Heidi Klum & Seal Take Leni To School

Heidi, 33, and Seal were snapped taking two-year-old Leni ( Leni turns 3 on May 5th) to her first day of school in Beverly Hills, CA.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum
Henry is 1 and Johan is three-months-old.



  1. speed levitch says


    Were to you foolish people come up with this blind, knowing it all about Hiedi and Seal ?

    How can you say they love each other unconditionally, true & honest, I just love this family. I met them in Aspen. They are so loving and … normal!!

    You don’t know them at all.

    You women are out of your minds. What drivel, soap opera insanity.

    What dream world are you living in ?

    Good grief, wake up.

  2. Xenafan96 says

    Oh, before do I that, let me just set the record straight:
    Seal is from the Carribean, not Africa.
    His scars are from a childhood fight against lupus, a form of cancer. The treatments he had to undergo caused the scarring of his face. A brave man, and I have even more respect that he unconditonally loves Leni and IS her father in all the most important ways, including being there and not running off like her bio dad did.
    Heidi is indeed blessed that she has a true and honest man to love. REAL men like Seal step up and take responsibility, and he never bragged or boasted, just love. Bless this family!

  3. Xenafan96 says

    Sharon- the greatest mistake in history perpetuates to this day in the form of bigots, racists etc. You and your group that have been hitting this board are getting alot of reactions, which only serves to feed hatred. Your group says that we, people who believe that all human life has a right to be here, are the uneducated ones. It’s as if hatred is all there is that you have to offer. I don’t need someone coming on here peddling their racial nicknames and spewing venom to me. NO buyer here, and also, any posts I see from now on by your Aryan cult will result in only one thing said back in response. I encourge anyone else that has had to banter back and forth with these poeple to adopt the same strategy.

    Sharon-here is what your gang gets from me now:

    ‘Quoth the Raven, Nevermore’.

  4. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    you people are so utterly stupid. It is clear in every post you make. You obviously have mental health issues. I think some of you need help, seriously.

    I find it alarming that you are bringing up children when your mental health is so clearly impaired.

  5. Loving Mother says

    All you Racist people can Rought in HELL. GOD will burn Yoou all on a STAKE. haha F**K the KKK

  6. sharon says

    Col. Sanders for president! Every single word the Colonel has typed so far, is right on the mark, eloquent and 100 % correct.

    The greatest mistake in history was taking the negroid out of Africa and treating it as human.

  7. Xenafan96 says

    Fair enough, I could use a spell checker. I’m usually on 4-5 boards at a time trying to post so I get hurried and whoops. I’m glad you took the shoe reference as a joke, it was. The spelling Nazi made me laugh, it was surreal to see me called that by a die-hard Aryan as yourself. I’m flattered that you perused my other posts. The last sentence in my post is not ‘Ebonics’, rather expressive writing designed to capture the readers’ attention. I still don’t have an answer on who the 2 leading anthro’s are. I quite clearly stated IF in your words:
    “I sit on an anthropology committee and we are watching this closely, and if the DNA difference grows large enough, the negroid will be named a seperate species.”
    then who are are the 2 leading authorities on anthropology these days?
    Even easier, it is a man and a woman and the man is world renowned for his identification of Negroid hip bones and knee bone differences from other races due to a peculiar curving that occurs more often in a Negroid male than any other body type. Simple question simply stated that someone who claims to sit on a board closely monitoring the human species overall, the name of this brilliant man HAS to have come up at least once. He has been offered numerous awards from many Aryan based groups based on the conclusive proof he gave, which he gracefully turned down. He made an actual scientific discovery and proved it. You can consider the knowledge an addition to your facts.
    Zena is fine if you prefer. You are attempting to pronounce it correctly so I will be civil and thank you for the attempt.

