Denise Richards Takes Sam & Lola To The Playground

Denise was snapped with 21-month-old Lola and 3-year-old Sam at a playground in Malibu.

Denise Richards

And she spent some time in the sandbox!

Denise Richards

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  1. Robin says

    the only thing those girls got from their Momma was blonde hair and cute clothes…their faces are all Charlie’s

  2. N says

    Sam is an adorable child…. another way of saying her mom may think she is cute but I do not. That is my opinion and it shouldn’t affect Denise or any of you other women on this board.

  3. N says

    All babies are not cute…. all kids are not cute… all people are not cute. THATS LIFE. Deal with it. Although it is mean to call a child ugly…. I will not lie and say a child is cute if I dont think it is. SAM never smiles… like Zahara.

  4. amy says

    as for the isp address…we have one computer in our staff room, there are three other girls on my shift and we all love this site…why should we use the same user name?? we all have different opinions…

  5. MommyDearest says

    Hi BOO! 🙂 I’m over here now and I’m keeping my mouth shut! “Zip” (perhaps “others” should follow my example) 🙂

  6. maggie says

    I agreed # 17 when you said that not all celebrity babies are cute, because is the truth, there are a lot of cute babies that you can see when you go out and they are cuter then shiloh or suri or sam and lola

  7. abby says

    these 2 kids aren’t denise’s …the boy with the hat is her friend’s baby and the other one is just another boy playing on the playground…

  8. S says

    Amy–When I said it was “unanimous”, the majority of comments were that the girls were not that cute. What I stated was my OPINION, or are we not entitled to those anymore? What I also said was perhaps in a few years their looks will change. But for now, in my opinion, they are nothing special to look at. You said you thought the girls were beautiful. Once again, that’s your OPINION. It doesn’t necessarily reflecf the opinions of all of us.

  9. Shebea says

    all you nasty bags need a life…arguing back and forth about whether or not a child is beautiful! GROW UP!! All children are beautiful in the eyes of their own families and who are you vicious, jealous and nasty bags to call anyone ugly. oh…and have a blast at my expense…I do not revisit a site to read comments made by a bunch of nasty bags, Again…GET A LIFE and quit your bitching!!!!

  10. Lil says

    As to the ISP address. That can encompass many people like the name of a street, not necessarily a particular address on that street. Everytime I get on Wikipedia, it informs me that I cannot edit any of their information because of misuse by people at the ISP address. Since I don’t edit Wiki. it doesn’t matter to me who on this ISP does..

  11. Lovethebabies says

    Let’s all just have a little laugh and calm down.

    (seriously I am too computer illiterate to know how to change my name on here and had enough trouble trying to come up with one name).

    (although, I do like a bit of controversy – bring back Julia Roberts & the Bush girls!)

  12. Lexi says

    What a surprise? A bunch of Drama QUEENS, no one said anything about secure info, so don’t even put those words in my mouth, I Said ISP ADDRESSES, I couldn’t give a rats ass about who you are, where you are etc, I find it very humorous that the very ones who are so sweet have a counter personality that is mean, and a total brat! So go away and never visit again yeah! I am here to stay and if I mean because I think the kids are not attractive so be it. Thos of you who lashed out , maybe you have something to hide to the fact that you pretend to be other people on here, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?????

    BTW How cares who your Aunt is and what she and her family looks like? amazing same computer, same isp address, wow like I didn’t see that one from 10 miles away, grow up.

  13. Jamie67 says

    They are babies ,for cryin’ out loud…BABIES!!!
    Oh ..and daughter is the most beautiful girl in the WHOLE wide world!!
    So there you have it!!!
    Now,be nice,,its ok to have your say!!!

  14. jordan says

    Lexi your such a jerkk. Can you find anything else to do but be mean to people. Jayden is my aunt and shes a girl with a beautiful family. I agree with “amused”. Im done with this website. Its suposed to be a positive fun website. Not a place for people like Lexi to be freakss.

  15. TLB says

    #31- In regards to out isp info…. That is not really a big deal because who cares who provides us our internet service but If you can access that what else can you access about me. I dont do the multiple personality thing on here so I am not worried about you finding out who I am, but I signed on to this thinking that ALL my info but my “name” was private and secured. I am now just a little concerned about my privacy on here.

