Angelina In Vietnam Completing Adoption

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie landed in Vietnam Wednesday night to complete the process of adopting a 3-year-old boy.
Angelina, 31, was quickly escorted into a car with dark windows and driven from the airport, according to a photographer employed by the Associated Press.

After she receives the 3-year-old child – and participates in an adoption ceremony with officials in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday morning – Angelina is expected to meet with U.S. consular officials who will then need to review the adoption before granting the child a passport.

The child has been living at the Tam Binh orphanage outside Ho Chi Minh City ever since he was abandoned at a hospital as a baby, according to adoption officials. Shortly after he arrived at the orphanage, staff attempted to locate the boy’s birth parents with no success. The boy is healthy, friendly and shy, they said. He also gets along well with other children and enjoys playing soccer, the AP reports.

Vietnamese law makes it difficult for unmarried couples to adopt so Angelina is applying solo – but she and her partner, Brad Pitt, had planned for months to welcome a Vietnamese sibling for Maddox, 5, Zahara, 2, and 10-month-old Shiloh.

It was a “process that began shortly after Shiloh was born in May,” a source  shared.

Wow! Congratulations!



  1. MELANIE says


    I DID

  2. Blurb says

    My dear Jean Bradley, I am neither ignorant nor uncouth and my husband and I have spent more on charity than we can reasonably afford but we spend it because we feel it is something we must do because if I can sit here and type on a computer with a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear than I am wealthier than most of the people in just about any third world country you can point to. In addition, although we do not have the resources to adopt children in other countries, we sponsor children in other countries which I have to tell you is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying thing one could ever do. I believe that the clergy where I worship, however, are among the most compassionate and loving people on the planet, however, not Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They are good people, however.

  3. Jean Bradley says

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are the most compassionate and loving people ever to set foot on this planet. How dare you ignorant, uncouth people who have, probably, not done
    anything for the good of anyone criticize them.
    I love them for what they are doing . May they be successful in all of their undertakings.

  4. oriana says

    My thoughts exactly! And surely Brad’s parents, mother for sure, has wondered about her and seen a change in Brad since he has been involved with her. Brad was raised with a stable family that put down roots, I am sure they even took him to church a few times at least, I wonder if any of these children will ever be taken to any type of Sunday school or even stay in one place, long enough to play sports or join in any clubs or groups that young kids enjoy, and benefit from, maybe they will have tutors all their lives, who knows?

  5. Blurb says

    You know, Oriana, I never thought of that! What if Brad’s mother or father or brother DOES do something that pisses of Angelina. She does cut people out of her life without a backward look. I have a feeling if that relationship goes sour it’ll be based on something like that. Brad is very strongly family oriented and will not stand for that!

  6. oriana says

    Does Angie’s brother have any children? Has he ever been married?

    If Brad’s mother or father ever do or say anything that she doesn’t like I wonder if she would have the nerve to try to alienate (think I spelled that wrong) them from Shiloh also?

    Hopefully Brad will grow a Spine and stand up to her on that issue!

  7. Blurb says

    I’ve read that Brad has tried his best to encourage Angelina to make peace with her father, not only for her sake but for the sake of their children so that they have another grandfather to love and to love them. Unfortunately, she will not move on that decision. Pretty sad for all concerned. Especially Angelina, I think.

  8. oriana says

    Why does someone have to be labeled a “hater” just because they are not big fans and voice their opinions and concerns? I really think there are some fanatics on here about Angelina Jolie!

    I am certainly not a big fan of Jennifer Anniston either but I don’t see the need for all the name calling and insults.

    NO one held a gun to Brad’s head to stay with her for as long as he did just like no one is holding a gun to make him stay with Angelina.

  9. oriana says

    I think that Jon Voight would be a proud loving grandfather not only to Shiloh, whom he would adore and looks just like him, but I also think he would be good to all the kids and care for them. I think he was aware of her emotional problems and knew she needed professional help, she turned on him and has appeared to be very cold and final towards cutting him out of her life, he may have done some things that hurt her and disappointed her in her lifetime, but she has not been an Angel and has made mistakes.

    If she is the loving kind person so many say she is, and to her adopted children I am sure she is, but to everyone else, she would have forgiveness and tolerance in her heart for her father.

    Again, just my opinion and thoughts on the subject.

    I definately think her children are missing out on not knowing their grandfather and Brad obviously doesn’t have any say so about it.

  10. Blurb says

    Oriana, it doesn’t seem like Angelina trusted anyone enough to really open up. Personally, I don’t understand how a person can have a real relationship with another human being and create a family without trust. How will she teach her children to form adult relationships when they grown up if she can’t teach them about trust? She really has to get her own head straight or she’ll never be a really good mother. And the thing that bothers me most is how easily she can cut people out of her life without a look back – most notably, her father. I think she’s cheating her children out of a really precious relationship there.

