Jon Stewart & Family

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, 44, was snapped with wife Tracey Lynn, 2-year-old son Nathan and 1-year-old daughter Maggie at a park in Manhattan. What a cute family!

Jon Stewart



  1. Bea says

    Nicki bless you!!!!

    oH dear. You are a thick one (no offence), he is always being sarcastic about her and her international charity work. I bet you think he loves George Bush too and Dick Cheney!

    I remember a piece on his show Brad Pitt building houses in India LOL.

    Great show, lovely kids, nice family.

    He is funny. Never miss an episode.

  2. Nicki says

    I love “The Daily Show” too. It is soo good. I love also that Jon is always praising Angelina Jolie. They were in a movie together and he always mentions it and how cool and beautiful she is.
    The Daily Show is worth watching.

  3. another mama says

    I’ve been curious what his fam looks like. Cute kiddies and they all look so so happy! Jon is awesome! My Best to them!

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