More From The Brangelina Bunch's Cheerful Stroll!

Just another pic from Brad and Angelina’s recent stroll in New Orleans with Zahara and Shiloh…so cute though!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad and Angelina have really been enjoying their new neighbourhood in New Orleans. On this particular cheerful stroll they took 2-year-old Zahara, and nine-month-old Shiloh to pick up some cakes and coffee from the famous Le Croissant d’Or bakery.

More pics of their stroll can be found here!



  1. :) says

    Jennifer is better off without Brad. He cheated on her. She doesn’t need a cheater. Once a cheater always a cheater. She doesn’t need a passel of kids to make her happy either. She’s found fulfilment with her work and other things and if she wanted kids she’d have had them by now. I’m sure she’s knows by now she’s better off without him. Let Brad and Angelina have each other. They deserve each other and what goes around comes around.

  2. Nicki says

    66. melissa – You mean Brad made Jen look beautiful. Now she is just regular(and was before). She should get a new hairstyle, one for someone her age. She has a good body, but her hair in her face is like she is hiding something??? Maybe she is….Chin, Nose??? I don’t know, just get a haircut thats not 1970’s, and get it off her face. JMO.

  3. Mokie says

    Angie, if you ever read any of these comments, please read mine!! I truly think you and Brat are a great couple and U guys make the best mom and dad a kid could ask for. Don’t listne to the bullshit they say about you guy’s not making it, or worse that you guy’s are not in love no more. For what it’s worth, I truly think that love can conquer anytning, and if your mom were alive, she would want you to take this kind of actions. Live life for what it’s worth the rest is bull shit!!

  4. Nicki says

    KellyMay ~no problem, I didn’t want to open another can of worms. You went through enough crap with that in December. I’m sure it was quite comical for you to see all the BS. I would have joined in with all the fun also, but I didn’t have the downloaded program. You called out a person for harrassing you and good for you, you did it and had proof!
    You are a very nice person, or should I say poster, I don’t know you, and you didn’t deserve the BS that was thrown at you. Nor do you need the poster who is, I hate to post her new name, but who gave you so much sh*t, and used your name she dubbed you and then used the initials to make her new name now. Sad person.
    You have shown yourself as the much better person, and should be commended for that.

  5. says

    These girls are beautiful and appear to be very well taken care of. How many other families have BOTH mom and dad so involved in their upbringing? I also believe it was a smart move for the Jolie-Pitts to relocate to the Big Easy. Being a N’Awlins resident myself, I can say that southern hospitality is never in short supply and that with the city being founded on diversity in culture, this family is gonna fit in just fine and be much happier here. Congrats on the new baby too…If I had the money, I’d do the same.

  6. says

    Nicki, thanks for not rehashing LOL It wasn’t a device it’s actually a program that anyone can download and install on their computer to track posts. It does not give out a ton of information just enough to identify if the posts are coming from the same computer and yes someone with computer knowledge can get even more info but that is considered hacking hence it’s okay for the authorities. I did it solely for kicks after mentioning in a conversation to a relative that I had an anonymous thorn in my ass on this site, in which he got a gleam in his eye and wanted to show me how easy it is to reveal. I got all the answers I needed and a few giggles too! Isn’t this all about entertainment, funny how some people can get so nervous…. that’s entertaining in itself 🙂

  7. jade says

    Do any of you who say Zahara is ugly give Angelina props for not picking out the most beautiful baby in the orphanage? She picked the one that needed her most and that makes her beautiful.

  8. oriana says

    Andi, of course you are right! I will check myself into a mental institution first thing Monday morning, can’t afford Promises!

    Nicki, again, the comment about sending Dog the Bounty Hunter was just a joke, I started to say I would send Beth, his wife, now that is a real bad ass! I had no idea as comment stated, that anyone’s identity could be found, well maybe by the FBI or CIA, but I certainly didn’t mean to cause concern or parnoia for anyone!

  9. comment says

    Yes, one’s identity can by found on the internet. IP address will give one away, or at least the account of one at one’s internet provider. From there address can be found. Watch dateline to see how they catch a cyber sex predator.

    Right on Andi!

