Tom Brady, Bridget Moynahan, Gisele Bundchen Drama Continues

Tom Brady

Us Magazine is reporting:

Are Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen expecting a baby? Rumors have been flying over the last few days, with blogs and gossip columns getting conflicting reports about the supposed pregnancy.

The rumor was made that much juicier because Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, 36, is four months pregnant with his child. The couple of three years split in December, and a month later Brady took up with Bundchen, with whom he recently took a romantic vacation through Paris, Rome, and Milan, before heading to Brazil last week where he met the model’s parents.

Reps for Moynahan, Brady, and Gisele say that they are not commenting on the rumor. In the meantime, Us deconstructs how the gossip began and what people close to the couple are saying.

How the rumor started:
The popular Brazilian celebrity website reported on Wednesday that the 26-year-old Victoria Secret model is expecting a baby with the New England Patriots quarterback and has shared the good news with several select friends and family members.

What insiders are telling Us:
Sources inside Victoria’s Secret tell that Bundchen isn’t pregnant.

Insiders at the Patriots, who confirmed to Moynahan’s pregnancy to when we broke the news in February, tell Us that Bundchen is not expecting.

Moynahan is said to be unsure as well, waiting to find out the truth along with everyone else.

However, a source tells New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy: “She has told friends it’s true.”

What her family is saying:
Bundchen’s father, Valdir, denied the report to the Brazilian daily newspaper O Dia, saying: “It is not true. I speak with Gisele every day and she would have told me.”

The model’s sister Raquel seconded her father, telling that it was a false report:

“It is clear that Gisele is not pregnant. She is well and has lots of commitments (meaning modeling gigs),” said the supermodel’s sis.

Raquel also told Ego that Gisele’s twin sister, Patricia, told her: “People are inventing things.”

Fuel for the fire:
Bundchen recently told Italian Vanity Fair that she’d like to have children, but she’s in no hurry. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a family – my parents have been married for 35 years and have six children,” she said. “Thing is, I’m just 26 years old, so I have plenty of time.”

Wow…Bridget is a decade older than Gisele and (no apologies for saying this) Bridget is SO MUCH more beautiful! Bridget is simply stunning! Tom should be caring for and actively supporting Bridget…and Gisele should encourage Tom to do that, as it is the right thing to do.

Tom and Bridget make a truly adorable couple!

Tom Brady



  1. Blair Waldorf says

    Look at Moynahan’s faces, did someone suck it?
    You know what, I have been studying and I found out something really interested about women… the most of them has boobs to be different than men… but I think some girls has a new fetish now, they wants her boyfriend to has more boobs than here, can you guys believe in it? Yea, I didn’t believe when I heard about that. But then I saw a really desgusting picture of Moynahan and Brady, she was wearing a purple dress and I won’t lie… for a minute I tought that was my skinny classmate on Halloween.


  2. Sharon says

    Bridget totally tried to keep him and got pregnant on purpose. It seems to me that she knew the relationship was ending and thought that this would renew it. What a manipulative person! Gisele is awesome! She tried to make peace with her and send gifts. Bridget decides to retaliate and poses on the cover of Ok! when baby John is only 5 weeks old! Talk about trashy!

  3. nicole says

    Bridgette broke up with him….Brady was devastated for weeks. The sports writers were even mentioning it.

  4. N says

    Being a “devout” catholic I would think he could and would abstain from sex until he was married. Im sure there are plenty of stars that have abstained from sex…. Also…. when condoms break they are usually not being used properly. So since this 20 yr old star couldnt abstain he has a child on the way and he shouldn’t complain. THATS MY OPINION

  5. boo says

    Unless you were in the room while the 2 of them were getting it on…how do you know Condoms weren’t used???
    Hate to break it to you but they Don’t always work, condoms do break ya know. Many times resulting in unplanned pregnancies.
    As for abstaining from sex well ya that does in fact make sense., Of course being a 20 something MALE NFL star…doesn’t seem to me too likely that that’d be happening!~*

  6. N says

    Regardless what Bridget may have said or didnt say……

    If TOM wanted to make sure that he didnt have any children out of wedlock he should wear condoms…. or abstain from sex.

  7. Lisa says

    Bridget probaly told him it was alright, that she was on birth control. Parenthood involves two people

  8. N says

    I think both women are pretty…. ALSO…. If Tom wanted to make sure that he didnt have any children out of wedlock he should wear condoms…. BETTER YET…. Since he is such a devout catholic he should abstain from sex.

  9. Lisa says

    oh yeah, Where are Toms rights as a dad here. Previous posters state at least Bridget will have a baby to love, so will Tom!!!

  10. Lisa says

    Gisele is a goddess, she is one of the most stunning creatures on the Planet Earth. Bridget is just some washed up not that pretty to begin with has been actress. Gisele is and has been on top of her profession for years. Me think the web mistress is biased, no…

  11. Sarah says

    yeah, if bridget is more beautiful, why isn’t she a millionaire? bridget is certainly beautiful but she doesnt’ hold a candle to giselle.

  12. adrianna says

    hello ppl WAKE UP! the REASON y they broke up was cos they dont “make a cute couple”!!! they obviously didnt get along so they called it a day. isnt that better than staying together and bringing up a child in a hostile environment?!

    n a major issue needs 2 b raised here: NEITHER GISELE OR TOM KNEW THAT BRIDGET WAS PREGNANT WEN THEY GOT TOGETHER! so it seems 2 me that bridget is a lying scheming cow. tom and gisele cant help it if they fell in love.

    n another thing, OMG, r u CRAZYYYY?! how the HELL is bridget more beautiful than the WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS N HIGHEST PAID SUPER MODEL?!?! lets have bridget walk down that runway if she’s “so much prettier”…WATEVA!

    tom n gisele all the way!

  13. Jackie says

    Hey Go slow Amanda,

    It takes one to know one.

    Am just taking sides for fun for what seems is going to be a lengthy media scandle and am on Tom/Gisele side.

    Did you see me insulting those who called Tom a jerk. It is their opinion and I respect it, grow up, these are strangers, unless of course you are Brigdet! Lol

  14. Jackie says

    Bridget sounds like a schemer who knew a relationship was on the rocks and got pregnant on purpose. Tom is a very nice guy and most people can testify to this. Bridget on the other hand has a reputation of manipulation and is even too old!. I am on TEAM TOM & GISELE

  15. Lauren says

    This guy sounds like a jerk. He probably knew about it beforehand and still dumped her anyways. Bridget is better off. She still has her baby who will always love her.

  16. Aditi says

    shes probably better off without him if he left her after knowing that she was pregnant..what a jerk !
    i remember her from the sex and the city days and i absolutely loved her ( not her character ) !!
    everything happens for the best and i wish her strength

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