1. says

    Keni, I have been feeling guilty about this too! The paps are getting out of control in these regards and safety is becoming an issue, I really think a lot of Britneys problems are the media and the constant attention, it’s must be tiring. I just don’t know if enough people will join together to help our stars in this regard and I know many will disagree ‘They made their bed they’ll lie in it’ attitudes, being a star today is not the same as it as 20 years ago. The route to all evil is via money and isn’t that what this is all about, the money shot!

  2. Keni says

    this may seen like an odd reqest…

    I love me my celebrities but as u can see in the splash videos… they are being hounded TOOO much.
    I get Ppl mag by mail, it was my guilty pleasure, perez too and just jared of course… I think that we should boycott the tabloids until they leave the ppl we love alone.
    When Brad is begging them to stop flashing and Victoria B is begging them to stop flashin the bulbs in front of her epileptic child, when tom and katie have to hide their child for fear of a stampede when they take her out, ITS TOO MUCH..
    I know many ppl wont agree but its time to defend our celebs. Come to sites like these that are free but avoid the supermarket taboids that pay over zealour photographers to take pics.

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