  10. Andi says

    Excuses, excuses!

    Oriana, I doubt anyone could acuse you of having a sense of humour. It is far easier to read between the lines of your ramblings to see that you are a self-righteous, racist lump of humanity that is consumed by bitterness than it is to assume what’s going on in someone’s life or what they are feeling based on a few pictures or tabloid reporting. Could it be that you yourself are not very attractive on the outside (we already know how ugly you are on the inside) so you need to tear down anybody (including children) to make you feel better about your own unattractiveness? As stated previously, you need help, Oriana, and I hope you get it. Life is such a terrible thing to waste on nastiness.

    To the other bloggers, I apologize for my ramblings. This woman is representative to me of the ugly side of humanity – the one we need to overcome globally. Maybe she needs a group hug? I feel very sad for her. Right now, the light doesn’t seem to shine bright enough for all to see it. Anyway,see you on another blog – I am done on this one.

  11. Nicki says

    Andi ~No I don’t take her to be anything but needy for ANY attention.
    A few months back someone one here, I won’t mention names to avoid rehashing the whole thing, said they had a device on thier, or relatives computer that could track where you were from from the posts. I don’t know anything about it, just commented it was interesting.

    Zahara is a beautiful child, and Shiloh is an adorable baby. Two beautiful sisters.

  12. oriana says

    #48, DIVA, said the comment about Dog the Bounty Hunter came out of left field and she got paranoid about it.

    Everyone, it was a JOKE, of course it came out of left field, I never dreamed or thought for a minute it would throw her into a panic!

    My opinions, thoughts, are just those, I don’t expect anyone to go all to pieces over them.

    I am not trying to manipulate anyone into agreeing with me, I have made a lot of comments but a vast collection, well maybe Andi’s idea of what vast is differs greatly from what mine is.

    I agree with some people, I disagree with others, but Andi appears to take everything personally and I am puzzled as to WHY?

  13. oriana says

    Insipid! Now surely you can do better than that!

    Again, I am not the ones that got all paranoid over a joking comment! And again I am not the only person that thinks Zahara is ugly!

    And again, those are my opinions, no one is holding a gun to your head to make you read what I think, and I am not the one that has made the statements and comments she has about her own child, so if you want to revere Angelina Jolie go ahead, but why would you tell Diva and others to not take me seriously when you obviously do? Hyprocrite!

  14. Andi says

    My comments are based on the vast collection of your insipid comments on this and other blogs I have read. I do not believe for a minute that you give a flying rat’s ass about those “wretched” people you see on television. Your previous remarks reflected a selfish and racist individual who is desperate for attention. I believe you are just smart enough to manipulate but stupid enough to buy into your silly crap. Get help, lady. You really need it.

  15. oriana says

    Andi, I am not the one that got all paranoid over a joking comment that surely no one I thought would have taken seriously, Nicki and Diva were wondering about the identity thing as they stated? How stupid was that? Do they think that someone can actually go on here and find out who they are? And Diva stated there was a “connection” there, how ignorant was that? What kind of connection could she even be referring too is beyond me!

    Yes, it is very obvious that Angie and Brad are living their lives as they see fit, especially Angie, without a care to who she hurts or steps on in the process, and as for you calling me a wretched human being, if my opinions of them and laughing at Diva being stupid over a joking comment, if you think that makes someone a wretched human being, maybe you should turn on the news each evening and see what “wretched” really can be!

  16. Andi says

    Nicki, Diva – I hope you do not take anything Oriana says with any seriousness? I have been reading this blog for awhile and can only come to the conclusion that she is in desperate need for the attention she garners and must be pitied. Her manipulative attempts of forging “friendships” with the other uglies is very, very sad indeed.

    Angelina, Brad and their wonderful family do need need defending. They are living their life the way they see fit. The funny thing is, if they knew of the plight of this wretched human being .. they would probably want to help her because that is the kind of people they are.

  17. oriana says

    Nicki, I just got online today, are you and Diva as stupid as you sound? Probably so! Yes, this is a cute picture, and yes, I can see it is Angelina, so thank you, for finally someone has seen at least one picture of her showing some affection and semblance of happiness with her baby!

