Tom & Katie Take Suri To Connor's Basketball Game

Tomkat took Suri to Connor’s basketball game over the weekend at Beverly Hills High.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Suri will celebrate her first birthday next month!


  1. Libraesque says

    !!!, and what do you base your information on? Personal first hand knowledge? You’re a family member, or a close friend??
    Do you, or have you worked in the entertainment business? Because I did for almost 10 years, and most of my friends still do.
    And as far as the COS goes, I would tend to believe ex-members, who were brutalized in one way or another, who are telling their experience, over believing a secretive cult!!

  2. !!! says

    oriana, you’re making judgments now based on Libraesque’s information which are from star, enquirer magazine and anti-Scientology website??? All I can say is that you’re easily brainwashed so you should indeed stay away from the cult.

  3. oriana says

    I have to say that Tom definately appears to really love this little darling girl if he isn’t the father, and to me, she does look like him! They seem like devoted parents to me. He seems very happy and proud to have her as a daughter.

  4. Libraesque says

    Ori, anyone who tries to speak up against Scientology in the media gets the SHIT sued out of them. I believe doctors etc, see it for the cult that it is, so why bother with it. It’s peoples own free will if they want to be a Scientologist and die from AIDS by not getting proper treatment.
    They also claim to be able to cure homosexuality (John Travolta was head of this sect for a LONG long time, only recently stepping down because he’s a big ol’ homo and he’s not cured)

  5. oriana says

    Well surely as many people as there are in this world that are Scientologists, and since AIDS doesn’t respect anyone, someone of this faith has bound to have either had it or known someone that did? How can it be denied? The individuals in the medical field, surely they would have tried this “cleansing shower” to see if it worked or analysed what is in it?

    I sense another movie! And I hope Marty directs it, I want him to win another Oscar!

    Since they have a cure for AIDS such as the “shower” do they have anything to help grow new arms and legs?

  6. Libraesque says

    ORI, YES it’ s true, they believe it doesn’t exist, and yet claim you can be cured of it by some sort of cleansing shower. I’d like to see Jenna Elfman (who made the infamous comment re: AIDS) go head to head with Liz Taylor and the countless others who have spent time and energy campaigning for better care and more research funds. Not to mention the millions of people worldwide who are suffering from it, the family members who have lost loved ones, and the thousands of dedicated members of the medical community who have spent the better portion of their lives passionately and tirelessly trying to find a cure.

    Their beliefs are a travisty and extremely disrespectful to all those mentioned above.

  7. oriana says

    Is it really true that the Scientology belief is that AIDS does not exist? Is that really true? First time I ever heard it but don’t know too much about Scientology at all, have never read up on it or studied it.

  8. faci says

    #120 Libraesque, You know what you are such kind of a person that has an evil mind for katie holmes and her family. You are unbelievable and so disgusting. People like need comment on this fan site. Get lost.

  9. faci says

    #120 Libraesque, You know what you are such kind of a person that has an evil mind for katie holmes and her family. You are unbelievable and so disgusting. People like need comment on this fan site. Get lost.

  10. Libraesque says

    FACI, I don’t know why you think Katie would EVER lose Suri to TC, she isn’t biologically his, I would think his rights to her would be very limited.
    That fact should actually make all you nay-sayers really happy!!! Because if he was the biological father I would think, given his my-way-or-the-highway nature she would be living in constant fear of just that. It may actually have something legally to do with her waiting to get married until AFTER Suri was born.

    I’ll never believe that this once strict Catholic choose to have a bastard child rather than get married first

  11. Libraesque says

    Jen, shut up with your stupid prozac comments, you dumbass $cientologist
    You’re WRONG, I can make comments about Cruise being gay, etc…because I worked in entertainment law for almost 10 years, so yea, I know.

  12. Jen says

    Libraesque, you said “SO DO NOT EVER address me in that way and say things about someone you have never met or talked to or know in any way”

    If only you apply this when you talk about other posters, Tom, Katie and Suri then people might take you seriously because you too have NO idea who or what these people are personally, other than what you here in the gossip BUT you don’t so that makes you a hypocrite and childish and your language makes you sound a very disturbed person in need of some prozac.