  11. oriana says

    Blurb, I wonder if Angie’s mother could see that she had the empty void inside of her and appeared to be needy to her? Surely she was aware of it, I wonder if she ever talked to her about it? I am sure she was very happy she had Brad and the kids in her life, for the children, at least the adopted ones, brought her much happiness. She did make the statement that she didn’t trust anyone, not her mother or Brad, I just wonder if Brad and her mother ever encouraged her to talk her issues over with a professional that may could help her?

  12. Blurb says

    I was just wondering…….Why did Angie have to change her latest acquisition’s name? It’s hard enough on this child to take him away from the only home he’s ever known (orphanage or not it’s still the only home he’s ever known), to a place he’s never seen, where everyone looks different, & where he can’t communicate because he doesn’t speak English? And now she’s taken away the very last thing that was familiar to him — his name! Did she really have to do that??

  13. Blurb says

    Hey, Bob, (#100) – What have you got against Jennifer Aniston? Has she done you wrong in some way? Brad dumped her; why don’t you cut her some slack? She’s not the adulterous party here, you know.

  14. Blurb says

    Thanks, Oriana – I didn’t get those degrees in psychology for nothing. Sometimes they really do help me see things from different angles. Angie seems really needy. Again, whatever comments I offer on this site are just my opinion.

  15. Blurb says

    Maybe Brad will be able to convince Angie to have another biological child so Shiloh will have someone to commiserate with as she gets older – you know, another rich, white, privileged blob whose ignored by her mother for being uninteresting.

  16. Blurb says

    How the hell do we know how much time Angelina spends with her children? Well CyberKitten38 , Angelina would have to be HOME to spend time with her children and she hardly ever is, is she!! So one can assume very easily that she hardly spends any time with her children. Thank heavens for Grandma Pitt because Angie won’t let Grandpa Voight have the pleasure of lending a hand with his grandchildren (and, conversely, she won’t let her children have the special pleasure of knowing their grandfather!). The woman has issues & she needs a shrink!

  17. Blurb says

    I don’t think Angie adopts kids for attention, I think she’s trying to fill an emptiness in herself that can’t be filled and I think it’s because she locks everyone out. She only looks happiest when she’s adopting a new kid – it seems to make her feel good but then it wears off and she has to go and adopt a new one to get that feeling again. She needs a good psychiatrist. Just my opinion.

  18. Blurb says

    Carleigh, Minnie’s post was tongue-in-cheek, not serious! I can’t believe you thought she was serious!

  19. tasia112 says

    all ya haters thats why you guys talk about people.angie can take it she better she adopted all those kids she should give birth to her own kids not to be mean just sayin

  20. BOB says


  21. jen says


  22. Paula says

    Neil, I’m 47 years old I have two grown sons, one of which is in Iraq at this moment. I come here for diversion.
    #85 I think Jen was really suprised about Brad wanting out of the marriage if we believe what we read.
    But you are right, no one knows what happened. The negative people could be right or the positive people could be right. We can all assume, but I in my opinion it still has affair on it. So you say who cares, you must because you keep posting!

  23. neil says

    Granny, I’m not sure I understand but, welcome. I just come to these places to have a little input into stories I’m interested in.

  24. Granny says

    #88 That’s Shiloh. The same grey outfit that she wore in the People pics, and Angelina’s bra strap is making me tug at mine as when I saw it in the magazine. Also, she now has the new tattoo of latitude and longitude added for Shiloh.

  25. Granny says

    #90 Nell, I’m 52, mother of three and grandmother of three. I am retired from Federal Prison employment. I add this information because I thought that I would be a really rigid, hard person compared to others at this stage of life which is why I started coming here. To see if I needed mellowing. But from some of what I read I think maybe I’m mellow enough.

  26. neil says

    I’d like to know the average age of the readers here because many of the comments I’ve read don’t reflect well on those makeing some very silly comments. Many of you sound like clucking hens disaproving this, snickering at that. Not attractive at all.

  27. dori says

    Maddox and Zahara don’t need children like themselves for friends they need a mother thta’s actually available to love and nuture them.
    I repeat I don’t believe her intentions are honorable. She’s collecting children like souveniers and then adopting playmates for them to play with because thats much easier then actually acting like a mother.

  28. Elaine says

    Regarding the 3 week time scale for the adoption, a vietnamese official was quoted as saying they got the request to adopt from AJ at the beginning of March.

  29. says

    No one knows what happened with Brad and Jen. But there actions on Mr. and Mrs Smith were questionable. And so was the timing of when she got preggers. And some people do believe a marriage is still sacred.

  30. traveller says

    Again, people being negative on assumptions. Why does everyone assume that Brad is the one that instigated the divorce? Maybe it was Jen that was unhappy and said she wanted out. Maybe Brad and Angelina got together because Jen had already checked out of the marriage. Maybe she told him she didn’t love him anymore and didn’t want to be married anymore and so he allowed himself to express his feelings for someone else because he pretty much knew his marriage was over. Why does everyone just assume that he was the one that wanted the marriage to end? Because he’s the man? Trust me, I’ve seen just as many women pull the “I just don’t love you anymore” card as men.

