Tori Spelling & Husband Welcome A Son!

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott welcomed their first child together, a son, on Tuesday.

Liam Aaron McDermott weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces, according to the couple’s rep. He was born in a Los Angeles hospital.

The baby’s middle name is a tribute to Tori’s late father, legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, who died in June.

“I am ready, ready, ready to meet my little man!” Tori, 33, said last month.

Tori and Dean revealed in December that they were expecting a boy. “Little boys are a ton of fun,” Tori said at the time. “We play tunes for him and watch him kick. He already loves the Dixie Chicks! We went to their concert and he kicked the whole time.”

This is the first child for Tori; Dean, 40, has a son, Jack, 8, with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace.

Dean and Tori met in the summer of 2005 while in Canada filming the TV movie Mind Over Murder and tied the knot in Fiji the following May.

The couple have already set up a nursery decorated in turquoise and chocolate brown, says Jo Gartin of Love Luck and Angels, who planned their baby shower for 50 friends last month in West Hollywood. At the event, Tori happily let her friends rub her belly. “I’ve loved being pregnant, but I’m ready to give birth,” she shared with a laugh. “I can’t wait to be a mom and hold this little baby in my arms.”

Her son arrives just as the new mother is reconciling with her own mom, Candy Spelling, after a long estrangement.

Plus, the new parents also have another baby to look after – their newly renovated bed and breakfast, Chateau La Rue, in Fallbrook, Calif., about 100 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The inn, named after Tori’s pug Mimi La Rue, also serves as the focus of the couple’s new reality show, Tori & Dean: Inn Love, debuting on the Oxygen network on March 20.




  1. Hope says

    reading all the comments…all you people sound jealous and jugemental about them.Leave them alone like all of you are so perfect. Get A Life People!!

    I’m truly happy for both of them and their new baby and happy to hear her mom and Tori are reconciled. Family means more than anything especially now.

    Good luck with B&B and many happy moments for all your FAmily Tori and Dean.

  2. Nana in NY says

    Congratulations ! Liam is beautiful. AND, when you and Dean look at each other…love spills through. As a mother, and grandmother, I’m so happy for your reconciliation with your own mother. You have one mother in this life, regarless of the differences…so embrace each other, and love with always shine through.
    Isn’t it amazing what your “own” child can do ??
    God Bless the three of you .

  3. Anne says

    Dean’s x was older than him and she had quite a mouth.
    When she was on the cooking show with her gay partner, she was rude and insulting towards him. Dean deserved better than Mary Eustace and being dumped was the best thing to happen to him. He loves Tori and I believe she will be a fantastic mother compared to a lot of big stars who are more concerned with themselves.

  4. Roxy says

    Oh my gosh, the baby only wieghed 6 pounds 6oz!!! Tori was one of the hugest preg, women i have ever seen!! I thought the baby would be close to 10 pounds as big as she was…..

  5. boo says

    Didn’t Britney Opt for C sections because she was afraid of dealing with the pain of a natural child birth??….I read somewhere that her mom had mentioned that the child birth with her and her sibs was the most excrutiating pain she’d ever been through and Britney didn’t wanna have to go through with it. Hence the reason for the C section… I dunno if thats true… but I heard it somewhere.
    The way I see it if a woman wants a Csection over Natural
    then hey go for it…. but she needs to be prepared for a long hard recovery…I don’t know from experience, but I saw my sister go through the recovery process and I had no probs recovering from both of my natural births.~*

  6. Granny says

    There is a baby, a new little innocent person in the house. I hope for his sake life is smooth in the homel. The real world is tough enough.

  7. dori says

    I have noticed that many celebs have c sections. I wonder why that is. I remember Cher doing it on purpose as to not stretch out too much. She had pre planned C sections and everyone was apalled by her admitting they were done for the sole purpose of maintaining her own body.

  8. *************** says

    my horse just gave birth and i am so happy. now i can breath easy, i thaught it was gonna be hard on her but of course they had to cut her open because the baby’s head was big like hers.

  9. Monica says

    Blah, Blah, Blah – who cares about those 2. What have they every done anyway? Tori is riding on her dead daddy’s coat tails. Her mother doesn’t talk to her because she is disgusted w/ her behavior. The only reason she may talk to her now is because of her new grandson. Please make Tori and Dean go away!!!

  10. Annie says

    Joelly, I could not have said it any better. I totally agree with you. Those two are not to be trusted!-

  11. joelly says

    Dean should be more attentive to his 8 yr old son!! Tori seems the like selfish type of woman who could never be a good stepmother….she has the “me, me, me” syndrome and I don’t think she could stand sharing her husband with his ex-family.
    Dean looks like he could be sly, kind of reminds me of Howard K Stern.

  12. dori says

    Congrats to them both on the birth of thier baby boy!
    And for all you 12 year olds in here carrying on with foul language and angry attitudes, why don’t you find a website better suited to your own age group? You don’t belong in here with mature intelligent women, mothers and grandmothers. Take your ugly attitudes and language elsewhere someplace people your own age who can appreciate that kind of garbage ok?

  13. Lauren says

    Congratulations Tori and Dean! I’m sure Aaron Spelling is looking down upon them and blessing them a lifetime of joy and happiness.

  14. Carole Danielle says

    Dean is so attentive with Tori, always holding her hand.
    He looks like such a good guy.
    I am sure they will be very happy with their baby boy. Tori has never been happier.

  15. ShiftingSands says

    I don’t understand why some people make it seem like if too people aren’t happy they have to stay together. I’m not okay with people leaving each other for others but some times things happen and it’s a matter for those people to take care of, not the whole world………..

  16. Janie says

    I just dont’ get why everyone likes these two so much. They are nobody’s who had affairs on their spouses. They are not very nice people. Tori is constantly looking for attention. She is only famous because of her father. People give her too much credit.

