Tori & Dean Leaving Their Doctor's Office

Tori and Dean were snapped leaving their doctor’s office in LA on Tuesday with a cord blood collection kit. I wonder how many parents bank their baby’s cord blood.
Tori Spelling



  1. teresa says

    It really amazes me how heartless some people can be.
    Their personal life is there business. For maturity sake, wish them congratulations. I’m sure their son is beautiful and no matter how disheartening your comments are I for one know they are so over joyed at being parents you cannot break her spirit. children are gods gift, enjoy it.

    p.s. you look fabulous

  2. kinny says

    she’s a home-wrecker. Dean’s a cheater. Not to mention Tori looks like Mis Piggy these days – preggers is beside the point.

  3. says

    Team Spelling all the way!

    Love deserves respect those whom cannot give it that respect do not know what love is. I would never worry about someone stealing my husband, he’d be a fool to leave in the first place LOL I highly suggest a stable relationship to anyone, if you take infidelity out of the equation, it is amazing what two people can achieve together!

  4. boo says

    Hey feel free if you wanna take… Team “S”pelling…that works…I kinda like my boo handle anyway!~* hehehe.

  5. S says

    boo-It’s not that I’m just such a huge fan of Tori’s. I’m just sick and tired of people blasting her every chance they get. From her ponytails to her unique taste in clothing, this girl can do no right by some people’s standards. Even with all the money and “material things” they have, I wouldn’t want to live one day in their shoes. Their every move is criticized. I know it’s a “free world” and people have freedom of speech, but I have a real problem with anybody finding fault with a pregnant woman. Geez, it’s not like they’re not going thru enough already. I’m liking the idea of Team Spelling…LOL! 🙂

  6. boo says

    I agree with you S, I think people need to lay off Tori and Dean and let them live their own life … they do deserve to be happy and live as normal a life as Hollywood lives can get….I can’t wait for their little man to get here…. basically it can happen any day now…How very exciting! Good Luck to them!~*

    Since There is a Team Aniston and a Team Jolie… perhaps I should start a Team Spelling handle…lol.

  7. S says

    Blah–Good point! By all means please do pass judgment and continue to scrutinize those you don’t know. And, while your at it, take a moment to reflect on your own pitiful life to find out exactly what’s missing in it. You think you’re so high and mighty to judge. I’m sure your glass house must be something to marvel at. Good day!

  8. Blah says

    S- you’ve been married for 15 years yes? well, Im just unless you were 5 when you were married, you are not older than me ! 🙂
    sadly, she is a public figure and I have the freedom of speech, so i can say what i want, think what i want, and yes a lot of people have give her a lot of flak for her character too , you cant save her anymore! Its ok, just go on with your life and i shall go on with mine and yes, i shall say or do whatever the hell i want !

  9. S says

    Blah–You are so full of yourself! Why should she (who obviously doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks about her) not have some sorts of “normalcy” in her life? You all act as if just because she’s a “celebrity” and in the “public eye” that she should always be highly maintained. I never said that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Beauty is only skin deep. Sadly, in our society, we base so much emphasis on how a person looks instead of what actually makes up the character of a person, and many times it has NOTHING to do with looks. All I’m saying is GIVE HER A BREAK! She has an adorable husband who obviously is totally in love with her and they’re going to have a beautiful, healthy son soon, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  10. Blah says

    S- You’ve got it all wrong, no ones jealous of her ! We might not be miss americas but since shes a public figure, we have the right to say whatever we want.. thats what comes with being a public figure .. and freedom of speech anyone? You don’t have to be celebrity advocate! The comment box is for writing and leaving comments, so just do your thing and write your comment instead of reading what everyone else wrote and giving us lessons on why we’re ‘jealous’, shes a bit ugly and you know it and some of us are a bit astounded as to how she can be so un-groomed, being a public figure and why she doesn’t take some more care of herself! If it bothers you so much, please start a fan club of non pretty celebrities 🙂 .. it will make you happy.

  11. Blah says

    S- You’ve got it all wrong, no ones jealous of her ! We might not be miss americas but since shes a public figure, we have the right to say whatever we want.. thats what comes with being a public figure .. and freedom of speech anyone? You don’t have to be a granny and be a celebrity advocate! The comment box is for writing and leaving comments, so just do your thing and write your comment instead of reading what everyone else wrote and giving us lessons on why we’re ‘jealous’, shes a bit ugly and you know it and some of us are a bit astounded as to how she can be so un-groomed, being a public figure and why she doesn’t take some more care of herself! If it bothers you so much, please start a fan club of non pretty celebrities 🙂 .. it will make you happy.

