Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Suri

The trio were snapped at a basketball game over the weekend. Tom is so cute holding Suri’s bottle!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. Libraesque says

    melissa, no I wasn’t in the room, neither were you

    but considering TC is sterile I would think that I wouldn’t need to be in the room to KNOW that kid isn’t his

  2. bebet says

    #67 amy you need to take pschycology lesson to perceive and feel things around you espcially in knowing obvious things

  3. amy says

    bebet… i am not pathetic or jealous…i actually wasn’t even nasty about this child…i merely said that i just don’t see what others are gushing about….i personally don’t think she is as wonderful as a lot of others seem to….i am not a baby hater or even a suri hater…i simply think that as far as she is concerned her cuteness ends with the fact that she is a baby…the middle picture above is (to me) a horrible snap of her…her nose just doesn’t look right…perhaps its just a face she is pulling…and by the way…how the hell can you tell if she is ‘smart’ just by looking at a pic of her being held by her mum (your comment #65)?? please let me know..

  4. melissa says

    Libraesque, you are so incredibly stupid you opinionate on something that you don’t really know unless you are blind you can tell that suri is tom’s child. As far as the papers and public are concerned you weren’t in the room when they made the kid. You should write a book because ” you know so much about everything”

  5. bebet says

    amy#15, you have to open your eyes wider, if suri is not cute, how do you perceive a cute, baby? a bald and huge headed, dull looking baby. you so pathetic and jealous.

  6. cherisse says

    Have anyone ever notice that if you look at her closely she gets her facial x-pressions from Katie.

  7. mary says

    No new pictures of Suri yet? Hopefully we get some on the weekend. It makes my day when I see this adorable little girl.

  8. boo says

    I’m sure you’ve been checkin’ back often to get my reply to that lovely msg…So here you go Jack Ass!

    For starters take an flippin’ pill, Second If you read what I wrote correctly you’d see I said it was
    P O S S I B L E from this article that “there could be some truth”…And 3rd also according to this article they split up in DECEMBER and he filed for a divorce that FEBRUARY she was “nearly” 3 mos pregnant at the time….perhaps just perhaps she was pregnant and did not know it when they broke up!!
    You don’t know SHIT about what happened between them and neither do I or anyone on here for that matter… it is ALL speculation and Rumor…. the only people that know for sure if there was a miscarriage are Nicole and her doctor that treated her if in fact it happened.
    So get over yourself sweetheart, as much as you think it you don’t know it all!!!~*
    BTW that baby is the spitting image of Tom anyone could see that she is his!!!

  9. Libraesque says

    #57, wrong, she did not miscarry. Maybe you shouldn’t post a link to an article that quotes “un-named sources” dumbass
    she had an affair and aborted the baby, TC wouldn’t walk out on his wife mere months after she “mis-carried” his first biological kid you twit.


  10. boo says

    As far as I know Nicole herself has also been pregnant with Toms baby ( when they were married) and she miscarried….who’s to say that all these rumours about the both of them being unable to concieve are just that RUMORS… How do we know they just weren’t Pulling an Angelina Jolie, and wanting to adopt to give unfortunate children a home.
    None of you know the truth so just Leave it alone.
    An article on NK’s Miscarriage dates back to 2001…But it’s still very possible its all truth.,3382,6158,00.html
    And all this crap about Tom not being Suri’s father is Flippin’ ridiculous…Gave me a good laugh though..Thanks!!!~*

  11. NH Lady says

    Suri is not a cute baby. Head full of hair, adorable. Just because she has famous parents, does not mean she is beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful babies out there and she is not one of them. Hopefully she gets cuter with age.

  12. CherieB says

    Katie doesn’t smile like she did before the baby and getting married with Tom. Like I heard>She looks like a “stepford wife”.

  13. CherieB says

    Suri sure is a Sweetie. As for her mum, Katie, she doesn’t smile like she did beffore the baby and getting married with Tom. Like I heard>She looks like a “stepford wife”.

  14. maggie says

    awwwww Suri is getting cuter every day I mean shes absolutely gorgeors, and so sweet with her little dress. Amanda # 41 I think its not cold to wear a jacket, it looks pretty sunny.