  17. joelly says

    Also, with their relationship being so publicized you would think at some point they would be photographed with his son (Tori’s stepson) unless of course Dean walked away from his wife AND child…..even more outstanding of him! Great job, especially if his son is being exposed (along with the rest of us) to seeing how wonderful his life with Tori and the new son is??? Hopefully his mother is shielding him from these two as much as humanly possible.

  18. Eileen says

    Tori walked out on her marriage to have an affair w/ Dean. She is a terrible person. Why does everyone give her so much credit? This society is so messed up!!!

  19. Cindy says

    Why does everyone waste their time being so enamored by these two morons. They are “D” listers. Tori has absolutely no talent and she is an adultress!!!

  20. joelly says

    Really, who cares….why is she even considered a celebrity? Beverly Hills 90210?? She has used her father’s death and pregnancy to gain publicity, WOW.

  21. Kathy says

    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were both married to other people when they had an affair. There are both idiots!!

  22. Essie says

    Team Spelling, how to YOU know she’ll make a “great mother”? You don’t know any more about her than anybody else on this board. So, please don’t tell anybody to shut up!!! We all have our opinions and can express them.

    Tori Spelling is an ugly adultress; a C list “celebrity” who has played this pregnancy and her estrangement from her mother for all it’s worth. However, it still couldn’t get her any parts in movies or make her the least bit pretty. As for Dean . . . he’s even worse. He left his wife and VERY SMALL children for this supposedly rich woman. That makes him as bad as the men that have been vilified on this board. So, why is he so “wonderful” all of a sudden?

    They are both skanks!!!

  23. Team Spelling ( aka boo) says

    And why is she bigger??? because she was pregnant, 9 mos ago she was tiny it was pregnancy that made her “fat”… does it to the best of us… BUT now she is likely going to lose all that weight in no time….She is not a “cow” Cows live in Barns and her home is most definitely not a Barn!~*

  24. Team Spelling ( aka boo) says

    Who are you to say that that baby is unlucky to have Tori as a mom, you don’t know her or anything about her… or Dean for that matter… So you need to just Simmer down and lay off the both of them and let them enjoy being parents to their child!~*

  25. says

    Finally!!!! How very exciting for them, I’m sure they are both still on Cloud nine!

    Congratulations to this new family!
    I too vote 100% vaginal birth over a caesarean, I felt amazing after my natural delivery, unlike my section which caused weeks of pain and lasting effects on my body 🙁

  26. tee says

    boo, you need to shut up before someone does that for you….i ma entitled to my opinion, and i know that Tori is a cow and still feel sorry for that baby.

  27. Maureen says

    Tori Spelling is a jerk. I happen to know her first husband. She ditched him for no good reason other than she could. I have no respect for her!

  28. Lala says

    I can bet you we will have a picture by the end of this week! OMG I hope he doesn’t look like Tori. But I guess that is wishing for the stars! Congs anyway.

  29. Team Spelling ( aka boo) says

    Hey Tee- How can I put this nicely….Please don’t speak you sound like a fool!~!!! 😀
    Anyone can see that this baby is going to be so lucky to have her as a mom… people like you need to learn to keep you mouths shut, she just gave birth for crying out loud, leave her be and let her enjoy her time as a new mom, with her husband who loves her and her Beautiful new son~*

  30. pika says

    Just yesterday I was saying to my friend…”hasn’t Tori had that baby yet?”
    I’m also partial to March 13th since it’s my son Aidan’s

  31. tee says

    feel so sorry for the poor baby, i mean who wants Tori as a mom after all. wish Dean could leave this cow!!!

  32. MommyDearest says

    Oops…I was wrong!…just read He’s reporting that it was a C-section. I don’t know the circumstances of this particular birth, but as a woman who has had both a vaginal birth (9 Lbs 9 oz.) and a C-section, I would choose a vaginal birth any day of the week!

  33. amanda says

    It said that Dean has a son Jack but doesn’t he also have a daughter named Lola, wasn’t she adopted right before he and his wife spilt. Does he consider her his child?

  34. Jacquie says

    Well Congrats they have truly seemed so excited for their Little Man! Liam is such a nice name. Tori seems so down to earth and after reading her blog I think even more so.

  35. MommyDearest says

    Yesterday, I read that Tori and her mother were in the middle of a “reconcilliation”. Yikes! I hope that didn’t put Tori into labor!

    Anyway…Congratulations! It sounds like she had this baby vaginally? (Am I right?) If so, it’s nice to a celebrity who doesn’t mind going thru labor!

    She’s been so public with her pregnancy…I don’t think that she will “hold out” on releasing pictures (like “some” people do!)

  36. Team Spelling (aka boo) says

    Oh how exciting…I’m sooooooo Happy for her and Dean…And “Liam” I do love that name… I cannot wait to see pics of this little beauty….. I hope Tori had a problem free delivery, and she and the baby are doing well.
    A Big Congrats to them, I know they will be wonderful parents.~*

  37. carleigh says

    I think she is going to make a wonderful mother and little Liam is going to be very loved. I admit I had reservations about her marrying Dean so quickly and the premis under which they met was questionable, but Tori’s enthusiasm and zest for this baby has reeled me in..I am a tori convert. I think they are going to continue being blessed and hope that they get all the love, joy and happiness in the world from their precious “little man”. Love the name, it is nice to hear a normal pronounceable, classic name, also like the idea of the tribute to her father, shame he isn’t here to meet his little namesake. But I am sure that this baby will be the healing balm that this family so much needs right now. Congrats to Tori and Dean and can’t wait to see their little one.

  38. Lacy says

    i wish her the best, i never knew about her until this website. she will probably make a wonderful mother.
    Congratulations on your baby boy!!!!! 🙂

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