Katie Holmes & Suri At The Polo Lounge

Katie took ten-month-old Suri along as she lunched with friends at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills on February 25th. Adorable!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. Libraesque says

    YES, I wish your comment wasn’t so incoherent. And I’m QUITE sure that if Cruise alluded to the fact that they had been married in 2005, the media would have been in a frenzy, and I read a lot of rag mags, NEVER saw it

  2. yes says

    this is the truth tomkat were married in 2005 yet, in one appearance of tom cruise in one of the late night shows, he was asked if they were not married yet, and he answered shall i bring it up here. then the interviewer said never mind.

  3. Libraesque says

    They did not get married in 2005. One common denominator with all you freaks is making up stories to support your delusions that this is a real couple and that the kid is Tom’s, and that Katie didn’t have a bastard baby out of wedlock, even though she had been engaged for almost a year!!

    This is from MSN news

    Wednesday November 23, 2005

    Tom Cruise is giving his pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes an incredible $20 million present — her own jet plane!

  4. Bea says

    Miapocca, one thing is for sure, they are happier than you.

    You sound so depressed, lonely and sad to insist that people who are totally strangers to you are not married and sound like it actually means a lot to you.

    You are a strange one and if you want anyone to pay attention to you (am kind to even be responding to you) try to sound less desperate, vindictive or demented.

    You think we care whether Tom and Kate married or they are brother and sister or they sleep in different houses states or countries? We don’t and we comment only for fun, get a clue!

  5. Miapocaa says

    If tomkat married in this ocuntry the documents will be on the the smoking gun as are his divorce documents and souri’s birth certificate with the wrong information ….hahah

    I wait to see the legal proof….maybe they just didnt file the papers, in which case does that make them married or what???

  6. faci says

    tomkat were married twice. baby suri was conceived after marriage. they secretly married in LA in 07/05. tom bought a plane in 2005 as a wedding gift to katie..
    #27 pleae read this.

  7. noone in particular says

    Oh my, I can’t believe how rude you people are. I am not a fan of Brad and Ang but I don’t have a right to decide what is beautiful and what isn’t when it comes to a child. How unfortunate you so called “baby lovers” would be so rude.

  8. !!!!!!????? says

    I know some of Brad and Angelina’s fans have to be loyal but come on, there is even no contest between Suri and Shiloh.

    Shiloh looked cute when Brad was carrying her, but she is not even among the top ten most beautiful babies in hollywood. But like most babies she is sweet, though she seems dull.

  9. bebet says

    lisa # 23 yes they are both cute, but why not face the reality that baby suri is very cute and very beautiful, while shiloh looks very plain looking baby. be fair and just, thanks.

  10. carleigh says

    Violet turned 1 year in December, Suri will not be 1 until May so there is a matter of 5 months difference in their ages. They are both beautiful little girls though. Just like with any other comment why make the constant comparisons between Suri, Vi and Shi??? They are all beautiful as all babies are in their own precious way. They are healthy, happy and very loved, what kid could ask for more than that?

  11. Bea. says

    She doesn’t look bigger than Violet to me and she is one year next month. She is a beautiful girl though. Very beautiful.

    Did you say she is walking?

    OMG I can’t believe it, my son walked at 10 months and I thought he was an absolute genius, I guess it is more common these days with all these new baby foods.

    She looks like she takes after her dad in being hyperactive. Recent pictures of her suggest that she is trouble with a capital T! Whenever I see her, I feel like stealing her toys away from her just to disturb her and get her to throw her stubby legs in the air like my son does! LOL

  12. Libraesque says

    What do you guys think the reason is for Katie not getting married before Suri was born.
    She was raised a Catholic and this was her first child, Tom’s first biological child, AND they were engaged for almost a year.
    Why do you all think she decided to have a bastard baby instead of getting married sometime during that year, like when they first found out, before she was showing?

  13. Libraesque says

    BEA, if she’s not the same age as Violet how come she’s BIGGER than Violet, and was supposedly walking…..at 7 months
    NO WAY

  14. Bea. says

    I still think it is her hair that makes her look older. She is tall too from her mother’s side. Other than that, I think she is 10 months after all she cannot be the same age as violet!

    Cutest baby in hollywood. Different too if you ask me.

    Shiloh and still not sure!

  15. lisa says

    Yes, Suri is a cute baby, also Shiloh Pitt. Why compare them to each other? Both babies are adorable and cute. They are ordinary babies with ordinary parents I guess for those’s who say suri is better looking than Shi, should also say she is better looking than their kids. Wake up people, These people are not “GOD”. They are celebrities. STOP the hate people, STOP the hate, be happy for others.

  16. Libraesque says

    why would you determine a baby’s age by the amount of hair it has??? That’s bizarre! I would think the fact that Suri looks to be about 4 months older than she’s reported to be would be due to the fact that she is very very tall, and was photographed wearing hard sole shoes that were scuffed up way back in Nov. when she was supposedly only 7 months old!!!!

  17. JJ says

    I disagree, I think Suri is the cutest, Shiloh is very ordinary not to mention her vacant gaze all the time which is so disarming. More Suri please.

  18. Momma UK says

    Ok its nice to see her out and about with the baby….as for how old she looks my sister had a baby that had a head of haid like a gorilla (forgive the un pc) and now that child is 2 and she is adorable !! so Suri ( still not sure on the name) wil grow into her looks….
    anyway lets be honest all babies look like Winston Churchill till they are at least 10 !

  19. Jen says

    #10. Miapocca, back at you, How the hell do you judge people you don’t even know???
    Suri is just adorable thank you webmistress . More pictures please!!!

  20. Catherine says

    She doesn’t take after her dad for height 🙂
    but most stress this is cute but not as cute as SHILOH OR KINGSTON…..

    LUV YA

  21. Miapocca says

    I think there are a ton of scientologist on this site…wierdos as usual…these ppla re wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!and how the heck do you love a baby you dodnt even know ahahhahah

  22. Julie says

    There’s my favorite celebrity baby, again! She look so beautiful, as always, even though the pic is a little grainy. Tom and Katie must just love looking at her and loving on her. I don’t think she looks older than 10 months. She’s just been blessed with a ton of hair!!! More Suri, please!

  23. Lacy says

    i bet everyone is going to go crazy for this one, saying how much older she looks than 10 months. she does look older, but i am not getting into this one with you gals.

  24. Lacy says

    oh my, she is so big. she is so pretty too. and, she is wearing red, not white. she looks so cute is bright solid colors!!

  25. Lauren says

    Suri is sooo cute. It’s nice to see Tom and Katie lighten up and bring her outside more. It’s always nice to see a pic of Suri. She’s soo adorable. She’ll be gorgeous when she gets older.

  26. uh... says

    she looks like she has been slapped around the face…from this angle her eyes look all swollen….

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