do well to actually form an OPINION of YOUR OWN instead of spending time feebly attempting to call me a hypocrit. Form a lucid thought and base your opinion on what YOU believe and don’t bother wasting your time trying to debate me or call me names, I have better things to do than spar w/ you. Have a nice day and Jordan is a TRAMP!

  4. hypocrite says

    (Quotes by Carleigh on a Tori Spelling post)

    “All I can say is that people today are just too damn mean, overly critical and just so self-righteous it makes me ill. I can’t judge this woman, it isn’t my right.”

    “God, some people really do need to take some prozac and chill out really bad! ”

    So you say these things about Tori, so What gives you the right to say these mean things about and “judge” Jordan?? She’s a human being just as Tori, so what makes your hurtful comments towards her any different then the ones made towards Tori?? A bit Hypocritical don’t you think….Perhaps you should take your own advice and CHILL OUT!!

  5. carleigh says

    Good God Almighty…I just googled this womans name and read all about her on Wikapedia and she’s a bonafide tramp. She’s no kind of mother figure, she has 3 children all by different men while she is married to the impending arrivals father, she’s posed topless, had an abortion and done all sorts of other illicit things. She’s a whore and whomever nominated this two bit hooker as mother of the year needs to have their head examined….WOW!

  6. carleigh says

    Even Kate Winslet would be hands down a much, much better choice. She’s a ROLE model mother in my opinion. Just because she doesn’t trash herself up I guess that disqualified her from this event huh? Go figure!

  7. carleigh says

    Well Kate Moss is a coke whore, Victoria Beckham is an anorexic fashion-obsessed weirdo, Heather Mills is a gold digging, morally devoid pyscopath….doesn’t leave much in the line of “competition” does it ladies? I have no idea who the other one’s even are but the Duchess of York would have been a more favorable, deserving candidate than this overly made up tramp. If she is such a great mother and an example for other mothers to aspire to, that’s not saying much. She looks like hooker Barbie and very trampy and I don’t even know who she is. From what I understand her son Harvey has severe birth defects and is blind and somehow he is injured from burns twice in his short life????? Where was this mother of the year when that was happening? If she can’t take care of her disabled son and prevent him from being burned in a “bathtub” injury then that tells me she was probably to busy getting her boobs inflated or caking on her 2 ft. of make-up to be keeping an eye on her child. Who in the hell is this tramp anyway? I hate to make broad statements and assumptions but god look at her she looks like a total prostitute.

  8. esther says

    ewwww, Katie…Jordan, whoever she is at the moment is seriously skanky……..and what a selection that was!!

  9. amy says

    she really was the deserving winner out of the group of nominees for this….i mean, against a coke-head (kate), an internationally exposed racist and bully (jade) a gold digger (heather) and an absent mum (victoria), kate stood head shoulders and boobs above them all…well done..

  10. boo says

    I have to say she definitely deserves the title…especially when it comes to all the issues with raising Little harvey, I don’t imagine it’d be easy for anyone to have to deal with!!
    Good for her! congrats!~*

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