    This is my point. People hate them and are negative when no one really knows what happened. Perhaps it was Brad that wanted the marriage to end, but it could’ve just as easily been Jen. Maybe it was a mutual decision. We don’t know. No one should condemn people when they do not have the facts.

    Besides which, no one knows these people personally, so why are they so invested in their personal lives? Who cares how many kids they have. Who cares who caused the divorce and why. Brad, Angelina, and Jen are basically strangers to the people posting on this board.

  31. Sheila says

    Carleigh, you have a little too much to say on this website. You are very opinionated – borderline ignorant!

  32. amy says

    well put #74!! people like ‘carleigh’ can’t wait to jump down someone’s throat, though they don’t bother (or aren’t intellectually capable) of actually reading fully others comments…it was obvious that was posted!

  33. Paula says

    Again, I don’t think it’s racism. I think people like Heidi and Seal and they don’t like Brad and Angelina and I really think it’s because Brad was married to Jen. Whether they intended to are not a marriage was broken up and whether Angelina was pregnant sooner or later it doesn’t matter, a marriage was broken up. Brad may have been unhappy with Jen and who knows, he may have had other affairs that no one knows about. The fact is if they would have gotten together in a different manner then they might not have so many negative comments. We or most of us are adults here. Everyone knows how affairs start and that relationship has affair written all over it and the pregancy is under suspicion also. Maybe Angelina didn’t mean to get pregnant or she did but if you don’t want to get pregnant there ways not to. The fact still remains, they got together in a way that irks some people thus the negative comments.

  34. traveller says

    I’ve never been positive or negative about the Jolie-Pitts’ parenting skills. Nor have I been positive or negative on their personal lives. Why? Because I do not know them. That’s why I made the comments I did to those being negative. No one said you had to like Brad or Angelina, but to judge them without knowing them is wrong.

    Racism is being brought up because it was a comment made by Brad on why there is negativity about this adoption. He said that no one complained when they had Shiloh so soon after adopting Zahara. So, why are they complaining about this adoption so soon after Shiloh’s birth? The only difference is that this child is adopted and not caucasian. I brought up this comment because no one on this board dogs Heidi Klum and Seal for having a kid every year, but they certainly slam Angelina and Brad. Why? The only difference I see is that Klum and Seal have bio babies and Jolie and Pitt adopt.

  35. who cares says

    My apologies to Minnie. It’s just sometimes lately on this site, it’s hard to tell between the TRUTH and SARCASM. I re-read the post though; and I do apologize. I guess I just read the first paragraph and jumped to conclusions.

    i believe Angie and Brad to be great parents. (even though she is a homewrecker…lol)

  36. joelly says

    Why is racism being brought up? Come up with anything else but that….really, no one cares about the children’s races. I myself have never said anything negative about the kids, if anything I’ve defended them in the past to the ignorant people who do post nasty comments about them. The parents on the other hand…….let’s just not go there again, some hate them and some are blind-sided by them 😉

  37. :) says

    Funny how the ones that claim to be the college grads can miss SARCASM!!! Read Minnies post again and use your brains!!

  38. who cares says

    In regards to the comment made by “Minnie”…about how any mother that cannot committ to spending at least 8 hours a day with their children should be “banned” from being able to adopt again…WOW. Tha’s a little harsh. What about us mother’s out there that have to work 8 hours a day, just to make ends meet. I am a 33 year old mother of 3. (Aged 9, 5 and 1 1/2) I work Monday to Friday 8:00AM until 4:15AM. I don’t get home until 5:00PM. I make the most out of my time, between the house of 5:00PM and their bedtimes, which range from 7:30PM until 9:00PM. My children don’t go without…and they will NEVER feel like they’re missing out on something. Just because you’ve had babies….doesn’t mean you’re not a good MOTHER if you don’t spend every waking minute with your kids.

  39. Paula says

    From the pictures I’ve seen of him, he is very cute. He does look shy tho. It will be an adjustment for him with all the paps around all the time.

    I really think that all the negative comments are originated from the fact that some people just don’t like Angi and Brad. I for one don’t really care for them and that leads me to make negative comments. It’s not because I’m racist either. Or it could be concern over the children. But whatever it is I have to admit that the children are better off being adopted than sitting in an orphanage for long term. It will be Brad and Angi’s problems with the jeolousy between the children and everything that comes with it. I for one am glad it’s not me that is going to have the problems they will have but at the same time it will be interesting to watch how they are going to handle it.

