1. mai mai says

    what a nice picture of them together, i am really a big fun of their family………violet is such a cute little angel.

  2. Paula says

    This family always looks as if they are having the time of their lives. Nice to see them smiling all the time. You can tell Jen plays with Violet alot. Jen’s personality is rubbing off on her. She looks like a happy baby.

  3. maggie says

    defenetly the cutest smile ever, and those dimples are to die for, I just want a baby like her, shes so sweet, happy, cute, adorable

  4. Nat says

    She’s so cute there are no words. Duh, she looks like her mom why would we want her looking like u and being a sourpuss too. Babies are never at fault.

  5. Chris X says

    Totally agree tj – papa is not bad either – now that he is with this Jen and being himself again.

  6. tj says

    she is very beautiful like her mom!! i love jennifer garner shes the best…papa isnt that bad either…;)

  7. Shae says

    Violet is a Jennifer Garner clone…I have never seen a child look so much like her mother! Astounding!!

  8. Evelyn says

    you guy’s are outta your mind the only cute thing on those two are their dimples they both have huge foreheads and squinty eye’s yawn that kid look’s exactly like her mom

  9. doesnotmatter says

    Another beautiful family….mother and child are always smiling. It is so nice to see! They seem very down-to-earth, and also seem to know what is most important in life!

  10. Nicki says

    Violet has the cuetest smile and dimples. Just very happy. She does look just like Jen when she is smiling and having fun, but I think she looks a bit like her Dad when she is serious and not smiling. The best of both parents. I love her dimples…..her hat is cute too, it looks perfect for Vancouver. She looks very comedic, like she has a fun time and is silly and finds lots of things funny, like my younger nephew. Fun to be around. Again, adorable smile and dimples.

  11. BC Girl says

    They are just the cutest mother/daughter duo!!! Always so happy and smiley and giggly… LOVE EM”!!!!

  12. Lauren says

    Violet is soo cute. She’s always pictured laughing and smiling. It’s nice to see such a down-to-earth “normal” celeb couple. Violet is 2 cute for words.

  13. Deb says

    Jen and Violet are soooo cute! They are always smiling, laughing or playing. What great parents her and Ben are and so not hollywood!

  14. JJ says

    It is strange that some people think that Suri is the same age as violet!!!!

    I love these two, they are like replicas. Cute cute!!!

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