Russell Crowe & Charles

Russell Crowe, 42, was snapped taking three-year-old Charles for a seaside stroll in Australia. He and wife, Danielle also have an eight-month-old son named Tennyson.

Russell Crowe



  1. Vee says

    I do feel sorry for Meg Ryan. Let’s be honest. To most of us she was our favorite. I think her affair with Russell ruined her career because she always played a so-called nice girl. When Ingrid Bergman got pregnant by another man other than her husband many years ago, she was banned from the USA. She also played heroines and nice women for the most part. We missed many years of her talent. We should learn to separate the talent from the personal lives. I read all the gossip too, but what they do in private is really none of our business.

  2. sharon says

    my 3 year old still goes in a stroller, ESPECIALLY if we are walking near the harbour. Which I gather from “seaside stroll” they were. If it is just a short walk then yeah she walks, but for a long hike, she is just too little. Either she goes in the stroller or I end up carrying her. For all of you who say Charlie is not a cute kid, give me a break. He is a very healthy looking little boy. Everyone goes on about promoting scrawniness in hollywood then you say a 3 year old is chubby? come on people get your opinions figured out. Do you want scrawny or not? I for one LOVE that little Charlie looks healthy!

  3. Lisa says

    3 is still acceptable to me for a stroller, if it is a long trip. If it is just a quick stroll let em walk.

  4. Lauren says

    Charles is so cute. He looks a lot like Russell. I wonder why we haven’t seen little Tenny yet.

  5. Bea says

    #2 Olivia too true.

    Charlie looks Awkward an very uncomfortable. But feel for Russells shoulders if he decides to give him a high ride. The boy is healthy! Good to see Russell married and settled down.

  6. Olivia. says

    Wow, now I can say I love Russell Crowe again.

    I could not stand his affair with Meg Ryan, it was one of those relationships that left a bad taste in your mouth and made you nauseous that you just blot them out for the duration of the relationship. Like Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan, Affleck and Jlo and these days Brad and Angelina.

    Ewwwwww, got chills thinking about them.


  7. carleigh says

    I think Charlie is a cutie pie, but I have to wonder how come no pic’s of Tenny have been put out? I would love to see the baby they had last summer. Like Russell, he’s such a good actor and it’s good to see him happy and settled down.

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