  12. S says

    Oriana–this isn’t a debate. The FACT is they were BOTH married. And what exactly is YOUR point? I have been married once, happily I might add, for over 15 years. Not that it’s any of your business, either. And I for one do agree, any MAN on the face of this earth will leave his spouse if he’s not happy with her. SHIT HAPPENS! Perhaps men and women categorize happiness differently. The FACT is Tori and Dean are totally in love with each other. Apparently if her looks aren’t concerning to him, they shouldn’t be to anybody else on this blog, either. Jealousy is not flattering at all.

  13. says

    People are entitled to their own opinions…kind or unkind. It is a kind of funny, unflattering picture.
    It’s nice to see people so happy.

  14. oriana says

    S, it is none of my business how they met, just my opinion, and I do recall she acted like she was so desperately in love with her first husband also, and personally, I wish both of them would read what I wrote, he is a total loser in my opinion and she is a spoiled brat, and a ugly brat at that! They are not exactly Romeo and Juliet to me and yes, I do know there are many couples in Hollywood that change partners like they change their socks but that doesn’t make it admirable in any form, shape or fashion.

    Since you act like it is something to be proud of, because they are so in LOVE, I wonder, how many marriages have you turned your back on and broken up? NO, she didn’t have kids, but he did, and she knew it, so what goes around comes around, maybe one day, he may fall madly in love again and leave her like he dumped his other wife!

  15. ellie says

    We banked our daughter’s cord blood. We have a history of Juvenille Diabetes in our family and this is one of the diseases that they are using cord blood to treat. Once I became aware of all that cord blood could do, there was no way we couldn’t bank it.
    Tori does look quite swollen. Poor thing. She must be getting close.

  16. KS says

    We saved our son’s cord blood. You never know when your family might need it. A very good investment. Can’t wait to see their baby!!

  17. Tempany says

    She seems to have put on an abnormal amount of weight in her face, it looks tight and stretched in a way that most mums’ faces don’t.

  18. says

    Boo, I couldn’t say it better myself!

    Love is a beautiful thing and well worth the journey. I admire Angelina and Brad for the same reasons!
    You just never know when your soulmate will cross your path…It feels good to love someone with all your heart and for them to give that right back. If you value love, your love will be valued. Relationships are amazing!

    Children born of love flourish.

  19. boo says

    People seem to forget that Tori herself was Married to her Hubby Charlie Shanian when she and Dean first got together….She left him just as Dean left his wife…BOTH left their partners to be with one another…. The only difference is Tori did not have children…. BUT the fact remains… if either one of them was HAPPY in their first relationships they would still be together….Some people say she stole Dean just as Angelina stole Brad…. but seriously people you can’t STEAL a man… they a grown and free to make their own decisions…and to steal a person I believe is called kidnapping…it’s illegal!~*
    I wish the both of them all the happiness and love in the world and Tori a painfree and speedy delivery!~*

  20. S says

    And what business is it of yours how they met? So what if he was married!? Like I could name about 50 couples who have met when one or the other was married. That’s just the norm in Hollyweird. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s really none of your damn business. They don’t have to answer to any of you. They seem to be totally in love with each other and with this baby so piss off. Very fortunate for her (not that she would give a shit, anyway) she doesn’t read this nonsense from low lifes like yourself.

  21. oriana says

    I don’t like this couple at all, he dumped his wife for her and he makes me sick, plus Tori knew he was a married man also. I do hope the baby is healthy and I think they will be loving parents to it, obviously she isn’t broke and suffering for money like has been previously reported when her father died, she has an expensive nursery. Does he make any movies to help support them?

  22. Team Jolie says

    Yeah Angelina (Preggo hot momma) needs to get off here, she’s a total and complete liar, she DID say in one post that she was wondering what to do about stretch marks, then she said she had two kids (by her) then she lied and said that she was pregnant for the first time. All she really comes on here to do is brag about how much money she’s “donated” to charities that conviently can’t be named. She claims she’s rich, but she probably isn’t and if you are, why broadcast it on the internet?
    FYI- Nobody cares

  23. Denise says

    I wish the hate filled people would stay off this site. You are not funny – your home life must be miserable to be reaching out for attenion this way.

    #4,5,32,33,35,36,39,42,46,50 – Please get help!

