Mary Louise-Parker Lends Support To Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan, three months pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady’s baby, has the support of another woman who was dumped while she was expecting, Mary-Louise Parker. Bridget and Mary-Louise grabbed breakfast on February 28th at City Bakery and were “deep in conversation,” a spy said. Tom ditched Bridget in December – right around the time he found out she was pregnant and immediately started dating Gisele Bundchen. Mary-Louise was dumped by Billy Crudup two years ago when she was eight months pregnant. Billy immediately took up with Claire Danes.

Good gracious! They are both such gorgeous girls…these men need to have their heads examined!



  1. boo says

    How do you all know there wasn’t protection used every single time they had sex…it is very possible that he did and it broke…or pehaps Bridget was “on the pill”… and stopped taking it…without speaking to Tom about it first…There is a many different scenarios that could’ve happened and Noone knows what the truth of the matter is except Tom and/or Bridget.

  2. Elaine says

    number 11 -its not a double standard. The woman is the person who physically carries the child, and her body would be affected by having an abortion or by continuing the pregnancy. If the father had a right to decide if the pregnancy continues, this would amount to a right to force the mother to have an abortion against her will, and I do not think that would be acceptable in this day and age. If a man doesn’t want children he should ensure he uses contraception, and any way no method of contraception is 100% reliable.

  3. Double Standard says

    I, too, find it pretty disheartening that she’s parading around like this on the sympathy vote. It was clear to her that Tom did not want children yet. Why don’t fathers have reproductive rights? Don’t fathers have a say in whether they want children? It two adults are irresponsible enough to create a baby, then why does ONLY the woman get to decide whether the baby is brought into the world? Clearly a double standard. This was not a way to pin him down into marriage and kids. No wonder Tom bailed.

  4. Lisa says


    two pathetic hags comisserating over their lunch salads. These babies do have fathers, who should have every right to have an active hand in raising their children.

  5. Miapocca says

    Have no idea waht happened with the Moniyhan situation, but just because they are having a baby together does not mean they should be married..I believe only those 2 know what happened adn a child is blessing…yo dont need to be married to be a good parent to your child…If Brady wants to bed anything in sight , I say he should try being a little more careful about diseases and pregnancy..I see no need to blame a woman just because y’all think 36 is desperate..I wish them both much luch and happiness with their little one…

    For Mary Liouse Parker, she is defintely a strong woman, for monst woman would have snapped in her situation…see headlines below

    Crudup Begs Parker for Visitation Rights
    20 December 2004 (WENN)
    Actor Billy Crudup has allegedly begged Mary-Louise Parker to let him visit their 11-month-old son, because he wants his child to see his dying father Thomas. Parker is still furious Crudup left her when she was seven months pregnant, to date his Stage Beauty co-star Claire Danes, but she’s reportedly considering accompanying Crudup on a trip to South America so their child William can visit his sick grandfather, website NYDailyNews.Com reports. An insider explains, “Mary-Louise refuses to let Billy take him out of state for fear that Billy will take Claire. She doesn’t want Claire to see William, ever. But she offered to take the baby down herself because she feels for Billy and she wants his father to see his grandson.” Parker’s representative adds, “Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup are working hard together on all matters for the sake of the baby.”

    Crudup Never Expected To Date Danes
    14 September 2004 (WENN)
    Actor Billy Crudup admits his real-life romance with Stage Beauty co-star Claire Danes was initially “painful”, because they were both in Long term relationships. Crudup, 36, and 25-year-old Danes were settled in seven-year relationships – with actress Mary-Louise Parker and Australian rocker Ben Lee respectively – when shooting started, but an intense chemistry between the pair was soon sparked. And after working on the movie in London, both left their partners and set up home together in New York. Crudup says, “It was the last thing that I expected to happen. It took us completely by surprise and its been a difficult and painful process.” Mary-Louise gave birth to their first child in January this year and named him William, after his father.

  6. N says

    You women are hilarious… If TOM wanted to make sure that he didnt have kids…….. HE COULD HAVE WORN A F”ING CONDOM! OR better yet….. GET IT SNIPPED! Two adults had unprotected sex….. unfortunately this is what happens.

  7. Essie says

    Have to agree with you Lisa!! Bridget got preggers by a MUCH younger, MUCH richer boyfriend and now she won’t have to worry about money. After all, she’s an aging TV actress. What future does she have in acting? Not much of one. She’s almost 40 and not a particularly good actress . . . at least not on TV!! But she’s “acting” like the aggrieved woman these days and garnering loads of sympathy. Her situation doesn’t even compare to Mary Louise but it makes for nice publicity.

    As for how “beautiful” she is . . . beauty is only skin deep. Perhaps there are other things that Brady found lacking about her.

  8. Lisa says

    Bridget Moynihan saw the writing on the wall, and got exactly what she wanted… a baby. Talk about a biological clock ticking Geez

    From the chronological order of things, I find it quite suspicious that after three years of non pregnant dating she miraculously gets knocked up by her younger boyfriend when things go sour. She has been parading around like she punched out the golden lottery ticket, shes revolting.

  9. C says

    From what I have been reading Tom didn’t know that she was expecting when the two split.

    I’m not one of those people who think that just because the woma is pregnant the couple should stay togther (if there is no chance of them being able to work it out that is) but I do hope that Toms helps her during her pregnancy.

  10. Nicki says

    Tom Brady ended things with BM at the end of November, maybe they met up a few times, but he was seeing Giselle since the end,(maybe middle of Dec) So if after 3 years of being together, Bridget ended up pregnant 1 or 2 weeks before they broke up, I would wonder why after 3 years she was pregnant now?

    Mary Louise Parker was 8 months pregnant and very much pregnant with after 7 or 8 months thought would be there for her. No comparison in the two.

  11. oriana says

    Bridget is so elegant looking to me, very refined, she will do just fine without him,and Billy deserves to be by himself, Claire Danes is not even pretty, Mary Louise Parker is a very good actress, I have always liked her.

  12. carleigh says

    The men who do this sort of thing always at some point get their come uppance later on down the line. Once a scumbag always a scumbag and if they leave the woman while pregnant that makes them scum of the worst kind. Tom and Billy should go bowling together!!! Start a losers club!

  13. Shae says

    Neither Brady or Crudup(and the name says it all folks!) are worth a second look. These women are WAY better off without those scum buckets and to raise their children themselves. Its just good that they found out what bastards they were BEFORE they married them…..Good luck Gisele…Claire Danes (another scumbag) has already moved on to another victim.

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