1. Paula says

    It doesn’t matter why she shaved her head. The fact still remains she’s not serious with this treatment. E online reported she’s been out shopping off and on and she said she was forced into rehab. If she was really serious about her treatment she would have went somewhere where no one could get to her. I don’t care what people say, if you don’t want the attention you will find somewhere to go. Plenty of celebs go to rehab and you don’t see or hear from them until they come out. Maybe she isn’t on drugs, but I hope it’s either drugs or depression because if it isn’t then she really has a problem if she just likes acting like that.

  2. carleigh says

    Head lice are not cured by shaving one’s head:

    please see the following:

    Head lice need to be treated and there are guidelines specifiying the steps taken to treat and PREVENT the spread..she may have shaved her head but that by no means that there aren’t lice in her clothing, bedding, etc., etc. Shaving a head doesn’t remove them, the only way to do that is through pesticidal treatment.

    That’s a scientific fact..sorry to correct misinformation but it wasn’t accurate to state that shaving a head removes’s simply untrue.

  3. N says

    Extensions are not all sew ins… there are different methods….. if she has some stuble she can get extensions…. it will be expensive but its possible.

  4. MissyMama says

    #21 Midge-
    Uhm, YES shaving her head would get rid of lice. Lice live in the hair, and lay their eggs in the HAIR, if their habitat (hair) is gone, they have no place to live or breed.

    How old are you people?

    What happend to this site, really?

  5. Jenna M. says

    I wouldn’t say she looks good. I would say she looks like a trailer trash skank. I feel sorry for her if she does have post-natal depression, but its no excuse. She needs to get a grip and take care of her kids. I’m not being heartless, I’ve battled depression and I know what its like, but if I had kids I would make damn sure I’d take good care of them no matter what. I certainly wouldn’t be out till all hours every night and flashing my minge all over town!

    It would have to be wig – there won’t be enough hair yet to attach extensions to.

  6. no says

    if she was afraid of anyone testing the hair she shaved off for drugs – then she wouldnt have left it lay on the floor of the salon. Well who knows maybe she would have. But the fact remains – she shaved it because she’s CRAZY. Lets let her fade out on her own. Give those kids the Mommmy they Deserve!!

  7. Midge says

    Shaving her head would not get rid of lice. No one really knows why Britney shaved her head, but Britney. Let’s stop analyzing that point. She is in rehab, which is good, but is missing precious time with her children…so sad.

  8. maggie says

    Her hair looks pretty natural on this pics and I think she shaved her hair because shes crazy or maybe she wanted a different look for her new album

  9. MissyMama says

    It does not matter if she shaved her head to avoid drug testing. She still has arm hair, eyebrows, etc.

    They test the hair folicle, the root, so as soon as her fuzzines starts to grow back they can pluck it and test.

  10. Diva says

    Shaving one’s head may not free one from a positive drug test, but it does free one from proof of HOW LONG one has been taking drugs.

  11. Tess says

    #8- you are incorrect- that is just tabloid gossip. She shaved her head becasue her hair was falling out and the extensions were pulling her skin and causing major discomfort. Shaving one’s head does not free them from a positive drug test. A follicle test can be done on ANY body hair.

  12. Mum says

    Brit looks more healthy than the twig in the pink shirt walking beside her! At least Brit has somewhat of a shape and some honest curves!

  13. notabritfananymore says

    She needs to think about the important thing in her life right now which is her boys! she can have all the money in the world and fame but the one thing that God gave her that means the most shes not doing a very good job at & thats being a MOM!

  14. maggie says

    she must going threw a difficult time, I think she misses her boys, I really feel sorry for her

  15. N says

    For one she shouldnt have to worry about the paps in rehab. This does not look like she is trying to get anyones attention. Stop comparing her to other celebs…. she is Britney and this is the attention she receives. I find it funny that not one DOCTOR or DCFS person has said she tested positive for drugs yet all you women who dont know her….. knows for a fact that she’s on drugs. How sane are you? Unless you are in the presence of Britney using drugs you should not make comments regarding that. AND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD DONT MENTION CRAP ABOUT I can tell from the pictures. Please stop it!

  16. Brandy says

    #6 – She shaved her head bald, not because she wanted the look, but because K-Fed told her he would have her hair analyzed to prove she’s been doing all sorts of drugs. She shaved it to get rid of the evidence, then checked herself into rehab, out of rehab, into rehab, out of rehab, now back into rehab.
    I never was a K-Fed fan, but he definately appears to be the more stable parent here. So sad for those babies.

  17. carleigh says

    I just hope she gets better and can become the mother her boys need. I don’t see a BIG comeback in her future,but her career shouldn’t be and isn’t the most important issue here, it is hands down those little boys who desperately need their mother. Nice to see her able to stand up straight and walk w/o staggering, seriously, drinking something else besides alcohol for a snap is good. Just hoping that Britney can actually recover and the press does need to leave her alone, she’s in rehab for god’s sakes.

  18. boo says

    I still don’t understand why she would Shave her head bald only to wear wigs all the time… It makes no sense to me.
    And I can’t say she’s looking better as the webmistress says…. but at least she is still there and hasn’t AWOL’D yet….I to think that the Paps should be barred from taking her pic especially on rehab grounds… it is very disrespectful to her, just leave her be, let her get the help she needs in private…once she is out on public streets then go nuts… but right now they need to back off.!~*

  19. Paula says

    If Britney was seriously wanting to get better she would go someplace low key where the paps couldn’t get to her. There have been other celebrities that have been in re hab and you never saw them until they came out. Who was it said…Oh Simon Cowl…that it’s fashionable to be in rehab these days. Well, he’s right about that. If she really wants to get better she should go home and be with her kids and stop all the press attention. She’s just found another way to get coverage. Her time is up and she just needs to go home now. She’s only doing this because Kevin threatened to take the kids away from her, kids that she really doesn’t want….but have to keep because it would really make her look bad if she gave them up. And, is this rehab or the streets? Seems people wouldn’t be carrying purses around on the grounds of re hab but who knows, maybe they do.

  20. ShiftingSands says

    Brit Brit needs more help then she’s ever going to get at PROMISES……….. I don’t get why they can’t just leave her alone….. I mean fine if she was in the street take her picture but not when she’s in REHAB !!!!! I hope she gets help but I don’t see it…….

  21. Brandi says

    I dind it unsettling that people are follwing her in rehab and taking pictures of her while she is recovering. The constant attention is most likely what has lead her to this end. I think it is irresponsible to post these pictures and to support the photographers who are stalking her.

  22. nurseandmominpa says

    ITS SO SAD Because she should be strolling with her sons & carrying them around , doing things with them instead of having to be in a treatment center. I’d Rather see Her Walking With The boys But She needs To get Help So, Hopefully She gets Better So She Can Be a Better Mom. As Britney Gets Older She will Regret Not spending as much time with them in these younger years because they grow up so fast & especially with Jayden , between being out with friends partying all the time since hes been born & now being away from him at a treatment center shes missing a lot with him.Its Just So Sad !

  23. Where? says

    Looks good? With a trailer trash mama blouse on and wig that looks like she borrowed it from Horse – not looking good! She’s Over and doesnt look good. Lets not encourage looking like her. Oh look you can see her new Tattoo – how cute. BLecH!! – enough of her.

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