  13. mitch says

    116. Libraesque, you know, your language is fitted for psychotic little girl, so imbecile and sososo moron

  14. Libraesque says

    #108, I love it ,someone calls me a cheater and an adulterer WHO I HAVE NEVER MET and WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ME, and then YOU call me psychotic and sick.
    You’re clearly one person posting under several usernames.
    It would be an EMBARASSMENT to comment on this board any further, you people have the collective IQ of 50. You all sound like a bunch of dreamy eyed teenagers. I guess if an actor was really cute and you were jealous of his pretty wife who gets to shop all the time and has some random persons cute little bastard baby AND he was a Satan worshipper it wouldn’t matter to any of you either. You’d still be all ga-ga and go pay money to see his movies and support his satanic cult by doing so….cuz it doesn’t matter to any of you what “religion” people belong to plus he’s really CUTE!!
    Because $cientology is NO DIFFERENT than someone who worships Satan. It’s a cult and hopefully Jackie will be there when they all drink the juice

    Ta ta kiddies

  15. Libraesque says

    Jackie , listen you CUNT, don’t you DARE say I have identity issue. Who the fuck do you think you are, you don’t KNOW me. Some homophobic 12 year old CUNT like yourself said I must have issues because I was HONEST and said I was a lesbian, and the FACT that I KNOW that TC is gay made her make that STUPID CHILDISH remark
    SO DO NOT EVER address me in that way and say things about someone you have never met or talked to or know in any way

  16. faci says

    #111 Nisa, do you think nicole kidman is really happy with her situation now?

    katie wants to be married once, she has suri with tom, her most precious possession. how would her life be if things would turn upsided down. tom wants to have the baby in his custody.

    right now tom’s household is so extended, do you think it is easy for katie to deal with the in-laws. as what i read in the magazine that they have agument regarding baby suri, when katie will be filming mad money. as everybody knows tom is so controlling, and katie is just assserting her rights.

    no matter what baby suri is the center of the universe for katie, and if things will turn out wrong she will lose baby suri, that would be the worst thing that would happen to katie.

  17. Nisa says

    Faci, #109
    Katie is no underdog! My Gawd! That girl can write the highest selling auto-biography in the history of showbiz. . If she was a self seeking hollywood tart, she could actually start a reality show if she ever left Cruise. Cruise knew the power he was giving her over him when he went bonkers. Christ!!! she is like a queen in that house hold.

    These days Cris Klein is known as Katie Holmes ex. She actually gets press coverage for events just because she was presnt with ir without Cruise. This gal is in a win -win situation if I ever saw one, so please reserve your sympathies for another person who deserves them. If she left Cruise today the world would rally behind her just as a way of getting at TC. and lets for one moment throw our cynism aside, you cannot get a man who loves you more. She has cruise around her little finger. Remember when every one was saying that Michelle Williams was in a true relationship, which will last forever? Where is she now? Engaged forever and looking more grouchy by the day. I think she struck gold IMO.

    I do not feel sorry for Katie holmes one bit and I think that your sorries are just faceticious. (the way we feel sorry for rich people and yet break our backs to make an extra buck!!!!!)

  18. Jackie says


    I read from another site that Libraesque is gay and is dealing with identity issues sho she needs a lot of sympathy. I wish we could get aphotg to sneak and get us another Suri picture. She is just so perfect. Look at her smile. I wish I was one of her nannies.

    Miapocca, if you wrote that in a tabloid, Jenna Elfman would sue your broke classless ass bankrupt.

    By the way, my friend has taken this scientology thing very seriously and she went to the centre again yesterday. So feel sorry for her before you feel sorry for me. I am still reading the literature and it is very interesting. There is some pretty good inspiring advice.

    Oh did you know that xenu is actually an evil creature and not their god? I always got the impression that he was their god!

  19. faci says

    i really noticed the difference in the looks of everybody in this picture. poor katie you are the underdog here.

  20. bebet says

    #98Libraesque, please know your self well, introspect your inner self, i think you are psychotic and sooo sick woman

  21. Year 2007 says

    wow I just been browsing through this site and all I can say is Tom and Katie must be very interesting people because from all the celeb in here their post keeps on going, and all I can say is Libraesque and Miapocca have lots of time to waste if you spend this much time on someone or something you dislike, still not sure if it Tomkat or the cult or both that is doing your head in yet. Anyway this is a baby site so lets all be polite like Miapocca said and I’ll start from next post:)

  22. Year 2007 says

    I thought Scientology was sooooo 2005/2006.
    This year even though we have our reservation about Tom and his cult its sooooooooooooooooooooooo about Suri and for me she is one good enough reason to warm up to this family so lets all appreciate this little beauty and please webmistress we’ll like to see new pics of miss little suri. Thank you

  23. Miapocaa says

    Jen …you also cannot tell me what to write on what site…please note that I do not knwo you nor address you directly…so for now I will remain polite…but be aware that you can choose to skip what otehr people write….