  8. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    zena (i cannot pronounce “x”)
    so you are the spelling nazi here? see, you are still living your past! you nailed me good for leaving off an s in “shoes”, but you had no rebuttal for anything else i said?
    do you want to nitpick? here is your last sentance of a post:
    “I want to see if you truly can answer, if you an expert as you claim.”

    do you mean to say “i want to see if you’re able to answer” or “i want to see if you can answer correctly”?
    i won’t mention your ebonics, but nowhere did i ever claim to be an expert on anything. please pay more attention!
    in another post, you mis-spelled random twice, and differently each time, and the fact is all your posts are loaded with errors and poor reasoning. Did I let these errors affect my opinion of you? no, did i assume they were typing errors? yes, did i challenge your claim as to have attended college? no, or did i ignore them and instead try to understand the points you were making and if your argument was logical or factual?

  9. Xenafan96 says

    To the rest of the posters on here-racists excluded-my apologies that I even posted the terminology above or if it is offensive. I got involved in 1988 with a youth group of skinheads and we thought we were something. I was a pissed off 15 yr old girl who grew up around hate and fought so hard not to be one, but here comes this gang that tells me, hey you be proud of your skin, you’re elite, you are the master race, you mean something. I bought it hook, line and sinker. I gave 3 years of my life up to be a part of a group that-dirty secret exposed!-would beat you if showed one iota of kindness to anything not white. Girls beat as bad as guys, everyone was equal with that respect. I woke up when my own uncle (a veteran cop) pointed a gun at me at 18 and told me that he would shoot me in a heartbeat if I walked in his house again dressed as I was acting like I was. I got hauled to the local morgue and locked in the freezer with 3 dead guys that had been shot, stomped, and hung by a couple ‘friends’. I left and I never looked back. Now any white supremecist that wants to, bring it on. I don’t have any fear of you, because I know what really goes on and it is sadly empty.

  10. Xenafan96 says

    Hey Chicken Man(I won’t insult Harland Sanders and use the screen name you use altho it is quite amusing),
    I worry about living a world where I I get a pair of shoe( A pair is 2, or did they teach me that wrong too in college?). I’m pissed, I pay for 2, I get 1. But isn’t that the great sleight of hand white supremecy likes?? Look over here at all the names we can call everyone who isn’t white!!
    Porch Monkey
    Beaners-oh wait, brilliant comic Carlos Mencia came up with that one in daily use, along with Dee-Dah-Dee

    And over here you have your little Klans running around desperate to make the local news, or handing out free drugs to angry young white kids and trying their best to get them to adopt “The Cause”. Aryans gave out great home grown but I just couldn’t leap over to the harder stuff, even tho my youth leader gave me my first shit kickers(oxblood beauties). Is Agnostic Front still touring or did they finally wear out and OD like they promised us they would back in July 1989 at the rally I was at in Louisville KY? I seem to remember that GG Allin was expected also but he was banned from KY for his stage shows. I’m impressed that you are an ‘anthropologist’, as you say. Surely you have had the honor of meeting the two greatest leading expert anthropologic pathologists currently alive. Or at least heard mention of them. Google if you need to, they have a very distinct reason for being the 2 leaders and only someone in Anthropology would figure it out, so it’s not that easy. Can you name them for me? I’ve give you a hint: they are white, so you won’t be breaching any ethical boundaries you have set for yourself in giving your time looking up a non-white.
    I want to see if you truly can answer, if you an expert as you claim.

  11. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    Ms. MyBabyIsBiRacial
    please don’t resort to name calling. As for the negro being a seperate species, for many years it was estimatedt that humans were genetically 99.999% the same, but recent genome mapping now shows that the difference between negroid and caucasian DNA is AT LEAST 1% different, at only 99% the same, this difference will only grow larger, as only a small part of the genome has been mapped. I sit on an anthropology committee and we are watching this closely, and if the DNA difference grows large enough, the negroid will be named a seperate species.
    As for the comments by SarahE, she is absolutely right,
    the negroid race has made no measurable advances over the last 35,000 years, that is to say that they live to day as they did 35k years ago. when white explorers landed in africa, they found a people who had not even discovered the wheel, as well numerous other basic human inventions, it was as if the whites travelled back in time when they landed in africa. Further more, the IQ for for negroid africa is 70, with ethiopia’s being 64, this is in the range for being classified as retarded.
    And like Sarah E said, if blacks and whites interbred, eventually all caucasian traits would be bred out, and all people would be negroid.
    as for civilization, white contributions=too numerous to list, negroid contributions=not measurable. here is a simple test, would you and your negroid ever consider living in africa? no, you wouldn’t, because you watch TV, and you see what a cesspool it is, and you see how feeble africans are, well the the only difference between those feeble africans and the negroid you married is a pair of pants, a pair of shoe, and a shirt!

