1. EveLina says

    Oh she is such a sweet, sweet baby girl! So nice to see Jen be such a great mum. Mummy’s these days are so busy- w/ work. etc. But i guess Jen always makes time for her Violet. So nice.

  2. Dianne says

    Too cute for words. What a beautiful family. Now that is how a family should be.

    Reminds me of my own. Giving a child that much love is so beautiful!

    Jen seems to be a very devoted, loving, and affectionate mom. What a lucky child.

    Ben seems to be in total love with his ladies.


  3. Lisa says


    I would be surprised if these two last long though, considering they only got married due to Jens pregnancy. Shotgun Wedding anyone??? Jen just looks frumpy every day at a new park-she looks like Bens Nanny… sorry

    the baby is cute, the love between a daddy and his little princess is undescribable…but to me these two just had a quickie ceremony due to baby

  4. nurseandmominpa says

    Awwwwww Heres another Cutie! I Think Violet Looks Just Like Her Mom In The Face! Ben Seems Like such A Good Dad as Well & you see Violet Has a violet Sweater On How cute Is That??? LOL Shes really getting big, these babies are growing up too fast!! But yah shes so precious!!

  5. angie says

    come on you all don’t have to lie and say she’s beautiful we all know she is not. so go put your glasses on and take a closer look. i hope one day they will get here some real shoe with hard soles. she is not a baby anymore if she is gonna walk she needs real shoes. not a cute family at all.

  6. Mary J says

    What a beautiful family!!!!
    It’s SOOOO refreshing to see a normal,happy family in Hollywood! God bless them all

  7. carleigh says

    I love this family, Jen and Ben are great parents and you can see they adore each other and their little girl! How cute is baby Violet…she melts my heart with her precious little smile.

  8. Lauren says

    Omg, those are the cutest pictures ever. What a gorgeous and happy family. Violet is a lucky girl.

  9. maggie says

    AWWWW how can that baby not be so happy, I mean you can see that all she can recieve from her parents is love, shes a sweetheart I just love this baby

  10. Miapocaa says

    Voilet : “oh daddy you are do silly!! hahhahahgiggles”

    That child is the embodiment of happy, always smiling, she could teach all the so called celeb babies a lesson in being beautiful!!!!]]

    GREAT FAMILY, now let them enjoy their privacy!!!

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