1. Jodie says

    What’s all the fuss about Tom Cruise? His nose is enormous. Scary.

    That baby is not his and looks nothing like him but people will see what they want to see I suppose.

  2. Jenny says

    I think Suri is a cute baby but she looks pretty when you see her eyes, I hope they leave them alone, I love watching pics and stuff but it breaks my heart when people say mean things about them, I mean, TC isn’t the bad guy anymore, I think some people are just jealous that he has a beautiful baby , like, the people that hate him were hoping his baby would be born looking ugly and wishing all these other bad things on him. Or some of the people just want Shiloh to be the most beautiful celeb baby so they have to hate on Suri… I don’t know what is up with them.

  3. Tiffany says

    #104 – I find it terribly offensive that you would call anyone a retard. That is a harsh and unpleasant word. That word is such an ugly word and I refuse to even let my children use it. My 7 yr old even thinks that it is a hurtful word. Also to say that everyone should have been aborted? You are a very rude and thoughtless person. You need your mouth washed out with soap for your lack of sensitivity. You sound like a very awful person. And by the way QUIT SHOUTING!!!

  4. Merrie says


  5. Miapocca says

    I am not the one making up how they people raise their children. These are from the mouthd of old members of the center…Just putting out what I find out there…I am not interested in camping outside of any center in LA neither do I advise anyone to waste time on them..just be educated about what is out there before oohing and aahing about these two. When you give your money to someone like that you give it a CULT ………………………

    When you have had family members in a cult such as that, you will know well enough that this is not a joke nor is it made up, nor is it an acto of jealousy,…why would anyone be jealous of a cult member!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No darling, Jealouuy is not my motivation. Just the thought of equally foolish people who follow an uneducated drop out con artist sceince fiction writer giving advise on postpartum depression and pretending to be straight or rather cured by the cult of his gayness turns the stomach…EWWWWWWWWWWWWW is right, time to stand up tp this cult and their underhand tatics.

  6. Bea says

    Miapocca, what are you? A self appointed prophetess of doom. I am not scientologist but you scare me more than the scientologists themselves. I mean how many cults are there in this world.

    Please stop boring and nagging us go camp outsude their centre in L.A. Of course unless some one is paying you, then by all means carry on, but don’t count on us to listen to your jelousy rants.

    The author of that letter is crazier than Tom since he writes letters to strangers and follows their personal lives to a point of such concern like a stalker. Ewwwwwwwww. *Got goose bumps*

  7. bebet says

    All I wish is for the best for this tomkat family. Baby Suri is growing fast and so cute and beautiful. I hope the three will make movie in the future.

  8. Miapocca says

    Sceintology on rasing children

    A letter addressed to Katie from TMZ..LETS HOPE SHE REALLY DOES READ THE SITES

    . Dear Katie:

    The following is from a caring father in Ohio.

    Observe what posters 5, 12, 15, 23, 35, 37, and 41 have stated about your short interview on TMZ. Feeling “honored” to be Suri’s mother is not how a typical mother would feel about her child. Suri is lucky to have you as the mother and Tom is most fortunate to have you as the mother of his child.

    You are a vulnerable young lady (mentally and emotionally) whom is very susceptible to being controlled by a variety of external factors which are not in YOUR best interst. You grew up in a Catholic family and are now being exposed to the beliefs of a single HUMAN being namely L. Ron Hubbard. Have you never heard of the verse that states “BEWARE of FALSE PROPHETS”. (Scientology). For those of you that are not familiar with Scientology…Google “Scientology Wikipedia” for a quick overview. Please note: I am not advocating that the Catholic religion is not without it’s faults

    Scientology lake many cults appeal to those that have had troubled pasts. It helps them deal with their past demons if you will. As you know, many actors(such as Tom) have had very troubled pasts which makes them good actors. They always had to escape mentally in some fashion to preserve their sanity. You were chosen to be Tom’s wife because of your vulnerable and naive nature. Mental manipulation by an older male is difficult to understand and accept by many young woman. L. Ron Hubbard has done it masterfullywith many followers and Tom has done dramatically well with you. (sorry Katie…I truly don’t meant to hurt you by expressing my feelings)

    In your mid 30’s to early 40’s, you as a woman will regain you “independent” thinking and see things far differently than you do now. Tom will have what he wanted, “a young woman bearing his child” whom he will also control and guide into Scientology. You will have served his purpose and of course will be compensated monetarily for your sacrifice. You will have money however you will not have love and possibly no longer a career. Hollywood does not treat older females well as you know.

