Melanie Brown's Baby Shower

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

Melanie Brown has had some stress during her pregnancy – she says Eddie Murphy is the baby’s father; he has demanded a blood test – but she put her worries aside on Friday to celebrate her impending arrival.

The former Scary Spice, 31, who is due in about a month, held a festive baby shower at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Friday.

Melanie began her day in a bungalow at the hotel, getting ready with some female friends, but when it was time to toast, the mom-to-be met up with more than 30 guests in a private room by the tennis courts.

According to a source, the shower featured a cake in the shape of a woman’s pregnant belly clad in an animal-print loin cloth. Guests were also treated to plenty of Dom Pérignon champagne.

A rep for Melanie told People magazine that the singer had invited friends and her mother to the shower.

Meanwhile, the question of the baby’s paternity remains. Melanie and Eddie, 45, began dating over the summer after Eddie’s April divorce from his wife of 12 years, Nicole Mitchell.

But in December, Eddie was asked on a Dutch TV show about Melanie and her pregnancy. “We’re not together anymore,” he said. “And I don’t know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

That same night, Eddie debuted his new relationship with film producer Tracey Edmonds at the New York City premiere of Dreamgirls.

Melanie later released a statement insisting Eddie was the baby’s father and saying she was “upset and distressed” by his comments.

Last week, Tracey told Chicago’s Power 92 radio station of Eddie and Melanie: “Without me getting too deep into it, they had a quick relationship before I even got into that, before I got into a relationship with Eddie. So that’s like their business that’s going on. There’ll be a paternity test and if it’s his then he’ll be responsible.”



  1. Terri says

    It saddens me deeply to see some of these comments. Mel B regardless of how she loos or whatever she doesnt deserves to be dogged. What if it were you. What if it had been yur mother. The were both willing participants. However it actually went down we dont know. But I know no matter what dont nobody to have their laundry aired this way. So LADIES all of you that have negative to say STOP we are woman and DONT none of us deserve this type of treatment.

    She and Eddie are a child of GOD and she should be treated as such. So, he should have been doing everything possible bfore hand to help her because he is a good person and she has feelings. He can never take back how he treated her or what he said about her!

  2. tesla says

    i think that eddie just like anery other man out there just nedd to stop fucking. its always the woman who ends up paying the price. she is a whore, its her own fault, and society never blames men, well i am sick of it how many people was eddie fucking at the same time he was dating her? we just dont know. what every man should do is say yes we were in a relationship and now she is pregnant, wait for the paternity test an then if he is not the father just move on with his life. in the mean time eddie needs to to stick his dick in his mouth and just shut the fuck up.

  3. Anzhelika says

    I believe Mel wasnt taught about contraception..The babies have to be planned..I think it is her fault…

  4. neverinamonthofsundays says

    at last a pic of her with a bump! was starting to wonder if she was actually pregnant

  5. carleigh says

    I think they split up because Eddie is a freak….everyone remember the transvestite prostitute incident? He’s come a long way since then and he is a very talented actor which I will not deny…however he does have certain issues in his past that cloud him from having a “stellar” reputation. Who knows though, all I can do is state my opinion which doesn’t make it a fact…just an observation and speculation.

  6. dori says

    yey carleigh! you said it well. I always liked her in the spice girls she was the one with all the spunk. I hope she has an easy delivery and a wonderful baby. Time will tell who the father is.
    As for Eddie…I still don’t understand why he and his gorgeous wife split up. They had lots of kids and appeared to be a happy family.

  7. carleigh says

    Mia that article was from OCTOBER of 2006 almost 6 months ago. Obviously a lot has changed and that article is NOT reliable. Sorry to point it out but I linked over and read it…this is not the most accurate information, so why post it? Not trying to be a bitch but Eddie is being a real Jerk to this woman.

