A Little Brother For Suri?

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

TMZ is reporting:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may be expecting a visit from the stork sometime soon.

TMZ has learned that a TomKat confidante went to trendy West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor last week, looking for four “scenarios” for a boy’s nursery. The TomKat friend was overheard saying, “We want to be prepared for a baby boy.” We’re told the interested themes for the room were: sports, nursery rhyme, cartoon and the color blue.

The estimated cost for the eggshell blue-themed room alone is $45,000 and would include a custom-made blue and white antique crib, blue bedding and blue walls with floating clouds. The shop was also given a deadline of April 15th, three days before Suri’s first birthday, to come up with the designs.

Mysterious information, but maybe Tom and Katie are planning to adopt a little boy?



  1. Jodie says

    of course Katie is not pregnant. TC is sterile.

    If she does happen to fall pregnant by some miracle it won’t be from his sperm.

    I wonder how they are going to get out of this one? if they have a baby that comes out looking completely different to Suri?

    Maybe they could ask Chris Klein to donate again?

  2. says

    If Miapocca is at every site *you* go to and you think that she has a problem, then obviously *you* have a problem as well, as you go to all the same sites as Miapocca does.
    Just thought I’d state the obvious, that’s all .

  3. Libraesque says

    that dumbass Bea is a perfect example “why would she not want to be barefoot and pregnant for the rest of her young years with no identity of her own always in her husbands shadow…I mean how lucky is that!!!”


    She CLEARLY has no clue that to a normal woman it’s important to carry on with YOUR CAREER, as well as have a family

  4. Libraesque says

    Miacoppa, the teenagers on this site aren’t interested in learning about anything, or hearing anything against TC & KH. They’re too stupid to realize the connection between TC being a star and also being a higher up in this dangerous cult.

    These dreamy eyed screwballs just want to drool over how cute Tom is, how hot his non-existent son will be someday, how envious they are that KH gets to shop every day and live in a mansion, etc….

  5. Bea says

    This Miappocca character is sure creepy!!!!!

    Jaime, you had me dreaming there. A boy would be nice for Katie, I do not understand why she is pretending to work when she does not need to work another day in her life. She should be giving birth to little Toms.

    Jacke Miapooca is right, please ignore her/ him/it, whatever

  6. Jaime says

    OMG that is sooo true can you imagine? Suri looks very pretty but a baby boy from them? With Tom’s eyes and Katie’s height? I think a baby boy from them would grow up to be the next hearthrob, omg, so many girls are gonna fall in love with him. I won’t be surprised because Tom looked really cute when he was younger, he doesn’t look as cute now just because he isn’t tall. I hope if they have a son that it has Tom’s eye shape too , he has that slit eye thing going on but it looks good, maybe his son will make mission impossible 4 !

  7. Miapocaa says

    Jackie , since when did voiving an opinion become harrassment, if you dont give a dam simply read the comments that you care to read. …Since you obvioulsy are on a diffrent level of understanding than I am , I will prefer that you do not address me me the whatevers and dont cares……..

    Enjoy you cocoon.

  8. Jackie says

    Lisa, am also almost disappointed that Katie is not pregnant. I could just picture a handsome little boy.

    Miapocca even from all of us who do not like Scientology, you are truly boring to the point of sickening. The more you talk about that cult, the more people join it so quit harrassing us (because your comments are harrassment).

    Maybe you run that xenu site.

    Once again, WE….DON’T…..GIVE….A …DAMN!!!!! Geese

  9. Lisa says

    I can just barely imagine how handsome Tom ‘s son is gonna grow up to be with the tall and slender genes from Katie, they light possibly bluish eye tendency with Tom’s eye shape , oh my , that is gonna be a beautiful looking boy, hehehe I can barely picture it!

  10. Kalista Brat says

    Peeps from Petit Tresor say not only didn’t the couple purchase anything, they weren’t even in the store. Oh yeah, according to Tom’s publicist, Katie Holmes is also “not pregnant.”

  11. Kalista Brat says

    God the people who start these rumors are very stupid and must have a low IQ, They are both making movies this year, they donT have time to make any babies, and their friend Jenna Elfman is pregnant with twins, maybe they are going to be baby boys that they are getting the stuff for, or maybe Tom’s sister is pregnant with a boy, or Posh or they are friends with Salma Hayek through Penelope, so they are buying her some stuff, or maybe the rumor is just completely false. If anybody hasn’t noticed they make like atleast 10 rumors about this couple every month. They usually end up being false!