  24. Miapocaa says

    Jen…you apathy is interestina and can only be due to teh fact that you are ignoranton teh discussion concernign stars and scientology…its jsut amazingg how people choose to be uninformed…you can look yo the information on the scientology site itself…and see what their beleifs are..also comapre to information form previous members….

    wiht people like this no wonder scientology is getting more and more members…I guess y’all deserve each other….ubbelievable..I smell sheer ignorance on such cruise worshippers..I can only put it down to the fact that you dont bother to see through teh cruise family worshipping..taking celeb news as facts, because it printed in black and white …hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmno wonder so many are easily led…guess Ron Hubbard mucht have socialized with a lot of people like and thats how he knew it was easy to con folks…WOW..impressive ignorance

  25. Jen says

    Miapocca and Libraesque , you too are begining to sound like a broken record. We know Scientology is a cult and they believe in so many wried stuff but everyone is entitle to believe in anything they want last time I check we live in a democratic country. However even fans of Tom and Katie like myself we don’t like there believe/cult but it doesn’t mean just because we like them and their family we also like their cult. Tom has stopped shaving his religion down our throat now that he has learned his lesson to shut up about it, so please don’t come to fan and baby site and try to shove Scientology to our face. I don’t know if you’ve realized this but you’re both sounding like you are recruiting by using a negative strategy and making people find out for them self.

  26. Miapocca says

    okay just to add …Jenna Elfman was asked to contribute to a child AIDS campaign, she refused, because according to her scientology beliefs AIDS does not exist and if symptom show up the L RON Hubbard method of drinking Niacin and oil should cure you…or probably auditing and a bath……

    I wish that woman luck but if her child is born with any defect or happens to be pricked by some erstwhile HIV infected syringe, I really dont see her sitting back and feeding a child Naicin and Oil….especially since it tool her so long to concieve…………..

    I just hope that all children born to sceintology parents the are in the best of health, because their treatment o f children amounts to child abuse…kelly preston still denies that her child is Austic and goes on national tv selling the hubard way to other mothers with kids with kawasakis syndrome….she even takes some kind of quack tocicologist along , who has no formal training in toxicology other than reading Hubbards book….desperate mother with sick children who dont have a clue buy into a celeb selling them horse shit …because they are just want their babies to be better…yet some of you come on here and tell me I am strange to dare criticize people selling death to the people……………ideas that will harm CHILDREN

    I sincerely wish Suri remains in teh best of health , because it will not be pretty if she has some medical emergency…who knows that may wake that foolish child holmes up from her dream induced shopping spree life…………………

  27. Libraesque says

    #94 WHAT in the HELL are you talking about.
    Please enlighten everyone on this board and tell them where we know eachother from that would make you say such things?
    YOU’RE PSYCHOTIC and SICK, go take another auditing course!!!!

    And Mary…it’s one thing to say homosexuality is a sin, it’s another to say it’s a DISEASE that should be cured. It’s altogether another thing to say AIDS doesn’t exist, which some $cientologist believe and that it can be cured…..with a shower, which they also believe

  28. mary says

    And please educate us which religion doesn’t condemn homosexuality? As far as I know all religion say its a sin and WRONG but don’t judge!

  29. mary says

    Libraesque, you are the DUMBASS!!! YAD said Nicole hasn’t had a baby YET!! so time will tell.
    “As far as Nicole … she is already remarried , isn’t it? No babies ,yet??????”

    You’re trying to educated/brainwash Tom’s fans against him and his cult so you can at least sound like an educated gal instead of a 12 years old every time you say something about Tomkat. Your pal in bashing Miacoppa sounds much better than you.

  30. girl says

    neno, lisa and tee all of you are pathetic and so jealous, ge a life and grow up, society doesn’t need you

  31. mitch says

    #28 how dare you say suri is not cute, if she not cute there is no cute baby at all. for me baby suri is the cutest baby in hollywood.

