Brad, Angelina, Zahara & Shiloh In New Orleans

The impossibly gorgeous family (sans Maddox as he is enrolled in school) were snapped out for a stroll in New Orleans today!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. toni says

    number 19 your ass has lost your dam mind z is pretty and i wish they would find someone who knows how to take care of a african american childs hairs and that way they wouldnt have to cut it off dumb ass. know what u are getting into before u “buy”or “dopt'”

  2. Jodie says

    I agree, Shiloh is a very plain child. I can’t see any resemblance to either of the parents.

    Angelina is a freak. She has a vieny forehead and Brad is just a sad fool.

  3. Terri says

    Everyone of the ugly comments on this page are probably from ugly, overweight, insucure people that only wished they looked half as good as Angelina. Get a life, fat asses.

  4. Renie says

    What a beautiful family! This family represents what they say heaven is like. All races as one peacefully existing together.

  5. Kitty says

    get a life, i hope most of you negative talkers don’t have kids. As for the racist remarks. DEFINITELY NOT GOOD.

  6. Dee says

    Only good health and a long life for Brad, Angelina and family. This is a beautiful family only tryng to be just that, a family. Why do people have to say the ugly things they do? If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. And please don’t give me the freedom of speech talk. Civility is what I’m asking for, please use some restraint and rein yourself in.

  7. jodi says

    Why cant people stop sl***ing off Brad and Angelina and their kids, have you lot ever seen a proper ugly baby ?! im telling you these kids aint ugly. why cant people see the good that these two are doing, maybe some of you lot should get of your backsides and do some good to!

  8. Elisa Jimenez says

    Angelina and Brad are a blessing to these children. I’m so happy for all of them, its also nice to see Shiloh pics. I wonder if they plan to have more birth kids?

  9. Ynot says

    I think that the world is cruel enough with all that’s happening. I am in total shock that people have nothing better to do than to make judgements or opinions of ours lives. We need to look at the whole picture. We should be thankful that there are good people in this world. And to accept everyone as human beings. Everyone has faults and no one is exceptional. I can only hope that we as a society can change to be more loving and caring to others no matter what they do. May we all be blessed with what we have to offer others.

  10. lady says

    I thing Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie are absolutely fantastics.
    They have good family.I don`t think that Zahara is like monkey-she have african beauty.Mad is so beautiful.Shaloh is cute.And I hope so that Angelina will be good soon.THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE like everyone else!!!They have problems-like me… you!!!, all of us without exceptions!!! 🙂

  11. Erica says

    All of you are mean! You don’t even know them.. They are human and are trying to live a normal life.. All of you are gossiping like teenagers!!! Being skinny is healthy!!!!!!!!! Just because someone eats healthy, doesn’t mean they are sick?? And leave the poor kids alone! They are babies????? What is wrong with all of you? Get a life!

  12. nikki says

    Incredibly sweet girls,good father and caring mother. If only she didn’t steel him from his loving wife,things could be different. That’s unforgivable…even after 20 years.

  13. elea says

    I think y’all are crazy with all of these comments; leave the poor family alone; why do they have the responsibility of being the most beautiful family in the world?! These children are both beautiful and the poor woman(ang) just lost her mother; give them a break!!! Brad and Ang help so many people around the world–which is more than probably most of you can say about yourselves!!–get a reality check–

  14. cherish says

    so cute.seeing them together will brighten my day.Pleasing to see them together and blending themselves with ordinary people.Its like I’m dreaming.Hollywood actors want attention whereever they go but, not down to earth people.I hope that VAIN hollywood stars will look at this family as an icon.

  15. justice says

    i think alll the babies are beautiful…..there are NO ugly babies…(some are less fortunate, but not ugly)….i don’t believe the adopted children are “token” kids. i truely believe angelina loves kids and is doing the right thing by adopting….as for her looks…..sounds an awful lot like there are some REALLLLLLY jealous people on this chat…kitties are scratchin’ an spittin’ all up and down this thing….she’s gorgeous and you all know it…we all have our up and down moments and i’m sure if ANY of you were off the computer long enough to do 1/4 of the things this woman does with her time…(i’m sure i don’t need to list them ALL?)…plus just loosing her mom…
    you might look a little “frazzled” too.. we can and don’t all wake up looking perfect and stay that way…as for the veins. it’s from working out…you don’t get a body like laura croft sittin’ on your a**. actors dye their hair according to script writes…or maybe they like looking like twinners..maybe it’s a sense of unity for the family since they are so diverse.??? stop being so hateful and try to emulate them maybe? you know a little love goes along way. you may not be able to fly to tibet but you can go somewhere in your town and donate some time…maybe then you’ll get a feel for their lives until then stop condemning them..and for the scowls? do your kids,your spouses or you, walk around with grins all the time?if so good luck with that..and i’ll put in an order for those straight jackets..LOL or better yet , share your secret with the rest of the class…

  16. its me says

    Wow!! I would deffinetly love to see some of your guys pics. Man the way that you talk about these people dam you must be hot!! lol. Or maybe just maybe you are some fat ass, ugly MF that probably dont have a job & is on here 24/7 hmmm?????? I wonder if your children are so F***Kn ugly or (please forgive me!) is a F’n Retard that you are talking S**t about other babies. I really do wonder = P. Please let me know what drives someone to say that a child is ugly and looks like a monkey? maybe some racist bastard I dont know!! get back to real life man really wake the F up and stop with all this BS!!

  17. jackie says

    the couple is so sweet looking.When you lose a mother oyu lose the foundation of your being mom there pick you up when your down………ect.People give her a break her mother was important to her like it would be to you all.Give her some space.

  18. not4sure says

    I, like a few others, am new here. I am from Canada so maybe my perspective on things is different. Maybe it’s not so different…who knows? Who cares?! Not me.

    I was horrified when I first learned of Brad/Jennifer’s marriage break-up but over time, I realized (as much as an outsider can by “knowing’ someone through the press and media), that they wanted different things out of life. Also, does anyone else here remember the commitment/marriage comment made by Brad? Seems to me it went something like “is anyone meant to be with one person their entire life?” This is paraphrased. Not a good statement to make right after you get married I wouldn’t think.

    This couple was dogged by the paparazzi too. They did look good together though didn’t they??? Better than Brad and Angie, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong…I think they (Brad and Angie), individually, are very attractive ppl but together, I just don’t think they are an over the top gorgeous couple. I just don’t see the “most gorgeous couple” there…. he’s too “boy next door looking” and she is too “exotic” looking. And their lips…my gawd….their biological children could end up with lips looking like balloons!! The gene pool there could end up being very scary. Maybe too much of a good thing…I don’t know.

    Angie’s weight: she’s always been on the “skinny” side and she has the ugliest shaped arms I have ever seen. The way they hang from the elbow…just weird and not attractive at all.

    Her viens: nasty looking but when I was thin, my veins stuck out like that too. Look at Nicole Kidman’s hands…now there are some non-attractive hands. They are red, chapped and with huge veins sticking out but I think she is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen. I think she is much more attractive than Angelina.

