Britney Reveals Bulimia Battle

Britney Spears
Britney Spears, 25, has confessed to doctors that she has been suffering from the eating disorder bulimia since she was 16.
Britney tearfully told rehab staff – already treating her for drug and alcohol abuse – that she “pigs out” on junk food like burgers, sweets, biscuits and ice cream then makes herself vomit to avoid putting on weight.

Britney’s nine-year nightmare, revealed in an American magazine, was confirmed by a senior source at the Promises center in Malibu, California.

She entered the center last month after shaving her head at a hair salon.

“Doctors are alarmed at the physical state she is in,” said the source. “They confronted her about her desperately unhealthy lifestyle and the truth came pouring out.”

Britney said she managed to stop the dangerous habit during her two pregnancies.

But as soon as sons Sean Preston and Jayden James were born, she began the desperately unhealthy cycle again in an effort to lose her added baby weight.

On top of her alcohol and alleged cocaine use, the bulimia turned her into a “human wreck”, according to the source, who added: “When she came here she was shaking and baking. Her whole body was wracked by spasms and she was hot one minute, then freezing cold the next.”

“Her first week in detox was real hell. She was in a total mess but slowly she’s pulling through.”

Dietary specialists at Promises are working with doctors to help Britney conquer the eating disorder – famously suffered by Princess Diana – which was discovered when specialists realized why her medications were not working.

The source said: “For the first few days, she’d take her tablets, then go off and eat breakfast or lunch. She was throwing the whole lot up, so, naturally, her medications weren’t working. Now that the medical experts know why, her progress should pick up a little speed.”

Poor Britney…



  1. A concerned citizen says

    I just want to say that i can not believe what i am reading.. What is wrong with you people?? OF COARSE BRITNEY HAS TALENT- and yes she’ll get through this no matter what any of you say… Oh and to all of you that are calling her fat or white trash.. YOUR PROBABLY THE ONE’S THAT DOESN’T HAVE A LIFE SO YOU SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER AND BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ AND YOUR THE WHITE TRASH OR THE FAT ONES! To all you haters out there who don’t have a life screw you and i hope you eat your words when your new cd hits stores in mid 2007!

  2. N says

    Also…. She just had a baby not too long ago. It is not easy to lose pregnancy weight. SO please stop calling her fat. You obviously dont know what a fat person looks like because she is no way near fat.

  3. dori says

    You know I am sick and tired of you kids in here with your foul language… where is the webmistress and why doesn’t she make this an adult only website so we don’t have to be subjected to their stupid comments? Once and for all… the shot up her dress when she exited the car is the fault of the photographer who actually got down on his knees to shoot a pic up her dress. She did not lift her dress and show the world her body and frankly I think she should sue the guy who took that piucture!!!
    I am a photographer and the angle of that shot was the doing of the man with the camera not Britney.So get over it already!

  4. Cherieb says

    Boy, oh, boy, what is next for po’ Britt. Seems to me, she needs some R&R and Therepy! Also, needs to get away from the media!
    Cutting her hair off. Partying and eating away. Looking a nasty mess! She says that it is Bullimia. Then, walking around with more weight on her than; I ever seen. Then the crotch-shot-oh no!
    Something is up & it is not just Bullimia!

  5. elea says

    This poor girl is going to kill herself; if feel bad for her and all of the scruntiny she has been under lately; poeple just need to leave her alone—-and some of you people here need a therapist!!!

  6. dori says

    Poor Britney
    You talk as if you actually know her. Did you grow up in her town? And you know for a fact she’s a liar?
    Who’s the liar here? Changing your name doesn’t change your language. You’re the same 12 year old still bashing Brit under a new name. Don’t you realize we can see right through you?

  7. Poor Britney says

    Go to her hometown and talk to the people there and her classmates and find out what she is really like. She lied about being a virgin and lost it at 16. She put on the innocent persona that she thought or her publicist thought would make her a star. She can’t sing and if she’d been on Amercian Idol she probably wouldn’t have made it past the auditions. Recording studios can make a singer sound greater than they are. When she can sing ocupella like Christina A does and sound good that’s when I’ll say she can sing. Her hometown folks know what she is, what she’s done and where she came from. She is one big lie and she’s gotten herself into a big hole that she’s having trouble crawling out of. Her whole career and reputation is based on a big lie and that’s why she is where she is today. She’s done too much for publicity purposes and she’s sinking herself. Poor Britney my BFA!