  12. says

    That is so cute…spend $45,000 on a baby boy’s room and they will end up with yet another girl. There are some things money can’t buy. And God cannot be bribed into giving you the gender you want, (I know) some people are lucky, some people end up with the same gender of children! LOL (ask long as they are healthy and have all ten fingers and toes, what more can you ask for) Been there done that! My second time around I bought everything blue (I WAS HAVING A BOY come hell or high water) from the room decor to undershirts…when I had my second DAUGHTER I swear the little princess had a identity crisis, LOL so I had to go out and buy all pink things all over again! LOL.
    THAT IS SO AWSOME! HAve a great day! 🙂

  13. Miapocca says

    Some questions for Avid TOMKAT followers/worshippers:

    1: He has been married twice, do you honestly think all the two women were infertile and how many men miracoulously marry infertile women back to back, some luck eh!!!

    2: Kate is the goose that laid the golden egg, either some strange inpregnation tactics were resorted to get her pregnant or the baby is not his. How come those two previous mature women didn’t want to resort to the same impregnation methods?

    3: When a blip of the word gay comes up in the same sentence as Cruise, why does he go on the offensive and threaten to sue big time?? Even some homophobes cannot be bothered by these things

    4: I watched the Matt Lauer interview live because I was late for work , but apparently I wasnt the only one who thought something was not right upstair..Why does Cruise suddently appear strange, or has he always had mental issues that were well covered up by his publicist?

    5: Why is Cruise so crazy about this Cult? For most celebs regarded to be the best ATM scientologist ever stumbled across, the darker side of the cult is hidden till you have progressed sufficiently up the ladder..infact cruise had a breakdowm when he reached OTIII, vowing never to have anything to do with the cult…the SCN pulled back for a while, but eventually got him back..so how do they do it..in SCN auditing is a way to get ppl to reveal life secrets, there are tapes of auditing with stars like Travolta and Cruise, taht comes in handy when they try to break free…so does Tom know that he is in a CULT….probably since he has achieved one of the highest levels in that cult, he should be well aware of the CON..as most former high ranking members note…..

    I see that Xenu has updated their site…looks good.

  14. Miapocca says

    The petit tresor site has been around since they came back from the honeymoon..I suspect someone set it up or the shop set it up to drum up business!!! After all they did not have one for Suri , why should they have one for for an unconcieved child…Besided apart from their tonsil hockey and crap all over the media, all things concerning conception and birth are shrouded in secrecy…I wonder why????

  15. Miapocaa says

    I believe thi sis a public forum, all are entitled to their opinion and no t everyone has to agree with ones perspectives on issues. If you do not like a posting simply scroll over.

    However these people are thier cult..scientologist cannot seperate thier daily lives from the cult living. I only do the service of pointing out that is a continued brainwashing of people, lest your loved ones join, dont ever think a cul tis a thing of the past, its always there and does a good job of preying on the ignorant, who dont learn about its dangers till its too late..Nicole found out..Katie as stupid and ignorant walked right into the trap..even Scarlett Johansoon was luclky enough to escape when she was trapped into teh same welcoming dinner as the girl….seems she was too overcome by the riches or the cult elders changes their tatic after scarlett hightailed it from the center..

    Finally , how may christain stars in Hollywood are known to have production meeting in their church………………..well thats what scientologist do…

    To compare christianity to scientology just shows a lack of knowledge and gross ignorance on ones part. Its too long to give a lesson the old religions and the cults…this is the kind of ignorance that scientologists pprey on.. I sincerely hope that you dont hav ea loved on join a cult, any cul tfor that matter..

    to inform yourself, you can google scientology and then christianity and even islam ..might help you make better arguments than shooting the messenger….

    ALso try the TMZ blog on tomkat amd you will learn about this fairytale in some depth.

    When scientologist use thier start power to continously push their dangerous belief and practices on others, its time get informed. When Travolta refused to seek tretment for an austic child because of the writings of a sciene fiction writer, I call that inhumane and cruel..even though the childs uncle relentlessy puts on material on autism in the media.

    Dont shoot the messenger, instead THINK…why do so many ex members have sites dedicated to exposing a cult they once gave everything to, whey does one need to be deprogrammed when leaving this “religion”..THINK THINK THINK

    Why do you think Tom Cruise and his fmaily are in the media when it suits them to be…they simply promote the cult by their presence alone, seems L RON Hubbard was an astute con man in thinking that once you get a celebrity to join the cults, his followers will follow him to it…Sad that it working on some people…

    Ignorance is bliss, but a crime when it promotes apathy and lack of action to prevent harm to humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a lot of harm is being done as you read.

    Try reading rick ross site on cults and xenu on scientlogy.