    The course is set, your parents have tried desperately to guide and nurture you. Hopefully some of the positive parenting that you had when you were a child growing up in Ohio will remain lit and come back some day. Tom is a good actor. A good actor can easily be a GREAT manipulator. Abuse comes in many forms…….mental abuse is one of them.

    Praying for both you and Suri.

    A Caring Father

    Posted at 3:26AM on Feb 27th 2007 by A Caring Father

  9. Miapocca says

    #90..why shoudl peopel write good thing sjust because she reads teh comments…who give a fuck about that crazy woman

    read about waht she got ehr sorry self into

    Maybe she should be the one reading about Scientology to get out of her daze!!

  10. maggie says

    #90, I really dont think that katie reads this comments, anybody can put katie holmes on the name

  11. Nao says

    Katie is looking too skinny! You can see her clavicle bones sticking out. I hope her “new friend” isn’t going to ruin her.

    Eat healthy..Katie,
    and your baby is beautiful

  12. lisa says

    Don’t you people know that katie holmes cruise read these comments. Yes she is very interest to kow how the world see’s her family. All you people who is judging which baby is the prettiest, you are all stupid. Both kids Suri and Shi are beatiful babies. Katie,Angie, Brad and Tom are also beautiful and nice people. These people are normal people, they are not “GOD” So let stop comparing them to each other.

  13. Sylvie says

    I love her , what can you say she is a dollie. She has beautiful hair, if it was me i would put things in her hair already.

  14. cherisse says

    she is soooooo cute, Katie looks great, and Tom looks like he lose some of that weight he had gained.
    I am looking forward to seeing more pics of lil baby Suri she is getting so big and cuter as she get older i think she looks like Katie she got her lil button nose, cheeks, and her lil pouty lips.

  15. EveLina says

    Every time I see Suri Cruise I get confused between my lil’ niece- and her. They have the exact same unique look, and the facial expressions. If only i could post out a picture, probably you would get confused… Katie should of dressed her up more warmer. It’s still chilly out there!

  16. Granny says

    #80 Please notify her mother. Maybe Mom will pop her butt, monitor her computer time, and get her back into pre-teen activities. She is certainly not doing well here.

    I worked enough years with people who ran seriously amuck in their youth.

  17. JJ says

    She looks like she is throwing a tantrum. Tom looks like he is so gonna discipline her for throwing such a tantrum. For sure she looks better than Shiloh especially if you compare with the latest Shiloh pictures.

  18. OMG says

    Angelina/Nikki/Julia…Remember, I have your email address. Anymore posts like that and I will notify your mother!!

  19. BC Girl says

    She is a cutie. But does anyone else think that she kinda looks like Roseanne in the first pic??

  20. Kalista Brat says

    I think Suri looks like John Cusack from these pics, but she looks cute, but I can’t really tell if she looks that pretty from these pics because her eyes are a bit closed and I can’t see her face that good. Does anyone agree she looks like cusack though?

  21. oriana says

    Suri is beautiful, she really is, I think Tom looks like his mother too, and yes, he does have a big nose, hope Suri doesn’t have that when she gets older but definately a gorgeous baby, I think Brooke Shields has a pretty sweet looking baby also.

  22. Diva says

    I have always thought Suri was a stunning lil girl, and I still do, but something struck me with that second pic….

    It kinda looks like Suri has inherited her dad and grandma’s nose. It starts way up at the eye line just like theirs.

    She’s still beautiful. Shiloh’s still beautiful. Whoever decided that these two had to be in some sort of stupid looks competition as if they were Paris and Lohan should be ashamed.

  23. Esther says

    How strange the Brangeloonies do not want people to go on Shiloh thread, but they can come in Suri’s. Beautiful family, show her off more often,she is a beauty.

  24. Amber says

    I think she looks like Katie – Same nose, same hair, same big brown eyes.

    She will be one pretty lady

  25. Lovethebabies says

    Hey, I think these are look alikes? I thought Tom had his nose done a long time ago???

  26. Sarah says

    Angelina (Preggo Hot Momma), I have sent this website an e-mail complaining about your horrible language. You are in need of serious help.