    The kids: I was horrified that Angie referred to her biological daughter as a “blob”. Did she mean it as a mean spirited comment? I don’t know…no one knows except her and the interviewer. Does she love her adopted children more than Shiloh? I’m thinking that she is trying to overcompensate for their less than perfect lives with their biological parents. Sometimes I feel like they are “token children”. I’m sure most of you know someone who has done something similar with someone they know because they feel bad for that person due to a hardship in their lives i.e. abuse, neglect, abandonment, substance abuse, poverty, unattractiveness, etc etc etc. I think it’s commonly referred to as “favouring the underdog”. Part of me believes Angie is sincerely a loving, kind, generous person but I just don’t understand how a mother could favour an adopted child over a biological child and to say such cruel things about their flesh and blood. I also don’t’ understand how Brad could tolerate it.

    I can tell you though, for being a Goodwill Ambassador, she isn’t very well spoken…I find she often stumbles over her words when being interviewed or standing at a podium. She seems to be searching for “intelligent or impressive” ways of saying things that, inevitably, go awry because she isn’t allowing herself to be natural and true. I’m not saying she is dishonest here…just not being herself by allowing herself to be just that…herself. It’s almost like if she doesn’t have a script to follow, she trips all over the English language. It’s like she is self censoring her words and it fails her miserably.

    Anyway, I have wasted enough of my morning on this topic. Hello to everyone who reads this. It may be awhile before you hear from me again…it may be never.

    Take care and be well.

  19. Sylvia G. Kalambakal says

    Brad and Angelina are the perfect couples.
    Shiloh is so cute. May God bless them and Angie for her
    humanitarian help.

  20. Jennifer fan says

    Angelina is such a Homewrecker it is unbelievable.It is never going to last between them cus she is going to go off and wreck another marriege very soon!

  21. Joanne says

    shes the cutest baby i have ever seen!
    all heads must turn her way when shes out with her parents! 🙂

  22. doesnotmatter says

    Shiloh is one of the most beautiful celebrity babies I have ever seen! She is simply stunning, and I believe we will see much of her in the future with all those beautiful features! Wow!

  23. Merrie says


  24. Dasha(Day-sha) says

    I read as many of your imputs as I could stand. Its a sad example of the society that we live in really.Why all the meanness and hateful remarks. All I see is a happy couple with two adorable children out for a stroll. They arent being mobbed by the media and are trying to live as normal a life as possible considering the fact that they are celebrities.I do not how ever feel the need to accuse them of being media whores, to refer to a child as a monkey, think of Brad as p. whipped, think that she uses drugs, so on and so on. The woman may have some strange things that she has done when she was younger but I think she has more than redeemed herself with her work as a humanitarian. This woman just lost her mother for christs sake. Give her a break, I lost 20lbs when my mother died. Scowl on Z’s face or not the child is well fed and will want for nothing. As for Shiloh, I feel so much pity for this child she will have to endure nasty comments like some i read on here. She has two beutiful parents so she will always have people commenting on her looks. Leave them alone. At least Brangelina are using their celebrity status for good causes and trying to make a possitive difference in this world. Which is more than I can say for most stars today. I hope they remain in New Orleans where they seem to have found some peace for a change. Everyone should stop letting their obvious jealousy over their looks cloud the good things that these two have accomplished. As for the x, Jennifer , Obviously there was problems in the marriage long before he met Jolie. Jennifer put her career first, lied to the man about starting a family as soon as her show was over, then signed up for 10movies. I think that was the last straw with Brad. He was tired of her selfishness and crap. Now he has found a woman who loves children, puts others first and wants to make positive changes in the world. Just wish everyone would let them be. People only seem to concentrate on the negative, bad things and never on the positive things that this couple have done. I’m happy for them and pray that everything works out.

  25. Can't Believe says

    I just can’t believe that you people have nothing better to do, then to come on here and bash children for never smiling or always eating etc. You are what is wrong with America! And those of you who pretend to be good friends with these celebrities… Get over it, Let them live their lives…

  26. Nisa says

    Hi Guys,

    Oriana, agents come from all different walks of life. Some people come to hollywood with their own agents. They can be their relatives (bro or sis). There are no specific qualifications for an agent as long as they can be articulate in public and broker good deals for you. There are also many companies that offer Agency services in hollywood.

    Creative Arts Agencies ( CAA) is thebiggest of them and offers services to people like Tom Cruise, Katie holmes, Brad Pitt, Beckham, Reese, Aniston (actually most stars) etc. They get scripts for their clients, negotiate payments, and make deals even for stuff like clothing lines etc. They are also in charge of the image of a star.

    Some agents double as publicists. These go out and issue statements on behalf of their clients.

    If one wants to become an agent, and you have no connections, you apply to one of the small agencies and start from there. Or, you can start with an unknowm artist who later gets fame and then you get more artists from there.

    All stars in show biz (movies, music, modelling) and sports have agents. Writers too have agents to broker deals with publishers and distributors.

  27. says


  28. oriana says

    Miapocca, don’t know if you will be reading any time tonight but I enjoyed your info so much on Publicist, I was just wondering, and Nisa, you probably know the answer to this also, an Agent in Hollywood and a Publicist, how does a person go about becoming either one and obtaining clients? If Joe Smith all of sudden went there from Idaho, and wanted to be an Agent, how would a person have success at that? How would they get a A lister or even a TV star that is popular to sign with them? Wouldn’t they have to have experience? How would they get experience? You seem to be very knowledgeable (spelled it wrong) about things in this area.

    I have several friends that have also wondered the same thing, it is very interesting to me. Do they get a set fee, a certain percentage for a salary? Do they get commissions? Do husband and wife stars share the same Agent? Thank You.

  29. Nicki says

    I can believe a human being said this……………….
    If these two did not like photogs to take their pictures
    then limit their their public appears to neccessary ones for a year…………….. They have children they like to go outside for walks and play, you are completely out of your mind with that statement. Along with a few others, but to say any parent should keep thier 3 young children inside for a year is beyond comprehension. Because you don’t want to see them, FINE, don’t look at thier pics and don’t comment. Try focusing on people you like. Bizzare.

    One more from your ridiculous comment is—-Cedar’s Sinai—Oh yeah the most “not photo place to be” Huh. Brad and Angie don’t seek out the paps…………..They are stalked every minute of the day. They are sought after
    even if you want them to be or not.
    A story about them, true or false, will appear daily just because the person , newspaper, blogsite, etc.. wants the attention this beautiful family brings. It is fact, look at the hits on ANY blog, Brad and Angie always gets 100X more, and without the people changing thier names to make horrible comments (which by the way have been outed by website owners, because they do know) they are for the majority, the single posters, not the fake name changers, are positive.
    Best wishes to this beautiful family.

