Elizabeth Hurley & Damian At Jodhpur Airport

Elizabeth Hurley was snapped arriving at the Jodhpur, India airport today with her four-year-old son Damian. Hmmm….Damian certainly looks just like his father, Steve Bing.

Elizabeth Hurley

Damian waves to the media….cute!

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley



  1. Karen says

    Jamie67 , I am sure you are a real looker. You are probably very ugly and very fat. We already know that you are very jealous!

  2. Julie says

    Unfortunately, I have to agree, he does remind me of the boy from the Omen. Also, I had never seen a pic of his father before and everyone keeps saying how much he looks like him so I Googled him and HOLY COW! Damien is a clone of his father! I, too, cannot believe he could ever deny that he is his son!!! Does he acknowledge him now as his son???

  3. Jamie67 says

    He looks kinda scary,like that kid from the movie….?
    She’s fugly and old,very old,like to see her without all the makeup on her face!!

  4. Bea says

    Nickin, syop bringing up Brangelina and then complaining that she is always being brought up. At what age do we start making negative comments about a child?

  5. Nicki says

    I like the pic of him waving “at whoever” who knows who is waving at at. He does look like his dad in these pics.
    How come no one said he needs sunscreen or isn’t being properly taken care of because of his bright red cheecks, ex:the last pic??????????? Oh yeah it’s not Angie & Brads kid…………..OK never mind.
    Cute pics.

  6. momdoc says

    I like it when the children don’t look all starry eyed for the cameras. It means they aren’t used to the publicity and might be having a rather normal life. He is a very handsome lad. Mum is gorgeous, of course. Hope this wedding works out for her.

  7. Amy says

    he’s scary looking…like a grown-up in a 4 yr olds body. and i agree with the previous posters: he looks like damien from THAT movie…same name, same look? freaky!!!

    not trying to be mean, but come on!

  8. oriana says

    He does look a lot like his father and I think he looks like the child from The Omen also, he doesn’t favor his mom at all! I think he is very serious looking but a cute little boy, no doubt about that!

    I wonder if his dad ever comes to visit him or supports him?

  9. Tiffany says

    He looks so much older than he is. Must be the serious facial expressions. He looks like the kid from the movie the omen.

  10. Nisa says

    I think as a young child he is exasperated by all the hoopla, by GOD he looks like Mr Bing, I hope Liz teaches him manners and he becomes a better person than his dad.

    I am still wondering why this wedding is in the news!

  11. maggie says

    I think he loosks like elizabeth, is a mixture of both, he seems to be a little angry in this pics

  12. N says

    Yeah im glad a litle but of liz is in there too….. but he looks better than his dad. Its funny how Steve was trying to say that Damian wasnt his child.

  13. carleigh says

    He thank goodness has a bit of his Mum in him too! His dad isn’t attractive at all…his mother is a beautfiul woman though.

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