Jen, Ben & Violet!

Ben joined his girls in Vancouver!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Little Violet is keeping toasty warm in Robeez Booties in Lavender!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck


  1. maggie says

    Im not agreed with #11, I mean they seem to be a normal family, they dont seem to care that they are famous, they act so normal and I dont think is publicity. And Vi is adorable

  2. Nisa says

    You have a point, but some how I do not think if Suri was out every day it would stop the media frenzy over her. Remember those football games for the kids, right till the end of the season there was a frenzy over them and do you know how much they sell those pictures for? There is something about Tomkat that is so evocative, is it for real? is the child theirs, how is Katie holding up? Who does Suri look like.

    Do not forget that before this Tom Cruise supposedly could not have kids, now suddenly he has one. He is also a bigger star and whereas pictures of violet will not sell as far as Bangladesh or Togo, those of Suri would.

    I know hiding her does not help, but remember for all that he has done these last couple of years he is a very secretive person. Their child also have beautiful intersting features that set her apart , she is not your Gerber baby so the media will not get used to her even if they took her out in the park every day.

    Can’t stand Ben Affleck (am still trying to get over his Benlo and hooker days, there is something sleezy about him like Jude law and Daniel -day Lewis)but I love Violet and her mum. Family picture looks great .

  3. MommyDearest says

    Ya know, I was thinking (yes, I do that sometimes), Jen and Ben have got the right idea: bring that baby out in public as much as possible and the paparazzi/public loses interest…”Oh, it’s them again”. Tom and Katie (and Britney) are doing it all wrong. They are creating their own media frenzy by “hiding” those babies. Of course, people are going to go crazy when they get that “rare” glimpse of them. Violet is out all the time. She’s not a big news story! Now if Suri was at the park…watch it! It would make the front page (I think Big Foot & the Lochness Monster have been seen more than her!)

  4. boo says

    #5- are you blind???….Violet is gorgeous!
    And why should she lose the “binkie”…shes only 1 for crying out loud, if she finds comfort in it then leave her be!!

    These Pics are beautiful, they look like such a happy family, I love seeing all of them together, definitely my fave hollywood family!~*

  5. Mary J says

    #5, you obviously don’t have a heart… i mean she’s a baby, give her a break! She didn’t choose to be ugly or not! You’re not respectful at all.
    I was just going to say before i read the #5 comment that Violet is soooooo cute and she is truly happy! Bless her

  6. Miapocaa says

    Even more adorable.,…she is jsut forever smiling….waht a pretty disposition….she has jennifers yes and dimples..too bad I am still trying to figure out who SOURI cruise looks like:)

  7. **** says

    i hate to spoile the cute litlle comments, but that sure is one ugly baby. and that binkie it has got to go……..

  8. Cyberkitten37 says

    adorable!..these r pictures worth viewing 🙂 What a beautiful and evidently happy family ;0

  9. maggie says

    awwww she looks so happy with her daddy, and ben looks so proud with his little princess, Im glad to see all the family together. Such a cute family!!!!!!

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