  8. carleigh says

    It is certain comments on here about a woman getting knocked up on purpose and then insinuating that it’s all her fault, she’s a money grubbing whore after his money, blah, blah, blah…well if MEN were more responsible and stopped sleeping around with every Bridget, Scarey Spice and everyone else and stopped with the crying and whining about “FOUL” it’s NOT MY child and all that crap because they would be responsible for whom they bedded down with. If Bridget and Mel are such whore’s then why oh why did TB and Eddie have anything to do with them, if they were worried about being trapped by a desperate woman then A.) Don’t have sex with her B.) USE A FREAKIN’ CONDOM or C.) BE CELIBATE and responsible about just whom you transmit your bodily fluids too. The MEN (and I use this term loosely here) involved should stop taking this public, show a modicum of respect and dignity and be supportive of the women involved. IT’s all well and good and fun when the woman lays on her back and gives it up but quite another story regarding accountibility when a child is conceived. Whether or not the child is unwanted the hard, cold fact remains that like it or not a MAN has a social, moral and financial responsibility to their child and that’s the end of it. YOU play then be ready to pay or keep the zipper up and sword in the sheath so to speak. I am sick of men bitching about “paternity testing” fine get your damn test and then when it comes back and you eat your words then be a REAL man admit your portion, bear your personal responsibility and apologize to the woman for the emotional terrorism that she may be subjected too. Men want all the perks and fun but when it boils down to the responsiblity part where are TB and Eddie?? Off trotting around with some new woman, tacky, tasteless and downright PRICELESS!

  9. N says

    I dont think eddie was rude or crash in what he said. They are not married. He obviously didnt think they were in a committed relationship. So he wants a paternity test. I dont think this makes him a jerk or a bad person.

  10. Essie says

    Eddie is saying this baby is not his, not because he found a more beautiful woman but because Mel B. was dating at least one other man while dating Eddie. In fact, there are pics of her on a beach vacation with that other man at the same time she was supposed to be dating Eddie. That’s why he wants the paternity test. Mel isn’t exactly pristine in this situation so don’t make her sound like some kind of saint.

    Also, if she can “do very well” without Eddie, why is she threatening to sue him for $30 million? Why has she hired that ambulance chaser Raoul Felder? Why is she selling her “story” to the Brit tabloids? Why not just settle down, have the baby and get it tested. Then, do on from there.

  11. Miapocca says

    She looks amazinf for a pregnant lady this far along..very earth motherish…simply perfect body…..Wish her all the best,…if a dog is down there is no need kicking it some more………GOOD LUCK MEL!!

  12. princess says

    Mel is actually very pretty. She’s just pregnant. I don’t see how people say she is ugly, you can’t even see her face that good. I wish her all the best!!!!

  13. sharon says

    #2, 3, 5, 6. What do you mean she is scary looking? And why in the name of God do you think she looks like a skank? Because she has the perfect pregnant body and can wear a tight fitting shirt, and you couldn’t? #8 what time are you from? Trapping men into having babies? Give me a break! Eddie has how many other kids? 5? 6? something like that anyway…he KNOWS how babies are made! There is NO WAY to “TRAP” a man, especially one with so much exerience, into having a baby. Unless it is one DAMN STUPID man. Which I don’t think Eddie is. Mel has plenty of money of her own and I don’t think she needs anything from Eddie. When a woman gets pregnant she hopes the man she loves will be a good father, and by all accounts Eddie is a good father to his other kids…so why would she think any differently about this one when she found out she was expecting? I for one feel for her, the whole world seems to be speculating about her impending arrival. All because Eddie decided to throw out there that this isn’t his child, and move on to someone else? Nice..really mature.

  14. Jamie67 says

    I don’t think Mel Brown needs the money
    She has enough of her own,believe me!!!
    The woman needs a daddy for her baby,bc she already has a daughter without one!!!!
    She looks fine,she’s a mixed of race, ,just like me!!!!

  15. SANDY says

    I liked Eddie Murphy simply because hes a great commedian BUT not standing up and being a man about this baby makes me think totally different! What a real jerk ass.. I could care less if he thinks that baby isnt his.. Take on some responsibility in life EDDIE and relalize there is a little life at hands.