  16. Lexi says

    Your computer has an isp address, even if you use multiple names your isp address and number stays the same. My husband works with Homeland Security, so we have a neat lil thing on our computers that allows us to see this, it is amazing how many of you use mulitple names to be nice and then be a total brat, WOW! I may be mean, but atleast I do not have multiple personalities. WOW is all I can say, and you know who you are!

  17. amused says

    lexi, you said in num. 23 that you dont read the comments. well you sure do have alot to say. looks to me like your the bitter wench on here callling kids butt ass ugly adn arguing with everyone….but since you dont read the comment you wont know that i wrote have some serious issues. you need to get a life and stop being so mean. its obvious that people dont like you on here. and im sure your gonin to say something mean back to me. just goes to show you who the immature bitter wench is—YOU!!

  18. Amy says

    S!!! Who are you to say something is ‘unanimous’ when if you read back on comments plenty of people have said they are adorable and cute?

    I think Sam and Lola are two beautiful children. They are really gorgoue and seem so content with their mother.

  19. S says

    So, it’s unanimous. These kids are not beautiful. They are not gorgeous. They are not adorable. They are borderline cute. They definately take after their parents, which in their case, is a terrible thing. Please understand I don’t make it a habit to trash kids’ looks. In a few years, they probably won’t even look the same. But, for now, they are a lil on the homely side.

  20. Bea says

    Zahara has very pretty eyes agreed, but boy is she angry all the time! Angry kids are hard to like. I agree Shiloh has nothing special and Suri is a doll. I do not think it is O.K to call a child ugly. There is something wrong with it but to call some of these celebrity babies pretty or Gorgeous is to lie and gets annoying after a while. Lola is cute but Sam I have my issues with her.

  21. Lexi says

    Well then be happy with your fun blog and accept the 2000 comments and quite being a wench about it. Have a great night!

  22. MommyDearest says

    My, my, my….don’t take it so personal, sweetie! It’s just (supposed to be) a fun blog! Have a wonderful evening, my friend…….

  23. oriana says

    The oldest child, Sam, looks just like Charlie Sheen, but I have never seen that many pictures of her looking happy either and Lola, the little one, is very cute and sweet looking.

    I don’t know who the baby is in the picture with the blue hat on, but she is adorable looking to me, very cute indeed!

    Damien Bing, now he does look creepy!

    Violet, just like her mother, very cute with her dimples when she smiles.

    Kingston, yes, he looks just like his father too!

    I think Suri is pretty, very beautiful when she was a baby, and that head of hair is amazing, she looks just like Tom, hope she doesn’t have his nose!

    Again, Zahara might look totally different if there wasn’t a mean unhappy look on her face constantly, but she does have very pretty eyes.

  24. Lexi says

    I don’t read them, I am the one that posted one and someone else did, are you really that bitter in real life or is it just a role you pla yhere in Babyrazzi?

  25. Lexi says

    Jayden I couldn’t care less if the world crowned you and your whole family beautiful family of the year. . . . who cares!

    Boo- I was not talking to you my dear. . .sorry if it came across that way,

  26. Lexi says

    I agree about Damien Bing, he kinda lives up to his name, kwim? But I am sure he is a sweet kid, spoiled but sweet I am sure. I for one will not be the one who says ” that child is beautiful when they are not. . .”, I understand they are kids, kids are cute in a different way other than physical , I am sorry for those of you who don’t agree, I am not forcing my opinion on you, I am just voicing mine. . . . if the truth was know, my own kids were not that pretty. . . but they have grown up into cute and adorable little people. . . thier personalities make up alot of how people see them. . . . we out tooo much importance on how looks affect us. . . give it a rest, there are some ugly people, some cute people and some drop dead beautiful people. . . . but down to the ugliest person you can find something good and pretty in each one. . . .

    AS I said before , I do not find these kids cute at all, one looks as if she has to fart all the time, the other one looks as if she is stupid as they come, it is my opinion. AS for as Violet goes, I think she looks like her Moms co-star in Alias, Victor Garber, sorry taht again is my opnion, but like ?????? said , she has adorable dimples, and you can tell she is being raised by a great mom.

  27. ????? says

    Lexi, I agree these two are not beautiful kids in anyway especially Sam atleast Lola is kind of cute. Sam is homely.