    And please for the ones that don’t like the negative comments that are showing up on here, that is why people go to sites like this, to give opinions, negative or positive and nothing is going to change that so roll with the tide and accept the negatives with the positives. Stop getting all bent out of shape because as some of you have said the negative people don’t know Brad and Angie, but you positive people don’t know them either.

  40. Essie says

    Thank you Traveller!!! Everything you said is totally true but nobody on this blog will believe it. They have their own agenda when it comes to Angelina.

    I grew up in a family of 13 children. At one point my mother had 7 kids and the oldest was 5!!! Somehow we managed to be cuddled, kissed and loved and not one of us was neglected.

    Like Brad said, racism has a little something to do with all this criticism that Angie and Brad are receiving. I’m so happy they are managing to ignore the critics.

    That little boy is adorable!!!

  41. traveller says

    Apparently, Jolie is in Vietnam with all of her children to pick up her new son. So, all of you complaining about her leaving her kids to go get the new one, you’re wrong.

  42. joelly says

    I feel sorry for the new kid, if he is already shy think of how he is going to be affected by the constant attention…and I don’t mean from his mother.
    She needs to find a new hobby….here is an idea, be a mother to the children you already have Angelina!

  43. sophie says

    NONE of you people KNOW the Jolie-Pitts, and to make assumptions as to their lives is ludricrous and shows your complete ignorance.

    as for me, good for them that they are able to adpot if that’s what they wish. and that little boy who has been in the orphanage since his birth….seems he’s one lucky kid

  44. traveller says

    For God’s sake people! Not a single one of you actually know Jolie or Pitt, so how can you comment on their lives or decisions with any sort of intelligence? It really irks me that people never say negative things about Seal and Heidi Klum despite the fact that she has a baby once a year. Is it because her children are biological and not adopted? Perhaps Mr. Pitt had a point when he commented on race being an issue in people’s negativity of this adoption. More to the point, why do any of you care? These people are not your family or friends. Why are you so invested in what they do?

    A few misconceptions to be cleared up:

    1. Jolie has spent the last 2 months taking care of these children while Pitt has been filming. She has not worked at all.

    2. Jolie’s trip to Chad lasted less than a week. No different than any regular parent that leaves their child for a short business trip.

    3. This adoption was not “sped” up because they are famous. She went through the entire procedure like any other person adopting from Vietnam. How do we know this? The initial paperwork was filed right after Shiloh’s birth and is a matter of public record. That’s 10 months people, not 3 weeks. And since the wait time for an older child in Vietnam is approx. 6 to 12 months, 10 months sounds about right.

    4. For the last and final time, Jolie did not call Shiloh a blob. The interviewer called her a blob. Jolie did not say she had no feelings for Shiloh. She said she felt more compassion for Maddox and Zahara than for Shiloh because of what they survived. She didn’t say she felt no compassion for Shiloh, just more for the other two. And she said nothing about not loving her daughter.

    A final thought: My parents raised 5 kids (3 of them adopted). And we all turned out just fine. We all loved growing up in a big family and we love it even more now. I could not imagine what my life would’ve been like with only one or two siblings. It definitely would not have been as much fun. We loved being a big family so much that one of my sisters and my brother have 4 kids each. So, I applaud Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie for giving a child a chance and for giving their children the chance to be in a big family full of love, affection, sibling rivalry, noise, chaos, and everything else that makes life worth living.

  45. Lisa says

    I find it funny that I said a negative comment about Ben and jennifer Garner and with shock and dismay was told I said the WORST COMMENT EVER!!!! and look at all these awful, awful comments about Shiloh, Angelina and Maddox. What hypocrisy

  46. alicia says

    oriana, what im saying is angelina does love her children but she ignores them sometimes. because she is always so busy working in process of adopting a 3 year old boy from vietnam. but i wonder why would angelina adopt then suddenly got pregnant with human being inside of her body then she go ahead and adopt other child. wonder she loves her children and her adopted children too?
    by the way, i do make things puzzle to get people to figure it out by themselves sorryy

  47. Jessica says

    To those of you who say that Shiloh is ugly, shame on you. She is a baby for heaven’s sake, I have NEVER seen an ugly baby. I think it is just pure jealousy about AJ who’s managed to make millions instead of sitting here posting spiteful comments about how ugly a baby is.

  48. resi says

    I didn’t know that you all were so close to Angelina, or how else could you possibly know how much time she spents with her kids? How often she hugs and kisses Shiloh! Got people get a life. You have absolutely no idea what is going on in this family so you better stop these stupid speculations.

    I think it is great that Angelina and Brad give a not so blessed child the opporunity for a better life. The boy’s life will make an extreme U-turn. He is able to go to school, he will have siblings and parents who love him.

    And I don’t think Angelina is only doing it for media attention. She does it because she wants it. Maybe she should have waited a little time before adopting again, but she has her heart at the right place. And as far as I imagine Brad and Angelina give all their children unlimited love.

