David Boreanaz & Son At The Playground

Star magazine is saying this isn’t normal, but it’s awesome when a dad can actually PLAY with his kids and not just watch!

David Boreanaz

Jaden’s mother is David’s wife, Jaime Bergman.

David Boreanaz



  1. Jenna says

    Jaden looks sooo much like David. he is gunna be a looker when he gets older. David is MAD HOT!
    I think it is so sweet that he actually PLAYS with his son, my kids father doesnt even like to spend time with them let alone play with them. Its so fun to play with the kids on play grounds, I love it. I think all parents should do it.
    DAVID ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! I wish I was Jaime, she is so lucky!

  2. chrissi says

    nah i say he looks more like Jamie. Oh well hopefully he’ll inherit his dads gorgeous looks and muscles, sigh.

  3. Paula says

    Cute picture, and dad having fun with his son. What do you mean is that allowed, Bea? Anything’s allowed as long as you’re having fun with your kids. I remember playing just like that when my kids were small. Going down slides and playing on the swings. It’s called hands on and teaching children how to play. More parents should be like that. Plus it keeps you young. Just sitting and watching your kids play gets boring. Join in the fun!!

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