Catherine Zeta-Jones At U.N. Headquarters

Just because I love Catherine! Here Catherine looked on as her husband, Michael Douglas met with Secretary General of United Nations Ban Ki-moon at U.N. Headquarters in New York yesterday. Michael is a United Nations messenger of peace.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones



  1. ordinary says

    Catherine looks like an ordinary kate without the zeta trappings. She is quite a ho hum looking sort on a daily basis, hundreds of women better than her. consorting with an old rich still virile man was the best decision that opened all golden doors for her.

  2. krissy says

    I love Catherine, she is an amazing actress and seems like a sincere person, which is so hard to find in Hollywood. I’m really happy for her because it seems like she found her soul mate. She seems really happy and looks stylish as always.

  3. Niamh says

    Catherine is awesome! I just re watched Chicago the other night. She is so beautiful and talented, and I agree that her and Michael seem to have a solid bond. A good example in Hollywood!

  4. belma says

    he may be old, but he looks ok, and catherine seem to be really still smitten with him after all these years [ in hollywood,7 or 8 years is like forever ] . maybe he treats her really well.there must be something about him that keeps her with him, aside from the kids and lifestyle. anyway, i think that they are a real couple and actually look like they belong together. i wish them the best.

  5. Lauren says

    I love Catherine. She’s gorgeous! Michael and her make an interesting couple but they seem to truly love each other and their adorable kids.

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