Ryan Phillippe & Deacon

Reese Witherspoon
Ryan was snapped out with son Deacon, 3. What cuties! Deacon is named after former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Deacon Phillippe, a distant relative of Ryan’s.
Mom Reese, 30, once had this to say:

“I have cellulite. I have stretch marks. I feel intimidated by Victoria’s Secret. Hollywood is one of those endless competitions, but it’s like running a race toward nothing. There’s no winning. You’re never going to win the pretty race. I just want to be the best version of myself that I can be.”

Reese is so much prettier than any of those Victoria’s Secret models!! She shouldn’t be intimidated!



  1. Lisa says

    Come on now-

    Reese is pretty for sure- but there are probaly only about 30 women on the face of this earth who look like VS models-no one can compare- why even try

  2. nurseandmominpa says

    Now this little one Deacon looks Just Like His Dad Ryan!!!!! What a Handsome Little Guy! & I Saw Ryan On The Ellen Degenerous Show & You can Just see How Much He Loves His Kids & Like someone commented on her Even Though Their Divorcing They can Still Be Awesome Parents By thinking of their kids needs first which it looks like their Doing, I Too went through a similar situation but both my kids are close to their father & I Because we always put them first so Way to Go Ryan & Reese ! What Good Parents!

  3. Shae says

    What a sweet picture! Its too bad the Phillipes could not work things out, but it seems that they have it together when it comes to their kids. Good luck to all…..

  4. Lauren says

    Deacon is so cute. Now, that he’s getting older he’s starting to resemble Ryan more. But, he’s the perfect blend of Reese and Ryan. It’s sad that they couldn’t make their marriage work.

  5. Granny says

    The face paint is cute. When I was raising my kids, I would have been tarred and feathered if I had let my son pierce his ear, or my daughters have double ear piercing. Both are common now without a second thought. Amazing what a little time will change.

  6. Nicki says

    Deacon is a beautiful child, as is Ava. I’m sure thier divorce will be peaceful and respectful.Oooops, soryy sp. I wish the kids the best of both parents, which it seems like they are doing. Beautiful kids and parents sometimes don’t work out together, but can make it work afterwards, together.

    I remember a while back Maddox had “cat whiskers and a nose” painted on him and the number of nasty comments about him. Good to see it is “OK” now when lil Deacon does it. No child needs to be put through that horrible scrutionany. (again-sp, sorry)
    Deacon is a perfect blend Mom and Dad. Such a cutie.

  7. oriana says

    How cute is this picture! Love it! And Reese is pretty as she can be, I love her, I have heard (from people in the Nashville area) that her family is much admired and her parents are highly respected, I wish this couple could work things out!

  8. Nicki says

    Deacon is so cute…………….but I’m sure sure his Mom and Dad had a lot to do with that………very cute boy…

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