Rumor Alert! Gisele Bundchen Pregnant With Tom Brady's Baby

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

As reported by The Boston Globe:

A Brazilian website reported yesterday that Tom Brady’s girlfriend Gisele Bundchen may be pregnant and, if so, the Pats QB is the father. According to the popular celebrity website , Bundchen would be no more than two months pregnant, but may already have told select friends and family. The brief item was written by Joyce Pascowitch, who’s the Brazilian equivalent of the New York Post’s Richard Johnson . Brady’s agent Don Yee did not return a phone call yesterday, and Bundchen’s rep at IMG denied the report. Two weeks ago, Brady’s ex-girlfriend actress Bridget Moynahan revealed she’s pregnant, and Brady is the father. ( Moynahan’s rep had no comment yesterday on the possibility of a Bundchen baby.) Brady, 29, and Moynahan, 36, dated for nearly three years before breaking up in mid – December. Soon after, the two-time Super Bowl MVP began dating the Brazilian supermodel. The pretty pair recently enjoyed five-star stays in Paris, Milan, and Rome, and Life & Style Weekly is reporting that Bundchen also took Brady to meet her parents in Porto Alegre , Brazil. Bundchen, who’s dated Leonardo Di Caprio and surfer Kelly Slater , recently told Vanity Fair that she’d like to have children, but she’s in no hurry. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a family – my parents have been married for 35 years and have six children,” she said. “Thing is, I’m just 26 years old, so I have plenty of time.”

Hmmm….this is turning out to be quite amazing soap opera material!



  1. willy says

    Maybe Tom is part of a religious cult? jus kiddin.

    regarding Moynahan—
    guys– watch out for baby-crazy women —
    If you love her– thats totally great– but just make sure the woman wants to be with *you*, and not just want you for the sperm-bank and checkbook feature.

  2. c says

    Omg if gisele and tom are having baby well congrats.Even though she said she is not!!And if she that is none of our buisness.After all,it is gisele life and if she want to have kids well then that’s her..she’s the one that going to be raising the child,buying things for the baby!So back of and let gisele live her life!

  3. N says

    Giselle is obviously a whore…. I mean come on why would she mess with a guy that has a baby on the way. That would put her in the same category as Britney Spears!

  4. carleigh says

    He is about the equivilent of Bobby Brown or K-Fed…he needs to put a glove on that thing or get his berries snipped. This guy has to much “free” time on his hands and really needs to keep one hand on his flag pole, if you know what I mean. What’s wrong with these women? This is tacky and TB is a complete dolt!

  5. Melissa says

    He should get it “snipped” ……or, we could call him “T-Bra” …like “K-Fed”….hahahahahahaahahah

  6. Lauren says

    If this is true, he moves around. Geez…Bridget and Gisele would be giving birth around the same time.

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