  30. oriana says

    #112, YOU are the one that said any African American would be offended by that remark, so that is why I responded as I did, and again, maybe a lot of people of every nationally would find it offensive, and again, it is not my fault that the majority of African Americans cry racist for everything that doesn’t set well with them.

    And if you think she is beautiful frowning and scowling all the time, then that is your opinion, it is not mine! And if I saw a blue eyed, blonde child looking like she does most of the time I would say the same thing! She is sullen looking and has a hateful look on her face most of the time! To me, that is not cute!

  31. Jackie says

    Traveller and Maggie,
    you are not confused, you are just naive or pretending to be. Brad once said on Oprah that he does not understand stars who whine about lack of privacy because it was a conscious choice they all made and that it was easy to go into obscurity if one so chose.

    Stars like being stars. Period. They like all the glamour and every one making a fuss over them. If these two did not like photogs to take their pictures, why not stay indoors for a couple of months then limit their their public appears to neccessary ones for a year, never show their kids during this time there after starting living normally and we will see who will run after them.

    All these ‘strolls’ for this last week and the ‘take a baby’ to work do not help. Who would have hounded them if they had given birth from Cedar’s Sinai? Why go all the way to Namibia to alert everyone how you have gone to have a child in the guise of helping Namibia get the worlds attention, how better off is it ever since?

    Why go to India in a buggy ride on a busy street when you knew that photogs are on their case? Why ride through Vietnam without helmets risking their lives if they wanted to be incognito?

    Before Tom Cruise decided to romance with the media did you know what his children looked like? Yet he was so big and his movies still did well. He enjoys every one seeing him with this young beautiful, adoring girl on his arm!

    Stop being Naive, Jolie has always sought attention and Pitt is not different. Stars love being stars and being sought out. Look at Britney, one time she is crying for privaccy and another shaving her head in a public saloon. The story is that the saloon owner had drawn the blinds and she had someone open them.

    They don’t want publicity, my foot, they love it, they crave it, and start convulsing when they are ignored, that is why they are stars in the first place.

  32. boo says

    I am not a black person and I call racist to that remark….who can blame anyone of colour to be completely offended by that and I’m sorry but you must be 12 if you don’t think of that as being racist and ignorant!~*
    And yes I do think she is very beautiful…smiling or not!~*

  33. Paula says

    Whew, just too much to read on here. Everyone arguing about babies looks. But you want a beautiful baby to look at, Anna Nicole Smiths baby is beautiful to me, anyway. Bless her little heart!! Need some more pictures of her!

  34. oriana says

    Jennifer, the reason I wondered if there was anything safe that Shiloh could eat while she is watching Zahara eat a lot when they are out for their strolls, in the pictures, more than one, she is looking at her eating, so No, I am not concerned about what she eats for I think she is healthy, I just thought it would be nice if there was anything safe for her to chew on also, and someone with some common sense would have realized what I was getting at, especially since I spelled it out. That is why I appreciate Nicki’s #59 response to my question.

    Boo, I do think she looks like a monkey in some of her pictures, it is the facial expressions, the fact that she has dark skin has nothing to do with it, and it is not my fault if the majority of black people always cry racist whenever something doesn’t set right with them. LOOK at her face in most of her pictures, especially the one with her with the yellow top on walking in New Orleans, surely you can’t say that is a cute looking child with that scowl on her face!

    N, if you think I am mentally challenged, then you should overlook what I say and think and get shook up over it! I probably am losing my capabilities for my memory is going, I can’t find my car keys!

    traveller, you haven’t seen her do anything to not make you think she doesn’t love Shiloh, what has she done to make you think she does? Maybe I have missed the pictures of her holding, kissing, smiling at her, like I have seen in the ones towards the other two, please, tell me where they are at so I can look at them, and not count the staged ones that they sold to the magazine when she first born.

  35. maggie says

    I dont understand when you say that celebrities do the things that they do , because they want publicity, I mean I think is the opposite, they hate to be photografed all the time.

  36. traveller says

    Thanks for your comments Granny. It’s nice to see someone with a level head. As you so eloquently stated, no one on this blog knows what goes on in the Jolie-Pitt household. Perhaps a lion’s share of the decisions are made Brad. Or perhaps they make all major decisions together, weighing both the pros and cons. You wouldn’t know unless you were there. So, why call a man whipped when you don’t have all the information?

    I’m also confused as to why everyone thinks Brad and Angelina are publicity whores. Are they supposed to stay holed up in their house for eternity? Are they never supposed to take their children on walks? Shopping? To the park? What kind of life is that for a child, being cooped up inside all the time simply to avoid having your picture taken. It’s not their fault that the paps literally stalk them. I don’t see going for a walk as being a publicity seeking thing. If they wanted publicity, they’d arrange a press conference.

    I also don’t see adopting as seeking publicity. Perhaps, they just want more kids. Take Heidi Klum for example. Certainly, she didn’t get pregnant so soon after the birth of her first son because she wanted publicity. My guess is that she did so because she wanted another child. And she (just as Angelina and other celebs) anounced her impending new child through her press agent. I’m sure most celebs do that because they’re excited and want to share the good news with everyone. I know I would.

    As for the comments made by Angelina pertaining to Shiloh, she said she felt more compassion for Maddox and Zahara. Not that she felt more love for them. There’s a difference between feeling love and feeling compassion. I feel more compassion for those who have suffered and endured than for those who’ve had cushy lives too. Most people feel the same way. She never said she feels no compassion for Shiloh. Just that she feels more compassion for Maddox and Zahara. She never once said she loved her older children more than her youngest child. I’ve not seen Angelina do anything that would make me think she did not love her youngest daughter. I’m not even going to touch the “blob” comment since she was not the only celeb to use the term.

  37. Granny says

    For those non-moms on this site. I would love to share my grandbabies pics with you if you have a spare couple of hours. Of course I am very prejudiced to the extent of their beauty and cuteness. : ) I am a sucker for children.

  38. boo says

    And how do you people know Zee is not Sharing her food with Shi….If you look closely she is eating what looks like cherioos,(sp) which are a GREAT and HEALTHY toddler snack!! Maybe, just maybe, Angie and Brad have givin her the baggy to hold and Zee gives Shi one at a time…she is now at an age where she can snack on small foods like that.~*

  39. Granny2 says

    I have to say, there are a lot of very “ugly” people on this blog! What could possibly be going on in your little lives to generate so much venom towards this family. They are not under any obligation, moral or otherwise, to live their lives according to your judgments.

    It makes me laugh to read the stuff from so-called “insiders”. It really does! It’s so pathetic how some of you just lap it up. You would have to be pretty close this couple to know the “details” these “insiders” would have you believe … and I just don’t buy it! Most of you “experts” on the lives of these people are mean-spirited, spiteful and narrow-minded to the extreme!

    I wish this couple and their lovely family all the very best and I look forward to seeing their family grow! They are giving back to the World and making it a better place for others and I, for one, commend them.

