A Glowing Bridget Moynahan Touches Down At LAX

A glowing Bridget Moynahan touched down at LAX on Monday.

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget, 36, revealed last month that she’s pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby. The pair have since split up and Tom Brady is dating Gisele Bundchen.



  1. Granny says

    My mother always said it isn’t wise to sleep with anyone you wouldn’t be willing to marry. I think there was something worth listening to in that statement.

    But my dad always said a man should carry his own raincoat. : )

    My folks were wise old geisers.

  2. Lisa says

    Definetely her loss..not Toms. She is some not even that good of an actress in her late thirties who is now set for life. Too bad a baby has to be brought into this mess. Wish those two, knowing that their relationship was done, could of used birth control.

  3. kbaby says

    Just the fact that she is so open with the pregnancy says alot about her. I think she looks great and is behaving like a grownup.

  4. says

    She was also in the movie the recruit with Colin farrel.i think she tried to traw this Tom dude hence he dumped her,susan is on to something

  5. boo says

    Are you talking about the movie ” i, Robot”…I’ve never seen it, but I know Will Smith Acts in it~*

  6. Kathy says

    Lisa, why does she look like a big fool? You don’t even know her or the situation. You should mind your own business!

  7. Julie says

    Look at her cute little baby bump! How sweet. No worries, I think they’ll work something out and the baby will get lots of love from both mom and dad. And some of you should stop being so mean!!!!! This is supposed to be a happy site! See all the baby pictures and pink?

  8. Lisa says



    I just hope Tom can be part of this babys life…all little ones need both parents

  9. Team Spelling (aka boo) says

    lol…she was one of the coyotes on “coyote ugly”….She was the “bitch” coyote!~*

  10. MommyDearest says

    Can someone please tell me who this “celebrity” is? I NEVER heard of her before this whole baby drama thing?

  11. Sam says

    It’s not like she really needs his child support, she does have a few millions of her own, I’m sure!

  12. Katie says

    Only Bridget and Tom know what happened. We should not judge either one of them! Bridget does look adorable!

  13. S says

    Susan–Why such hatred for this beautiful lady? She hasn’t done anything wrong. If I’m not mistaken, Bridget and Tom were an item for a looooong time. Not like it was a one-night stand situation. Yes, she will receive lots of money for child support as she will need it. I’m sure she’ll be taking care of this lil’ one by herself. And her baby bump is adorable. Life is one of the greatest miracles in the world. Just curious how some guys can turn their backs on that.

    Boo–liked the Team Spelling 🙂 Happy to hear she’s in labor and can’t wait to see pics of the lil’ man. Joyous day for Tori and Dean. 🙂

  14. boo says

    Her bump is cute…Gotta give her credit, she looks really good…As for what is happening between the Love triangle… who cares!!!~*

  15. Team Spelling (aka- boo) says

    Not that this has anything to do with this topic but…Tori Spelling is in labour… and probably has already givin birth according to Entertainment Tonight…How exciting, can’t wait to see pics of their little Man!~*

  16. carleigh says

    Women don’t just get pregnant all by themselves ya know! I was in a similar situation and the BBD and I did NOT see eye to eye so I ended the relationship and went through the pregnancy alone, stronger and happier and wouldn’t change one thing. Sometimes two people realize that while things are not ideal in their unique situation that by staying together they only prolong their own agony and triple the agony once a child is brought into a “bad” situation. It’s a much kinder, more responsible, noble thing to break amicably and cleanly then it is to hold onto something that is not working. There are no laws that say just because you have a child with someone that you have to stay together and “make it work” for the sake of the child. The child ends up being brought up in a miserable environment and the effects last throughout a lifetime and some scars emotional or mental can never heal. It’s better to leave something bad and hope for something good then it is to wait out the waves on something that’s going to crash in the end. Nobody knows why these two broke up and to make comments about “trapping” a man for child support well Bridget could have done worse by staying with a man that by all appearances has no feelings about her carrying his child and has no interest in preservering or respecting her feelings while he is out globe trotting with his supermodel gf! That’s tacky and insensitive and if TB has to pay child support well then that’s what he has to do because he is financially responsible to that child just by default being the father. I commend Bridget for being a strong woman and knowing what’s best for herself and her unborn child. TB Is tacky and she can do better than him. AND just do you know it TAKES a MAN and A WOMAN TOGETHER to MAKE A child! Check out biology might raise some facts you were previously unaware of…men don’t get trapped they OWN their own sperm and if they don’t take precautions like condoms…then there is no 100% safeguard against impregnantion…men can’t sleep around and knock up any woman they want and then cry foul!! Life doesn’t work that way and it won’t stop this baby from being born!

  17. Karen says

    Susan, you must be friends w/ Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan since you know the inside scoop! Let me guess, you also know Gisele Bundchen.

  18. susan says

    Hi, I am Bridget. I tried to trap a guy. Did not work so all I get is thousands of dollars in child supoort.
    I hate this women!

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