Linda Evangelista Reportedly Pregnant With Her Second Child

Here Linda is pictured arriving at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 25th.
Linda Evangelista

Reportedly, Linda Evangelista is pregnant with her second child.

The supermodel has been dating billionaire Peter Morton for six months and friends say she is expecting his baby.

Representatives for Linda and Peter, the founder of the Hard Rock Café chain, have yet to comment.

The couple moved into a Los Angeles mansion together after dating for just three months.

Peter, 60, is the father of playboy restaurateur Harry Morton, who once dated Lindsay Lohan.

Linda, 41, gave birth to son Augustin James last October, but has refused to name the father.

In 1999, the model suffered a miscarriage when she was six months pregnant by her then boyfriend, French soccer star Fabian Barthez.

The pic below is of Peter Morton.

Linda Evangelista

This may turn out to be a rumor, but if not….Best Wishes!



  1. Miapocca says

    She very much has her own money…………the the guy looks good for 60 wonder how much it cost??:)

    Harry Morton better stoop fooling around with the paris crowd , there is another contender to the million.

    Why is that women are called gold diggers when they end up with a rich man, even though they have their won money..and beleive she worked for it..all those years of starving to fit into runway clothes and working all wether paid off pretty good for Evangelista. She was one of the top models of her time.

    Good luck to her and I say the man is equally luck to have such a woman in his life…so he can be accused of gene digging….A beautiful wife to give him a beautiful child to counterbalance any pre surgery uglies he may may have gotten rid off….just kidding:) but a thought and opposite to gold digging

  2. Lisa says

    She is just trying to make up for lost time I guess, probaly wants her baby to have a sibling

    I remember when she miscarried, and to think she was 6 months along, that is awful…

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