  32. faci says

    tee #28 look whose talking, who is blind here, you have a beauty blindness syndrome. if baby suri is not cute to you, who would you think a baby could be called cute, a bald headed, a dull looking, and big headed baby? you are so disgusting. grow up and be just and fair in your comments

  33. faci says

    those negative comments about baby suri’s nose are just jealous. that’s the only very thing they can see negative about suri’s beauty, actually as a baby, she really perfect. very adorable beautiful and so smart and alert. very cute in this pose. please katie have suri dressed up more appropriately, i think she is a under dressed.

  34. Libraesque says

    OH MY GOD, “YAD” you’re commenting on NK not having a kid with Keith Urban!! They got married in June 2006 and he went to rehab in Oct 2006…you do know it’s March right, DUMBASS!!! Hey at least she’s married and when she does have a baby it won’t be a BASTARD!!!

    And to “!!!” OH PLEASE, do you know who Lisa McPherson is, EDUCATE YOURSELF. ANd I’d say believing that homosexuality is disease that can be cured is fucking CRAZY. Strange how $cientology tends to attract a lot of closeted stars…….

    And “Miacoppa” personally I’m giddy that that dumbass Jackie is going to get sucked dry by $cientology, not only of her mind and spirit but all her money, she’ll lose her family and all her friends when she learns they msut be cut out of her life if they are against Scientology. ANd all because of a poster on a website. Her life will go to shit all because she’s stubborn and trying to prove someone wrong that she doesn’t even know!!!!
    hahahahahahahaha, I LOVE it, TC fans are brainless idiots, i.e. $cientologys wet dream!!!

  35. cherisse says

    oh my God, she looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    cute. She is so adorable. Also is it me or when you look at the pic she look like Tom she even go his swop in the front of her head like Tom do.

    But truely she looks so adorable in this picture.

  36. mary says

    “pussy whipped shit like Brad Pitt ” lol. Thanks Bea for making me laugh out loud at work. That is a good one.

  37. mary says

    No new pictures of Suri yet? Hopefully we get some on the weekend. It makes my day when I see this adorable little girl.

  38. Bea. says

    !!!! #78, you have a point! Avery good point at that.

    Scientology has never inspired any mass killings like Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I am reluctant to defend it because am not big on religions but think about it, what is the difference between believing in thetans and Angels , or satan and zenu and the ludicrous creation story of let there be light-and it appeared!

    It is a choice to believe all the no sense these religions spew and unless you are held at gun point, I do not see why you have to raise your children the scientology way and then go on and on how it was wrong.

    If they took your money, your problem. That is life, why did you join and why don’t f’ing leave. Although am not a big TC fan (recently, I started warming to him because of Suri), I think he is the most unconfused person in Hollywood, he does not do drugs, smoke or drink and is ever so polite and respectiful to every one.

    Why give him shit more than pedophiles like R. Kelly or Losers like Britney or pussy whipped shit like Brad Pitt because of his beliefs. I will tell you why, this country is so obsessed with pulling down any one who seems to have it all. Which is absurdif you ask me!

    I too will go check out the scientology centre and see what the hoopla is about.

  39. !!! says

    Of course celebrities have NO RIGHT to go on national television and bash a colleague but they’re humans too and he should have never made it personal by using Brooke as an example but he can say whatever he likes about psychiatric drugs. He has realized he made a mistake about Brooke and he apologized, better late than never and Brooke has accepted it so when you certainly think he shouldn’t judge her but its ok to judge him?
    People make mistakes and they learn from it but it doesn’t mean they need to be crucified for it forever!!!

    The guy is constantly taken to task over speaking out against the doping up of our society with psychiatric drugs. Are you kidding me? In a day and age when there is prozac for dogs and mint flavored prozac for kids, criticizing a pharmaceutical industry that lobbies to make up diagnosises and get them added to the DSM just because they’ve invented? About time someone spoke up about it too.

    Celebrities have and always will try to influence us in something that means a lot to them examples are charities, politics, religion, psychiatric drugs and so on and Tom Cruise is not the first to do that and won’t be the last so get over it and don’t take it personal.

