1. boo says

    #15 The parents are in fact simon and yasmine…It’s as Mommydearest (#5) said if you scroll your mouse over top of the pic, their names show up!~*….To be completely honest I’ve never even heard of either one of them, I’ve heard OF duran duran, never listened to their music though.

  2. Maegers says

    so because the child on the left is wearing a blue sweater, we should assume the child is a boy?
    that’s a little narrowminded SAM. girls don’t wear blue???

    Try again.

  3. boo says

    Well that was a little uncalled for Lea…. this is a post for people to GUESS who they think the parents of these kids are….Aj and her brother was just #8’s GUESS….who cares if she was right or wrong. There was no need to call her a fool over it…Some people will be right and some people will be wrong…that’s bound to happen on a post such as this one…..My guess was Rod and Rachel only because it was the first MODEL/MUSICIAN couple that came to mind that had 2 children together… didn’t mean I felt I had to be right…It was just a thought!~*

  4. JJ says

    I have always loved Yasmin and Simon. They were my favourite couple back in the day. Now it is Tomkat. But I still love Yasmin and Simon too. Cute kids, but they are so big now.

  5. chris says

    if these two are the offspring of Yasmine and Simon, it must be a very old photo…… their kids ( they have 3 girls) are in their teens.

  6. MommyDearest says

    Well…ya, it is Simon Le Bon and Yasmine because when you put your mouse over the picture, it says “Yasmin Le Bon” 🙂

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