Donald Trump With Melania & Barron

Just a cute pic I hadn’t seen of Donald Trump, Melania and Barron at the U.S. Open tennis final back in September!

Donald Trump



  1. Tiffany says

    I wish they would dress their baby in something besides blue pj’s. I never see him in cute little clothes. He is too cute to be in pj’s all the time. He really is such a cutie. He has wonderful coloring and big bright eyes. Simply adorable.

  2. Lil says

    If it is a tennis match, couldn’t the Don have left the tie off and looked a little more relaxed?

  3. crayola says

    look really closely and you can see the eyes. they are already frozen open. look by his right ear and you can see my cats white sock. that’s how i know it’s mine. please someone send her home to me.

  4. gina says

    A picture from September???

    Can we say Old News? Already saw this boring pic last year when it was boring the first time.

  5. Essie says

    Granny, they were watching a tennis match . . . it’s not depression, it’s called CONCENTRATION!!! I believe they were watching the finals.

  6. crayola says

    damn i just can’t get a hold of my cat snowball. i keep praying that baron would pull it off his dad’s head and have her sent to me so that i can lay her to rest in the pet cemetary.

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