  24. S says

    I am totally disgusted with all of you HATERS out there!!! I guess everyone of you calling her fugly and horse face are Ms. America’s, huh? In your freakin’ dreams. Did none of your momma’s never teach you that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all? I’m sooooo thankful I don’t know any of you personally. I’d be totally ashamed if I did. Can you not just be happy for her that in a few weeks she’s gonna be bringing a new life into this world?! She’s elated. Just be happy for her without having to scrutinize her. As bad as you all think she looks, it’s like this: She would NEVER give any of you the time of day. Hmmm, never thought about it like that, huh? Now, do yourself and God a favor: quit dissing on folks you don’t know! Or even folks you do know, for that matter. That’s your daily devotional.

  25. Denise says

    Anyone who writes such nasty stuff about people and childern really has issues. How horrible it must be to be filled w/ so much hate.

  26. Jamie67 says

    She looks like a tranny to me!!
    she muss be th most fugliest woman i ever seen on these freakin’ place called earth!!
    jeez,with all that money she muss be having, you’d reckon she could buy herself something sexier!!!
    Her face is the longest face und the HAIR!!
    Poor kid ,comin’ out of this oven!!

  27. who cares says

    my husband calls her (and Camilla Parker Bowles) “HorseFace”…and I have to agree with this picture. It’s awful. I’m sure the baby will be beautiful though; all babies are.

  28. Lauralin says

    Keni — in case your question wasn’t thoroughly answered here. The blood from your umbilical chord is the purest of blood – if you choose to keep it for yourself then it is the best hope for your own children should they contract some disease that might require finding some sort of a “match”. Since it’s the child’s own blood/dna/stem cells then no donor has to be found. It is extremely expensive, and many tests can be done on it to determine whether your children might have tendencies toward some disease. Donating it (with a kit collected from your local blood bank) is a way to help other children who might be in desperate need for a match.

  29. MommyDearest says

    Molly, to say that some people have no priorities just because they cannot afford to (privately) bank their cord blood is ignorant! Don’t you think that every mother wants to do the best for their children? And I don’t own a flat screen t.v. Mine is 20 years old!

  30. Julie says

    I worked as a nurse in labor and delivery for 2 and 1/2 years, and I think maybe 2 of my patients brought the kits to collect the cord blood for themselves. More commom was bringing the kits to donate, but still not a whole lot of women did this. I tried to donate, but I found out that they do not take donated cord blood from twins yet. I didn’t know that and I thought that was interesting. Cord blood banking for personal use is a great idea, but I’ve read that the chances of your family actually ever using it are very slim. The chances of donated cord blood being used are higher, so it seems like that would be a better option. And Amy, why are you so nasty about Tori Spelling?? Posting comments in a forum like this offers everyone anonymity, but I don’t think that’s a green light for such vicious comments.

  31. Violet says

    Can anyone get into hello razzi or is it just me? I can’y seem to get in. Who is this dirty slut “angelina” that is posting?

  32. Amy says

    She has got to be the fugliest woman I have ever seen. OMG!! She should take some of her money and have a face transplant.LOL I can’t wait to see baby fug.

  33. paula says

    what is up with those glasses? they look like the bottom of a coke bottle. goofy goofy goofy.

  34. cathy says

    yeah yeah angelina wake-up. you can give money. if you want i can donate you a shrink (pshyciatrist). we all know that is what you need. with your make believe life.

  35. Molly says

    Autologous (donating to self) cord blood IS effective when used to treat leukemia. Do your homework. If you can afford a flat screen T.V., you can afford to bank cord blood. Get some priorities.

  36. kim says

    I didn’t know about donating, or else I likely would have… it was WAY too expensive for me to do it for myself…oh well.

  37. MommyDearest says

    OMG Sara #23…What made you post that particular news article about Cord Blood? I used to live in the same city (Macomb Twp) as the people in the article. As a matter of fact, Dr. Mason (in the article) was one of the high risk doctors I saw (at St Johns Hospital in Detroit) when I was pregnant with baby #2.! What a small world!!

  38. Denise says

    I looked into banking my daughters cord and it was way to costly so I donated it. I contacted the American Red Cross and the recommend the National Marrow Program. I worked with them and a company called cryo international and it was FREE to dontate. The only charge would of been if my doctor was to charge me for collection.

  39. Keni says

    Just a question, I dont have any kids… may sound ignorant…21. Lauralin was helpful, but what exactly is this thing. I can google it, but ppl who know is always better.