  40. JENNIFER says


  41. ShiftingSands says

    Well it would be the case if everyone in here was mothers but it’s not… most of these people are young girls with no kids prertending to be grown………

  42. Granny says

    First pic smiling, happy parents. Second, third pic where they realize paps are there, is a look of disappointment. A reasonable explanationer for so many pics of them looking less than ecstatic. Most people would become very tired of constantly having to be in performance mode. They probably just want left alone.

    As for the “blob” remark, how many of us have called our loved ones something odd out of affection, teasing or exasperation? Brat, spoiled, sweetie? I used to tell my eldest daughter that she was my favorite girl in the world. But when she was 11 we had a suprise third, another girl. 11 years of calling one “favorite” didn’t take at all away from the third. Just a phrase in time, appropriate once, yet dropped when due, and life moved on.

    We should hope all families last including this one last. There are children involved. If second or even third relationships never ever make it, it just means continued unhappiness. We should all strive for happiness. Even King David of the Bible murdered a man to obtain his wife. But in the end, due to a change of his heart and a desire to correct damage, it all finally worked.

    Brad cannot go back to his exwife, Angelina cannot un-marry her previous husbands. It’s done. And although this was a unplanned child that doesn’t mean unloved. Unloved would have meant an abortion. And this woman nor any woman needs a man to help her raise a child although it helps. Women through the ages have raised children alone for all sorts of reasons. And she could certainly afford to raise these children and others on her money, whether she ever worked again.

    And now that I think about it, if all we mothers really looked at our own childrens’ pics we would probably agree, “I (we) had the most beautiful baby(ies) ever!”

  43. boo says

    No Oriana #102.. Saying a BLACK baby looks like a Monkey is very much a racist remark…Any African American Person would most definitely be offended by that sort of remark!~*

  44. oriana says

    Jennifer, I am on here because I want to be on here, since you are not the owner of this site it isn’t up to you is it, who can come on and how many times.

    Of course I don’t have anything bigger in this head of mine! Thank you for pointing that out! And I do believe I have wondered about a lot more things than if Shiloh can have something to eat or not when she is looking at Zahara eating, and maybe you should go back and read my posts, I asked speciafically if there was anything safe, food wise that she could chew on, please get your facts straight before you are critical to me!

  45. JENNIFER says


  46. Nicki says

    #104—Please don’t use my name. Stick to one of the 10 others you have used lately. Thanks.

  47. oriana says

    Again, Shiloh is a mini Jon Voight! The picture taken with her on Brad’s shoulders is like looking in a mirror when he was younger!

  48. Miapocca says

    Information for NIcky who knows all!!
    DeNiro wanted jolie fine, but he had no idea like she had no ides that her private actions will carry over to her professional life, normally a movie such as this will open first place at the box office….

    The Good Sheperd….
    With an all-star cast and a riveting spy-thriller plot, The Good Shepherd, starring Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon, was expected to be one of the biggest films of the Christmas season. The CIA spy-thriller, directed by Robert De Niro, tells the tale of the early, formative days of the Central Intelligence Agency, but couldn’t compete with the comedic Ben Stiller, the feel good Will Smith or the boxing Rocky Balboa. The Good Shepherd took the fourth place at the box office with a gross just shy of $10 million.

  49. Nicki says

    I’m 12 sori and julia and ivy no trouble ment. can i be forgivin? i donet hav a babe i lied. plese escept mi apoalogy.

  50. Hoolly says




    People we can’t all pussy foot around, Shiloh is uglier than Zahara and I can’t wait till she is two and we can openly say it!

    But for now guys we have to be careful about calling a baby names.

  51. oriana says

    Lucky, thank you very much my Dear!

    Jenna, I believe there are many other reasons why people think Shiloh is being neglected by her, not because she isn’t getting a cookie or a cracker, for me, it is her seemingly lack of empathy for her child and the comments she has made, the blob comment being the least of it, she even said the other two she felt more compassion for and she has shown to have more affection for.

    We don’t have to be racists or haters to feel the way we do. Yes, there have been some comments that have been mean spirited.

    Shifting Sands, No, you can’t steal a man, but he can certainly be enticed, seduced and charmed, and a weak one, well, he can be easily led and manipulated, I do believe there were cracks and strains in the marriage before he met Angie which help add to the final straw.

    Just because you have never met someone personally, doesn’t mean you can’t form an opinion, especially when they live in a public forum and on display, sometimes it is true, a picture is worth a thousand words, I never met Elvis either, but I loved him and felt he had some emotional and medical problems too. Never met Paris Hilton either, and have heard she loves animals as I do, but I think she is pitiful!

    Brad need to have some backbone about himself, that is for sure, I wonder if his brother, Doug, has talked to him any?

    There are lots of women to be admired in the public eye, stars and young women who aren’t showing their ass and drinking/doing drugs and acting like fools just to get attention. Donald Trump’s daughter for one seems to have a level head on her shoulders, I even admire Elizabeth Taylor and look how many times she has been married! I admire Carol Burnett, she has overcome a lot in her career and lifetime, I admire Reese, I could go on and on, but Angie’s actions have proven, she is no Saint and I would like to see her in a better light, she even has made statments she always falls usually for her leading men in her movies, she married two of them, and it is possible Brad might not be the last one she finds herself drawn too as she put it. Time will tell.

  52. traveller says

    Wow. Again with the negativity. Now people have degraded themselves to bashing children. Why the intense hatred for people you’ve never even met? Perhaps people should spend less time blogging and more time living their actual lives. They’ve got way to much of themselves invested in total strangers.

  53. says

    Bad karma for Angelina?? What about BRAD??? HE left his wife, remember?! You people are stuck in the past…get over it. Jen doesn’t WANT him.
    Shiloh, Maddox and Zahara are beautiful, well-loved children.
    Women are so stupid – you can’t STAND it that Angelina is gorgeous, has a guy who loves her, does good things for the world and is HAPPY. You must find something to criticize, so you pick on her innocent child….real mature.
    Perhaps taking a different approach to other successful women (ie-a positive one) would be easier for you. You wouldn’t have to take up so much space explaining your moronic “opinions”.

  54. ShiftingSands says

    Someone might have said this already, but Maddox is six and is in school during the day. That’s where he is.

    Zahara being a bit over two years old, can feed herself independently now. Shiloh is about ten months old. There’s a big difference in fine motor skills in those two ages, thus you see Zahara with crackers or Cheerios and Shiloh does not. Shiloh is not old enough to handle snacks on the run yet. When she is closer to Zahara’s age, she will.

    I have tried and tried to understand the hostility toward Angelina with regard to Brad and Jennifer and all that stuff. But here’s the deal: Angelina did nothing to me personally, so I find it hard to get all bent out of shape about her private life. My husband has never left me, so I’m not some bitter angry hostile old hag who has a paranoid hate-on for every woman she sees.

    You can’t “steal” a man. You can steal a purse. You can steal money. It’s impossible to “steal” an adult human being, unless you hold them at gunpoint. Whatever went wrong between Brad and Jennifer was going wrong long before he met Angelina. And he chose to leave Jennifer. I fail to see why he never gets any of this ire.

