Keri Russell Sporting Her Bump & Adorable Pigtails

Keri Russell
Keri Russell, 30, was snapped out and about in Santa Monica yesterday. Keri married boyfriend Shane Deary on Valentine’s Day and is pregnant with the couple’s first child. She looks adorable with her pigtails…the same look so popular with Tori Spelling throughout her pregnancy!



  1. sharon says

    I still wear my hair in braids and pigtails. (low ones not high ones :D) and anyone who doesn’t like it, don’t look. I didn’t know Kerri was preggers. Too cute on her. Yeah Tori does look cute too. I agree boo.

  2. N says

    I also dont see anything wrong with a woman wearing pigtails…. Now if see has bows in her hair with them….thats a different story. But wait…. if shes playing dress up with her significant other then its ok again…. im on the fence… : )

  3. boo says

    I think so to KellyMay…There is Absolutely NOTHING wrong with a grown Woman wearing pigtails… it’s a quick and easy way of getting your hair off your neck and out of your face in Hot weather( which in Santa Monica I’m sure temps get pretty high)…. plus last I checked there was not an age limit on them so If any woman feels the need to wear them then more power to her.
    And IMO Tori looks just as cute, if not more so wearing her hair like this.

  4. ShiftingSands says

    Why do woman wear pigtails ?????? We are not 5 years old ladies !!! It’s crazy… everytime I see woman in them I want to pull them and ask them if there stupid !

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