  8. dori says

    Thats just it Carleigh you hit the nail on the head. She is so young. And has lived the life of a person much older than herself. She had one baby right after the other and the stress of a divorce and postpartum depression and the media’s negativity. …… It’s almost unbearable. If people could try to comprehend the gravity of what shes’ been through in the last year , a breakdown is not really surprising. I believe the poor girl just wants to get well and back to her kids and her life and her new album which is on hold until she is
    well. This must be excruciating for her Why don’t people get that part?
    I have faith in her and pray she gets well and soon and back to the life she wants in her heart of hearts.

  9. Lucky says

    It amazes me how much American public is crazy about celebrities. Nowhere, probably except Britain, in the world is public so highly kept entertained by the celebrities. You Americans can either “make” or “break” these celebrities. I mean did’nt Britney in the first place got so much positive press during her ‘pop queen’ years? Now the same press is hell bent on destroying her. Hypocrites!!!!!! Yes, you Americans are total Hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no empathy whatsoever for a fellow human being. All your comments are so full of hate and Shame on yourselves!!!!!! And you are all pissed that the rest of the world sorta hates you!! Did you even know why the rest of the world hates you? Cos you people lack any sensitivity chip or whatever.
    Give that poor girl a break and go look in your mirrors as to why you would make such hateful comments on someone whose life is as abstract as yours.

  10. carleigh says

    Just another sad situation factoring in to Britney’s breakdown. I can say that I have made harsh comments about Britney in regards to her behavior because I find it to be in MY opinion truly disgraceful. She obviously doesn’t have a high self esteem or the reasoning capacity to make informed well-thought decisions for herself. She has led a very sheltered life and just because she has money doesn’t mean that she has necessarily had a “good” or “easy” life. You can have all the money and riches in the world and if you aren’t well grounded and have no sense of self, things like this can and do happen. It is very sad that it took her falling so far down before she was able to get the help she has probably needed for a long, long time. I feel empathy for her situation and sympathy for her babies….no child should have to be exposed to the embarrassing behavior of a parent. It’s hard enough for a kid to be a kid but then you have a mother who has done the things Britney has done and the worse part about it is that it was played out in the eyes of the public. I hope that she is able to overcome her addictions and predilections for this type of behavior and she gets all the support of her family and love she needs. It must be very sad to be so wealthy, so priveleged and blessed and yet to be so messed up in all other areas of her life. You can be rich and miserable and Britney has proven that. I feel sorry that it has taken this all coming to fruition for her to finally get her life straightened out, but she’s young and better now than never.

  11. N says

    Dori… a very adult and intelligent voice on this site. FINALLY….. I thought I was the only one. Its crazy how people have such hard feelings about someone they dont know. Fellings based from reading stories and looking at pictures from gossip mags.

  12. Miapocca says

    Why are they releasing all her confidential medical information….the rehab center needs to check their staff aor be sued…someone is leaking information on very personal details.

  13. dori says

    I give up… it’s obvious we aren’t speaking to adults in here anymore. This website is for adults interested in celebrity babies not a meeting place for 12 year old adolescents to vent their misplaced anger . Because if you actually had a life of your own you wouldn’t be so angry at and jealous of Britney. Take stock of your own life and ask what could I be doing?????

  14. ShiftingSands says

    Walk a mile in her shoes ?????? Sure give me a hundred million dollars and I’ll go BLOW it on drugs and booze…. I’ll ignore my kids and take care of my dogs more. Then I’ll sleep with most of my dancers and wonder why I have no talent other then having a music producer fix my voice up because I’ll never be able to do a live concert !!!! Give me a break…. Britney doesn’t have talent she had a good music set up and young girls who wanted to be like her and young boys that wanted to sleep with her!! Christina never f^%&ed up this much (yeah she was a hoochie but her twat wasn’t seen around the world), and Justin can’t sing either he’s just got Timberland to produce really good beats for him !

  15. sharon says

    “Britney Spears never had and never will have any talent. She is gum chomping white trash! ” Have you been living on the planet earth for the last decade? Good Lord people are crazy.

  16. dori says

    Anyone who says Brit has no talent obviously hasn’t followed her music or her career since childhood on the muketeers along with Justin Timberlake and Christina Agiullera. Those who speak of her in the trashy sense really don’t have a clue about who she was and how very sad it is that she is obviously suffering from postpartum depression and tried to self medicate with alcohol.
    Unlike some of you I have faith in my fellow human beings and choose to think in the positive rather than negative ways about people. It’s you who has issues . Anyone who can be so negative isn’t dealing with their own insecurities and bring down others to make themselves feel better. You need help yourself.