    I am so sick and tired of every one bullying us to say kids are beautiful or sweet or cute. Take for example, Shiloh, anyone can see from a mile off that there is no beauty in that child, sometimes she may look sweet, but most days she is your average round headed baby and on a few occassions she even looks ugly.

    It is annoying to have people post ‘the most beautiful baby in the world’ when they know better, or atleast they should.

    Damian Bing too, that kid looks creepy.

    Sean Preston looks like a dense kid (what do you expect if you have such parents)

    Zahara is actually not that ugly, but why is she so angry all the time, she is not pleasant to look at.

    Maddox used to be genuinely cute, but now he is just another annoying Chinese (I know he is from Cambodia but small eyed people all look the same and they are annoying to look at).

    Suri- O.K that one is really pretty but her long hair is strange on a baby!!!! Her parents too are strange!!!!!

    Violet is o.k, not the most beautiful but her smile and dimples make up for a lot.

    Kingston is awfully dull. Him and shiloh are the dullest babies I have seen in ages. Oh he is cute though.

    But people, not all celeb babies are the ‘most gorgeous babies in the world’ and quit bullying those of us who tell the truth!

  28. jayden says

    seriously lexi. chill. i have an adorable little boy and auctually me, my husband, and I get told we are a beautiful family all the time.

  29. boo says

    I’m sorry, I’m confused, who are you speaking to Lexi, Me or Jayden??….which one of us has butt ass ugly children???…for someone who is not mean… you sure could of fooled me!!!
    FYI… I feel (as a mother) that I have the most beautiful children in the world… just as I’m sure every other mother on this website feels… thanks so much!~*

  30. Lexi says

    Hey Jayden, if your opinion mattered I would be so upset, but since it doesn’t oh BOO! Ce la vie’.

    And since I am not a really mean person, I will not mention the issue that you and your kids are probably butt ass ugly.

  31. maggie says

    I think they are cute kids, but no beautiful and lexi I think thers nothing wrong to say that a kid is not cute, well unless you tell the mother. But I think people can tell sam and lola are girls, they dress very normal.

  32. sofie says

    it’s ok to think and say some babies are not cute. i can somewhat agree with post # 1. but i never thought Charlie and Denise were attractive anyway. babies are cute in weird ways, tho I must say Mariska Hargitay’s baby boy August, kinda creeps me out. i can’t look at his pics.

  33. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Well at the bottem of the comment page it has a link to go to hello razzi and when i click on it it does not work.

  34. Nicki says

    She is so busy smiling for the camera does she realize the two kids shes posing with in the sandbox aren’t her kids?

  35. jayden says

    oh my goodness. i think they are beautiful girls. and Lexi, i dont think its okay. theres no reason for you to say that about someone. escpecially when you cant deny they are not both cute. Keep that to your self.

  36. Lauren says

    Sam and Lola are so adorable. Sam looks more and more like Charlie everday. It’s nice to see a celeb parent so devoted to their children. **ahem Britney**

  37. MommyDearest says

    #5…I am having NO problems getting onto Hellorazzi. What is your user ID over on that site?

    Anyway….very cute kids! It’s great to see Denise out and about with them! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to take my kids to the park!

  38. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Can anyone get into Hello I cannot. What happened- is it shutting down? I need to get there. There are several emails that I need to reply to and I need to know how many people can’t get in so I can contact the web mistress. Plezzzz

  39. kelsie says

    I think they’re cute!I tink Sam looks like her dad and i think lola looks like her mom, they’re gonna grow up to be so beautiful

  40. boo says

    I think they are adorable…I love how Denise still dresses them alike sometimes, it’s kinda cute.
    It’s o.k lexi…it not so much (to me anyway) when someone says politely that they feel a child is not all that cute….. it’s when they say “that kid is just plain ugly or fugly” and calling them “racist remarks like a monkey” As they do to Zee and Shiloh that irritates me.

  41. Lexi says

    NO offense meant, and all kids are adorable, but these two having the jeans they do . . . are really not attractive kids. . . I truly hope they grow out of it, and it is really hard to tell they are girls. . .I am sure some of you will jump on me about this, but I do not care! These two lil girls are not cute at all. . . .

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