    Also, how freaking long ago was that? Two years? Dear God, move on people. Even Jennifer has moved on, for crying out loud.

    It’s hilarious how emotionally invested people get in celebrities they’ve never even met.

  55. lalaboo says

    Your all a bunch of all nasty HAGS !!! you talk all this crap about KARMA but calling a baby ugly is going to come back and bit you in the ass… Your children are going to be ugly because your ugly people…. or better yet at the play ground some one will call your funny looking kids UGLY. Get over yourselves and let it go….. Brad and AJ are happy ! You were not in his and Jens bedroom…. you don’t know what happen !!! All of their kids look normal… no one said they had to look special… there kids for fucking sakes !!!!!

  56. Melz says

    How does Shiloh look ugly – blue eyes, blond hair and a cute button nose – I think she has all the features in place to be a beauiful young girl. Sure, the 2nd photo caught her looking a bit sleepy but she does have a good mix of Brad and Angelina. Not bad genes to have!

  57. boo says

    I’m going to guess that every person on here who has said those Nasty, cruel comments (#’s 82, 84, 85, 86,…just to name a few) about Shi and Zee are probably friends of Angelina (phm)… 6th or 7th grade and immature as ever, Or perhaps they are just her other personalities acting up, God knows she has a few!, Or they are lonely, pathetic Women with no children….cuz No MOTHER I know would ever subject such hate to such young, innocent BABIES!! ( key word – BABIES)

  58. Lucky says

    Oriana, I like your posts, you seem to be a genuinely nice person.

    But people, I agree that it is Karma for Angelina and Brad to have a homely baby (it is not good to call babies ugly). Besides she is a sweet baby. I agree too that she and Tori Spelling’s baby will eventually look alike. Look closely at the second picture.

    I am sorry but she is not a beautiful child.

    Brad, we love you but please stop being so pussy whipped. It is so sad!

  59. lisa says

    you people don’t have anything to do in life just write bad comments about other people, and their family. Grow the hell up people, how? can someone say that Zarhara looks like a monkey. You must be a racist, and hateful person. May “GOD” have mercy on your soul. Stop the hate and jealous talk about them and their children. I can’t believe even so call Mother’s are commenting about how Shi and Zah looks. They are innocent children, and you call yourself’s mothers. you people are unbelieveable. Would you like it if someone call you’ll kids nasty name. Come on people stop the hate, and grow the hell up.

  60. Jenna M. says

    I hope all you shallow and superficil posters calling Zahara and Shiloh ugly never have kids. I happen to think they’re both cute, but so what if they’re not? They’re KIDS for god sake. Just little kids. There are some things in life more important than looks so get a life.

    I can’t believe some people are insinuating that Shiloh is being neglected because Zahara is seen with food when Shiloh isn’t. I’m sorry, but if you give a 10 month a cracker or something when they are facing away from you in a stroller then you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. there are some things suitable for a 2 year old which aren’t suitable for a baby.

    No wonder there aren’t that many PUBLIC photos of Zee smiling, how disturbing must it be for a two year old to have loads of paprazzi following you whenever you leave your house? How can a child that young understand or deal with that? I’m sure she smiles all the time when she is in the privacty of her own home.

  61. Mumba says

    Shame on all of you who are calling a innocent defendless baby ugly, does it make you feel better to pick on her? Each and every baby is special and unique. Your comments are disgusting.

  62. oriana says

    Keni, you are right, the paps are out of control, they have been for years now. Look at Princess Diana for proof of that. I don’t buy the magazines for that reason alone, I do get People that was given to me as a gift, I do love to look at the pictures, that is why I love this site and I look at Perez Hilton sometimes for the pictures, his comments can be gross but sometimes he is funny!

    The opinions of people on here is just that, opinions, some make sense, are informative and some are stupid, but this is America!

    I don’t care for Angelina for I don’t think she is a caring mother to Shiloh and I think she has mental problems, I think she is beautiful and a good actress, and I am sure she has good qualities but not my cup of tea, I used to like Brad but since he has become such a puppet I don’t care for him any more, I do think he is a loving father not only to Shiloh but to the other children as well.

    To me, Shiloh is very cute, looks just like Jon Voight, and I did look at his pictures when he was younger and even now the resembalance is unmistakable. Maddox seems to have a personality and I think he is cute too, but Zahara seems cold, selfish and lacking in some areas, she does never smile or seem happy, very rarely, and I think she has some development problems, we will probably see more pictures of Shiloh walking than we will her.

    As for Angie, I have read many times that she was very close to her mother, her best friend as it has been quoted, now for those of us born and raised in America, you know our traditon during the holidays, is to be with family, especially at Thanksgiving, and not just our immediate family, now to me, if I had a dying mother, that was my “best friend”, I would not be in Vietnam, Cambodia, India, wherever, if work didn’t take me there, I would want to spend what might be the last holiday, with my mother, now she had to know she was getting worse in her condition, and Brad has Midwest upbringing and roots with his family, some of their choices and actions seem a little odd to me, that is all.

    I see how she dresses all in Black most of the time, as she did when she was younger, mentally unstable, starting to get a lot of her tattoes, I see now how she paints a five year old child’s nails black, to me, again, that doesn’t seem normal.

    So yes, I am being judgemental, but there are some things that don’t seem to fit with this family, I think she has saved the live of these adopted children, that is good, but she also has a child that needs her nuturing and love also, I don’t see it from her.

    Minnie, please don’t leave this site, you are one of the best!

    NO ONE wishes any harm to this family, we all need love and happiness, and stability, these are not normal everyday people, they are not John and Jane, they will be hounded wherever they go, it is sad but true, and I enjoy and find it interesting some of the things that movie stars do, sorry this was so long.

  63. minnie says

    My goodness, I cannot believe the comments. Well, I can since I’ve been on this site for a while but I wish I didn’t have to see them. I’m just glad I don’t have to come back to this site any more.

  64. says

    God must be punishing Brad Ang for being adulterers Shiloh is not a cute baby its very sad.Zee does like her snackks she is cute,i wanna see more smiles on her.I still go for Violet Affleck that baby girl is cute she has a personality and is always smiling,no wonder Ang called her own baby a Blob.

  65. says

    What is wrong with you people?I hope you never have children,people who can say such cruel things about poor innocent babies make me sick.

  66. ???? says

    Shiloh in that second picture is too ugly for words. All of you stop criticising Angelina for not liking Shiloh. Would you love her if she was yours?

    I agree Shiloh is uglier that Zahara.

    I see a new Tori spelling

  67. Brenda says

    I think that Shiloh looks like her dad. Yes i also think that Angie looks really thin. I beleive that Brad should also take his daughter and run for the hills and have Jen with them. I feel that Jen would be a better mother to Shiloh then Angie.I feel that what Angie said about Shiloh was uncalled for when she said she had more fellings for her other childern then her own daughter. Therefore as far as I am concered Brad should take Shiloh and run with her.