    And if you can search and find any more please post them also!

    Diva, you must be on drugs! You can’t even take a joke! Is there any reason why a member of law enforcement would be coming after you? You seem to be awfully nervous about it for some reason? NO, I don’t know your true identity, don’t want to know it, so please, go take some more Zoloft and calm down! Dog and his family have more things to worry about than You!

  18. Jackie says

    I see a blank look on that child’s face, I do not see, happy, sad or I want my mommy. Like her mother says, she is like a blob.

    Unless Z has some cosmetice surgery on that sour face, she is so not gonna be on vogue!

  19. Nicki says

    ooops correction–DOSEN’T want to see it.

    So true Diva, she is beautiful.
    Sorry I don’t know about the identity thing. Would be interesting to know.

  20. Diva says

    Nicki, she and the others also won’t see the beautiful light, personality and happiness in Shiloh’s eyes in that pic. It’s a hopeless cause to try and convince these people that someone they don’t know at all could be anything other than what they’ve assumed them to be.

    On a completely separate matter… can people find out your identity by posting on here? That Dog the Bounty Hunter comment came out of left field and there’s a connection there, so I’m a little curious (and paranoid).

  21. traveller says


    There was a photo in People Magazine of Angelina smiling and kissing Shiloh’s ear while she held her. It was taken in Cambodia.

  22. lisa says

    This is a beautiful family,you people don’t know anything about angie,and brad’s life. You’ll are just jealous people. How can you talk so ugly about an innocent child just, because of the parents. And you call yourself adults, how would you like if someone talk ugly to your child,or grandchild. Or anyone close to you, stop comparing this family to tomkat. They are not them and will never be them. These to families are special in their own ways. Shiloh, Zahara and Maddax are beautiful kids.

  23. Melissa says

    For’s your reality check…”Z” is beautiful….just you wait and see. We’ll be seeing her on “Vogue”…or “Elle”…one day. Her lips ironically have the shape of Angie’s. And as you know….Angie’s lips are divine!! You can’t judge how beautiful someone is by their toddler photo’s….I bet you had some ugly pix of yourself when you were younger…I know I did!! And would you guys lay off judging the “expressions” of these little girls!!!! When I go out on the town with my kids they have the same expressions as these one’s. THEY ARE KIDS!!!!! It takes time for them to develop a personality. They are probably aware of the “paparazzi” swarming around them and totally pick-up on their parents reactions and vibes about being mauled by the public. That is enough for anyone to tense up and have a continual sour look.
    Oh….AND TEAM ANISTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Take your *ss off this site and go get some cheese with your “WHINE,” then go somewhere else and quit being bitter about a break-up that was bound to happen. Do you really think it was going to last when in their vows it said that she promised to make him banana shakes forever?????

  24. Libraesque says

    for the 650th time people, AJ DID NOT call shiloh a blob!! The interviewer misconstrued what was actually said. They were talking about Shiloh’s personality, or lack there of since she was so young, AND THE INTERVIEWER SAID “so she just lays there like a blob, is that it, and AJ said “yea, sort of”
    And pontificating a mothers love for their kid based on what side of the stroller she’s on, on a given day

  25. says

    You people are crazy, flash a million lights at a baby of any age and their going to be expressionless, of course shes expression less shes suprised and probably confused. She looks totally normal, and second of all who cares what side angelina is on she has cameras following her at all time I would look pissed too and I wouldnt be thinking of that kind ao stuff. Last but not least I can completly understand why she would call her a “blob” babys so young don’t do much they eat poop and sleep. hey everyone heres some advice get off your computer pick your head up and experience the real world somtimes. maybe then you wouldnt be so quick to judge people you havnt even met.

  26. oriana says

    WEll DIVA, of course you are probably right since she is such a wonderful loving mother and a wonderful human being! Wonderful wife, lover, friend, sister, daughter, just wonderful everything!

    Now you better be more tolerant of the rest of us know-it-alls or I am going to send DOG the Bounty Hunter after YOU!!

  27. Diva says

    Uh… I didn’t say she wasn’t sitting in front of Zahara, I said she was reaching toward and facing Shiloh… which, clearly, to me, she is.

