1. joannie says

    your baby is so beautiful, i wish you and your husband alot of luck with your new son. i watched your show from the beginnin to end i loved it.i always watched all your fathers show sorry to hear about his death he was a good man well good luck to you and your husband and your new bundle of joy happy easter to you and your family.

    love joannie

  2. Tiffany says

    #11 – She just looks like she is retaining some water. She is due in just a couple weeks if I remember right and to be honest I think she looks great for being 9 months pregnant. I wish I had looked that good right before I popped. I looked like shamu’s long lost sister. 🙂

  3. Julie (ion_egn_mom) says

    I like it…The green looks a little bright in these pics but in others it’s not so bad!!! A lot of celebrities sell photos of their babies and nurseries…i.e. Brooke Burke, Brooke Shields, Jenny Garth and so on…What does it make Tori so bad…Come on #3…It’s Hollywood…everyone does it!!!

  4. Tiffany says

    I actually saw some different pictures of the nursery and it is actually cute. This picture does not do the colors any justice. The green is a little much but in the other pictures it is more subtle and is actually really really cute. There is alot of cornflower blue with the chocolate brown as well as a touch of yellow and yes…green.
    To each their own..

  5. ShiftingSands says

    yellow & brown ??????? Well it’s different ! I hope she has a good birth….. ummmmm hopefully things change for the better for them….

  6. Kristin says

    Come on guys, give Tori a break. Y’all probably only wish you could sell some pics and or an interview for $$$$.
    I love the chocolate brown color, tho I don’t care for the yellow with it, maybe blue would look better?

  7. **** says

    i can’t believe my horse picked those colors, but then again it looks like an avocado when it is cut in half and it gets brown. my horse likes avocado. and i finally got smart and stoped putting pony tails on her.

  8. Evelyn says

    that has got to be the most ugliest nursery i have ever seen for some-one that has so much money before she has no taste or common sense marrying and getting pg by a guy that was already married and had kid’s i never see picture’s of him with his kid’s or kid he thought he was marrying into money what a burn i give them a year two at the most

  9. Meg says

    Does Tori sell everyhintg about her life for money? Give me a break! This woman needs help!!!! I think we’ll be watching the birth on ET.

  10. Shae says

    I guess Dean is still hoping that Tori’s mom will put her back into the inheritance line up once the baby’s born. I mean he left his wife and kids for this homely woman(worth A LOT of money-then), married her and then Candy & Aaron had the NERVE to disinherit Tori. His cash cow took a stumble. Heaven forbid he should actually have to WORK for a living…..GEES!!!

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