  40. !!! says

    while I’m not going to defend Scientology I will say this:
    Strip away all the Judeo-Christian centrism and Scientology is really not that much weirder than the “major” religions. At least there’s no symbolic cannibalism or vamprism. Or penis cutting…
    And again, this isn’t to defend Scientology or denigrate any other religion, just to point out the double standard in labeling Tom “batshit” for believing in it, while accepting walking on water and water to wine, wine to blog transmogrification. TomKat is not hurting anyone and in fact Scientology has a better record when it comes to religion-inspired violence historically. And I wonder what they have to say about Gay Rights…

  41. Jen says

    OH she is so cute when she smiles. You can tell she has so much love and happiness in her life and she a very alert child in all her pics.

  42. Melissa says

    Suri is sooo cute and has alot more personality than Shiloh. Katie and Jennifer Garner spend alot of time with their children. You see them do every day things with their children. I feel sorry for the Brangelina kids.

  43. Fancy says

    Miapocca, right on, right on, you go!
    You may have noticed the rather high number of posts
    that will stoop to any depth to defend these people and the COS. Fairly certain they are being made by fellow
    cult members or those with a unicorn in their backyard.
    The truth will always out. Something everyone would do well to remember.

  44. Jackie says

    Miapocca, I do not know you but before I visited the scientology centre, I only heard about it from the media and TC. I too thought it was a bad cult till I noticed you were trashing it a lot. When I was passing their centre, I got intrigued and yes I have visited their site too. They have some great Ideas. My friend was really impressed. I am not one for organised religion but it is worth checking it out.

    I thought, Mmmmmmm may be people like Miappoca can help spread some of the good ideas scientology has by talking about it they generate interest in it. I am still debating whether to take the first course or not. They have a lot of literature.

    Atleast I did not find it as strange as you potray it and no one forces anyone to do anything.

  45. yad says

    As far as Nicole … she is already remarried , isn’t it? No babies ,yet?????? how NOOOOT strange ! She maybe fertile like a stone !!! As far as Mimi Rogers … Tom was her second husband : with her first hubby( Jim Rogers) she had no kids! She had 2 children with her third man … STOP BASHING TOM KATIE & BABY SURI and fuck the haters!!!!

  46. Miapocaa says

    Great I said scientology does on e good deed…to take all non-thinking losers who have little to offer soceity and sector them ….let me know when the OT Courses,lead to bankruptcy…you might have a lot to share when deprogramming becomes neccesary

    You dont even know me, I make no comment against you and yet you want ot rebel agianst me… wierdo….thank Zenu scientology is there for you….!!!

    Maybe you should read some more on their website then contrast what past members have to say…/now thats an informed choice, not some half backed rebellion ….I have never in my life heard such foolishness as I have on this partiuclar TOMKAT site…hahahhaha

  47. Jackie says

    Libraesque and Miapocca, last week I passing the scientology centre at Tottenham Court road in London with my friend and I decided to pop in just to annoy you losers who think you are achieving anything by trashing TC. Actually it is your posts that made me so fascinated so when I saw I decided to check it out. It is not so bad.

    Unless they sign their own visitors book, I think quite a number of people are warming to this so called cult. Infact I will be visiting it again to learn more.

    I got the impression they are not as weird as you would like us to believe. The irony is that you guys especially Miapocca were the reason I decided to visit it in the first place.

    I am not sure your scientology is a cult campaign is working!!!!!

  48. Libraesque says

    Mary, get real, celebrities have NO RIGHT to go on national television and bash a collegue regarding something they have NO experience with, then bashing the ENTIRE medical community. SO no, you’re wrong

  49. Libraesque says

    KT, you’re a joke, really. you said ”
    Katie would have to agree to such ridiculousness. ”

    Lets see here, considering she was raised Catholic, and announced she would remain a virgin til she was married, then got knocked up, shacked up for 17 months, then had a bastard child, I’d say she’s clearly proven that she would stoop to any level to get that cash, even if it meant being artifically inseminated, don’t you think?

    Also, it’s pretty well known in HW that Nicole had an affair and got pregnant. She had a contract marriage with Cruise, just like KH. She aborted to try to continue the marriage through the end of the contract period so she could get paid.
    She did not miscarry. Then Tom walked out on her.