  40. Isabella says

    You guys are so snappy. It’s just a blog. It’s sounds like high school in here. Anyway, they’re not my favorite celebrity couple but if you like Maggie Gylenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard and their baby Ramona then go to

  41. Lauralin says

    When you donate a baby’s chord blood, the stem cells are used to save lives — these are stem cells that have actually been proven to heal heart disease/brain disease and the list goes on. Embryonic stem cells have never healed anything and there’s no proof that they ever will — you can donate the stem cells from the chord blood and save lives. Your child gets to be born a hero!!

  42. MommyDearest says

    Sara, what a wonderful story you shared! I’m so glad that it had a happy ending!

    Amy, if I would of known about DONATING cord blood a few years ago, trust me…I would of! Unfortunately, my baby making days are over! 🙁 You’re right, though; You never know when you might need it! Anyway, do you visit “Hellorazzi” at all? If not, you should! EVERYONE is real nice over there (cough, cough) Maybe I’ll see ya over there sometime and we can chat more! 🙂

  43. carleigh says

    Does anyone remember reading about the Ayala family?
    Here’s a link:

    This was way back before it was popular to donate or bank cord blood. One donation can save a life and that’s worth any cost! Kudo’s to Tori and Dean for thinking ahead for their child, they never know what may happen down the road to his health and that is something I’m sure any parent could never put a price on. All the best to them both!

  44. sara Software says

    Because a mother, I will never meet, donated her newborn’s cord blood to a PUBLIC bank, my daughter’s life was saved.
    Even if we had saved my daughter’s own cord blood it would have been useless as possbly just giving her the same blood disease she needed a cure for.
    Sometimes UNRELATED cord blood is the only hope for blood cancers like Leukemia and other genetic diseases of the blood.
    Private banks, would be useful in a case of a sibling cord blood being , of which this scenerio is so unlikely that parents are only being prayed on for their fears to unload thousands and thousands of dollars.
    I have seen children DIE waiting for matches, a shame to think that one of their matches would be rotting away in a private bank.

  45. amy says

    MommyDearest….wait a bit and i bet you Carleigh will offer some of her most wonderful well earnt worldly advise…BUT if you, and a lot of others donate to the public never know..maybe one day you will get it back..

  46. Betty says

    I am happy that she is finally happy, allthough never though her to be attractive or talented. Not even on 90210. She’s only famous cause of her dad.

  47. crayola says

    i hate to write books but this bitch angelina just makes me sick. all the bull shit she writes.

  48. Ruby Jackson says

    The cost is negligable if your child ends up sick. My neighbor’s daughter who is three, was diagnosed last year with cancer. They have been billed over 2 MILLION dollars by the insurance. I bet they wish they had spent a few thousand dollars up front. Too bad.

  49. crayola says

    angelina (not preggo mamma) please get off this site. or get your shit straight. damn in one blog you wrote that you were pregnant for the first time and did’nt know what to do about morning sickness, and on another blog you had two kids. my gosh you need to go get your sick little head checked. and like i said write everything you blog so that you can keep your shit staight. Fuck you said your baby was born in sept. and in a previous blog you said you were preg. and due in sept. you are just plain sick.

  50. dori says

    She looks very poofy she must be due very soon. does anyone know her due date?
    I wish them the best of luck. They seem to be enjoying the pregnancy and and their enthusiasm for the baby is contagious.

  51. yenners says

    I tried to donate my cord blood when my daughter was born. It was FREE to have it donated for public use. They mailed the kit to me, I had to bring it to the hospital, and the doctor collected the blood. No pain for me, no cost, or anything! The only problem with me is they have to have a certain amount collected in order to send it in, and I was just shy.

  52. Maryanne says

    MD, I have recently read/heard about donating it as well. Like you, I looked into it when my eldest was born, but it was just too much. I am glad that people like Tori can do it without worrying about the money, though.

  53. MommyDearest says

    Maryanne, you are 100% correct! We looked into banking our first child’s cord blood (thru a private company) and was surprised how expensive it was! I am now hearing that it is better to DONATE it to a public blood bank. Perhaps someone else knows more details than I do.??!

  54. Angelina ( preggo hot momm) says

    I donated my baby[‘s cord blood when she was born in september!! i spent 400 bucks on it. its really for a good cause everyone should do it, are not rich? that is why you are not doating because I can send money to you.

  55. Maryanne says

    She does look a little odd here. On the webmistress’ wondering about how many woman bank cord blood, it is probably not that many as it is quite expensive.

  56. Lauren says

    Tori’s bump is barely visible in that shirt. I can’t wait to see their little bundle of joy.

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