Pamela Anderson & Her Sons

Pamela Anderson, 39, and ex-husband Tommy Lee were spotted at the Ivy restaurant in Santa Monica Friday with sons Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 9.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Both of her sons were born at home with the help of a midwife.


  1. Nicholas says

    Perhaps they will be embarrassed, perhaps not. Afterall, they live their own life, and their parents live theirs. I think and hope they will be successful enough in life. I mean, it would be damn hard not to succeed in life with all that wealth and popularity in the very start of your life.

  2. Vee says

    I met Tommy Lee’s mother when she was working in a boutique in a casino. Of course she may very well be prejudice, but she said Pam sleeps with anyone and everyone. I saw her on Stern’s former TV show and she talked so cheap and crude that if her disgusting display of those “blow up cantalope boobs” didn’t turn me off, that did. Still….I don’t doubt she loves her boys. That is what one hears anyway. But they are going to be very embarrassed by her lack of clothing and choice in men when a little bit older. It’s such a shame, because when I see her when she started out she looked like a pretty and nice girl.

  3. tee says

    those boobs are damn huge……i personally dont like Pam but still think she has beautiful boys. Pity for them she is their mother,

  4. Diva says

    I like Pam, and, for some weird bad-boy reason, love Tommy Lee, but don’t you think it’s hard on those boys how their mom and dad bounce back and forth with each other?

  5. sharon says

    17, jealous? and 18, then be happy your parents were perfect, and not like Pam and Tommy. Believe me they could be worse.

  6. sharon says

    Again people automatically think because she did playboy she is “trailor trash” Pam is a very smart woman, and by all accounts I have heard they had a mutually volatile relationship. Both of them seem to have their heads on straight these days. Good for them. Who knows if they will ever get back together. Many people can love each other and just not be able to live together happily. It is a wonderful thing that they can go out together and get along together. Doing family things with their kids. I WISH my ex husband and I were half as amicable. Good for them. The boys are beautiful.

  7. Amy says

    I’m not sure that Pamela gets around as much as people think. She gets alot of picutres taken of her with her kids. More with the kids than partying, definitly. Maybe they just love their kids and want a good life for them?

  8. TLB says

    Maybe these 2 have had a shady past but I must say that I see alot of pictures of Pam and Tommy at the boys games and at different events all together as a family. (Although I am not around to see the other 23.75 hours of the day that the photos are not being taken.) I do however think that the boys looked loved and taken care of. Most of the time in the photos, the boys are smiling and look to be very happy children.

  9. ShiftingSands says

    Stable Relationship ??????????? Okay that had to be a joke right ??? He use to beat her while on his drug binges !!!!! She was (by many accountes still is) a lust and slept with many many people ! Those 2 are lucky their kids didnt’ come out with any birth-defects !!! I don’t see why them getting back together would be a good thing ! All they do is cause each-other pain and heart-ache ! IMO

  10. MommyDearest says

    From what I’ve read about this family… these boys live a fairly normal life. You wouldn’t think that if Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were your parents, but they do! Kudos Pam and Tommy…


    I for one think its good to see 2 divorced parents able to have fun as friends for their children that shows they really think of brandon & dylan first. good for them!

  12. boo says

    I love Pam Anderson, She’s Beautiful & CANADIAN…2 great Qualities..haha…. Anyway I think she looks great and her Son’s are absolutely adorable!
    Not to sound rude But I was just curious Jackie… why is she strange for doing those things??? A lot of women now a days are getting Breast implant Surgery done, it has become a growing trend (especially in Hollywood)….. And Many Many women are attracted to the bad boy Rocker type….I don’t find anything wrong with those things myself!

    but as for being glad that he is dealing with his demons, I agree totally, I wish that someday they’d rekindle their romance and have a stable lasting relationship… I’m sure they could both be so happy together if they gave their whole hearts to one another!~*

  13. S says

    Carleigh–Well said. I think they do look happy in these pics together and the kids seem to look happy, too. One boy looks like mom, the other like dad. That’s pretty neat. Wished I looked half that good after having 2 kids. 🙂

  14. Jackie says

    Shae am sorry, respect yoru opinion but blowing up your boobs like that and marrying Tom lee is not what I call smart. Those children should be glad that having a mother like that does not make you strange in L.A otherwise elsewhere they would suffer in high school. I am glad tommy lee is dealing with his demons.

  15. Shae says

    I used to think Pamela Anderson was another stupid blond- till I saw an interview with her, it completely changed my mind. She is a smart woman and even though she has no common sense when it comes to picking out some of her clothes…she is a smart business woman and a good mom. And I kind of like her and Tommy together. For all their strangeness…..they are good parents. Now Kid Rock- that was one of her worst decisions…he is just plain skanky and fugly…..I am glad she came to her senses….

  16. carleigh says

    I think these two are always one booty call away from a reconciliation..they are each others fall back or go-to person. I would hope that Pam doesn’t take him back on a permanent basis after the things he did to her in the past with the abuse and drugs and everything else. It is nice however to see that they can put aside their differences and spend time as a “family” unit with their boys. The one with the dark hair is an extremely beautiful boy, he has lovely bone structure and the fair haired one has beautiful eyes. Well in any case, they have their own definition of normal, it’s good to see them spending time with their kids.

  17. Bea says

    You know, we are never grateful for small things in life, but those poor chidren’s parents are Tommy lee and Pam Anderson. Poor Tykes.

  18. says

    I ddidn’t know Pam had homebirths! I know my experience changed my life, truly an amazing way to empower a woman!

    Hmmm, another reconciliation perhaps?!?

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