More Jen, Ben & Violet!

They are the cutest, most joyful family!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

RANDOM THOUGHT ALERT: I hate to admit this, but I never knew “binky-on-a-string” technology existed when my daughter was still using a binky! That would have been very useful and very sanity-saving! My daughter didn’t have a binky until she gave up the bottle and my son introduced it to her at that time to “make her happy.” The one he found had actually been given to her as a gift when she was just born (I think the exact same Gerber NUK that Violet is pictured with), but she had never used it. It was soooo hard to get her to give it up…what actually caused her to give it up was that one night I couldn’t find it when putting her down for the night and out of necessity she had to go without. She was fine without it and never asked for it again. I couldn’t believe it was that easy!! It is amazing how easy it is to worry endlessly about things, and then discover that there was no need for the worry at all! My son sucked his thumb, and when he was 2-years-old I started to really worry that he would always suck his thumb. Well, one day his grandmother was trimming his fingernails and accidentally cut the skin on the tip of the thumb that he sucked and that was the end of that! He never sucked his thumb again!



  1. ermie ms. mai mai says

    o my goodness ben is such a handsome dad, and oohhhhh jen is really sexy mom, they are wonderful and i really like the little cute violet, she looks like her mom so cutie pie!!!! i love them all……

  2. G says

    I think they’re adorable and look like a happy family. Jen looks like any other 30ish Mom playing with her baby. At least the other Moms I know. We don’t dress up to go to the park or play with our kids- why should she? I love how she is just herself and looks like she’s having a ball being Violet’s Mom.

  3. Megan says

    I love how Violet is always wearing purple! 🙂 She’s so adorable, it’s nice to see a “normal” Hollywood family.

  4. Izinator says

    I too use Robeez for my 8 month old and love, love, love them.

    Why do people comment on Jen’s clothes? How do you all dress when you’re romping about with your children? Jen strikes me as being so ‘real’… I could sit and have a cup of tea with her. I love this family & I wish them a whole lot of love & happiness.

  5. says

    Jane I disagree as does the research which is quite easily accessible on

    My son wore Robeez until he was 3, I found the leather held up beautifully and I threw them in the washing machine as needed. We experience all 4 seasons here so he did not wear them outside to play in the winter but the summers he most definitely did, excellent product!

  6. MissyMama says

    Jane – unfortunately Robeez are the only option some times. My son’s feet are so “fat” that I cannot fit him with regular shoes. NOTHING fits, so he wears Robeez. I am currently on the hunt for shoes that will fit him.

  7. Jane says

    Will someone please tell Jen that Robeez are NOT suitable for a walking toddler! Let alone outside where it’s cold! Put some sensible shoes on that poor girl. Robeez have no linning to them and are thin leather. Save them as slippers for indoors.

  8. Stacey says

    WOW! Violet got sooo pretty…. And like some babies on the other hand- like suri didn’t….. But i knew that was coming.. It’s always like that.. Just look at V? She’s soooooo cute! What happend??? I think she’s going to be a stunner! watch ans see peoples…

  9. boo says

    It’s funny because on Britney spears Photo Op at the park with SP, everyone kept saying she needed to dress down and wear runners and jeans to the park that she shouldn’t be all dressed up, then here you are saying that Jen needs to glam up more, but she is doing the exact same thing as Brit was doing, playing outside with her child… why the need to get all prettied up…I think she looks great dressed casual and no makeup…Some women just couldn’t be bothered with it.

  10. Julie says

    I love seeing pics of this family! So happy always! I think Jennifer Garner looks great. She looks fresh and ready to get right into playtime with Violet! She’s probably very comfortable.

  11. Gesa says

    I agree with Maggie….. who cares how Jennifer dresses as long as she spents quality time with her little one….

  12. maggie says

    I love Violet clothes, she looks so sweet, and I really dont care how jen dresses, the only thing it matters is that shes a happy and great mom

  13. mom22ks says

    Finally…………….someone other people that tJhink Jen dresses horribly. You dont always have to look like a fashion runway model, but she is down right dowdy. A little makeup would be nice too. She looks to me like she doesnt take care of herself at all. Of course they are a happy family – who can help but smile when a toddler is experiencing the world – it is the best!

  14. Janie says

    Cute family but Jen does look like a slob sometimes. She can still dress casual but with some style.

  15. Lisa says

    As in my prior post- just another couple who had a shotgun wedding. Does not mean that the baby is not adorable (which she is) or that her parents adore her (which they look like they obviously do) but a marriage due to baby does not usually equal long term commitment.

    Also- is Jens only thing in life now going to parks and dressing like a slub???
    I know I will be crucified but just my thoughts…

  16. ????? says

    I am now suspicious of them showing ”happy family pictures” after the prostitute allegations. I definately love Violet, she is a pretty happy one!

  17. Lauren says

    Violet is the happiest toddler. She’s always photograped smiling and laughing. They look like one of the happiest celeb families around.

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