Ashley Parker Angel & Tiffany Lynn's Son Lyric

These new pics of Ashley Parker Angel and Tiffany Lynn’s one-year-old son, Lyric are so sweet!

Ashley Parker Angel

Ashley Parker Angel

Ashley Parker Angel, 25, was discovered on MTV’s Making the Band show and was a member of O-Town. Lyric’s mother is Tiffany Lynn. She is a model and she is engaged to be married to Ashley.
On son Lyric, Ashley shares, “I get it. This is what everyone’s talking about. It was such a rush holding him in my arms.”

Lyric looks so much like his mother!

Ashley Parker Angel

Pics are from Tiffany Lynn’s MySpace page via JJB.


  1. Lisa garrison says

    What horrible things to say about this couple and their child. It doesn’t matter weather they are famous or not. It’s about someones feelings. My heart would be so crushed if i ever heard someone say those mean things about my child. It’s a baby for christ sakes. Thats whats wrong with world. I hope the couple never see these comments you made about their son. It’s so sad, it makes me wanna cry and they don’t know me from a whole in the wall. What do you get out of posing such trash? Does it make you feel good? I sure hope so at the expenses of someone elses feelings.

  2. c says

    ashley is actually a very nice down to earth guy, he’s not stuck up or a wannabe celebrity at all…now tiffany on the other hand….

  3. Tiffany says

    I would just like to say that all the people that have nothing good to say should just keep their damn mouths shut! I watched the show as well, and I don’t understand where all these nasty comments are coming from! I don’t know Ashley and Tiffany personally, of course, as I’m sure none of you do either. Do you people have nothing better to do with your time? And for those of you who are trashing their baby…..I have had 2 miscarriages and ALL babies are precious gifts. I want to ask what all of your babies look like…but it really doesn’t matter. A child doesn’t choose their parents, and I feel very sorry that babies have to be raised with attitudes like most of yours. I am sure they are all adorable…..including little Lyric (Perfect name by the way! I love it!). To Ashley and Tiffany…..Good Job! You precious baby is gorgeous! And, I admire that you are able to take all this trash talk and push it aside. You two are a perfect couple, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! I think all these negative comments stem from low self-esteem. You two make perfect babies… just keep up the good work! Oh….and I loved your show….you should come back and do it again!

  4. Michelle says


  5. shelly says

    hey fuc kers, hes starring on broadway in Hairspray, and shes a model for Ripe TV. nice try.

  6. Sam says

    I watched the show and really loved it but that baby does not look like Lyric.. im sorry but hes not that cute!! hahah

  7. Nicole says

    That has got to be one of the UGLIEST babies i have seen in a long long time….

    Poor kid…with his HUGE ears and melon shaped head…..

    Besides his mom looks like a mean whore….

  8. says

    Ashley parker angel iiss soo cute, xD he is so simplee i meaan…he is so sweet, and i dont like her so much but their are very happyy! and i knew about lyrics, but i thought it was a girl haha…! xD he’s cute but i wish he would be more look-alike his father hehe… im sorry i speak spanish jaja

  9. Tiffany says

    #13 – you know these people personally? They did have their 15 minutes of fame so you have that right but other than that neither one is actually “famous”. It is sort of like comparing those two with Vanilla Ice. He had a hit song and was on a reality tv show and then nothing. No one cares anymore and the same goes for these two. He might mess up his hair trying to actually do manual labor and she would rather have her mom do everything than for her to lift a finger. This family is a joke. Their kiddo is nothing to look at either.

  10. Carmelle says

    Hey pplz….ok well i’ve watched da show as well ok so all u ppl dat r sayin they will never be famous shut ur mouths cuz they already r…ok ashley isint lazy he is sweet,nice……and Tiffany isint a B—–CH ok so u better shut up all u ppl dat say that theyre nobody’s,lazy,and other mean stuff ok.and plz try to get to know them better b4 sayin stuff that isint true.


  11. TLB says

    I waatched the show as well and I have to say that Ashley is really a lazy person trying ot be famous and living out of his means. His first music group failed and his second shot failed as well. These 2 need to get real jobs and get on with their lives as non celebrities. They will never be famous.

  12. princess says

    I watched the show that they had on MTV and she is a very sweet person.Her husband Ashley is very romantic and is crazy about her. The baby is adorable and I am sure he surrounded by lots of love.

  13. maggie says

    That chick has a very long face. A model? What? She’s ugly, nothing special. Her guy on the other hand look’s like a sweet person. He’s not too bad. I really feel sorry for him. IT’S NOT GOING TO LAST, TRUST ME! He looks like he deserves so much more than that.

  14. Julie says

    The baby is cute but I thought he was a girl until I read a little closer! Mommy doesn’t look very freindly in that picture. I think I’d steer clear of her!

  15. Lisa says

    I watched their show and he is a great guy- soooooooooo nice, so normal. She is such a B—H!!! She was awful to him and a spoiled pregnant woman, poor Ashley Parker Angel.

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