Brooke Shields Takes Daughters To The Set Of Lipstick Jungle

Brooke, 41, was snapped with three-year-old Rowan and ten-month-old Grier on the set. Brooke is filming for the NBC TV series titled ‘Lipstick Jungle’ based on the book by Candace Bushnell. Brooke will play Wendy.

Brooke Shields



  1. Lacy says

    i just love how cuddly and loving brooke shields is with her little girls. you know, she can’t hug and kiss both at the same time. anyway, rowan has two people looking out for her already. she seems to be having a blast.

  2. says

    My heavens, one picture (5 secs) of Brookes day and we can draw conclusions that Rowan is lacking her mothers love… kudos to her for having her children with her at work and highly doubt the above comment especially being her children are almost always with her!

    Wow, Brooke is shining! She looks more beautiful today then 10 years ago!

  3. Lauralin says

    So because the paparazzi hasn’t snapped a picture of Brooke kissing Rowan, you draw the conclusion that she’s forgotten about her and hasn’t kissed her since the new baby came along? I understand that we love seeing pictures of celebrities – but when we assume that we know what their lives are like by looking at one snapshot in time, that doesn’t make sense to me. She could have kissed her right after this picture, but the photographer didn’t capture it. It’s like saying that a baby looks sad b/c that’s they face they happened to be making at the time the photographer invaded their privacy!

  4. Tammi says

    I haven’t seen Brooke kissing her oldest daughter in a WHILE! Seems like she’s totally forgotten about her – shame!

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