  50. mary says

    Miapocca , so much for you education!! You’re at a baby site trashing someone you don’t know based on gossips with no facts. Get a Life!!!
    Cult or no cult its not your or anybodys place to judge someone so harsly calling them name like you doing specially since you sound like you probably are religious and if you’re then you should read your bible again, only God can judge us,
    “judge not, you shell not be judge, condemn not, and you shall not be condemned, pardon, and you shall be pardoned” but this probably means nothing to you because you seem to have a personal agenda against Tomkat and its nothing to do with their cult as you trying to make this to be. I for one don’t agree with their believes but they’re humans after all and this is the “free world” and they can be or do or believe in anything they want, and I personally would never call another person including celebrities( who are humans too) whose business I don’t know names of all sort to make myself feel better or to make it sound like I know better.

    FYI I’m catholic

  51. Miapocca says

    Okay people, please note..we are all entitled to our long as this prick midget is tramping around as publicity for the CUlt, I will voice my opinions…if you a re being paid 2$/hr to come here and slam me, then you need to rethink your affiliation with the cult.

    Concerning law cases: One you think OJ Simpson is guilty? then why the heck is he walking around Miami living it up???

    Finally, some comments show extremely limited knowledge of anything in life and to those people I say make an effort to educate yourselves especially concerning Freedom of speech.

    As long as I know I have not insulted anyone who comes on here and leaves supporting messages for these whackos, because I realise you have a right to express yourself just as I do, even though your culr membership makes me wanna puke

    Infact I am grateful to scientology for recruiting some of the most mindless foolish ignorant asses on earth.
    However to those they prey on , I sincerely hope they can educate themselves enough, and have the courage to break the bonds…for following a man who is a con artist, uneducated and ostracised from any respectable establishment is suicide.

    It is impossible to bring up this family without a host of questions coming up..for any normal non scientologist.
    Tom Cruise was married twice to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, so bringing up some made up miscarriages from Kidman is not answering any questions posed about his sexuality, nor strange sexual practices with Mimi, nor his ability to have children, nor his sexual laison with gay men.

    Travolta has already been caught kissing his man friend, for Tom its only a matter of time!!!.
    There was an episode of “Dirt” that I believed was based on either travolta or Cruises life…………………….

    For those of you not familiar with the cult, it may all seem whack toyou, but these people actually believe this kind of shit..I only pass on the message, nto make up their core belief.s. SCIENTOLOGY IS A CULT….

  52. !!! says

    #56 Winning a libel case does prove something the newspaper was lying otherwise they would have lost the case.
    Are you an expert on the law now? you can at least try…hehehe
    You’re saying the law doesn’t prove anything and yet you believe stories that are coming out of page 6 and national enquirer magazine??? I’m amazed how people like you think they can say anything about others and everybody will believe you… You should definitely apply for a job at the National Enquirer with the amount of crap you come up with.

  53. Helen says

    Miapocca, and Libraesque stop stalking Tom and Katie on every website they’re in including fan website. What is wrong with you? At least I’m a fan and I like to keep up with them. what is your reason? It can’t be because you don’t like them because how can you be searching for them if you feel that way all I can think of is you’re jealous!!! They’re happy and are get in on with their life so you should get a life of your own too.

  54. Hello says

    #56 and 53 are the same people check.
    Nicole kidman was not infertile she had 2 miscarrages check your fact first!!!! She just can’t carry a child full term.

  55. Miapocca says

    52: I am with you..I think the sperm donator is the one sitting the front row.hahahah

    Winning a libel case does not prove anything..

    As I say , one must have a hell of a luck to marry two infertile women back to back and all of a sudden voila!!! hahahahhah

    Believe what you want but this family is strange as heck and scientology only compunds it…………

  56. Karma says

    Suri is a cutiepie and there is no mistaking that. I hope they’ll have more kids just like suri and I wish them all the happiness in the world. People think about karma whenever you write nasty things about a baby and people you don’t know and from the looks of karma is on Tom and Katie’s side.

  57. ??? says

    Has in it ever crossed your minds that it might be Nicole Kidman that Can’t carry children to full term. It makes sense since she is the one with no biological child as yet.

    “Today, people can say anything they want. Suddenly it gets in the rumor mill and then it evolves and then somehow it becomes fact and you say, What is this? You know, why don’t you ask me?” Tom Cruise

  58. resi says

    Scientology should use this pic as ad!