    In short I think there are scientologist on here who will do anything to protect their chosen one who rakes in the money and try to brush thei cultism under the bed…
    Sorry guys..you belong to a cult, that is continously harming people with your beleifs and practices…..leave humanity alone

  16. Helen says

    Why are we talking about their wacko religion again? I thought we talked about it and killed for the last 2 years!!! Enough already!! Miapocaa I suggest instead of drooling on the past you should get a life and state your opinion on the topic at hand.

    I don’t think she is pregnant and I don’t think they will adopt either , I think the reason Tom adopted with Nicole Kidman is because she can’t have a child there was a story back when they were married that she had a miscarriage twice first early in there marriage and when they got separated. First time she had a miscarriage they said there were a complication and that the reason she can carry a child to full term or something like that.

  17. minnie says

    Going to church, and I assume you mean christian church, does not mean that one is a memeber of a christian cult! Christianity is a faith or a religion because it is both established and accepted (even by its detractors) it is in the group of espablished religions that shares a common root.

    To be a cult it hs to be a relatively small group, and has to appear strange and sinister. Scientology fits the bill!

    I think people mock it because, while faith in a man who walkedon water and was ressurected contains elements of miracle, mystery and faith, Scientology just means taking the word of a sci fi writer and who does that!?

  18. Gaelle says

    Going to church is cult too, it depend if it is good a cult or not. You are a disturbed person everywhere with your preaching what do you want to prove, and do you believe in God ? answer because i would like to know.

  19. Miapocaa says

    Kaballah is a cult as well…

    I am not the one making up how they people raise their children. These are from the mouthd of old members of the center…Just putting out what I find out there…I am not interested in camping outside of any center in LA neither do I advise anyone to waste time on them..just be educated about what is out there before oohing and aahing about these two. When you give your money to someone like that you give it a CULT ………………………

    When you have had family members in a cult such as that, you will know well enough that this is not a joke nor is it made up, nor is it an acto of jealousy,…why would anyone be jealous of a cult member!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No darling, Jealouuy is not my motivation. Just the thought of equally foolish people who follow an uneducated drop out con artist sceince fiction writer giving advise on postpartum depression and pretending to be straight or rather cured by the cult of his gayness turns the stomach…EWWWWWWWWWWWWW is right, time to stand up tp this cult and their underhand tatics.

  20. Gaelle says

    He has a scientologist for so long now, he was introduced to it by his then wife Mimi Rogers, why it is only for the past two years it has been a problem. Are they killing people? Talk a bit about Kabballah ,because it much worse since they practice witchcraft.

  21. JJ says

    Time will tell if they have a boy and how

    But Miappocca, I would rather listen to crazy Tom who has achieved something out of his life than you who seems like a cyber lunatic paid to post those websites and has nothing better to do.

    Clue: What you are doing is actually publicising that wacko cult. No publicity is bad publicity remember. How do you think Christianity spread? By people who went bad mouthing it.

  22. Gaelle says

    This petit tresor store is full of it. She is going to start a movie soon, and he is doing one. I do not believe this story is true.

  23. foursweetbabies says

    So where does this put the standings… 3 adopted, one natural for TomKat, and 3 adopted, one natural for Brangelina?? Hmm… kind of a coincidence! I am adopted, so I say more power to those who can help out these poor children, just odd that both couples seem more interested in adopting than having the whole pregnancy/birth experience again. Dunno’ to each their own I guess!! As long as the kiddos are safe/happy~ they seem to be, so… whatever!!!

  24. !!! says

    She looks thinner then ever. I highly doubt she’s pregnant now. Esp. when she just signed for a movie.

    Miapocca, get a life we’re just fan of this beautiful family and NOT their religion!!!

  25. Jen says

    #3. Miapocca , What is your problem? You’re at every site I go to including Tomkat. You go on about their religion, Who cares about what they believe this is a baby site and we’re here to talk about the babies and to see them. What I don’t understand is you don’t seem to like their religion or them including Suri so why are you wasting your time going around at their fan and baby site trying to brainwash people like Scientologists are said to be doing against this people you don’t know? That is just sad, get a life and maybe you’ll lighten up. I for one don’t agree with their religion and what they believe in but I enjoy see then and their little princess.

    Going back on “Topic” I don’t think Katie is pregnant she starting work on April 6 and I don’t think she’ll be working if she was pregnant…I doubt they’ll adopt either because they seem to like to spend time with their children and I don’t think they’ll bring a new child to their family while they both working besides I’m sure they want to spend more time with Suri before adding new baby.

  26. Essie says

    Evidently this “religion” was begun by a science fiction writer who did it as a JOKE!!! I can’t believe there are people in this world who actually follow that junk. However, to each his/her own!!! It’s okay as long as nobody asks you to drink kool-aid!!

  27. ShiftingSands says

    Weird??? I think this about normal for these 2 ~ Suri is cute but I hope that if they don’t get so much kraziness.

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