  68. Bea says

    Mellissa we read them to help her hate herself. You know she hates hersef. Besides it is good to hate on her since Karma is always getting her.

    I think having such an ugly baby is Karma!

  69. Keni says

    this may seen like an odd reqest…

    I love me my celebrities but as u can see in the splash videos… they are being hounded TOOO much.
    I get Ppl mag by mail, it was my guilty pleasure, perez too and just jared of course… I think that we should boycott the tabloids until they leave the ppl we love alone.
    When Brad is begging them to stop flashing and Victoria B is begging them to stop flashin the bulbs in front of her epileptic child, when tom and katie have to hide their child for fear of a stampede when they take her out, ITS TOO MUCH..
    I know many ppl wont agree but its time to defend our celebs. Come to sites like these that are free but avoid the supermarket taboids that pay over zealour photographers to take pics.
    Vive la BAMZS!!

  70. Melissa says

    Summer, you are so right!!!!…If you negative people hate Angelina so much, why do you read these blogs??? Who cares how big her veins are or how skinny she is?? We all have something physically that isn’t pretty with us…big ass, little tits, big tummy…huge thighs…I think she looks absolutely beautiful. If brad were so unhappy…why is he still with her??? Obviously Jen wasn’t giving him what he needed…and Angie does.

  71. Joye says

    Everyone needs to stop talking about babies like that, babies are never ugly, and please never say monkey. The pictures are gorgeous, both Brad and Angelina look terrific, if you had 3 children and at the same time taking on countries that are in poverty while trying to work on getting help for them, and loosing your mother probably you would loose weight too. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t put any comments here, you need to look at yourself and what you’ve done for others first before you start making throwing stones at others.

  72. says

    What is wrong with you people? What gives you the right to judge anyone?How would you feel if someone called your child ugly or ridiculed your parenting every time you left your house. If you hate them that much why even look at their picture?You all need to get should all be ashamed of yourselves! I hope that those sweet babies never have to read the trash that you are putting on here!We have no idea what goes on in their lives,if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all! Did you ever think that hollywood children get messed up because they read this kind of cruel gossip from idiots like you?

  73. lisa says

    you people are crazy, why? would you call an innocent child names. you people are so immature, grow the hell up. Why write in your comments if they are nasty one’s. All of you are sooooooo jealous and wish it was you there in the photo. Grow the hell up people,grow the hell up. these people don’t even care about you guys. They are living their life for themself, you people on the other hand are interest in them. If you was not interest in them you would not be so quick to judge. this is a nice family, and they look beautiful. Stop the hate people, stop the hate.

  74. oriana says

    We comment on their weight and what their children look like because we have eyes and we can see, and we have ears for we have heard what she has had to say out of her own mouth, not made up tabloid reports, No, I am sure they wouldn’t give a F about we think, just like they wouldn’t about what you think, I would think mostly about only what producers and directors think when it comes to making their next movie, I would also go as far to say they also don’t give a F about what their families think either. What is your healthy hobby? Since obviously you have spent time reading what comments are on here, perhaps you need one also?

  75. oriana says

    Come to think of it, haven’t seen many pictures of that bully bodyguard Mickey for a while is he still working for her? Is he in jail?

  76. get real says

    Why do you guys sit here and say things like you know these people. Please go get a job, a hobby ( a healthy one), or just do something. Do not act like you know people you have never met. Do not comment on their weight, or what their children look like, or what you think should be done about THEIR situation. God, I just cannot believe the way some people act. Their lives are not your concern. Please go get a life, and get real. Do you really think these people give a f*ck what you think?? Hell no they don’t

  77. says

    There is a better picture on Hellorazzi, that just has Brad and Shiloh…VERY NICE TO SEE! I have to say he looks very happy and at peace when he is holding HIS daughter!
    In these pics those two never look happy, Brad should just cut to the chase, take HIS daughter and run for the hills away from that woman and her other two kids……after all those are the only two she likes!!!

  78. boo says

    Someones looks like she’s teething!!! Poor Baby.

    I am also wondering why some of the comments being stated are still on here #31….. If Comments that I “supposedly” made were deleted…which a few people have told me were full of cursing and foul language then why are Extremely racists comments being left on, perhaps someone should do something about that “Administrator”!!~*

  79. Miapocaa says

    Article from: BANG Showbiz

    ANGELINA Jolie has allegedly been left fuming after Jennifer Aniston invited Brad Pitt’s parents for a Thanksgiving dinner at her home.

    The Tomb Raider actress – who has a six-month-old daughter, Shiloh Nouvel, and two adopted children, Maddox, five, and 22-month-old Zahara, with Brad – is said to be infuriated by Jennifer’s close relationship with her former in-laws.

    Angelina, 31, has reportedly accused the former Friends actress of “poking her nose into family matters”.

    A source told Britain’s Star magazine: “She is distraught that the woman who is practically her mother-in-law is continuing to mix with Brad’s ex wife.”

    Angelina is said to be so insulted she has cancelled an arranged family get together with Brad’s parents, Jane and Bill, at her and Brad’s Malibu home around Christmas time.

    Dorothy Krebs, a friend of the couple, said: “Angelina seems to have made a stand and whatever Jane and Bill do, they can’t find favour with her.”

    The Thanksgiving visit is said to have occurred after Brad’s parents arrived in Malibu to see their son and Angelina without realising the couple were in India filming A Mighty Heart.

    After discovering they had nowhere to go, Jennifer invited the Pitts to have Thanksgiving dinner at her house instead.

    Jennifer’s friend Tonya Hart said: “Jen was just coming to Brad’s rescue. His folks bought the tickets ages ago. Jennifer thought she was doing good, but apparently it’s whipped up a hornet’s nest with Angelina.”

    Meanwhile, Jolie has spoken out to defend her three bodyguards who were arrested after being involved in a scuffle at a school in Mumbai last week.

    She called reports that the guards used racial slurs a “horrible rumour” and blamed the presence of the paparazzi for the incident.

    The actress was filming scenes for A Mighty Heart, at the Anjuman-e-Islam school when the bodyguards reportedly attempted to prevent photographers from entering the premises as parents arrived to collect their children.

    Enraged parents alleged that they and their children were verbally and physically abused by three British bodyguards and filed a police complaint. The guards were detained before being released on bail.

    “It is not surprising that the press involved failed to mention their share of the responsibility in the chaos,” Angie said in a statement.

    “As for this horrible rumour that someone referred to a local man as a ‘bloody Indian’, let me say this: I would never work with anyone that was derogatory towards another man’s race. My family is of mixed race.”

    According to India’s police commissioner, AN Roy, Brad Pitt also apologised in person for the incident.

    A lawyer for the bodyguards told reporters that the case “appears to be in cold storage now”.

  80. Izinator says


    I wonder how your life would read in the tabloids if you had paparazzi following you 24-7. I wonder how bloggers would write about you … what stories could be concocted about your lifestyle.

