1. dori says

    She looks like she’s glowing she is so happy . It’s time for her to have her day and happy ever after. Good for her. Congratulations!

  2. Amy says

    Karina, it sounds like you have some emotional problems. You need help. You sound like a very jealous person!

  3. Lil says

    Elizabeth is a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress. And the kids are cute. But I bet Damian is going to hate those knickers when he gets older.

  4. S says

    Karina–Well, I’m happy that you “whore” white on your wedding day. Not quite sure I comprehend your above comment. I just want to know how you know Liz so well you can “speculate” she’s a whore? Could it possibly be because she has a son with whom she’s not married to his father? Just trying to understand your warped sense of thinking.

  5. Karina says

    Yup thats right S im a whore too!!!!!!!!!!
    im 40 and famous for no reason and yes when i got married i whore white..
    How did u know?????

  6. Tiffany says

    Her dress is pretty and the pictures are nice but I do not like that fact that her son is wearing capris.

  7. ShiftingSands says

    The OMEN !!!!!!! hahaha he looks like the little boy from the OMEN !!!! Too funny !! It’s a nice dress ~

  8. NannyVal says

    Lets skip what his name is,and just look at how much love is shown between mother and child.It is a beautiful picture,and noone should be able to find anything wrong with it!

  9. Mumba says

    I still cant understand why anyone would choose to call their child damian! Just makes me think of the Omen all the time…

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