Can You Guess Who The Little Girl In This Pic Is?

Who is the little girl in this picture?

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

It’s Angelina Jolie! Here she joined her father, Jon Voigt and Ann-Margret in the 1982 film “Lookin to Get Out.”


  1. Nicki says

    oriana – If you read the first part of Notes from My Travels, it says that her Dad tried to stop her from going.

    What she didn’t write in there was what she said in her interview on Inside the Actors Guild. She said what she wrote in her book, and then added that he gave her a letter and she read it on the plane. She didn’t say what was in the letter only that it was very hurtful and hateful. That is when she decided she didn’t need a person like that in her life. So I guess with everything else he has hurt her over and over again, and she made the decision she did.

  2. oriana says

    I am just being curious, but has anyone heard of other reasons why she doesn’t want anything to do with her father, other than, cheating on her mother, getting on TV and saying she needs help with her mental problems and I did hear she got very upset over him spilling the beans about her adopting Maddox, maybe there are worse things the public doesn’t know, maybe she just doesn’t like him, I don’t know. I do feel if he didn’t mistreat her personally, and I do see where he would have had concerns about her mental problems, for she admitted herself she had some issues, that he could at least see his grand child, even in a supervised setting.

  3. minnie says

    whenever I tell people I no longer speak to my Dad and they dare judge or say “hey come on, he’s your Dad, you have to forgive him” I want to hit them. What? We share 50% of our DNA so he gets to do whatever he wants to me and I have to forgive him?? Are you crazy?

  4. Patience says

    My opinion is that if we have to look for nuances in facial changes, it is not worth discussing. The rag mags and pappis do enough guessing and spinning of the truth.

  5. Nose Mystery says

    Did you see Angie’s photos around the time she was heavily pregnant and just after gave birth to Shiloh. Her nose was thick then. When she got weight her nose was thick and when she was thin her nose was thin,too. It doesn’t happen to all wemen but some has this. And her nose looks different in the same day’s photoshoot. Look at recent Golden Globe’s photos. One photo has thin nose and another has thick one. Same is Jennifer’s nose. Sometimes her nose looks very thick and sometimes looks thin. And people says she got new plastic surgery but I don’t think so. Her old roommate wrote a book in 2005 and claimed Jen got nose job when she moved hollywood and that’s the reason her old photos is rare. Who knows? let’s talk about Angie’s lip. It has many wrinkles and it’ is a proof of she did’nt get job because planted collagen does’nt make any wrinkles acoording to the authority.

  6. oriana says

    I just looked at the pictures and her nose definately looks thinner to me in some of them.

    I am not a big fan of hers, and have never claimed to be, but she is a extremely gorgeous beautiful woman, in the before and after pictures, have to admit that. And NO, I am not trying to kiss up to her or her fans, Jon Voight is still a very handsome and distinguished looking man to me also, and Shiloh is a mini version of him!

    Thank you Miapocaa for the link to the pictures.

  7. Jackie says

    Angelina’s dad did not leave her at 6 months, he left her mom and the divorce came through in 1978. Both parents shared custody and Voight paid for those kids through school and they sometimes lived at his place.

    They even acted togather in Tomb raider and I do not remember her complaining. This ‘my dad cheated on my mom’ is pretty recent and it is like shiloh waking up one day and alienating Brad for leaving Angelina when it is common truth that Brad is a pussy whipped slut whom any schemer can grab.

    Every one knew back then that Voight was a lady charmer and no one expected the marriage to last. Infact many believed Bertrand, a virtually unknown lowly actress who failed to make it big ensnared Voight for his money and fame!

  8. Bea says

    I do not understand why some one would attack me for stating the truth. It is a truth well known that Angelina hated herself and her looks and resorted to self harm. She has not always been as beautiful (for those who find her beautiful) as she looks today.

    It is common knowledge that she has had a nip/tuck and if you boast that you are a staunch fan, you should know this. She had very round chicks and a lot of meat on her face. I guess she could do naught about her huge head and the veins (thet is mean, but I was attacked!!!!).

    Brad also has many scars on his face and insists that none of them comes out in the movies especially one on his left eyelid.

    Now I know you are fans but please get a grip, no one is chasing you with an axe. Truth can’t be changed even by obsession.

    I still hope Shiloh does not end up with her looks or character lest we have a crazy sick teenager on our hands

  9. Miapocaa says

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  10. Lauren says

    Wow, Angelina was a cute little girl. Shiloh is going to grow up looking gorgeous. Angelina should end this feud with her father. Life’s too short to stay mad at someone. I’m sure her mother would’ve wanted her too.