  49. Elaine says

    While I do think that AJ is sincere in her desire to help children by adopting them, and I respect her desire to have a big family, she does seem to “show off” what a humanitarian she is by doing so. There are other celebs who manage to adopt without all the fuss that surrounds AJ – eg Meg Ryan and Ewan McGregor. Also she does seem to expect that the countries in question should be very grateful to her and speed up the process. I remember reading an interview with her about her plans to adopt a russian child called Gleb, but it never happened and according to a newspaper report he remained in an orphanage, although a British couple were interested in adopting him. It appears that the adoption process in Russia takes months – was she not prepared to wait, I wonder? As a result it looks like she basically abandoned him even though she could have helped his situation by supporting him financially. If she had really wanted Gleb she would have waited – after all she and Brad had to wait 9 months for Shilo to appear! It does make me wonder about why she is doing this, and I also wonder how the Vietnam authorities can be sure she is the right person to adopt this particular child if the whole process has taken less than 3 weeks to complete. According to the BBC website she has picked up the child and could be taking him home by the weekend.

  50. donna says

    His name is Pax Thien Jolie,
    well that is how they named them.
    He is shy but a good playmade for maddox.

  51. crayola says

    ha ha ha that is so true. why the fuck would you put your name as chichi are you infatuated with tits. next time you’ll probably put cola or nargas ( ass) or chon (vagina). you are sick that baby is beautiful. and by the way when is angie gonna adopt a mexican there is baby mexicans that need a home, or they are not good enough for her. i herd she wanted to adopt from all ethnicities. i read she wanted a rainbow of children.

  52. MommyDearest says

    #49…ChiChi. Nice name! Suits you well. “ChiChi” is Spanish slang for “tit” or “breast”. After a comment like that, you are definetly a Big Boob!

    Do me a favor (if you’re brave enough), go over to “Hellorazzi” and post a picture of your child and let us call it an “ugly rat”. See how you like it, you big boob!

    Oh and by the way, if Shiloh’s picture is “traumatizing” (with a “z”, not “s”) you so much, don’t look at it! It’s people like you that is ruining this site!

    I look forward to seeing your “ugly rat” on Hellorazzi soon. You got the mouth, but do you got the guts, Boob?

  53. chichi says

    Shiloh actually looks like a rat in that picture, and not a pretty rat! They should have shown her when she was a little older.

    Webmistress can you take down that picture. It is traumatising us.

  54. Willow says

    I feel sorry for little Shiloh, I remember when AJ made those comments about her being a little blob and that she was born into money. AJ should realize people are going to judge her more regarding her looks and probably only on her looks I mean read some of your comments its just sad she is just a baby and a very cute one at that.

  55. says

    Do you really think an adoption agency would allow a child to leave its orphanage to be with a mother who will use him as a toy and leave him regularly to “get attention”?? Regardless of what country it is, there are strict laws that must be maintained in order for a person to adopt, and, just like Madonna, Angelina must have gone through a similar process. If there is one person here who thinks this child would be better off in that orphanage, you are kidding yourself. THINK about his little life, and realize that you are NOT privy to nearly as much info about Brad and Angelina as you’d like to think you are. Any child rescued from a life of uncertainty, rejection and loneliness is going to a better place.

  56. hailey says

    i can’t believe what angelina said about Shilo, how she doesn’t feel for her because she never had to struggle, that she was born into money, and thats she’s a blob??? what kind of mother says these things about her own child??What an idiot!!

  57. Sara says

    I am in the US Air Force and have lived in Japan and Korea for many years. There are unbelievable amounts of children in orphanages in Asia it makes one sad. Many are sold to prostitution rings, many are run-aways that sell drugs to keep alive on the streets. I feel if God brings a child into someones home, (however many children are there), and if they can honestly provide for them, then they have a much better chance in the long run. I’m sure it happens in America as well…..I’ve just personally lived it being overseas.

  58. Bea says

    Vietnam, they even did not wear helmets so that we see them. Now tell me. Why vietnam? Why this child in particular? Is she taking all children in the orphage? That orphage I have seen seems very nice, why not just give it money and supervise it since children are going to remain there anyway.

    I will tell you why. Adoption is her tramp card and lasting legacy that she wants to obliterate her sins. She in for a shock! WE DON’T BUY IT!

    Shiloh looked ‘f’ ing scary in that picture. That is why am running to quit the thread! She looks like a BUSH BABY!

  59. Bea says

    This is really something for attention and for those who can’t see that am sorry! All those trips with Brad, they want to be seen and recognised and loved and fawned over. Remmber on the bike in

  60. Kenisha says

    I dont know Angelina Jolie like most ppl on this blog. That does not mean that she is an unfit mother to the children that she does not have. We see a picture every couple of days. Most times she is with her children or Brad. Shes no Britney out every nite without a member of her family. Her children live a sensational life, they have parents, bodyguards, grandparents and nannies that take care of them and love them.
    We are we some ppl who flock to sites like this to look at their pics, myseld included to judge wether or not she should have another child. She is helpin the world, thats a lot better than most of us can ever do.

