Heidi Klum Is Adorable!

Heidi Klum

No tremendous reason for this photo, except that Heidi has three little ones at home and she looks absolutely adorable! Here Heidi Klum was snapped at the launch of her new partnership with German hairspray brand Drei Wetter Taft on Monday in Deutschland.



  1. carleigh says

    If there was no focus paid on appearances then there would be no need for this ever shrinking trend that has consumed Hollywood. It’s sad that gone are the days where women were real look at Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Jane Mansfield and I could go on and on but you get my meaning. Nowadays it’s not about vuluptous, curvy real women it’s about shrinking stars who don’t eat and have a skewed version of themselves. That’s scarey and very sad, bring back the curvy gals anyday they are the real “stars” and the one’s that women should look to for a healthy body image. Screw skeletal, lollipop headed, nontalented, noneating actresses that are predominating HW today, they make me ill.

  2. carleigh says

    katie, I know that I could never do what Heidi does, I don’t have the body or the means to put myself out there like she does. That’s what I meant about my comment. As sad as I do agree it is to focus on appearances, this woman is a lingerie model and tv show host so she has to maintain a certain physical appearance or she will literally be “out of a job”. I don’t see any 300 lb. full figured women marching down the VS runways do you? I’m not being mean either, I think beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and there is inner beauty which is signifigantly more important than any outer beauty could ever be. But if Heidi sat on the couch all day long eating bon-bons and didn’t touch a treadmill how long do you think she would be modeling and hosting a popular TV show? She’s paid to model and look a certain way to “model” lingerie, because of her supermodel status and her looks she is on magazine covers and has a popular TV show…I meant nothing untowards in my comments. Heidi is gorgeous w/o a doubt and I do believe she is a healthy role model for women, as is Kate Winslet. I respect women who refuse to conform to the norm’s of society and can and do represent the society of realism and beauty that women can relate to and understand.

  3. katie_m says

    nooo…. it sounds a little pathetic to celebrate the fact that one’s livelihood should depend on appearance, body, looks and that sort of things no carleigh? it’s fine that heidi is around and glowing from the inside out, but it’s just that there are different stories out there, and different standards of beauty. the alternative to heidi is not those who eat junk, sit around all day and do nothing. and c’mmon we know why that happens most of the time no? so give babysugs some credit, let go of heidi as “our” symbol. we’re just ppl hanging around and consumming her and others beauties.

  4. carleigh says

    Heidi is as always cute as she can be…she looks fab for having been a virtual baby making machine for the past three and a half years. Who cares if she has top notch make-up, hair and trainers..ladies which one of us WOULDN’T have that if it was affordable and we had the time??? I don’t know one woman who would turn down the opportunity if presented! Heidi’s livelihood depends mostly on her looks so of course she spends tons of time and money on her appearance, she is her own product and must look her best most of the time because she is Heidi Klum aka” The Body” and a supermodel by profession. She can’t eat junk, sit around all day and do nothing she has a profession that requires her to appear in a certain manner so that’s why although naturally beautiful inside and out, Heidi always looks top notch! She’s a gorgeous woman and her happiness shows through in her eyes and smile and aside from money, make-up and personal trainers you can’t fake that look of love and happiness in her face and glowing through her eyes..she’s a happy gal!

  5. BabySugs says

    Salut Renee, no, it don’t feel like it is. And I ain’t “pretty” like heids. Just sayin’ … so that we know what is where and when ;-)) but I know that many ppl’s life is miserable, and mine can be too, not because one is a looser necessarily but because things such as racism, expolitation, etc happen around u know… Or u live in one of those “innocent” enclaves where it ain’t happening? Cheers hon

  6. dori says

    Her exboyfriend Flavio was a player with women around him all the the time. I wouldn’t call him a reliable source.

  7. MissyMama says

    I will admit it….I am SOOO insanely jealous that she already has her body back. :o(

    BUT, she does have the time to work out and hire a nutritionalist and trainer, so…I guess if I had those resources, I could have regained my prebaby figure as quickly.

    Good for her. She looks smokin!

  8. Amy says

    Did anyone else see that Mind of Mencia show where a really fat woman was standing there eating nachos bitching that if she had a personal trainer, she’d look that good too?lol

  9. Lauren says

    Heidi Klum looks amazing for having 3 kids under the age of 3 at home. She always manages to regain her figure after her pregnancies.

  10. BabySugs says

    of course she looks adorable. she has millions and armies taking care of her. why wouldn’t she? innocently they set standards of adorable-ness for for the ones like us who are oppressed by the figures of beauty and yet, cannot shed ugliness esp. with the bunch of the three at home :)) ok, ok, this is kinda cliche but so it is. no harm in remembering it once in a while…that show she runs was fun, that’s absolutely true

  11. Jamie67 says

    Yeah ,adorable and PISSED!!!!
    Because,Flavio said on television, that he is NOT her babydaddy(daughter Leni)but another man,that everbody knows as a very solid guy!!!I’m sure she’ll responde and sue him,but i believe him,Italian love their kids,Flavio would never ignore his child,unless she is not his!!!

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