Being A Mom Is Teri Hatcher's Number One Priority

Teri Hatcher
Teri Hatcher isn’t racing to fill up her hiatus from filming Desperate Housewives with a movie role, because she’d rather be home with her 9-year-old daughter, Emerson.

“I’m really clear about my priority in my life – it’s being a mom. I have enough difficult balancing doing the show for ten and a half months with being a mom the way I want to be,” Teri told the UK’s Easy Living magazine.

Teri says that when Emerson was younger she took five years off because she wanted to be at home. And now, “I still want to be at home,” she says. “I want to be doing homework, I want to be making dinner.”

But Teri, 42, says she realizes she faces the same hurdles as other working moms. “I think that’s a fairly common struggle for women – our guilt about motherhood and our lack of ability to participate and having to feel like we’ve got to work.”

As for a potential career on the big screen, she says, “I love doing films, and I’d like to do that, but I wouldn’t like to do it more than I’d like to be my daughter’s mother.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s only acting. “I’m producing and writing and doing things that I think fit in to my mother schedule in a way that can complement Desperate Housewives.”

She’s also doing lots of baking and cooking, she says. “I threw an enormous Halloween party last year; I built a huge maze with corn and hay, and cooked jambalaya. That’s what I should do; I should be a party planner.”



  1. Midge says

    She is quite thin, but that is the way she has always been. Maybe a little more now than before, but #4 is right, that is where so much importance is placed in Hollywood. She and Emerson make a great mother/daughter team. Emerson is so cute!

  2. Carole Danielle says

    That’s the way a woman should look.
    She is just the perfect size and her daughter too.
    You guys are so critical, I wish we could see you on
    picture and criticize you the way you do…

  3. Sara says

    “Thin is in”… Hollywood that is.

    If you don’t look a certain way, you are over looked right?

  4. Stacey says

    Gosh i love her jeans and jacket. She is not too thin, just perfect skinny! She is a little tall, and has very nice long legs. She is just fine people. Let’s not be jealous NOW! Thanx.

  5. Miapocaa says

    hahah fat indeed..nope that my mirror tells me but you can wonder all you want………Its quite simple, the pressure on her to be thin is immense, especially for tv star who is filming continously, however I wish she will not fall in the trap ..she does not look healthy, she is a beautiful woman with a wonderful daughter, there is no reason for her to look like that especially with an almost teenage daughter..her duaghters legs are bigger than hers….thats spells HEALTH ISSUES..4o something year old women dont look skeletal, she is ruing her muscle mass which will no help for further aging, especially when menopause sets in….

  6. dori says

    I agree she is too thin and her face looks too thin. But she is a great mom. Hollywood puts a lot of importance on too thin so I don’t blame her.
    Nice to see a pic of her and her daughter.

  7. Miapocca says

    Hatcher needs to eat, she has thos skeletal thighs…for a woman in her 40S its not flaterring to look that skinny!!!!!!!!

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