  17. ???* says

    ok read her Biography then tell me that she had no talent…i thought you had to have talent ot go from poor to rich?

  18. sharon says

    People are so judgemental. Ever heard you shouldn’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. I for one wouldn’t want to do it. Maybe she does have an eating disorder, maybe she doesn’t. She has DEFINITELY done stuff she shouldn’t, but I would like to see the person who has NEVER done anything they are not proud of. Lay off Britney and let her get it together. She has been at the top for a long time and it is quite a nasty fall to hit rock bottom straight from the top. No one is perfect and I am sure not too many people can handle the press she has had over the past what 10 years? I for one felt bad for her long before all the negative press started, and I hope she gets it together and gets a chance to save a good relationship with her boys before they are too old to know what is going on.

  19. dori says

    Shae your comments are offensive and uncalled for.First of all she didn’t spread her legs and expose herself, some jackass photographer got down on the ground and took a picture between her legs while she was exiting a car! Second she isn’t trailer trash. And 3rd she is a very talented singer and dancer who has been a childjood star and no personal life what to speak of. She is making an attempt to straighten out her life and all people like you want to do is speak poorly of her. It’s you who have thwe mentality of trailer trash or the mind of a 12 year old.
    It is disappointing to think docotors whore themselves out to earn money off of celebrities who come to them for help.

  20. N says

    I dont know if any of these stories are true… Who is this source? What is their name? Are you critics sure the source came from her camp? THATS why its useless to get so upset about her and whats going on in HER LIFE. Out of empathy and compassion for another human being I hope she gets herself together whatever that may be.

  21. MissyMama says

    This is BS. This story is another fabrication from her “people” to try and gain sympathy from those who still support her in an effort to still try and save her comeback. First we were told she was suffering from PPD. When that didn’t gain the type of sympathetic responses her team was hoping for, we are being told she is suffering from bulimia.

    It all may well be true that she is bulimic, but it DOES NOT explain her bizarre behavior, her lack of common sense, her excessive drinking and most likely drug use nor does it explain or even excuse her lack of parenting.

    Even if they/she would just come out and admit that she is bi-polar/manic depressive (whatever) and she has been abusing whatever substances she has been using….I might gain an ounce of respect for her.

  22. Paula says

    I don’t know if that bulimia story is true. If she was vomiting to keep her weight down she’d be pretty skinny plus, she had gained some of her weight back when she was out drinking. Maybe she was so drunk she forgot to throw up. I think this is just a ploy to make people feel sorry for her. And they said her first week was bad there. Wasn’t she out and about going to AA or something that first week? She didn’t look that bad to me. If she was having withdrawels as they’re saying she wouldn’t be looking so well. And didn’t she breastfeeding SP. She didn’t look bulimic then either. I’m confused! Sounds like she’s making stuff up for publicity AGain!

  23. ShiftingSands says

    Enough with the feel sorry for Brit Brit crap ! Am sick of hearing all these sob stories….. Everything that comes oout from these doctors is a lie. First of all she went to Promises because she was a pain-killer-addict and Coke-head !!!! Everything else is just for “poor me” factor !!! First the “ppd”, and now these ????? So not one damn person noticed ?????????

  24. Shae says

    don’t care. She is a trailer trash train wreck. She cannot act or sing and she sucks as a mother. Not much good for anything really….except exposing her crotch in public. I’m sure her parents and family loved that little bit of publicity.

  25. Kristin says

    Well Tina, in a recording studio they can make you sound really good no matter what you sound like, ALSO, I have only seem small clips of her concerts when they air on HBO and she definately is not singing LIVE!
    Also I agree with MommyDearest, but they are probably “leaking” the story for CASH!

  26. Tina says

    It says shes had bulimia since she was 16 that means she had it while she still had her singing career going. Doesnt bulimia kill your vocal cords? Im suprised she was able to record all those albums. If she has bulimia I dont think its been since 16.

  27. amy says

    i agree MommyDearest…the leak is obviously a set up…which is a shame…it’s that desperation for public adoration that has probably led to the bulimia in the first place

  28. MommyDearest says

    Just wondering…why are they “leaking” such personal information to the press? What ever happened to “patient/doctor confidentiality”? Is it so we feel sorry for her (and thus excuse her bad behavior lately?) I don’t know? All I know is..if that was me in there, I wouldn’t want everyone knowing my business!

  29. maggie says

    wow I had no idea, I got to say I have compassion for her, is really tough what shes living but more for her kids

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