  27. dori says

    Suri hust gets cuter and cuter. They are a very sweet family.
    Doesn’t someone watch this site fr the foul language use here? It shouldn’t be allowed to be posted. We shouldn’t have to be subjected to some 12 year old in here spewing out hategful garbage. Where’s the web mistress???

  28. Miapocca says

    The baby looks normal like a well fed child , thats it…
    Why are people claiminng the love this baby when they dont even know it…geez dont you have chidlren of your own and nieces and nephews or why not be a foster parent or something……………………..

    Besides they belong to a sick cult whose idea of rasing a child is nothing short of child abuse..for those of you who profess your love for the little chinese dwarf, I hope you can help save her from the horrors of sceintology and reverse the mama’s brainwashing……………………

    I will repeat publicty whoredom..this family is able to hide out for months on end and then Katie goes to lunch at Spagos, the paparzzi stalking grounds and their publicist alerts the Paparazzi that they are about to leave through a back door….yes publicity whoredom indeed….Tom cruise is the one who decides when to be in the public eye and is very good at hiding when he does not want to be seen, unless of course they spent 24/7 in that house of thiers……….so its hard to believe this as a chance happening…ahhahaLMAO

    I wonder if they were tweaking SOURI by giving her the same facial job, her mama had….Katie holmes is an actress, when did people who where slobering all over each other in the media not so long ago become shy………..The publicity for their next movie project has started and I fo rone will advise people who know anything about Scientology not to aid that Cult by purchasing a ticket.

  29. maggie says

    Missymama, I think that angelina likes to read what you write about her, so thats why she keeps witing things like that, if you keep telling what you think about her, shes not going to stop…… just a suggestion

  30. MissyMama says

    Angelina, or whoever you are. You need some serious help. Even if you are just posting this crap for attention, your thought process is off. No sane person would bring up the kind of foul comments you have been posting.

    Go away and get a life.

  31. Angelina (Preggo Hot Momma) says

    in 8 months pregnant and i inject herion causee i want mi babe to get invected

  32. Isabella says

    OMG! She looks scarily like my daughter, Tanzel. She didn’t when Suri was first debuted but know they are like twins!
    Maybe Brit Spears should join! She needs some friends!

  33. Marti says

    Suri is a doll and this is the way Katie looks best .. natural, w/her hair down ~ being a Mom. 🙂

  34. Chris says

    I think baby Suri is beautiful as all babies are. but it looks to me like she’s had surgery to correct a cleft lip. Could that be why she was kept hidden for so long?

  35. Angelina (Preggo Hot Momma) says

    I will not be responsible for my acions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you freks lev me alone. agggg. go now. steke me. im 666. devil.

  36. Melrosa says

    I think Suri looked a lot different (in a good way) in the last picture they posted of her. I liked that pic a lot better. She looked different in the last. See i knew it, because when you take a pic at night, you get this night light flash, which means it takes eveything of your face and gives you a nice bright face. I’m a photographer! And in this recent pic obviously it was taken in the day time. She has that schrunched up face, just like those other pic’s of there wedding…..

  37. Julia and Ivy :) says

    i stake my heart bfore i kil, my daughter has th poops and neeeds her diper chnging. brb.

  38. maggie says

    Tomkat can be weird, but suri is charming, shes staring to look like tom, but her eyes are defenetly her moms, I wish they take the baby out more often, that poor baby must be borred to be in her house, maybe it has something to see with the scientology thing. I hope that girl can have a normal life (is hard with her crazy parents).

  39. MissyMama says

    #37 why are you commenting about your daughters diarrhea??

    Suri’s looks seem to change from day to day..maybe just angeling of the camera. I think she looks a lot like Tom in these pics.

    Anyone else notice her sock is about to fall off??

  40. carleigh says

    Suri is as cute as ever, Katie looks great and I am sssssssoooooo glad Tom finally got his hair cut, he looks much better too. Marriage and family agree with them all, Suri is a little doll, not ugly at all.

  41. Sam says

    I think they are a cute family, despite Tom’s weirdness! But is it just me, or does everyone else have on long sleeves but the baby??

  42. Janie says

    Suri and Katie are adorable. I never thought much of Tom Cruise. Katie could do much better than him!

  43. Bea says

    Apparently Katie is supposedly shy especially around camera, you would think after two years this would be her cup of tea! She looks elegant though, I don’t know how she does it in a swaeter. Suri is beautiful and Tom is back to his handsome self!