  15. Libraesque says

    for the mentally challenged here, which seems to be most of you, it was 80 degrees in L.A. this week, get a grip.
    You are aware that the weather is different in states other than your own….right????

  16. maggie says

    I totaly agree, suri needs 2 be dressed up more…….
    I just don’t understand those mothers that don’t dress their little ones much more. I guess i will never understand, why? Like the other day i saw a 4-5 month without a coat.. It was pretty late out. SHAME ON THOSE MOTHERS. And the mom with that 4-5 old was wearing a warm COAT. I just wanted to come up to her and take her baby..

  17. pixielady says

    No47.. what do you mean? I never said anything about her looks. All I said was I can’t understand people going gaga over a baby they don’t know? Sure, shes a cute child but all these ” I Love/Adore her ” comments are totally OTT.

  18. bebet says

    #16 you have beauty blindness syndrome. maybe you have different taste from others. but just open you eyes wider and be fair to your comments.

  19. faci says

    ok, each one of us has his/her own taste when it comes to beauty and other stuff, for amy #15 i think your taste of beauty and cuteness is kind of weird or what we call poor taste, maybe because you are one of the fans of other camp that’s why you have a negative comments to this wonderful, and adorable family.

  20. Lala says

    People you cannot love her child more than her. Any way most of you who are complaining on Suri’s behalf are always calling her names and abusing her. Why the sudden change of heart to look out for her health now.

    Beauty is Suri, Suri is beauty.

  21. sharon says

    umm Katie is wearing a t shirt and so is the police officer and another guy in the back ground. are you in the same place as them? do you know what the weather is like there for sure? Don’t tell other people who are obviously taking GOOD care of their child how to do it. I find that extremely rude.

  22. Mom2boys says

    I think it’s been hot in southern California lately, like high 80s and low 90s. So, Suri looks to be dressed just fine.

  23. Clare says

    She is one of those babies who have a wow factor! She is a true celebrity baby. Atleast for this one you can safely say in 15 years time she will not be addicted to heroin!

  24. Amanda says

    why is suri never dressed propertly? we are still in march.. where are her socks, coat, and hat. Oh come on katie. take better care of your infant.

  25. Kill us says

    I know most of you do not understand but Suri is so cute and only gets cuter. There are pictures on Katie where she is smiling and that girl is so gonna be a looker. She is special too, not like any baby and if you found her on the street, you would definitely look twice, if only to check whether her hair and eyes were for real! LOVE HER!

  26. carleigh says

    Suri is a precious doll…she is a cutie…I saw the schnoz a long, long time ago and when I mentioned it I got hammered and nagged about it!LOL…now you all can see it too, she’s a pretty little girl regardless of Daddy’s ole schnoz or not! I love her dark hair and she has beautiful big blue eyes, Suri is a definite doll baby and something special to look at! (Tom’s still a weird one!)

  27. Danielle says

    Suri is such a cute little girl, I love all the hair. I enjoy seeing pictures of her , Violet, and little Kingston.

  28. sharon says

    So freaking cute! I love to see babies with a head full of hair! All of mine had lots of hair, I think it makes them look cute, old and wise at the same time. It is nice to see so much of Suri lately, and it is awesome to see family pics, especially ones with her daddy holding her bottle. Definitely makes them seem more human and less star like when they are doing every day things. Keep the pics coming!

  29. Kalista Brat says

    Awww Suri my fave celeb baby ever… sorry Shiloh… not my fave but she’s still cute and beautiful as ever!

  30. Diva says

    It’s kinda funny now that people speculated that Suri wasn’t even Tom’s… there’s NO denying that now! She looks sooo much like him, and unfortunate for Suri as it may be, that nose has STRONG dominate feature genes! It’s ok, though, she’ll get a nose job as soon as she’s old enough.

    Regardless, she’s a beautiful girl. She reminds me so much of my niece, so I may be a lil bias, lol.

    Once again…. the whole Suri-vs-Shiloh thing is SO STUPID. I can’t figure out what is WRONG with the people who insist on making it some sort of competition with these two gorgeous little girls.

  31. oriana says

    She is looking more and more like Tom, not as pretty as when she was a baby but still very cute baby, she is definately going to have Tom’s honker!

    And his mother is always around, but hopefully they all get along good, that religion is probably pushed down Katie’s throat 24 hours a day! I am sure she is still a Catholic at heart!