    You can say what you want – but I still do not believe that it is TC’s baby. Sorry! I think TC has more little dirty secrets as everybody thinks

  59. Jen says

    Tom is not a sterile and that is a fact because in 1998, he had sued over an article in the Express on Sunday Magazine which alleged that he, who together with his wife has adopted two children, was impotent and sterile among other things they printed. Tom and Nicole won the libel case and Express Newspapers apologized for the article and is believed to have paid damages in excess of £100,000 to each of the two actors and their legal costs of £150,000. For him to win he had to prove he is not sterile!!!! You guys can google it its online!!!

    Here is a quote from BBC…

    Outside the court, Cruise said: “I don’t take a whole lot of pleasure in being here today. It is the last recourse against those that published vicious lies about me and my family.

    “I have to protect them. This was certainly not about money. Every penny of this very substantial sum will be donated to charities.”

  60. says

    She’s so cute and I think she looks a lot like her mom, not her dad as much., but a mixture.
    I know there was speculation about Tom’s ability to have kids back when he was with Nicole, but did you know science has made many things possible since then? ! There is a procedure couples can do that only requires the man have one good sperm, as opposed to the typical 10 billion they usually have, and a baby can be made. I am positive this procedure was not available that many years ago, but it could be what they did. It’s his baby.

  61. Jackie says

    I am not one for kids but when I saw Suri in this picture, I found my self smiling. She is going to be mischievous!

  62. oriana says

    She is very cute but she does have Tom’s nose, and is his Mother ALWAYS with them, most of the pictures she is there even when Tom isn’t? This baby does laugh and seems to have a great personality, like Violet!

  63. Kiki says

    Kt you are right.

    In hollywood, a rumour is heard so many times it starts sounding true, then it becomes the truth. Every one just assumed Tom was sterlile when he adopted two kids early in his marriage. I am happy Suri has ashamed all those who were screaming that she was not Tom’s now they are screaming how she is Tom’s cousin’s because she looks like Tom.

    Notice the losers who were insisting he was Cris Klein’s baby are the ones shouting that she has Tom’s nose. Leave them, they are at that point where they will say anytihing. Soon they will give up and go cry in silence.

    I just love her cutir smile and facial expressions. So much personality.

  64. kt says

    ladies, give up the nose. she is cute. she is little. leave her alone.
    as for the possibility that Tom’s cousin fathered Suri: seriously, that is ridiculous! why does everyone who comes up with these conspiracy theories forget that Katie would have to agree to such ridiculousness. seriously people, stop! I don’t understand the scientology thing, or any of that, but you have NO proof that Suri isn’t Tom and Katie’s biologically baby, and I have NEVER heard that Tom is sterile. don’t believe everything you read in the gossip mags. many literally make up stories, with ‘pictures’ included as ‘proof’, when in fact, the stories are entirely fabricated. if you ever wonder about the extent of that: read Queen Noor’s autobiography; she talks about all of the rumors and stories written about her and her husband, the late king of Jordan. honestly there are so many lies out there in the mags and tv and all that, you just have to be really cautious about what you believe.

  65. boo says

    You know one has serious issues when they need to pick on a baby to feel good about themselves..Wow you all are So cool!
    Leave the poor Childs Nose alone, there is nothing wrong with it, she is beautiful…END OF STORY!~*

  66. ???? says

    Suri is definitely gonna be a knocker. That cheeky smile is worth the Paps sneaking into the room. I understand other parents being angry since they did not choose to be celebs.

    More Suri please. She is my favourite too! She is so sweet and naughty!

  67. Kalista Brat says

    Awww Suri is so cute! I just love how she is giggling in this pic. She is most definitely my favorite baby! Im so jealous of Connor and Bell. They get to see her everyday. I think you need to give em a break. That pap that snuck in probably made the other parents a tad bit angry because they were distracting with their flashing bulbs. So I heard Tom had to call a cop. Besides I wouldn’t want the other parents blaming me for it. I can’t wait to see more pictures of them and beautiful carefree Suri!

  68. Gaelle says

    All of you making negative comments, what are you doing on a thread about a baby you do not like? When people go to Shilho’s you will not have anything to say, since you do the same. What a beauty definitely unique.

  69. Trish says

    OMG Suri is so cute and pretty in that dress and I love the face she is making! Katie and Tom look annoyed cause of the pap that snuck in to the gym. I wish I could see better quality pics of Suri’s face, hopefully soon! I love these people!