    It must be nice to be happy, positive, pretty all the time while producing good looking children.

  81. oriana says

    There were a lot of excellent actors in Babel beside Brad Pitt, whom I think did a fantastic job, but I am sure a lot of people also went to see it not for the fact alone that he was in it, and he didn’t show any support for the movie at the Oscars either. She was a total snot at the Golden Globes and that didn’t escape a lot of people either.

  82. Miapocaa says

    Oh please…give us a break…so what if someone new joins a don’t own it and you do not know these celsbs either, you seem to like them which is great fo r you., I for one see two publicy whores, alduterers to boot, and a woman trying to hang on to a man who is on his way out the door at osme future date…adoption adoption adoptions..for what, to find love to make her feel good …please lady leave other bloggers be..they are entitled to thier opinion as you are and everyones opinion is subjective anyway based on our views of the personalities involved ….so for anyone who acccuse of being wrong remember that they are entitled to thier opinion as you are, and you may equally be wrong in your opinions………………………..however subjectivity is more suceptible to love than hatred…………………………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm\

    And based on the amount of money grossed for Bable, I iwll have to sya that there a lo tof people out there who disagree with your avid love for this mental case nad collection of human toys…………..

  83. Tatiana says

    For now all is nice with this family, but all those adoptions all over the place will be their downfall. You bring a child, but how do you know if this family had a serial killer ect.. they do not think about those stuff but it is real.

  84. Maryanne says

    I don’t think it is necessarily how long they retain what they went through as a baby, but a lot of development happens in the first year of life. Therefore, Z more than likely missed out on a lot of what “normal” kids get during that time, and that has helped shape her personality.

  85. oriana says

    I have read several places in the past, that Zahara struggled and had such a hard time as a baby, now how long can a 7 month old baby remember how things were like at that age? Some people have tried to say that is why she is so solemn and a jealous nature towards the baby, exactly how long does a child retain a memory of being hungry like she was in the orphanage? I really would like to know?

  86. oriana says

    I doubt very seriously if she is suffering from a lack of food, and ever since Angelina brought Zahara to this country she hasn’t suffered either, that is for sure. I remember pictures of them in Germany and Paris and Zahara was eating and holding food in her hand then a lot too.

  87. Julia says

    Zahara had to suffer with the lack of food , now it is Shiloh’s turn. Angelina is really a crazy bitch. When Brad run, then i will like him again.

  88. Nicki says

    57. oriana ~ Well probably not food wise without a possibility of choking, there is the swallowing that goes with food. I did notice in two pics she is chewing on her toy, no possibility of choking on that.
    Just remember we see maybe 10-15 pics at a time, that amounts to less than (probably 1 minute) maybe 2 minutes of thier trip, even if they are taken 10 minutes apart, notice Zahara is eatin Cheerios in one pic and a cracker in another? Maybe thats her coping mechanism for the paps in jher face?? Maybe not, but who rally knows?

  89. oriana says

    It is windy down there and she is fair skinned, must say, they do keep her bundled up good and I think they take good care of her, loved to see the pictures of her in her little white dress, hair was blowing too, soo cute!

  90. oriana says

    I can definately understand not giving a baby a cracker with no one watching, that is why I asked if a baby is teething, is there anything they can chew on beside a cracker, I should have asked, is there anything safe, food wise, that she could chew on. Thanks.

  91. Maryanne says

    I think Shiloh is adorable with her rosy red cheeks. I am sure they are chapped from being outside, as New Orleans is on the river, and it gets really windy there. She is also fair skinned, making her cheeks redder than someone who is not so fair.

  92. Nicki says

    50. Izinator ~Exactly, a 2 year old is different, but anything to B***h about for them, NO ONE would give a 8 or 9 month old child a cracker without watching them.

    48. oriana -I don’t think you are trying to start anything with, nor am I with you, just stating my opinion. Also, most others don’t have the amount of paps in thier face, maybe Maddonna, Posh becks, (talking about with Babes) Jen and Ben get 2 or 3 paps taking thier pic at a time, and yes Violet has an adorable smile, but they aren’t all in her face. That makes it much more relaxed for a baby or toddler.

    44. Granny ~ Thanks for your first hand knowledge.

    43. Miapocaa – You have no clue what you are talking about. I would sugesst you are being paid for you smear against this beautiful, loving, gracious family. Why is it your name has just shown up and I have been here for a while?????
    And by no means am I “up in arms” Please all I did was state facts, where others have stated “thier” fantasy, or worse nothing but hate.

    On topic~~Beautiful pics, and Beautiful family.

  93. Link says

    OK, why is Shiloh UGLY? My colleague has also just comment that she looks ugly even for a regular baby on the street!

    I find her even worse than Zahara. Actually in these pictures she is the ugliest celeb baby ever! Her head is too big and she is just butt ugly! Poor child.

    I know I shouldn’t be calling babies ugly but Shiloh makes it hard in these pictures, the last ones she was actually a little sweet, with a big head, but sweet and Brad carrying her made the picture even cuter, now she is plain Ugly.

  94. maggie says

    Shiloh looks like she got egzima cheeks, or whatever they call it? She’s cute in her own way. I wouldn’t say she’s all that stunning, though! Nice pic-

  95. Izinator says

    It’s really interesting to read everyone’s opinions on other people’s babies when in reality, none of us know a thing about them.

    I very seldom give my 8 month old a treat when I can’t see her eating it (like when she’s in a stroller facing out). I worry she will choke.

    Lay off.

  96. oriana says

    Maggie, probably still jealous, wonder what kind of excuses Angie will make for her when the new addition comes along! And Brad isn’t much better! I hope it isn’t a long time before we see a dress on Shiloh again now that Angie is back in town, and it will probably be black like she buys for Zahara.

  97. oriana says

    Nicki, I am not trying to start anything with you, but I am sure there are many celebrity children and babies, that have Paps up close to them quite often, but she is the only one that I have seen that constantly looks pissed off, angry and just downright hateful looking, sorry!

  98. maggie says

    give something to eat to poor shiloh, shes always looking at Zaharas food, Zahara just seems to hate shiloh, she dosnt share her food with her sister, she dostn even smiles or touches her, shes a weird girl

  99. oriana says

    Oh I have no doubts that Shiloh is a healthy baby and gets plenty of nourishment, I was just wondering why when they take them out for a walk why both children can’t be given something to eat, at least once?

  100. oriana says

    If Shiloh is teething, isn’t there something a baby can chew on if they can’t eat crackers? It does appear that Shiloh is looking at Zahara’s food in more than one picture.

  101. Granny says

    My sister is 90 lbs ( I am not) and has never weighed much more than that.. She is healthy and can out eat any man. But she has veiny hands also. All has to do with her high activity level and the fact that there just isn’t that much flesh on the hands. I can only imagine that it is the same with Angelina.

    Shiloh looks like she would rather chew on her toy. And that baby certainly isn’t scrawny, so she must have good nutrition. As for Z, my 2 year old grandson lives with a cracker in his hand. Seems my children were constant grazers at that age also if my memory holds.