  12. My Hubby's A Witch Doctor says

    I just saw Bood Diamond, and did I see gleaming cities on the hill? Or did I see the hellhole that the natives have made Afreaka? I’ll give you one guess.

  13. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    #34 – your comment is so pathetic it is hardly worth dignifying with a response!!

    have I considered what the world would be like if things went my way? errm, no, not really. People will fall in love with all different sort of people. The way the world is now, that means, couples of different races, but it is not such a regular occurance that one race is going to become extinct. That’s such silly! Come on now, you must be cleverer than that!

    the white race is essential to human civilixation and the black race is not? hmm, is that right? who told you that then? You see, in very many countries and even whole continents, human civilization is coming along just fine, and has been for very many years, without any input from the white race,so you theory doesn’t really hold much weight, does it?

    In fact, it is debatable as to whether Jesus was a White or a Black man. It looks likely he wasn’t white, so it very possibly, and actually damn likely that Black people exsisted before Whites and did just fine for themselves and evolved quite nicely.

    Before you say they evolved into White people for the sake of human civilization, that is simply untrue.

    You think it would be a tragedy if the White race was made extinct – do you know what? when people like you are representing the White race, it makes me think maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

  14. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    #33, don’t you realise how stupid and ignorant you sound?? The ‘scientific’ community are debating whether Black people are human are they?? Which scientific community would this be then? You are talk crap. Utter crap.

    My children is 50% White and 50% Black and therefore 100% human. It is not even worth debating with you as you are unable of even processing basic, logical thought. There is no reasoning with you.

    You know you are talking shit and you know that your views are warped. You just want to shock people by airing your views. It is not needed. No one is learning anything from you, other than you showing us all (like we didn’t know) that extreme racists are very, very stupid.

    Who’s this bet which you are having regarding my weight with then? (like it is any of your business)

    but just for the record, it looks like you are both $50 down – I weigh 112lbs.

    I find it so funny that you would assume otherwise and even be bothered to think about it!

  15. Sarah E. says

    its obvious you are a “one world one race” idealist, , but have you considered what it would be like if things went your way? the white race would disappear. if everyone interbred, because of dominate/recessive traits, within a few generations everyone would be black, with only a few sporatic people with white features (think albino) the white race would be literally bred out of existence. there is no denying that the white race is essential to human civilization, and that the black race is not, and in fact is probably a net negative for human civilization.
    an all black human race would be the end of human civilization and advancement

  16. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    I beg to differ with you, Ms. MyBabyIsBiRacial, your “baby” is about 90% negroid, 10% Caucasian (human)
    the negroid is so genetically different from humans that the scientific community is debating as to whether or not to name it as a seperate species! You have committed an act of beastiality, Ms. MyBabyIsBiRacial.
    If you are going to have a baby, you NATURALLY want your baby to have the best qualities, so why would anyone breed with a race that has at least a 20% lower IQ,than your race, and is proven to be sociopathic?
    ps, we have a bet, I say you are 225lbs. they say your are 250+lbs. this is for $50, pls. answer

  17. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    #31 – you are totally vile.

    I wasn’t even going to respond to you but I think you need a little educating to be honest so here goes,

    My baby is biracial. One of his parents is White, one is Black, therefore he is biracial.

    You are sure I was hoping for a whiter baby, are you? hmm, I don’t think you know me, do you? so you can’t be sure of anything about me. You are wrong. anyway, no, I wasn’t, not all. I am very glad that my son looks very much like my husband, who is a wonderful man.

    My baby is beautiful because he is a gorgeous blend of two races. He has the best of both worlds. Lovely skin tone, beautiful hair and do you know what he has, best of all, an intelligent, loving family all around him, surrounding him with love.