  70. dori says

    tee little miss hateful angry and jealous you are laughable! Thats a gorgeous baby with lots of personality.
    Pray someday when you grow up your children will be so beautiful.

  71. Lauren says

    Suri is a gorgeous little girl. She resembles Tom a lot more now that she’s older. It’s nice to see that TomKat are finally bringing her out in the open. She is just 2 cute.

  72. Lisa says

    I made one of the nose remarks earlier, and no I am not jealous, my daughter is an absolutely beautiful 8 yr old and was a striking baby. She had a full head of hair upon birth with violet eyes til about 4 months…then they settled into beautiful blue eyes. Oh yeah, she has had a bitty button nose too. still does. So, my observations of Suri’s nose in the last 3-4 pictures I,ve seen are just honest!!!!

  73. Libraesque says

    #21 Jen, it would make sense if that was his cousin with them, as A LOT of people have speculated that he donated the sperm since little Suri seems to have his eyes exactly, and apparently TC wanted to keep the “genes” in the family (since he’s sterile)
    I happen to think she looks like Josh H personally

  74. faci says

    wow, just comment positively to this beautiful and very adorable baby. those negative comments are very jealous of baby suri cruise, the most beautiful baby in hollywood.

  75. princess says

    Why do people get on here and write mean things about children. Is it because you are jealous that your kids are not as beautiful as Suri or the fact that you have no life. No one would ever want their child to be made fun of or laughed at for the whole world to see. Get a LIFE.

  76. gina says

    From the pics in the link provided Baby Suri clearly has the Cruise nose. Look at Grandma. There’s the nose. She’s had the bridge thinned out, but G-ma is still sporting the wide Cruise nostrils.

    Not mean, just a fact.

  77. tee says

    button nose my ass, that nose is huge and everyone else that thinks otherwise needs to get their eyes checked out. In all honesty that baby is not cute at all. ….UGLY BABY

  78. whatisee says

    that doesn’t look like a button nose to me..looks like she has run into the back of a parked bus…she looks like a happy baby though

  79. Jen says

    Kellymay, I read about that. Tom was very upset because paparazzi sunck inside the gym to take those pics and they had to call the police. They were right to call the police specially since its not fare to the other parents and kids who are there. It is one thing for them to be outside and to be following them around but they should stay away from inside the gym, its a private property. Tom is usually very gracious about these matters but you give the paps an inch and they take a mile.

  80. Bea says

    #20, Tee, TSK! TSK! TSK!

    The green monster has got you! You are just jealous that your baby probably has a big round bald head. LOL you are changing your identity and all the negative posts belong to you. The rest of us love Suir to pieces!

  81. says

    I believe this picture was snapped in the basketball game which explains why he looks mad! Apparently the police were called to remove the paparrazzi from the building.

    Suri gets cute everyday!

  82. tee says

    Look at those two, they look so depressed, i mean who can blame them when they baby has such an girgantic nose. She will grow to hate her dad for that….serves you right Tom!!!

  83. Bea says

    My favourite, celeb baby again. she is so cute and will break many hearts. She makes me fell like tickling her. Atleast she is lively! Can’t stand dull babies.

  84. Jen says

    People how can you tell how they feel from a picture. They’re watching a game!!! Do they’ve to be happy and smiling 24/7? Suri has so much life and character she is just adorable. I think she has Katie’s nose and definitely not Tom’s.

  85. Lala says

    I know we are being spoiled by all this Suri sighting but this is just a beautiful picture. Her giggle is all so sweet and she looks so cheeky. You see guys, not all babies are blobs! Soo sweet

  86. dori says

    Suri is just adorable. How can you say she inherited her dads nose? She’s got a cute button nose. You all make way too much of a simple picute.

  87. carleigh says

    Suri is a doll baby…Tom looks perplexed, perhaps Katie’s forgetting to take her “vitamins”???? LOL

  88. rebecca says

    ok look at them two. They are dressed up nice and warm. What about suri???? MAN dress up the poor baby!

  89. mamabear says

    She is sooo cute- look at her giggle! Tom and Katie are so blessed, I hope we can see more of Suri as she grows into quite a little beauty!

  90. kim says

    I’ve wondered how many years it will take before Katie comes out of her Tom-trance and makes a run for it??!!

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