It Seems That There Is No Baby Joy For Gisele

Gisele Bundchen
The family of Gisele Bundchen, 26, have denied reports that she is pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby. “It is not true,” Gisele’s father, Valdir, told O Dia gossip columnist Sabrina Grimberg. “I speak with Gisele every day and she would have told me.”

Meanwhile, sister Raquel told that the family was shocked, just shocked, when they read the news on the Internet. “It is clear that Gisele is not pregnant. She is well and has lots of commitments,” said Gisele’s sister. Raquel also told Ego that Gisele’s twin sister, Patricia, told her: “People are inventing things.”

Neither Gisele or Tom’s reps have commented.


  1. Shae says

    Good news for Gisele….don’t make THAT mistake with that loser. He is not even attractive……

  2. Bea says

    ‘Mr. Procreator extraordinare’ LoL am still laughing.

    Some one tell this guy about condoms!

  3. carleigh says

    Well, at least that is GOOD news. Tom Brady needs to keep his jewels under lock and key, just because you can make babies doesn’t mean you need to run around acting like Mr. Procreator extraordinare! Button up Brady or you will be paying out the ass for all your little Baby Brady’s!

  4. Bea. says

    THANK GOD! There is something repulsive about a man who has two women pregnant at the same time!!!!!! I like Gisele and Tom and I wish them the best!

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