  44. Mary J says

    Suri’s not as pretty as she used to be i find…
    Katie’s gorgeous on those pics though.. cute family!

  45. Bea says

    Tom is looking seriously dishy. I want to steal him, his baby too. Katie looks like a richman’s wife, even her sweater looks designer!

    Suri is the most beautiful baby among all the celeb ones.

  46. May says

    Beautiful child

    It is interesting how both her and Tom are spotting exactly similar frowns. Jope they bring her out more often this new soccer season.

  47. ????? says

    She is beautiful, isn’t she? and she always brings a smile on my face. I would steal if I could!

  48. Jen says

    SUMMER, Suri does not look Asian at all, but in those pics you can see both Suri and Tom have the sun in their eyes and Suri’s eyes are almost closed so that might be why you thing she does. Check the pic here
    where you can see big blue eyes. She has an exotic look dark hair, fair skin and an adorable doll-like face with a beautiful big blue eyes.

    I agree Anne Suri has a lot of character and life.

  49. Lauren says

    Suri is a beautiful little girl. She looks like Tom now that she’s a little older. She’s one my my favorite celeb babies. Soo cute!

  50. says

    ok, does anyone else think she looks a little asian ? I wonder if one of them has a distant asian relative? Beautifull baby, nice to see a family that goes out together.

  51. Uh...Scuse me! says

    All you people on the Hellorazzi site shouldn’t be talking about how ugly these babies are or their parents, since some of you have posted your family pictures on there. Maybe we should all go over there an critique your looks. I could see you talking bad about these poeple if some of you had some looks but a majority of you people shouldn’t be talking!!!!

  52. Jane says

    Suri is cute…but if it’s cold enough for everyone else to wear sweaters/long sleeve shirts, shouldn’t she be covered up a little more as well?

  53. Anne says

    Cuteness cuteness cuteness!!!

    Miapocca if you watched the video on x17 you will see that the photog really strained to get these pictures and that they were secretly leaving through the back entrance and there were no other photogs. He must have used a super zoom camera.They also went with her for the oscars but lucky for them there were no photogs at the hotel they were staying.

    Suri has a lot of character and life unlike some babies I know! Iam not saying any names.

  54. !!! says

    #17. Miapocca, that is just great, TomKat can’t win, when they didn’t show Suri it because Suri and and her parents are freaks and when we do see her they’re publicity whore even though they both have no movies coming out in the near future. I think they are doing a great job raising her by keeping her out of the spot light most of the time and you can see Suri is one cute and happy baby. However I’ll like to see her as much as possible.

  55. Miapocca says

    Whats cute about publicity whoerdom..the weekend we see affleck and family being NORMAL ,…these psychos bring out their borowed baby to show off…please go back to your crazy scientology cults………………………May I say this is the first time since that chidl was born that she has been seen in an everyday normal pic..hahahhaha

    She is no prettier or uglier than any other baby out there, however I guess her surgeries will start earlier than most..probaly at age 10./…..I think finally Nicole has her kids for the other 6 months out of the year and so they are out of the media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. babysuggs says

    i find her a little ugly…. sorry ppl 🙁 she has a sort of a shrunken face. strange baby. hot mamma though

  57. Julie says

    My favorite celeb baby too! I just love her! Katie looks great, and Tom really has cleaned up well. He’s hot again!!!

  58. Jackie says

    She is absolutely my favourite celeb baby and has just made my day. I must give a kiss to that Photog for cattching this. She looks like she is a strong minded child though.

  59. Gesa says

    she is definitely very sweet……. I really hope Tom will let her develop without that Scientology-shit….. but that´s probably just a wish….

  60. Sandrine says

    absolutely delicious, i will have a good day at work today. Bring her out more often, and to the park where her siblings play.

  61. nurseandmominpa says

    Aw!!!So cute! Adorable picture of Suri! shes really growing up , i think shes changing her looks as she gets older too but always a cutie! She’s like a little Tom lol, she looks more & more like Tom As She Gets Older Not So Much like Katie I Don’t think.

  62. Amara says

    Oh she is so cute. Have more babies please, she is divine. Talking about good gene, and different too.

  63. Nelly says

    My favorite baby girl is out and about , she is a doll. I saw the video they took off fast, bless the photograher he was ready too.

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