    Thankfully, he will never experience hate or hostility because where we live people are a lot more accepting and liberal, I suppose.

    I know it must be very hard for you in your little out of the way town in America, having obviously been brought up so badly but you can change the way your life is and try to ensure that your children are not brought up in a world filled with hatred and evil.

    The world is moving on. Things are changing. I think you need to accept it, start to grow up and face facts.

    You are never going to succeed in your cause because it is evil and good always wins over evil.

  18. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    attn. “my baby is biracial”
    I know it sounds hip to say biracial, but the fact is you have a negro, face it, accecpt it. I’m sure you were hoping for a “whiter” baby, but calling it “biracial” is not going to change the fact that YOU HAVE A NEGRO!, but what should be of more concern to you is not skin color,or nappy hair, that’s the least of your worries, because “it” is also a negro on the inside, because if you pay any attention to the news, or school test scores, you know that a negro is even uglier on the inside!

  19. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    I dare say those negra boys are very monkey-like! there is no denying that! The innocent white daughter is in for a miserable life, embarrassed and shamed by her mother, victimized by the niggers. A question for ms. Klum, how does it feel to give birth to something that bares absolutely no resemblence to you? it’s like giving birth to an alien, or a turd, is isn’t it? I know a little bit about ms. klum, she is dumb, and a little crazy too, but why would you marry and breed with an animal that is even dumber than you? (the negro IQ is only about 80, barely above retarded) oh well, like they say, “there goes the neighborhood” in this case, the human neighborhood!

  20. says

    26. MyBabyIsBiRacial | April 18th, 2007 at 2:37 pm
    please explain Emily’s Nubian – how it effects you??


    Let me guess, you are the nigger half of the bunch…

  21. says

    What an ugly niglet…

    We all know niggers are not human, and to call them animals is almost insulting to animals. Afterall, most animals live cleaner lives and don’t kill or rape their own kind AND the mothers take care of their offspring!

    It’s like slavery wasn’t enough for the whites, now they have to go out and adopt these baby niglets and show them off as their new pets!

  22. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    please explain Emily’s Nubian – how it effects you??

    How are they doing you harm?

    I am really interested to know

  23. Emily's Nubian says

    When the media extolls their deplorable behaviour and makes them role models, they are doing harm to the future of a lot of us.

  24. Jodie says

    What sad lives you people must lead………

    Don’t you have anything else to think about? These people aren’t doing any harm to you.

  25. sharon says

    I agree with Helga. When I see a beautiful woman with a low IQ gorilla for a mate, I also have to fight back the urge to puke.

  26. says

    That ape is charred, not scarred. Scarring or charring do not affect DNA, but ugliness is in the DNA. So now the nitwit has two low-IQ, violent beasts who will one day attack her in her sleep. Her parents must be so proud.

  27. nyasha says

    Seal is not ugly but scarred. Samantha, if u caught fire accidentally and had a burnt face does that mean u are ugly or scarred

  28. Samantha says

    You’re a banana =P

    Seriously though, I’m not racist, but Heidi could have done waay better than Seal. Seal is uglier than a bowl full of sea cucumbers. You can’t make cute babies with someone that ugly.

  29. Brittney says

    To the person who leave the comment name Bobster to me you come cross as a racial . I am Creole and African American. Why did you call him a gorilla? Just because he is black doesn’t mean he is a gorilla. I am light skin are you going to call me a banana? Are you going to call me something different. To me this is a happy family.

  30. Lauren says

    I love this celeb family. They seem so dedicated and loving to each other. Leni is adorable. She looks so much like Heidi.

  31. Renee says

    Oh my gosh so adorable!! !!! I just love this family so much!!! My favorite Celebrity Family
    What happen when you met them and what did they say were the children there???

  32. shae says

    looks like Heidi is still carrying a bit of baby weight..thank god…I could NEVER lose the baby weight that fast! Heidi and Seal and their family make a lovely family- so loving and family oriented….sigh…..

  33. Brandi says

    I thought the baby’s name was Johan. What happened to Seal’s leg? Leni is soooo cute with that ponytail.

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