    Im sure that if these ppl could go outside to just walk around with their kids, we would see them outside more with them

    Angelina and Brad with the kidsat a Paris amusement park
    Angelina and Brad with the kidsat a playground in Vietnam.
    Angelina and Brad with the kids walkin to the bakery.
    Angelina and Brad with the kids in Namibia
    Angelina and Brad with the kids in the desert
    Angelina and Brad with the kids in NO
    Angelina and Brad with the kids in a rickshaw
    Angelina and Brad with the kids going shopping
    Angelina and Brad with the kids in Calgarys Science Center
    Angelina and Brad with the kids in West Ed Mall

    Im sure that if these ppl could go outside to just walk around with their kids, we would see them outside more with them

    Weve all seen the pics!!

  61. :) says

    Carleigh, I think Minnie was being sarcastic….I think. But that went over your head beings you couldn’t wait to defend AJ.

    AJ in my opinion needs and craves the attention and she’s got the money to donate to orphanges to speed up the delivery of a child when it usually takes years for any normal person to adopt. Has anyone ever watch Nanny 911? It seems the people with the most kids are always having the most trouble with them. Too many kids and not enough time for all of them. Of course AJ won’t have that problem since she’ll have nannies to take over when she’s tired. She’ll soon have her own little daycare going on there. She keeps adopting all those children it’ll be like they’ll still be in an orphanage vieing for the attention of the head mistress. And Gawd, Shiloh wasn’t cute as a newborn. She looks too much like Brad.

  62. TEA says

    You people are mean!! You all have no idea what their life is like, or how they feel about anything, yet you all pretend you do, then you go and say nasty things about babies. If anyone said anything like you people say about my child I would knock them flat.

    I truly love the ones that blame Angelina for Brad and Jennifers break up.. really who made the choice? who was the one who was married? It wasn’t Angelina, so why is it her fault? Even if she did everything she could to get Brad, it was still HIS choice and that was so long ago get over it.

    Angelina may be the perfect mother, or maybe not, Who knows, but I am sure she is better than most, she at least can teach them compassion, I wonder how many of you nasty people can do that? Who are you to judge?

  63. oriana says

    Just saw yet another picture of her hugging and kissing Maddox, certainly isn’t an effort for her to show affection to him just like she does Zahara, only have seen one picture of her with Shiloh like that, that wasn’t staged to be sold to magazines, yes, no doubt, this new child will be showered with love, affection and attention from her. She has no problems at all with being Mommy to her adopted kids.

    Absolutely no child needs to be coddled all day, and surely she does coddle Shiloh sometimes behind closed doors if for no other reason than to pacify Brad.

  64. CyberKitten38 says

    And just ya’s feel the same way about ANY family with more than 2-3 children? Or is it just because it’s Angelina & Brad???

  65. CyberKitten38 says

    How the hell do u ppl know how much time Angelina spends with her children? Jeez do ya sit outside her house(es) and watch her constantly? This really irks me when i read it! U really have NO CLUE what she does with her kids! How do u know she isn’t lying and snuggling with them in bed at night? Frig that’s annoying!
    And also..ANATOMY101 ppl..she does have TWO arms..which r plenty big to snuggle with TWO children at a time..and so does Brad! A child doesn’t need to be coddled ALL DAY LONG!

  66. Fancy says

    As usual Radio Free Granny is the voice of rationality.
    Thank you once again Granny for putting it so well.
    I think minnie was being facetious, at least I hope she was.

  67. Granny says

    Two or more children guarantees rivalry. Normal. Teaches them to get along with others.

    If only mothers who could guarantee 8 or more hours aday with a child could have them, we would have a real shortage of young since most of us have to work.

    How many children is too many to bear or adopt? Maybe for some the answer is one, for others with resources many more. These people have the resources that most of us working moms didn’t. They can probably pull off having more. They also don’t have many of our responsibilities that would get in the way such as housekeeping, meals, laundry or a regular 9-5/24-7 job.

    The Shiloh pics were sold to People mag. by trequiring People to make a donation to charity. There has been other celebrities doing the same since that example. We want the pics, the charity gets the money ‘ win- win situation.

    And is a loving Nanny so bad? We had a day-care. I would have loved to provide a single loving Nanny who could devote her full attention to my kids. But again, my kids and others survived on alternate childcare, and most thrived.

    A brother for Maddox, and sister for Zahara. How many times have I heard that someone I knew was having another child hoping for that elusive boy or girl, or just because they missed having a baby in the house. We grow our families for many different reasons.

  68. oriana says

    Alicia, you sound like a nice person, but your comment doesn’t make any sense to me and is puzzling, ignoring her children but loves them in her heart? To me any mother that really loves her children doesn’t ignore them.

