Elizabeth Hurley On Her Wedding Day

Oh, I love her lily of the valley bouquet!

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth’s four-year-old son Damian, from a previous relationship with Hollywood producer Steve Bing, served as ring-bearer. Elizabeth had five bridesmaids and ten pageboys including Elle Macpherson’s son Cy.

The wedding festivities are still in progress as Elizabeth, 41, and husband Arun, 42, are now in Mumbai, India. They will celebrate a Hindu ceremony tomorrow including a procession of camels and elephants! And Arun will arrive upon a white steed! Wow!
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  1. Karen says

    You all need to get a life. None of you are A, B, C or D lister celebrities. You are so jealous of everyone. You sit at home all day on your computers fat and ugly as pigs!!

  2. sharon says

    #19, you must be jealous that she can wear white and look beautiful. Just because you have children already or you have been married before doesn’t mean you can not wear white to your wedding. This is 2007 for the love of God…get over your self. She looks beautiful and HAPPY that is all that matters….and #4…you are talking about your “FRIEND” Jeeeeeeeez with friends like you who needs enemies.

  3. boo says

    honestly #20, I think a lot of the people that speak the way they are about some of the people and CHILDREN on this site, is simply to get attention…. they know by saying cruel and hurtful comments that people are going to respond and they crave the attention or something…. perhaps they don’t get enough at home so they try and get it on a world wide website?? who knows!!~*

  4. :( says

    Some of you people are so hateful…So what? She has a son, she wore white to her wedding,,,Big deal…Get off your cross, take the wood, build a bridge and the heck over it!!!

  5. Nicki says

    She looks beautiful, yes she does have a son, but it is her first wedding. Why not wear the long gown? They both look happy, best wishes to them.

    carleigh ~Lilie-of-the-valley are my favorite’s as well, they smell divine. Mine as well.

  6. Granny says

    #4 Reminds me of someone who rings doorbells and runs. Only functions in the dark while behaving badly.

    Big weddings. Nope. I eloped.

  7. says

    I think Liz looks beautiful, the only thing is Liz looks like she does everyday only this time she has a white dress on!! Like Jackie says it’s like someone just threw some Bridal gear on them.

  8. boo says

    Wow, more racism…. only now its being directed towards indians….seriously why has no one put an end to this… surely the web mistress can block the emails that are posting this crap…..I’m sure its all coming from the same person!~*

  9. Gaelle says

    Jackie bravo. I have only one thing to say because Jackie said everything else, her dress looks like the dress Penelope Cruz wore at the oscars ,only hers is white.

  10. MissyMama says

    I don’t understand the crime in wearing a traditional looking white gown on your wedding day as a 40 yr old.

    I think she looks beautiful.

  11. Jackie says

    First the nice words- I love the lilies

    Then the truth –
    1. #5 Essie, I totally agree, this woman is too old for a white traditional gown

    2. They both look like they just threw bridal gear on them out of the blue, they do not look bridal at all!

    3. Why all the fuss, she is now a jobless c- lister who has done nothing in the last 7 years to warrant any celebrity status

    4. All those weddings ceremonies are as phoney as Kid rock and Pam Anderson especially since she clearly never got over her annoying ex-Hugh Grant, this Arun Character is just for pension purposes.

    5. Didn’t she learn anything from Jemima Khan and Imran that some cultural divides are insummountable!

    Please keep updates of this couple as limited as possible.

  12. Kathy says

    4. booooooooooiiiieeeeeee, I am going to report you to the website administrator for your foul language!

  13. MommyDearest says

    **oops** “Good Lord” (I meant to say) sorry! I wish there was an “edit” button!

  14. Essie says

    P.S.: Not that I don’t like Liz!!! And I’m glad she’s happy with Arun.

    #4, you really should learn to spell because you seem really ignorant with the bad spelling to go along with the hateful words.

  15. Essie says

    I will never understand why a 41 year old woman, with a child, would get married in a long white gown and have tons of attendants, as if she were a young woman. She looks very foolish, in my opinion. But, things are different these days!! And the dress and flowers are pretty. But really, Liz is 41 years old!!! A nice, small wedding, wearing a short, silk dress or a silk suit would have been a lot less silly looking.

  16. Marti says

    She’s beautiful!! More ‘traditional’ then I had imagined. Happy to see that and he’s very handsome!!

  17. carleigh says

    Lilie-of-the-valley are my favorite’s as well, they smell divine. Wishing them love and happiness, they look happy together, can’t wait to see the lavish pic’s of the Indian ceremony.

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