  11. Miapocaa says

    #7 I believe #3 is simply stating her opinion..there is no need to clal her stupid, she is entitled to her OPINIONS..

    Jolie has had surgery on her nose to thin it out and cheeks to get rid of the roundness. Take a look at SHiloh who is a mini me of JOn voight ..however upper part of face resembles Brad, and you will see the orginal angie cheeks, smae on her father.

    If you google you will find it on the surgery site called or something of the nature.

    She and Brad also spend tons of money on facial chemical peels , Brad has some serious acne pitts on his face before the money….its hollywood, you have to live up to your idea of “natural beauty”. I do agree that she had the basics to start off only enhances what you already got..

    If the average woman is going to sit at home and believe that all the hollywood girls are real, then its going to get really dangerous………………..they are not real..very few are..even Zeta Jones who we think of as a natural beauty ot help along the line…

    Doesnt she plastic up well????

  12. carleigh says

    Everyone can kick around the prospects about why JA and AJ do not speak to their parents’. What I am wondering is about the common link they share with BA? Has anyone ever realized that BA seems to have a pattern between the last few women he has been with? They BOTH do not speak to their parents, kinda strange but just kind of makes you go huh?
    I think Shi is going to resemble AJ more as she gets older, right now she’s all blonde hair, blue eyes and pillow lips, she’s a beauty. AJ has never admitted to plastic surgery, I wonder where in the world someone would speculate that info? JA has ADMITTED to undergoing rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum, however, recent photos prove that she didn’t have as much work done on that schnoz as she should have. JA could be much cuter with a thinner nose and less pronounced chin, she’s not the ugliest woman I’ve seen in Hollywood though (think Sandra Bernard) now there’s an Alice the Goon if I ever saw one.
    Who cares why they don’t speak to their parents. BA and JA are OVER, he’s moved on and is happier and more fulfilled with AJ and has the family he has wanted with HER. JA has moved on and it’s high time her “fans” do the same.

  13. MM says

    Australian mag wrote Jennifer’s mother was a porno actress and failed as a actress. She gave up career and got married Jen’s father but it failed ,too. Since she has been very bitter toward men and told her daughter not trust men. She also wrote a book and revealed how self-absorbed girl Jen was. She is not a good model of maternalism.

  14. Nancy is alone says

    Bea, Angelina did’t say she hated her father. Neither Jennifer Aniston did say she hated her mother. Both of their parent are not good ones. But there is a little bit difference. Angelina’s father left her when she was 6 monthes. Jennifer’s mother raised her as a single mother after divource and they lived together until Jennifer moved to hollywood. She cut the connection 10 years ago. If you want preach someone, be fair.

  15. #3isSTUPID says

    Give it up number 3.

    Stop with the plastic surgery nonsense and lies. She’s a natural beauty.

    This adorable pic (a mirror of Shiloh IMO) is even more proof. How are you going to try and pass off a plastic surgery lie, when the woman has been catalogued in pictures, movies, and on TV since she was 4 years old. Sorry that you can’t accept REALITY.

    It must be hard being a fan of a woman like Jennifer Aniston, who is ugly regardless. I guess that’s why posters like you, try to infer this kind of ridiculousness about Angie. Please. Let it go. Sure, Brad is the father of her babies, and her man – so what…why must that drive you insane with jealousy. Just STOP with the hating, okay??

    As for the rest of the bogus cr*p you said — Angelina has no problem with people complimenting her on her looks, and has never said she’s uncomfortable about it. She says thank you and moves on.

    What I don’t get is why haters like #3, want to infer falsehoods. It’s not going to make your idol, the ugly tv sit-com hack, Jennifer Aniston any more attractive no matter how many plastic surgeries she has (and it’s a FACT that she has had several – she admitted it after getting busted last month!) to deride Angelina Jolie.

  16. Bea says

    Wow so sweet, I wish she should stop hating her father and realise that life is too short to keep grudges with an important person like your father.

    I hope Shiloh does not look like her when she was younger. It was one of the reasons she was ridiculed in school and grew to hate herself. She is now more confident because she had some work done on her face.

    That is why she does not like it when people go on about her looks, because she finds it disturbing that people find her beautiful after cosmetic surgery and yet in school they made fun of her ‘different’ looks

  17. Nicki says

    She is very cute. I can’t wait until Shiloh is a few years older, I think she will look more like Angelina. I think she looks a bit more like Brad now, but with lots of Angelina but absolutely an adorable baby. The best of both her parents. Lucky little girl, as are her big brother and sister, and the newest little one soon to join them.
    I remember she played in a movie with her Dad when she was very young. Thank you for the name of it, I will try to find it to watch.

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