    You spend entirely too much time making up life stories based on a couple pictures that the people selling the pics want you to see so you’ll buy their magazines and visit their websites. The pictures you’re going to see are the ones that get people like you all ruffled up and searching through every picture you can find to “prove your point”.

    The simple truth is, nothing Angelina does will change how you feel. If a picture of her came out tomorrow of her kissing Shiloh you would flip out screaming how she was just doing it for publicity.

    As usual, I sure wish I was as perfect as you judgemental, never satisfied know-it-alls.

  28. oriana says

    I would still like to see ONE picture of ONE second with her at least looking like she enjoys Shiloh like she has many times with Zahara.

    And #30, Midge, was correct, unless they switched the children on different sides of the stroller, it isn’t Shiloh she is sitting in front of and smiling.

  29. N says

    its funny how the “judgemental people” say that you must like brangelina or whomever because certain people decide not to judge them. We dont have to like brad, angie, britney, katie, or whomever to understand that these are pictures. We dont spend any quality time with these HUMAN BEINGS to know what they are thinking, doing, or acting the way that they do. To look at a picture and say Angie does not love her child or that Zahara is this way is JUST PLAIN STUPID. The pictures are showing us SECONDS in their daily routine.

  30. courtney says

    AND EVA>>

  31. Penny says

    I have to say that I like riding the high horse better than a low one (my feet would drag – I know from experience). Whether or not they read these posts, you are still feeding the negative frenzy often generated by the haters. Just think, if there was a way to harness the energy being put into the “bashing” there would be no energy crisis!

    I never really thought about it but I guess .. yes .. I AM a Brad and Angelina fan … and proud of it! I wish more affluent people would follow their examples of using their wealth and status in providing for the less fortunate of the world.

  32. JJ says

    Penny it is one thing to have few expressions and quite another to have none. I remember maddox at the same age with so many expressions. Obviously children are different atleeast Z has a sour expression, may be she does not like colorless people hovering over her (a joke Penny) but Shiloh has no expressions that is very strange.

    Penny am sure Brad and Agelina do not read these posts, if they did , I would never comment thus on their child to create anxieties.

    Besides, you Bragelina fans go around abusing every one, so please don’t take the high horse.

  33. Penny says

    For crying out loud, give these children a chance to develop their personalities before attacking them (based on a few pictures) for having a lack of expression .. or for not smiling .. or whatever else makes you people cry “foul”!

    If you think I am attacking you …. what are you doing to this family?

  34. Midge says

    Shiloh is going to have less expressions because she is younger. At her age expressions usually come when being played with or talked directly to. Z is older, and should have more expression. However, while she does not show lots of expression she looks as if she is taking in everything around her (especially her crackers and cheerios). …that last part was meant to be funny….

  35. JJ says

    I don’t think whatever side she is on matters. Actually I disagree that she does not love her child, despite the blob comment, I think she does have feelings for Shiloh.

    Penny quit attacking me, a baby appearing without expressions in all her pictures (5-6 whatever) is a cause for concern. Tell the truth, how many times have you seen Shiloh with an expression on her face?

    She looks blank.

  36. Midge says

    If you think about, and compare this picture to the others from their outing in NO, Angelina is on the side of the stroller where Z is, not Shiloh. Unless, of course, they moved the kids around, which is unlikely because that would be a pain! She is smiling, however, which is something you don’t see her doing often when they are out and about.

  37. Penny says

    Oh, sorry … you’re right! I need to check all these … how many … 5 or 6 pictures of the child to figure there must be something wrong with her because … OMG she has no expression!!!

  38. JJ says


    get the chip off your shoulder, it is annoying people can comment objectively and if you were not so biase you would check and see that Shiloh has no expressions on her face!!!!!

  39. Anne says

    You are right JJ I thought you were lying so I went through her pictures and she only has a half smile in a shroud in Pune but other than that, she has no expressions. May be they will come later.

  40. Penny says

    Really …. you hope she’s okay? Who do you think you’re kidding? You’ve been around this child enough to know “Shiloh always is expressionless”? Sounds more like another smear attempt!

