1. Marie says

    Matilda is a mark of her daddy, for sure. I have never once seen Michelle smile – she always looks like she’s got something lodged somewhere. If the relationship is over, I don’t necessarily think it’d be Heath’s fault – with as sour as Michelle seems in pictures, I’d be more likely to wonder if it wasn’t hers.

  2. Bea. says


    She is not shy, unless shy is the new sad. She should quit that relationship, it has run its course, it is even taking a toll on cutey Matilda.

    Heath is a bastard.

  3. Mimi says

    Matilda is so cute! I didn’t like Michelle’s hair to begin with (I couldn’t believe she cut her beautiful long hair!), but it’s growing on me.

    Are Heath and Michelle okay? I never see them together anymore. They both look so unhappy in pictures (quite a contrast to when their relationship first started, and when Michelle was pregnant).

  4. Jamie67 says

    Matilda looks cute!!I love the name Matilda,
    reminds me of the book by Raold Dahl
    Her mom looks soo sad to me!!
    Does anybody know about rumors,that there is trouble in paradise for Heath and Michelle???
    Maybe thats why she is always looks so pissed on pictures.

  5. Steph says

    thanks, honey. They look comfy, and they’re not outrageously expensive…I think I’d probably get them for my children someday. 🙂

  6. just saying.... says

    Why isn’t she smiling??? She has no expression except for sour, ugly, snotty, mean. Whats up with that? Sad child. I hope someone loves her. And we know Michelle NEVER smiles and even flips off the paps.I hope the baby doesn’t start doing that. Poor kid.

  7. says

    Wow, a mini Heath!! very cute.
    Steph, Robeez are very comfortable slippers for kids. They’re made of leather, but the soles are not tuff, therefore they’re not really meant to be walked on outside (ie-a child could easily hurt their foot on something sharp). Although I see photos of Violet out in them all the time! They stay on the kids’ feet, which is a bonus, but I wouldn’t call them shoes. I know in Canada they’re usually sold in smaller boutique-type stores.

  8. Steph says

    Isn’t there a picture somewhere of Violet Affleck in that hat? Its so adorable!
    I’ve been hearing alot about Robeez lately…does anyone on here actually buy them for their kids? Are they good shoes?

  9. boo says

    Matilda looks like her Daddy, very Cute!!.

    In the beginning I didn’t really like Michelle with short hair, but I think it actually kind of suits her.

    Did anyone come to the conclusion of whether or not she and Heath did in fact tie the knot…she is wearing a ring on her wedding finger, and it looks like it could be a band???~*

  10. Gesa says

    So nice that finally see Mathilad a bit closer and not half-hidden in the pram! Cute little girl! 🙂

  11. BC Girl says

    Donna – Michelle Williams used to be on “Dawson’s Creek”. The father of her baby is Heath Ledger, Im sure you know who he is!!! 🙂

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