  32. N says

    Suri is a pretty baby regardless if they are celebrities or not….. And sorry to say… NOT ALL BABIES ARE CUTE….. BUT ….. All babies are special.

  33. Corie says

    She used to be cuter…..she has Tom’s shnoz, unfortunately…….do they believe in nose jobs?

  34. lisa says

    I think she’s normal also. People these are normal people, with a normal baby. Stop flipping out over a child you don’t even see, or know. How can someone say they can’t wait to see more picture’s of suri? Don’t you have picture’s of your kids, nieces, or newphew’s that you enjoy seeing. You people are stupid going crazing over these celebrities and their kids. Enjoy your own family not other people own. Yes suri and shi are very cute kids, with cute parents. What I’m trying to say people, these are people like you and I. They are not GOD.

  35. ShiftingSands says

    I don’t see the fuss…. She’s a normal baby not over the top cute or anything. I know she’s gonna get a nose job when she’s older for that huge honker

  36. mamabear812 says

    Suri is so adorable! Shiloh is too!! I just wanna love them up!

    All I have to say to all those who are saying Shiloh and Suri are homely – karma honey, karma. Just wait until your children are born….

  37. Gina says

    She is a DOLL!

    I hope they bring her to out door games too. Actually I wondered why the Photogs did not just sneak in and get the pictures. Looks like someone stole my idea.

    Why would they want to hide such a beautiful child when people like Brad Pitt show off Shiloh who is so homely. Denise also does not hide sam and Lola who are so homely too. Come on ‘Tom if you got it, flaunt it!’

  38. !!! says

    There are more beautiful pictures at apparently a paparazzi sunk in inside the game and Tom was very upset and called the police. I do think they took suri with them because the game was indoors but the paps manage to get in. Take a look at the pics at katie holmes webiste you’ll see from the pics that were taken inside the game Tom looks pissed off.

  39. suri says

    One of the cutest babies I’ve seen. Shiloh is close, but Suri seems to have a unique suri-look about her that is soooooo cute!

  40. Megan says

    I usually never go ga ga over celebs babies but Suri is sure interesting to look at. She seems to have loads of character.

  41. Winnie says

    Suri will be a stunner. I enjoy seeing her and am glad they are taking her out more often. I Look forward to more pictures. I can’t wait to see her walking. When she frowns, she looks like Tom a lot! Which is sweet.

  42. Liz says

    I see her daddy’s nose too but she is so precious for words. She sure is gonna be a looker and seems to have a temper to match.

  43. pixielady says

    I really don’t understand all the gusshing over a baby you have never met or seen, apart from a photo?

  44. amy says

    i am sorry but i am just not seeing it…i don’t think she looks cute AT ALL in either of these pics…i know i am going to get bombarded with comments but i actually think she looks really horrible in that first pic….looks like she has her daddy’s nose already…

  45. Layla says

    I am loving these pictures she is such a spanky one. She looks like she has her own mind. I love her. She is my favourite too!

  46. Jen says

    #6. MommyDearest, No they both don’t have any movie coming out soom. Tom’s movie is opening in November 07 and Katie’s in 2008. I think they’re taking her out to the basketball game because its inside and it looks private this pics are taken when they were going to their car. Its not like the soccer games where its usually in open field with full of paparazzi and fans.

  47. Julie says

    Absolutely precious! I love to see pics of her! I just can’t get enough of my favorite celebrity baby!!!!

  48. Jackie says

    This is sooooooooo nice that we are going to see my fave baby out and about a lot. She is so cute and she looks so much like Tom. I want to pinch her.

  49. MommyDearest says

    Wow! Suri has been out and about ALOT lately! (Okay…what are they promoting? Does somebody have a movie coming out soon?)

  50. kim says

    That’s Tom’s mother in the photo… but I think the sister is always around for that mind control/cult nonsense a.k.a. Scientology!

  51. Jamie67 says

    Why is Toms sister always around!!
    That’s like sick!!
    She’s always on the picture..
    Clearly they already have kids!!!
    My goodness doesn’t she has a life of her own?

  52. Shae says

    I feel so sorry for these people, even though I do not like Tom. The way they get hounded by the paparazzi is insane.

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