  16. Miapocaa says

    Mel B doesn’t need him. I mean if he can just drop out of the game in the blink of an eye that tells a lot about him…………

    They were planning on getting married and all of a sudden here come Tracy Edmonds, who is quite irritating because I really don’t see what she sees in someone who she left another woman pregnant….she will find out eventually…and while she is effing another man, she might wan to revert to her maiden name now…

    It takes more than money to bring up a child. If it were only about money a lot of successful women can raise their kids quite well. Mel B is not poor, she actually paid off her ex-husband in their divorce, she may be less successful but still has a lot more than some of us on here, so she will not be starving with or without his money

    There are two other women, who have been let down and disgraced before the arrival of their baby and they have faired quite well…Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Hurley. In the case of Heidi, seal created a family with her and now the old man wants to be closer to his kid..a little too late. Elizabeth Hurley did do the paternity test, but I guess it was not necessary for the kid is a spitting image of Bing….he offered money but apparently its all in a trust fund till the kid comes of age, because she wanted him t know she did not need his money and viola she married a rich did over the last weekend…

    It takes two to tango…and a little sex ed…condoms are not 100% safe, no contraception is a 100% safe.. If you are sleeping with someone, its best both understand pregnancy and diseases are a possibility irrespective of whatever precaution you are taking….If you don’t get that , you certainly should not be engaging in any sexual activity…antibiotics don’t work with the pill. and lotions can break a condom…Avanti , 25% breaks…so there…accidents do happen..Since I was not in bed in them I don’t know what happened, buts it’s a little naive to think that you have that much protection from these methods….

    31 and 36 are not that old and desperate to me…after all there are sperms banks and adoption agencies and now international adoption….I mean when 31 is vied as old, then I guess Salma who is 40 must be classified as supper old and desperate, but she is one good looking lady…..There are tons of women having babies in their 40s so I don’t really see the desperation unless one lives in small town American where everyone gets hitched after high school and procreates.

  17. boo says

    What the heck kind of question is that emily???? Why should he step up emotionally and physically??… Oh I dunno maybe because he’s the DAD….. is that not reason enough for him to step up and be there for HIS Baby…If in fact it is his?
    Money isn’t everything, Kids need and deserve the support and guidance from both parents…I’m hoping that Eddie puts his Hatred or whatever his problem with Mel B is aside and takes care of his child in every way shape and form if he’s proven to be the father…Do you not think the baby deserves that??

  18. Aditi says

    Dont worry, if they eddie murphy doesn’t want to accept the preganancy , its his loss.. she’ll be fine without someone who drops responsibility at the drop of a hat.. what an ass! im sure a lot of his fans are gonna not like him anymore for this.. specially cuz hes in comedy!

    by the way, i remember the spice girls being famous around 1996.. so if mel b is 31 now, she must have been just 18 then ! and baby spice was younger than all of then so she must have been 16 !

    shocking ! i thought they would be in their 40s now but its good to know that they got famous and successful so young !

  19. emily says

    why should he step up emotionally and physically? Of course if it is his he will have a financial obligation, but where is the obligation of the woman? Just like Tom Brady’s ex I wonder how many of these woman claim to be on birth control to their man and say I don’t like condoms, its not the same? But oops, lets see if I can get pregnant just in case this relationship doesn’t work out cuz I’m getting older and I wanna have a baby and if I get prego by a “weathly” guy guess what ladies, they are set for life and they will bitch and moan about poor me, look at me but yet they will be getting like 25K a month, please, spare me the “stress” of being pregnant with Eddie’s baby or anybody else’s baby

  20. kim says

    Hey Sharon, I think what happened is that Eddie hooked up with Babyface’s ex (Tracy Edmonds) and just didn’t WANT it to be his…

  21. boo says

    I’m interested to know what the results of the Paternity test are going to be…. it’ll be very interesting to see if Eddie steps up to the plate if the baby is in fact his, And I mean steps up emotionally, physically, as well as financially.
    I hope he is a full time daddy to this baby , if it is his. Every baby deserves both of it’s parents to be there for them!~*

  22. sharon says

    Poor Mel! I hope everything turns out good for her. I wonder what happened to make Eddie believe it isn’t his baby? They were still together when she found out weren’t they?

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