1. Miapocca says

    Seems She got Ben back form his Bennifer madness…I think the life he has now is closer to what he gre wp with than the Bennifer nouveau richeness.

    She gets to galm up all the time for award shows etc..she is beautiful amd confident with herself. Besides if you have a baby you will realise quicky enough that you cant glam up and go running around and have food and dirt all over you….

    Marriage is not prison..if Affleck is uncomfortable with is family, he can always walk….

    Those who have kids and are always in designer gear all glammed up obvioulsy have a lot and lots of help..because from when they are born you are subject to vomit,. daiper change , food , mess etc….so much that most mothers just prefer to wear their old clothing around all the time……

    Obviously she is on location with stylist and make-up artists to make her fit int o a character on film,..Unlike most celebs she knows when the camera stops rolling and can go back into her comfortable regular American clothes.

    The lady is the probably the nanny who watches the kid while she is filming. Probably travels with her…That child has a lot stability and love and it shines throughout her being , reflected in her pictures…I wish them the very best in life!!!

  2. Lisa says

    It is so funny how biased so many of you are, I have read the most hurtful remarks about Angelina Jolie on this site over and over again, and I HAVE MADE THE WORST REMARK EVER ha funny get over your-selves, you all are not ben and Jen Geez don’t take it so personal

    I am just stating my personal opinion. This is Ben Affleck of the stripper fame, the poker playing, the gambling, alcoholic (former alcoholic) who has been in rehab, who ate up the Bennifer publicity for christ sakes, he is not the Pope.

    My husband is a teacher and he had Ben Afflecks cousin in his class a couple of years ago, and he was quite chatty about his cousin and his love of the booze… I all think you are giving him too much credit

  3. TLB says

    #9 – often the smaller things in life bring the greatest pleasures. I find that being at the park with my children gives them a chance to meet other kids and get out some pent up energy and going on walks with them gives us a chance to have some open discussions as well as play TOGETHER. I find it really hard to bond with my family or significant other while sitting in a movie theater or over a fancy dinner. It is nice to be somewhere where you can just be yourself with the ones you love. To some it is not boring to be able to be together as a family. Even if it does mean just being at a park together. I can not think of anywhere I would rather be than hanging out with my family at a park, going for a walk or just sitting around with a board game. I never take that time spent with my family for granted and from the looks of this wonderful family they enjoy every moment of their time spent together as well ….even if it (as you put it) being bored at the park. And as far as Ben only marrying Jen due to being pregnant…..He sures looks happy for HAVING to marry her!! Whatever…..They are a HAPPY couple and I am happy for them.

  4. Katie says

    Lisa, what do you do in life that is so exciting? Are you even married? If so, I bet your husband is having an affair!

  5. who cares says

    Oh my GOD “Lisa”. That is the worst comment I think I’ve read EVER. You make it sound like being a hands on mom is a bad thing…and who are you to judge someone else’s relationship? Get a life.

  6. Lisa says

    Does this woman do anything besides go out to parks and take walks. Ben will bore of her in no time considering he married her due to pregnancy.

  7. Julie says

    I agree completely with #6. Couldn’t have said it better. I think Jen looks great glammed up or not. I think it’s funny that every pic we’ve seen for the last couple of weeks shows Violet with those blue mittens that are WAY too big for her. Cute. I love this family!

  8. Paula says

    I read in a magazine yesterday that Jen said she likes to dress up and be put together, but it isn’t a priority at this time. I guess she’s too busy being a great mom to worry about that. Anyway, I’m with Mommydearest. Don’t know what else to say about her other than keep up the good work. She really likes the outdoors, huh!

  9. TLB says

    This family has got to be the most “un”hollywood family there is. I always see them looking happy and all so in love with each other. What a wonderful sight it is to see them not caring about their celeb status but caring about family instead. For any family young and old, what a great family role model the Affleck-Garner family is. Evertime I see them I cant quit smiling. Their happiness is contagious!! You can tell by Violet’s smiles and content nature (at least that we see in pictures) that the love she is given is unconditional and in high abundance. What a wonderful family.

  10. Ruby Jackson says

    They are adorable, but I agree with Anne, Jen is really looking sloppy these days. Her pants are all splattered with something and she’s always got droopy drawers!

    Love them, though!

  11. MommyDearest says

    Maggie, my daughter wears the same coat all the time, but I’m poor….!:)

    Anyway, I’m running out of comments to make about “Jennifer out with Violet” How many different ways can I say “Cute”?

  12. maggie says

    As always both are happy, but it seems that violet dosnt have another jacket or hat, I see her with the same pink jacket

  13. boo says

    Jen and Violet are both Beautiful… I Love them….and Can’t get enough of them. :D.
    I wonder who the lady is, I’ve seen her in a few different pics, is she a Nanny or family???? Anyone know, I’m just curious!~*

  14. Anne says

    Seriously, I love the Affleck family but Jen should style up. She seems to have ditched glam and sexy. What happened to glamour mom? I cannot believe violet is eating. Lol

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