  69. Alicia says

    shiloh is cute no matter what, what if someone sees ur child and say something really mean and hurtful things? who cares, she paid alot of moneys for charities, adoptions look at her, she loves her children no wonder. and yet, she is a first time mother to her and brad pitt biological child. real pregnancy, real same blood. gosh when will you guys ever respect her? she may be ignoring her children, but she loves them in her heart!!!!

  70. Pia says

    # 27 and 29 too true what she is trying to prove . Definitely the new adiction is adopting she is really a nut case. How long Brad is going to put up with this?

  71. Clare says

    I really do not doubt that a nanny is better than an orphage any day. But I think Angelina enjoys all the publicity she gets from these adoptions. She could have done this very quitely. She even has the money to ensure that this child arrived at her door step without all this hoopla.

    Every star loves fame and she is enjoying this. It is her new heroin. My worry is that from her recent interview, especially the one in newsweek, She seems a deeply sad person fighting demons. Her affair with Brad also makes me think that she like all the attention since she knew from the speculation while filming Mr and Mrs Smith that anything between them would generate so much publicty but she went ahead and started an affair with him and got preggers within weeks.

    She also went all the way to Namibia and all their steps were as documented as Howard Sterns mourning for ANS. They even posed for pictures on two occassions which they sold to the press for money. I mean if Katie Holmes could give birth from the US when she was more hounded than Angelina, and her pregnant pictures were more priced than Angelina’s am sure all that Namibia circus was for attention.

    She likes attention and she is getting it. But every thing has an ugly side even if it is a kind gesture. Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter slept with her boyfie Woody Allen. Angelina be ready, the ugly side to all this will come!!!!!

  72. oriana says

    This child will be blessed and will have a better chance at a good education, a home environment and will be loved, much more than raised in the Orphanage. She as already proven she does and can love and cherish an adopted child, she stated she felt it was her “calling in life” to help these innocent children.

    It is obvious she wanted a playmate for Maddox, and now he will have one, a brother for him, later on I am sure a sister for Zahara, and of course she won’t be Caucasian, since Angie stated Shiloh would have her and Brad to look at.

    I really don’t think she is doing this for the media attention, I think at heart, it is for Maddox, look how she has him over there with her to meet the little tyke and bond with him, and I hope they do so quickly.

    Zahara of course will be jealous and a spoiled brat about it if she doesn’t get her share, more than her share of all the attention, but if the child is older, then he will be walking with Maddox, or carried by a bodyguard, for Zahara will be in the stroller beside Shiloh like is a small baby, which she isn’t.

    As for her being able to care for four children, please, she has millions! She can hire a Nanny for each child and do you really think she does the cooking, cleaning, laundry and the chores? We could only be so lucky! In her position, and poor stupid henpecked Brad, she can adopt ten kids and do just fine!

    The mothers that are waitresses, work in factories, secretaries, clerks, now those are the mothers that come home after picking up thier children from school or babysitters, cook, clean, bathe, help with homework, and do 1000 things, those are the mothers we should applaud and admire! They can’t even find time to go to a movie, much less go off and make movies, so this is not a REALITY family people!

  73. dori says

    You know when I think about this I begin to feel like Angelina is a restless spirit who can’t find contentment with what she has. She seems to always be reaching beyond what she’s already got right here in her life. Does anyone else get that feeling too?

  74. MommyDearest says


    ************DON’T READ THE POST***************



    I, on the other hand, applaud her humanitarian efforts and her love for children of all races. How many of you go out of your way to help anyone other than yourselves!

  75. maggie says


  76. carleigh says

    Minnie……….your whole post has me going WTF????? Are you simply stating that ANY mother in general or just Angelina Jolie should be around their child for 8 hours per day??? What era are you living in? These days it takes TWO incomes to provide for an average family and in most cases it is financially impossible for any mother to stay home and spend her whole day devoted solely to her child. I feel pangs of guilt enough about going to school and working and trying my best to raise my two girls and provide for my family w/o having to bear more guilt because I can’t spend as much time as I would like with them. We make the most out of the time we do have together and my kids know that I am sacrificing now so that we will ALL have a better life in the very near future, so does that make me a bad mother, bad example or neglectful to my kids???? If so, why do you think so? Would it be better if I just simply said “Oh, I give up on my goals and live off of welfare and stay home with my kids 24/7!” Then I’d be a statistic and so would my children. BUT the point is that AJ can and does have the money, time, desire and means to support herself w/o Brad in the picture, she gives to charity and is active with the UNHC campaign, she regularly endows charities with a portion of her movie salary, so now she is focusing entirely on her children and charities. A woman can still be a mother and have an existence outside of that role. A woman can and should do things to enrich herself and the lifes of her family. I don’t understand where in the world you came up with your archaic views and it’s scarey because women who think in a certain fashion have the capacity to throw the whole of womankind back into an era where we were no better than property, couldn’t vote or have a voice, thought or opinion dependant of a man…that is to me more scary than AJ adopting another child. She knows what she can handle as all women do and she has the money and means to do this so why criticize?