  41. JJ says

    I have noticed that Shiloh’s face is always expressionless. Even when she is looking at Z ‘s cookies she has a blank face, do you think she has a problem? I mean other babies are sometimes happy or angry but Shiloh always is expressionless, I hope she is O.K.

  42. Penny says

    So many “authorities” on what goes on with this couple! I figure you all must be flies on the walls of their home. Of course, we all know what flies like best …. yep, sh*t! You people wallow in it!

    Some of you are really very sad examples of humanity.

    This couple are not only beautiful on the outside .. they shine from the inside, too! They are living, learning, loving and growing. Exactly what life is all about!

  43. Diva says

    Call me crazy, but it sure looks like she’s smiling at Shiloh in this pic. We know which side of the stroller Shiloh was on and that’s the direction Angelina appears to be smiling in. And OMG, the way her arm is reaching, she looks like she might even be FEEDING her!!!

    See, I can spin it my way, too.

  44. Gaelle says

    Thank you for Suri’s pic. So she does go out,but the paps can’t find them. Somebody took this with a camera phone.

  45. oriana says

    WEll obviously you haven’t seen any of those pictures I asked about, I am sure we will see many more though of her with Zahara!

  46. dori says

    And how does this picute of 2 people sitting by a stroller tell you anything???? Happy not happy good parents bad parents.. BS.. ok? this pic doesn’t say anything at all.

  47. dori says

    Melissa I can agree with you about thinking positive but calling Zahara beautiful tells me you need glasses girlfriend. She may be sweet she maybe a toddler but beautiful. never!!!
    Reality check ok??

  48. traveller says

    I don’t judge people on photos or lack thereof. I have no idea what happens in her house or when no paps are around. Perhaps she spends all day holding Shiloh. None of us know. And so, I won’t judge.

  49. oriana says

    I saw those also, and she was shielding her from the photographers taking her picture, and how long ago was India? Have you EVER seen her HOLDING her and SMILING at her or KISSING her like there have been many pictures of her with Zahara? Again, where are those pictures?

  50. traveller says

    I saw at least a couple of photos of Angelina cuddling Shiloh close when they were in India.

  51. oriana says

    N, maybe one day, we actually will see a picture of Angie smiling at Shiloh, and wouldn’t that be nice if she would be holding her sometimes too!

  52. Maryanne says

    I think Shiloh is adorable!

    I know that Mad is in school. I am just wondering where. Is he in a school in New Orleans or elsewhere? Just curious since they make so many places their home.

  53. Lauren says

    Shiloh is soo cute. She’s getting so big and she resembles Brad a lot. Zahara always looks like she’s mad or something.

  54. Melissa says

    To all of you negative, jealous, and insecure ladies reading this: Get over it!!!! Brad and Angelina Forever!!!!!!! Now get off of your PC and channel that negative energy into something positive!!

    P.S. Zahara is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  55. joelly says

    Still can’t wait until Brad realizes that love for your kids and love for your kids’ mother are not one in the same.

  56. N says

    I can tell from this picture that Zahara isnt smilling and Shiloh is being abused by the way that Angie is smiling at her….. (sarcasm… for the haters)

  57. carleigh says

    I love these pictures of B and A, I think it shows that they are at least “trying” to give their daughters some semblence of normal life. Even if that is virtually impossible with a thousand camera’s following them around all the time. Let them be happy and raise their pretty family.

  58. boo says

    It’s like I said over on another post…..I think a lot of the people that speak the way they are about some of the People and CHILDREN on this site, is simply to get attention…. they know by saying cruel and hurtful comments that people are going to respond and they crave the attention or something…. perhaps they don’t get enough at home so they try and get it on a world wide website?? who knows!!~*

  59. LaRae says

    I don’t believe some of the comments made on these things! People take things soooo out of context. First of all if you have ever had a 2 year old…guess what…they eat all the time! With some 2 year olds that is the only way to get them to eat, they are so active! Next Shiloh is NOT looking at Zahara’s food as you all have said…she is looking at her toy, which if you will look in the next picture, you will see she has in her hands. Also the comment made about this being staged because they were not swarmed with photographers. First how do you think the picture was taken and second I am glad that you are the only one with a panaramic view! Get over it.

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