  102. Miapocaa says

    Nicki , you have quite a job cut out for you…how much are you being paid to defend these people ahahhahah…if you are going to get up in arms on ther behalf , i suggest you call them and suggest your web defence service, youare doing a good job here ROFLMAO..try reading the comment on, they are not so kind as the posse here , that will make you go green!!!

  103. oriana says

    I never read or heard anything about Angelina’s mom’s funeral or Memorial service, I guess she was totally in charge, surely there were some of her mother’s friends invited if not Jon Voight, she probably would not have even accepted any flowers from him or any contribution to the hospital either.

  104. Miapocaa says

    Oops seems like Grandma left town just in time ahahhahahah…However she brought some color to Shiloh!!and where on earth is that maddox, probably at school…

  105. Nicki says

    #17-Julia-If you knew the first thing about ANYONE doing the needle, you would know the veins collapse, so they would NOT be pronounced like that. So I guess First and Foremost CLUE she isn’t doing anything like your suggesting. Sorry, try again.

    32. oriana – Probably not, because in a private setting, without 25 paps in your face, she would be very different.

    The family looks happy and content, and for whoever asked about Maddox, he is in school. (Like 10 people asked about why he wasn’t in school before, well now he is, and not one of those 10 people comment on that………..Fake concern.)

  106. oriana says

    #38, I just looked at the picture, GOOD LORD!!!!!!

    I have been looking Paula and you are right,, I can’t find it!

  107. Miapocaa says

    I dont think any child is ugly…..however its funny how well fed these two girls look and Z is always eatign with SHiloh starring at the food, I ownder why she doesn’;t get her own snack

    Jolie always had wierd hands , its to do with working out too much ir drug use

    She lost a lot of weight immediately after the baby and I dont think it got anything to do with her mother……….

  108. Paula says

    I can’t find it on the net but I recorded it from last Friday and they showed her smiling. I had to pause it to make sure she was smiling. She does look better when she smiles.

  109. oriana says

    Well I wish someone would post that picture so the rest of the world can see it, and I am sure she would look better without her normal nasty frown on her face!

  110. oriana says

    Just took a second and yes, third look, and YES, their hair dye is the same! Why does Brad have to always dye his hair the same color of whomever he is with at the time? What is up with that?

  111. Paula says

    I think Shiloh has wind burned cheeks. It’s pretty windy here right now and kind of cool. That’s what I thought when I first saw her red cheeks. She looks pretty fair complected too so the wind will do that. Oh, I was watching the Insider today and they showed a picture of Brad and Angelina and Z was smiling. First time I’ve ever seen that. It was from the same bunch of pictures that are on here from the last time they were walking. She is cuter when she smiles.

  112. Eunice says

    # 19 please do not call an innocent child a monkey, it is not fair. But i still do not like them, and it is because of Angelina.

  113. oriana says

    I can’t help but wonder if any member of Brad’s or Angie’s family have ever commented to them about Zahara’s sourpuss look 99% of the time?

  114. Jenna M. says

    I’m guessing that Shiloh’s red cheeks are due to teething, my sister gets that.

    Webmistress, why are digusting racist comments like “Angelia (PHM)” #19 being allowed?

  115. JJ says

    #22,Teething my foot!

    Shiloh looks plain Ugly, Ewwwwwwwww!!!!! before she looked ugly but kind of cute, now she looks just ugly. Her mother, Z , Pussy whipped Pitt ( OMG the hair dye is the same!!!!!!!)the wholly damned family should quit looking like Bush is sending them to IRAQ!

    If they are coming out for their daily doze of pictures, they should quit looking so unhappy. Media whores.

  116. MissyMama says

    My son is fair skinned like Shiloh, and when he is either really warm (weather warm) or it’s chilly out, his cheeks get really red like that.

    Slam dunk a burger in her mouth..ROTFLMAO!! Exactly!

  117. Izinator says

    Shiloh does NOT look like she has a fever. She looks like she is teething.

    They are both precious little girls. I’d be proud to be their mommy.

  118. Lauren says

    Shiloh is adorable. It’s nice to see the family is happy and smiling. Angelina looks a lot better now. She’s still too skinny but she seems on the road to getting healthy. Zahara and Shiloh are too cute.

  119. Shae says

    lord, I do not know how they tolerate the constant paparazzi and cameras….it would drive me insane. Looks like Brad has about had enough too.

  120. oriana says

    A BURGER!!!! They are in New Orleans! Angie, go eat some GUMBO and some Crab cakes!!!! Wait, I’ll go eat it for you, and will go over to Aunt Sallie’s for some pralines while I am at it!

  121. Julia says

    She always had veins sticking out her hands, but lately even her forehead is that way. You know too much of the needle, she needs something to cope.

  122. oriana says

    Yes, Brad and Angie do look relaxed and contented to me, I wonder if he encourages her to eat?

  123. Jonas says

    Angelina ‘s veins and bones are disgusting. Hope she is not suicidal. Because monogamy is not her cup of tea. Poor Brad, time is running out for the most beautiful family on earth.

  124. oriana says

    Julia, you are right, she does have some huge veins on her arms and hands, she didn’t always have them did she?

  125. carleigh says

    Angelina looks happy in these pic’s for the first time since her mother died. I do agree that she is getting too darn skinny, she needs to eat a burger. Z eats all the time and A doesn’t eat enough, are people ever going to be happy???LOL. I love the first pic especially because B and A are relaxed and happy, you can see it from their smiles and gestures. Shiloh is a cutie pie! Love this family.

  126. Julia says

    The impossibly gorgeous family please. Why people are saying how beautiful she is , when she should get help, the veins on her forehead and hands are nasty.

  127. Danielle says

    Shiloh looks like she could have a fever. Z is always eatting a little snack and Shiloh is always staring at it. LOL

  128. oriana says

    As usual Zahara has a wonderful bright smile on her happy face! Oops that is another baby I am thinking of!

    Does she eat all the time?

  129. Nicole says

    Angelina needs to eat a burger ASAP, the sexiest woman alive is getting fugly, she looks more like Nicole Ritchie.

  130. Jackie says

    Why all the photos from this camp? I mean it is clear they are staged since there are no paps videos to show that they were being mobbed! Someone tell me what is going on. O.K baby or not baby, Z has to drop that sour look and Shiloh is too plain for words.

  131. sweetie says

    They look so cute, all of them, i do agree Angelina looks very skinny, but at the same time you have to remember that her mom just pass away, and i am sure she was really hurt, so that is probably the reason why she is loosing so much weight. Shiloh is adorable and beautiful

  132. MissyMama says

    Can we start a “Feed Angelina” fund? She is getting WAY too skinny.

    Very nice pic of the family (minus Maddox). Shiloh sees so curious. LOVE that age!!

  133. dori says

    Well, everyone is looking great in this pic. What a pleasure. Angelina looks happy and even z isn’t scowling. Yey!!!

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