  77. Bea says

    She knows adoption is her fame-card and am sorry, the balance on that card is running into negatives.

  78. Jackie says

    I am glad that people are starting to get the picture of my earlier complaints about Angelina. When Katie Holmes goes to Paris for a week, every one is calling her a bad mother, but Angelina has not been with those children for a long time she was in chad, came back a day then off to Vietnam, back of r a day and then off again to Vietnam.

    With all her work and international commitments she has not time to shop for another child.

    Shiloh was so Ewwwwwwwwwww. No wonder her mother called her a blob. Look at her!

  79. Lacy says

    just wanted to add, angelina said in an interview that she wanted to have another asian child for maddox, and an african for zahara so that they could have someone to look at so they wouldn’t feel so lonely and different. she said shiloh already has her american parents to look at, probably stating she was not going to adopt an american child. wouldn’t this divide the family into ethnicities? what do you guys think? you can tell she is already following the plan by going along with this adoption.

  80. Pia says

    This is how Shiloh kooked when she was born hummmm. As for Angelina she needs help, her father was so right.

  81. Lacy says

    i congragulate her for doing this. it is good for that little boy, but i don’t think it is a good idea. i’m no doctor, but wouldn’t it start some sort of sibling rivalry between two boys? maddox is a mama’s boy as it is, he will probably get jelous because he will probably feel like someone is barking up his territory.

  82. minnie says

    Absolutley – any mother who cannot spend at least 8 hours a day with the children she already has should be sterilised and banned from adoption. Only then will she understand that is the only way to be a good mother.

    How dare this women adopt children who would otherwise live appaling lives with at least 30 kids competing for the attention of a stressed orphanage worker and make them live lives of luxury. These children she adopts will be looked after for some period during the day by a NANNY for god’s sake. They would surely be better off in an orphanage. Has she no sense? My goodness. Let’s hope she comes on here and sees sense.

    Maybe all working mothers will. Best thing for them, I say. Only father’s, like Brad, should have the right to do that.

  83. Tia says

    6. ????

    Shiloh is NOT homely! are we looking at the same baby? you’re insane, she’s a pretty baby!

    i love Angelina..i think she and Brad are awesome

  84. MissyMama says

    No one really knows how much time she spends with the 3 kids she already has. BUT, with that being said..her UN obligations, movie career and other priorities she has, already take enough time away from her mommy duties.

    I agree that she should be devoting her love and time to the 3 she has, not expanding and spreading herself even thinner.

  85. Michelle says

    Angelina is trying to receive more and more media attention. She is never home long enough to be a real mother.

  86. Tricia says

    Dori, I completely agree with you. She doesn’t really spend any time with the children she already has. What a shame. Those poor kids.

  87. dori says

    With 4 children ages 5 ..31/2… 2…and 6 months who gets held? Who gets snuggled? Even with 2 parents thats a lot of needy small babies to comfort all at once. What kind of stroller do they have for 3 babies? Any Zahara already looks like she’s angry all the time. Oh boy is she going to love this kid!!!
    I don’t understand this woman and don’t know if I care to anymore. It all is beginning tool like a media attention scam. I don’t think her intentions are as honorable as they may appear to some.

  88. Janie says

    Angelina is never at home w/ the children she already has. I just don’t get it. Why would she even want to adopt more? This is all to make herself look good w/ the media.

  89. Katie says

    I saw a picture of Maddox today in People Magazine. What is up with the highlighted hair and the fingernails painted black and white? He looks terrible.

  90. Carey says

    Angelina needs to sit her ass down at home and take care of the kids she already has. She is always looking to be the center of attention!

  91. ???? says

    I did not know Shiloh was that unpretty as a baby!!!!! She looks so much better now (though she is still homely). She is just buying a playmate for maddox.

    Like they say, when a rich man wants to eat liver, they kill a whole cow. Why buy toy men when you can buy a whole live one for Maddox to play soccer with and for you to carry around like a prize to stay in the news!

  92. carleigh says

    The little boy is supposedly a three year old who was abandoned at the orphanage. I think it’s going to be great especially for Maddox to have a little brother to even out the genders in the family and it will be a whole new world for this little boy. He is very lucky to be going into such a loving familiy and I can’t wait to see pic’s of their new little guy!

  93. Paula says

    Ok. Is she adopting a 3 year old or a 6 month old? New Orleans news reported it being 6 months old.

  94. Lauren says

    Wow! She must have a lot of energy to be dealing with 4 young kids. Congrats to the little boy for finding a home.

  95. lou says

    i dont know how she copes with them, money aside, its hard work having kids, i have 3 under 5 and thats difficult enough!

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